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Neighbours Episode 8872 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8872
Australian airdate: 06/07/22
UK airdate: 20/06/22
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Kylie Robertson
Guests: Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
- "Never Be" by Meg Mac
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Melanie turning down Toadie's proposal, coming up with a counter proposal instead.
- Amy hearing that Melanie is moving into #30.
- Melanie bringing her pig collection to #30.
- Sadie and Zara overhearing where Harlow is planning on meeting Corey.
- Zara unsure if Sadie's intentions on making things right is correct.
- Harlow concerned that Corey knows what is happening.
- Corey thinking he's seen Harlow... but its Zara.
- Zara yelling at Sadie to call the police.
- Corey coming after Sadie and Zara saying "they've got it wrong."
- Andrew finding an unconscious Sadie.
Number 30
"Hideous!" is how Amy is describing the numerous pig related things that Melanie has all over the house! She is invited to a special celebratory moving in lunch (as long as it isn't pork!) and begrudgingly agrees to it after Toadie begs her to. As Zara is invited too, Amy calls to invite her daughter... and quietly tells her not to come!
Woodvale Sanctuary
Sadie has come to and Andrew reassures her that she is safe and she'll be okay. When she overhears Levi calling it in, Sadie starts to panic to get agitate and asks where Zara is. Andrew and Levi look at each other and work out that Zara was there too and is now missing. Sadie fills them in with that she knows - that Corey was there but he hit her as she tried to call her dad.
The Waterhole
Wendy has heard about what has happened to Sadie and rushes out of the bar to get to the hospital to see how her daughter is.
Meanwhile Mackenzie is reassured by Chloe and Freya that the organising for Hendrix's (Erinsborough) memorial party is going well. Chloe then mentions to Makenzie that the funeral home is expecting them to collect the ashes and after saying bye to Freya, they make their way out of the bar.
Road somewhere
Zara gets Corey to pull over on the pretence she is about to be sick. When they do stop, Zara bombards him with questions (what's he going to do with her, what about Sadie and the fact she could be dead) he yells at her to stop. Corey has totally lost the plot and tries to explain himself - he wanted to see Harlow but then she appeared making so much noise, which left him without a choice. Composing himself, Corey demands to know why Harlow wasn't there but on being met with silence from Zara, then demands to know if it was "a set up." Zara again keeps quiet, so Corey grabs her phone, gets out to of the car and starts smashing the phone.
Whilst Corey is outside the car (having a hissy fit rant), Zara starts to hunt through it and eventually finds the white pills he gave to Harlow and picks up the very conveniently placed water bottle!
Number 30
Andrew calls by to break the news to Amy that Zara is missing. Turns out that when Amy called, she just left a voicemail rather than actually speaking to her daughter. He explains about the girls getting caught up with Corey.
ANDREW: We believe he's taken Zara.
Number 24
Nicolette drops by with the hashbrowns, eager to know they taste just like Hendrix's. Mackenzie is the only one that confirm their true taste but after Kiri explains why she's not home, Nicolette feels its not right to ask Mackenzie to taste them. Kiri is bemused over how indecisive Nicolette now is as she figures out who could taste the hashbrowns.
NICOLETTE: I just want them to be perfect.
Road somewhere
While drinking from his water bottle, Zara begs him to stop so she can get out. Corey eventually starts to become very sleepy and his driving has becomes every erratic. Thankfully Zara yelling out his name, makes him refocus enough to at least stop the car from hitting one of the trees that is parallel to the road they are driving along!
"What did you do?!" he demands to know but before she can reply, he's figured out she's spiked his water. Zara tries to get out the car and despite Corey's best efforts at restraining her, she manages to get her seatbelt undone and out of the car.
Zara makes a run for it, but trips allowing him to get to her. Again, Corey tries to restrain her but she manages to kick herself free and takes off. "You can't go far," he yells to her as Zara takes off... but within a couple of seconds, she stops and looks back at him - Corey went to get back into the car but before he manages to do that, he collapses to the ground.
