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Neighbours Episode 8873 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8873
Australian airdate: 06/07/22
UK airdate: 21/06/22
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Kylie Robertson (Sydney Unit directed by: Kate Kendall)
Guests: Pierce Greyson: Tim Robards
Lisa Rowsthorn: Jane Allsop
Alana Greyson: Molly Broadstock
- "Wild Ones" by You Me At Six
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Amy not looking too keen about Melanie moving into No.30
- Mackenzie feeling upset she can't attend both of Hendrix's memorials
- Mac watching Hendrix's video and deciding to attend the Sydney memorial
- Harlow seeing Corey at the police station and telling him to rot in hell
- Kiri helping Nicolette search for Hendrix's hash brown recipe
- Mackenzie yelling at Nic and Kiri to get out of Hendrix's bedroom
Number 28
Nicolette and Kiri try to explain to Mackenzie why they're in Hendrix's room, but Mackenzie doesn't care. She yells at them for touching Hendrix's stuff then rushes out into the lounge room. Breathing heavily and trying not to cry, Mackenzie leaves the house looking overwhelmed.
Lassiters Lake
Mackenzie sits on a bench by the lake and cries. Harlow finds her and asks if she's okay, listening as Mac explains how she “went off at Nic and Kiri” for being in Hendrix's room.
MACKENZIE: Even though he's not here anymore he deserves his privacy.
HARLOW: Of course, I would have done the exact same thing.
MACKENZIE: I'm going to fix it with them tonight. I don't want to take that with me to Sydney.
HARLOW: (wryly) Yeah, well, I heard airlines charge a heap for excess baggage nowadays.
Mackenzie smiles then says Freya told her about everything that happened with Corey. Harlow explains that Corey gave her the answers she needed about her mum and in turn gave her closure. She also says she's thinking about moving back to London - her aunt booked a flight that leaves tomorrow and it's non- changeable. Mackenzie says Harlow shouldn't stick around just for her.
MACKENZIE: You've been through so much. I mean, I'm going to miss you like crazy, but with Corey caught maybe you're done here? You have been handed a chance to start again. How often does that happen?
HARLOW: (getting emotional) That's exactly what Hendrix said.
MACKENZIE: Then you have to do it. For him.
HARLOW: Can I just have a moment to think about it?
MACKENZIE: No. You'll start overthinking it then you'll do nothing.
Harlow smiles at her. Mackenzie reaches out and tenderly holds Harlow's face.
MACKENZIE: Go be your best self. It's what Hendrix would have wanted and it's what I want too.
HARLOW: I love you.
MACKENZIE: I love you more.
Crying, they embrace each other.
Number 24
Kiri tells Chloe she feels awful for being in Hendrix's room and upsetting Mackenzie, and that it feels like they crossed a massive line. Mackenzie arrives home and reassures Kiri that everything is fine. “I think I've been building up to that and you and Nic were the ones who copped it,” Mac explains. She's already apologised to Nicolette and wanted to apologise to Kiri too, but Kiri says there's no need. Mac notices a bouquet of flowers on the table and Chloe says they're from Aaron and David, who are gutted they won't make the memorial. Terese then pops in because she found an old photo of Hendrix and Pierce from a few years back in a box of Lassiters belongings. She thought Mackenzie could pass it onto Pierce to keep. “I'll be thinking of you tomorrow,” Terese says, giving Mackenzie a hug.
Lassiters Complex
The next morning Chloe puts the finishing touches on Hendrix's memorial, which is by the side of the complex next to the lake. There are big sunflowers everywhere, the Drinks Diva van, a buffet table of snacks, a DJ booth plus a life size cut- out of Hendrix because Chloe thought he'd like to attend his own party. Harlow, Levi and Terese compliment Chloe on a good job. Terese looks at her phone and says Mackenzie, Susan and Karl should be in Sydney by now. Nicolette rounds the corner with Jane, both holding plates of hash browns. “Have you seen all the effort we've gone to for you?” Nic 'chides' the Hendrix cut- out. “We'd do it all again without complaint,” Jane says sincerely. Over near the drinks van, Levi gives Harlow an update on Corey while Terese listens.
