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1826: 1993 Season Return
1830: Michael Martin embarks on his campaign of terror against Julie Martin; Annalise moves into Number 24
1831: Brad Willis overcomes his fear of water; Pam and Doug Willis reconcile
1833: Stephen Gottlieb and Phoebe Bright marry
1849: Bouncer returns; Philip Martin has a flashback to Loretta Martin's death
1852: Lauren Carpenter arrives
1856: Michael Martin's efforts to kill his stepmother are exposed and he's arrested; Brad Willis and Beth Brennan's engagement party; Lauren Carpenter and Brad Willis discover who each other are
1904: Jim Robinson's death
1918: Brad and Beth's non-wedding
1921: Michael Martin is finally arrested
1938: The Lim family arrive
1946: Julie Martin discovers that Jim Robinson wasn't her father
1949: The Waterhole explodes
1953: Julie finds out she was a product of rape
1962: Darren Stark's first episode
1972: Cathy Alessi comes back to sort Rick out
1981: Doug Willis sells Willis Constructions to Constructacon
1996: Rick Alessi helps Michael Martin to break out of the detention centre
1997: Darren Stark stages an armed robbery; Michael Martin is shot; Cheryl Stark proposes to Lou Carpenter
1998: Darren Stark is arrested; Lucy Robinson returns
1999: Paul Robinson returns
2000: Helen Daniels' birthday; Philip and Julie Martin reconcile; Stephen Gottlieb is no longer confined to a wheelchair
2002: David Kazalian reveals that he's married to Lucy Robinson
2033: Lauren Carpenter meets Barrabas, the cult leader
2057: Danni and Brett Stark's first appearance
2068: Brad Willis and Beth Brennan's wedding
2070: 1993 Season Finale - Gaby Willis and Annalise Hartman's plane crash
4631: 2005 Season Return
4632: Jack Scully reunites with Nina Tucker in Los Angeles
4635: Steph Scully is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder
4645: Steph Scully's trial
4649: Dylan Timmins arrives
4677: Karl Kennedy's heart attack
4688: The General Store and Scarlet Bar open
4691: Janae and Bree Timmins arrive
4699: Kerry's lookalike Gabrielle Walker arrives
4702: Boyd Hoyland undergoes surgery to remove a brain tumour
4712: Bobby Hoyland arrives
4732: Sky Mangel and Dylan Timmins get together
4737: David Bishop finds out about the affair between Liljana Bishop and Paul Robinson
4744: Paul Robinson falls off a cliff
4747: Darcy Tyler wakes up from his coma
4755: Paul Robinson loses his leg
4762: Darcy Tyler reveals Izzy Hoyland's lie about her baby's father to Susan Kennedy.
4769: Annalise returns
4771: Philip Martin, Doug Willis, Rosemary Daniels and Lucy Robinson return
4772: Karl Kennedy finds out that he was not the father of Izzy Hoyland's baby
4773: 20th Anniversary Documentary; Joe Mangel's return
4778: Janelle's novel comes to life in her daydreams!
4782: Sindi Watts and Stu Parker's wedding
4793: Steph Scully finds out she's pregnant
4795: Sindi Parker's last episode
4811: Elle Robinson arrives
4837: The Plane Crash
4853: Dylan and Stingray Timmins are sent to jail
4854: David, Liljana and Serena Bishop's memorial service
4858: Joe Mangel's last episode
4861: Steph dreams of Drew
4871: Katya Kinski arrives
4872: Susan Kennedy and Alex Kinski's wedding; Alex's death
4874: Christmas 2005
4875: 2005 Season Finale - Harold Bishop strangles Paul Robinson
7271: 2016 Season Return
7275: Amber Turner departs for Brisbane
7285: Xanthe Canning arrives
7291: Lyn Scully returns
7296: Charlie Hoyland returns
7298: Mark arrests Paige at their non-wedding
7305: Sonya is elected Mayor of Erinsborough
7337: One-hour special: Josh Willis dies in the rubble of the hotel
7338: Doug Willis dies
7340: Kyle Canning departs
7345: Pam Willis returns
7346: Josh Willis's funeral
7348: "John Doe" wakes in hospital with memory loss
7350: Madison Robinson's first appearance
7352: Daniel and Imogen's wedding
7356: Angus Beaumont-Hannay arrives
7361: Paige and "John Doe" search for his identity in Geelong
7365: Walter Mitchell's first appearance
7376: Ned kisses Lauren
7378: Walter is revealed to be Sonya's father
7379: Nate Kinski departs
7382: Paul is sentenced to 18 years for the murder of Josh and Doug Willis
7390: Sonya meets her sister, Zoe
7391: Gary Canning is released from jail
7393: "John Doe" is revealed to be Jack Callaghan, a Catholic priest
7396: Walter kidnaps Nell
7401: Tyler and Piper fight their feelings for each other
7411: Elly Conway returns
7451: The Pigeon Race
7458: David Tanaka arrives
7459: Leo Tanaka arrives
7461: Ben and Xanthe on the Gold Coast
7465: Sonya offers to be a surrogate for Steph and Mark
7470: Steph meets Adam
7472: The Balloon Crash
7473: Paige and Jack sleep together
7478: The Cannings and Amy appear on "Family Feud"
7482: Xanthe's mum Brooke arrives in Erinsborough
7505: Trixie Tucker returns
7508: Angus Beaumont-Hannay departs
7509: Brad and Lauren's wedding
7510: 2016 Season Finale: Stonie tells Toadie he thinks Dee might still be alive