LEVI: Just so you know, Corey's going to jail. We passed on all the evidence and his statements to Scotland Yard, so that'll be the end of The Order.
HARLOW: Thanks Levi for everything.
TERESE: It must be a huge weight off your shoulders.
HARLOW: Yeah it is. There's also something that I have to tell you: I'm going to take Aunt Harriet's offer. I'm moving back to London - today.
Mackenzie, Susan and Karl arrive at Pierce's house. Pierce gives Mackenzie and Susan a big hug, and shakes Karl's hand, thanking them all for coming. Mackenzie puts Hendrix's ashes on the kitchen bench and then gives Pierce the photo Terese gave her. Alana walks in and greets everyone, telling Mackenzie she likes her dress. “It's what I was wearing when Hendrix proposed,” Mac says. She then says it's weird being in the house without him.
MACKENZIE: It was such an amazing trip. The places he took me to, the stories he told. We even broke into his old school. He was telling me about this party when the security guard busted us.
Alana smiles to herself, the story obviously meaning something to her too. While Pierce talks to the Kennedys and Alana about the photo of himself and Hendrix, Mackenzie looks a little overcome and quietly leaves the house. It takes a moment for everyone else to notice, but they look as though they understand her need for some alone time.
Mackenzie walks around Sydney, re- visiting all the places Hendrix took her like his favourite coffee place by the harbour, and the tree he climbed when he ran away from home.
Lassiters Lake
Terese strolls across the bridge with Harlow and asks how Paul took the news of her leaving. “He's devastated he didn't get to say goodbye,” Harlow replies. She adds that he'll be on his way home from New York while she's on her way out, so they're going to try and coordinate stopovers.
HARLOW: I'm doing the right thing, Terese, for me.
TERESE: I know, I'm just going to miss you.
HARLOW: I don't know what I would have done without you guys.
TERESE: Well somehow I think you would have survived. You're much stronger than you think you are.
Terese tells Harlow that she knows she was managing Glen's medication, which Harlow is sorry about, but Terese says she doesn't need to worry about their problems anymore.
TERESE: You just need to get on that plane, get to London, and be fabulous!
HARLOW: Well I learnt that from the best. If I can be even half the person you are, I think I've done pretty well.
Terese smiles and gives Harlow a hug.
Lisa has joined everyone at the house, but she's worried about Mackenzie being alone. Susan assures her that Mackenzie will be okay: she sent a text that said she'll meet them at the memorial. Lisa then wonders if Mac gave them any indication of where she might have gone. Pierce thinks that Mackenzie only knew the places Hendrix took her to, which gives Alana an idea of where she might be. She asks Lisa to drive her, and they'll meet the others later.
Mackenzie is outside the gates of Hendrix's old school, reminiscing about the story he never got to finish, when Alana finds her. Mackenzie tells Alana the part of the tale Hendrix got up to, and then Alana fills in the blanks.
ALANA: The teachers finally showed up. They were salty as. They were like 'you're all going to get expelled'. And the police showed up because the neighbours complained about the noise. Hendrix climbed up onto the roof and he refused to get down till the principal promised he'd be the only one who got expelled. For weeks he walked around like the biggest legend. You have no idea how much cred I got just for being his sister.
Alana breaks down into tears and Mackenzie hugs her. Mac then takes Hendrix's chain out of her bag and fastens it around Alana's neck.
MACKENZIE: Thank you for finishing Hendrix's story.
Lassiters Complex/Sydney
The rest of the Erinsborough memorial attendees have shown up and the DJ is playing tunes. Chloe stands next to the Hendrix cut- out and asks if he approves of all the festivities.
The Sydney memorial consists of Mackenzie, the Kennedys, Pierce, Lisa and Alana. They stand on the beach lookout where Hendrix proposed to Mackenzie. “This is where I thought we'd come for our anniversary every year,” Mackenzie tearfully says. Pierce asks if she's sure she wants to continue with the memorial here, offering to go elsewhere, but Mac says it's “our place”. They begin proceedings, with Susan and Karl speaking first.