Maria Ramsay departs.

Eileen Clarke turns down George Young's proposal.

Terry Inglis shoots Paul Robinson.

Clive Gibbons arrives

Scott Robinson returns (Jason Donovan's first episode)

Charlene Mitchell arrives.

Max Ramsay's last episode

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson and Mike Young's car crash.

Gail Lewis arrives.

Jamie Clarke's birth.

Daphne Clarke's death.

Lou Carpenter's first appearance.

The Coffee Shop explodes

Mrs. Mangel marries John Worthington.

Bronwyn Davies and Henry Mitchell get together.

Kerry Bishop and Joe Mangel get together.

Scott Robinson's last episode.

1989 Season Finale - Beverly Marshall is blackmailed by baby Rhys's father.

Beverly Marshall's last episode.

Kerry Bishop is shot by duck hunters.

Paul Robinson and Christina Alessi's wedding.

Gemma Ramsay's last episode.

Philip, Julie, Debbie and Hannah Martin arrive.

The Waterhole explodes

Cheryl Stark buys Lassiter's; Helen sells Number 32; Cody and Rick both decide to run for school captain; Danni suffers from hypoglycemia.

Michael Martin returns; Doug Willis has an operation.

1995 Season Finale - Annalise Hartman and Stonie Rebecchi sleep together; Sonny Hammond threatens Libby Kennedy.

1996 Season Return.

Karl Kennedy's surgery is blown up.

Darren Stark and Libby Kennedy leave home.

Marlene Kratz's departure.

1999 Season Return.

Libby Kennedy and Steph Scully's motorbike crash.

Lolly is taken away from Lou

2002 Season Return.

Elly Conway leaves.

Susan Kennedy slips on some milk, causing amnesia.

Max Hoyland arrives.

2004 Season Return.

Taj Coppin leaves Erinsborough.

Lou Carpenter is sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Karl Kennedy proposes to Izzy Hoyland.

Izzy Hoyland loses her baby.

Karl Kennedy's heart attack.

Janelle's novel comes to life in her daydreams!

Joe Mangel's last episode.

Carmella Cammeniti returns.

Cameron Robinson's death.

London episodes begin.

Stingray Timmins' video diary.

Tom Scully returns.

Susan Kennedy is diagnosed with MS.

Donna Freedman arrives.

Lucas Fitzgerald arrives.

Sunny Lee arrives.

Kate Ramsay arrives.

Declan Napier and Bridget Parker marry.

India Napier's birth

Lyn returns, halting Paul and Rebecca's wedding

Elle Robinson departs

Kate and Declan kiss

2009 Season Finale - Paul and Rebecca marry and Andrew arrives

Zeke's court case

Steph is found guilty

Oliver and Carmella return

Harold Bishop returns

Callum and Troy are introduced

Lyn Scully departs

Harold and Carolyn's wedding, Toadie and Sonya reunite

Sonya sends Troy packing

The Turner family arrive

Steph Scully returns

The Whodunnit reveal (Who Killed Robbo?)

Kate and Kyle's infidelity is revealed

Kate Ramsay is shot

Daniel Robinson arrives

Callum Rebecchi departs

Sheila's romantic dreams about Lou and Paul

Des Clarke returns and flashbacks to episode 1

Josh Willis's funeral

Elly Conway returns

2016 Season Finale: Stonie tells Toadie he thinks Dee might still be alive

David claims to be the father of Paige's baby

Paige, Jack and Gabe depart for Queensland

Ned Willis returns

Susan is arrested for the attempted murder of Finn Kelly

Terese is shot by Ivan Delaney

Mark and Elly's wedding

Paul and Terese's Wedding

Mark and Paige's Promotional Wedding

Aaron and David foster Emmett

Toadie goes to Bourke to find Shane

2021 Season Finale: Terese hangs from Lassiter's roof

2022 Season Return: Terese is rescued from the roof

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