SUSAN: (crying) Karl and I thought we were past having someone else in our home. That we didn't have room in our life for anyone else. But Hendrix showed us that we were wrong. And he gave us so much in return.
KARL: We thought of him as a son.
Back in Erinsborough, everyone is sharing hugs. Chloe and Levi, Harlow and Toadie, Mel and Terese, Sadie and Zara.
In Sydney, it's Lisa and Pierce's turn to speak. Alana comforts Mackenzie as she cries.
LISA: My boy. I wish we had more time. But what we did have, I will always cherish.
PIERCE: Thank you for being my son. There is no greater honour. And I will love you always.
The hugs continue in Erinsborough. Toadie and Mel snuggle up close, and the special Hendrix drinks that Mel and Amy concocted are being enjoyed.
Mackenzie takes her turn to say a few words, fidgeting with her wedding ring.
MACKENZIE: I thought the fairytale that I wanted was never going to happen for me. It did with Hendrix. (Bursting into tears) We had our whole future planned out. I close my eyes and I can still see him. Your love will stay with me for the rest of my life.
In Erinsborough, Levi leads a toast to Hendrix that everyone joins in with. They all stand by the side of the lake and watch as Chloe and Harlow scatter Hendrix's ashes over the water. Afterwards there's more hugging and dancing along to the DJ, just as Hendrix wanted.
In Sydney, Mackenzie empties Hendrix's ashes into the wild sea as his family looks on. Mackenzie is bereft when it's done and is embraced by everyone as she sobs.
MACKENZIE: This is when it becomes real, isn't it? After the memorial.
PIERCE: The day- to- day stuff is going to be tough for a while. Ready to head back?
MACKENZIE: Can I have a minute please?
Everyone gives Mackenzie a moment alone. “I love you, Hendrix Greyson,” she says, before closing her eyes to 'see' him, feeling the sea breeze sail around her.
The Waterhole
Amy asks Zara how she's feeling, and Zara admits it's all a bit weird because she was so awful to Hendrix. “Well Hendrix was that guy who was always willing to give someone a second chance,” Amy reasons. Sadie then joins them and apologises to Amy for putting Zara in so much danger with Corey.
SADIE: I know you're going to hate me for the next twenty years.
AMY: I'm not going to do that, Sadie. I just want you to learn.
She then leads Zara outside to have a dance. At the bar, Kiri and Terese tell Chloe she did a wonderful job organising the memorial. Jane and Nicolette ask if anyone wants another hash brown before they take them outside. “I should stop eating them, Nic's been feeding me all day,” Kiri laughs, sharing a warm smile with Nicolette.
Lassiters Complex
Amy dances with Zara and then spots Toadie with Mel in the drinks van. She grins when Toadie gives her a little wave. “Toadie's amazing, isn't he,” Amy says fondly to Zara. “He's always making such an effort. We are so lucky to have him in our lives I reckon.” Zara gives her mum an odd look, but Amy continues, saying how Toadie's always there for anyone who needs him - particularly her.
Harlow apologises to Chloe for giving such short notice quitting the hotel, but doesn't think she'll have too much trouble finding someone to replace her.
CHLOE: The job, no, but where am I going to find another you?
HARLOW: What, someone who used to try and undermine you every day of your working life?
CHLOE: You kept it interesting!
They laugh and share a hug. Nicolette and Jane tell Harlow they're going to miss her as well. Harlow then says she better go and finish packing. She walks away from the gathering, taking one last look back at her friends, and at the Hendrix cut- out, before nodding to herself and continuing on her journey.
Zara notices Amy staring Toadie's way while Levi takes a photo of him and Melanie in the drinks van. “Mum, seriously, could you be anymore obvious?” Zara says, rolling her eyes when Amy giggles fondly.
AMY: What are you talking about?
ZARA: (mimicking Amy) 'Toadie's amazing, he's just always there for us'.
AMY: And your point?
ZARA: I've been watching you and it's suddenly obvious. Life's too short to be in denial. You might as well admit it - you're in love with him.
Amy can only give her daughter an incredulous look.
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