Lassiters Complex
Freya and Harlow are chatting about her not going to meet Corey when Levi comes over with an update - Sadie and Zara found Corey first and they think he's kidnapped Zara. Harlow offers to text Corey to trade places with Sadie but is told not to as they don't think Corey would reply either given he'll have sussed the police are involved. Freya wants to know what they can do but is told to "leave it to us," because they don't want anyone else disappearing.
Harold's café
Kiri relays the news to Nicolette that Chloe declares the hashbrowns "delicious" but they aren't quite the same as Hendrix's recipe. Nicolette plans to tinker with the recipe... once she's found it that is and rejects Kiri's help in looking for it because Chloe will be needing her. Kiri ignores her and starts looking through some folders before semi- corrects Nicolette's thinking that something is happening between Chloe and herself.
Ramsay Street
Standing on the street in the rain, Andrew updates Amy (along with Melanie and Toadie) about how they are proceeding on tracking Corey down. Amy interprets the response as the police not having a clue where Zara is!
Despite her parents thinking she should be inside resting; Sadie wants to help look for Zara as the lassie "wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for me." That statement is a red- rag to a bull as far as Amy is concerned, and Wendy is quickly in to remind Amy that Sadie was knocked out.
Melanie tries to diffuse the situation by getting Amy indoors but seconds after they go to do that, Corey's car drives into Ramsay Street! Amy can see that it's been driven by Zara and rushes towards her daughter and after a quick hug, Zara tells everyone that Corey is tied up in the back of the car! Andrew rushes to the car and right enough, Corey is tied up and out cold lying on the back seat of the car.
Number 24
Both Chloe and Mackenzie are sitting in silence staring at Hendrix's ashes that are sitting in two containers on the table. The silence is broken when Mackenzie gets a call - its Pierce asking for Hendrix's chain as Alana wants it (she was the one that gave it to him). Mackenzie is distraught at having to hand it over.
MACKENZIE: It's the only part of him I have left.
Police station
Harlow arrives at the station to see what the news is on Corey and we hear he isn't cooperating until he's spoken to Harlow. Realising it's the only way she is going to get answers, Harlow agrees to talk to Corey.
As 'Never be' plays, Harlow is led into the interview room where Corey is sitting waiting. Before Corey can start talking, Harlow gets in first wanting to know what the video was about. We hear that Prue wanted to use it to blackmail the order via "a very, very influential member of the order" into letting her stay. "Who's the man in it?" Harlow asks and we hear it is a married man called Michael. Turns out Michael is Corey's dad and took a copy of the video to bide him time over how he could help his parents... "and yourself" Harlow adds.
COREY: It doesn't even matter now anyway. Both the order and dad abandoned me after I failed with you. I have nothing. I have no- one. The worst thing is what I did to you because it doesn't matter why I started this or how it went in the end... I really cared about you.
Harlow silently shakes her head at his rational as he adds an "so I'm sorry" to finish his piece with her. "Well I'm glad I finally know the full story and I hope you rot in hell!" are her final words before exiting the station.
Number 30
Now she's safely home, Amy is trying to wrap Zara up in a blanket but is told to stop and not to "blame this on Sadie" when she starts to go off on one. Amy eventually calms down after Zara explains their rationale (wanting to help Harlow who was struggling after Hendrix's death) and given the lassie is back home safely, Toadie suggests they draw a line under it. Melanie suggests they now have their belated lunch and ropes Zara into helping ready while Toadie comforts the still shook up Amy.
Number 28
The K's have given Nicolette and Kiri permission to look through Hendrix's room to find the recipe for the hashbrowns. Nicolette sincerely thanks Kiri for the help she's given and the compliment is returned as Kiri has been impressed at how Nicolette has rallied to help out too.
NICOLETTE: What happened to Hendrix was just so unfair. I want to do my part to make sure his party is exactly what he wanted.
Kiri thinks she should cancel her party too, but Nicolette doesn't think Hendrix would have approved of that. Eventually Nicolette finds his recipe book and what the mystery ingredient is (truffle oil) but someone isn't happy at what the pair are up to - Mackenzie!
MACKENZIE: Get out. Get out! Both of you get out of his room!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Everything set up for Hendrix's memorial.
- Harlow telling Terese she's leaving for London... today!
- Concern growing that Mackenzie has gone missing.
- Alana having an idea of where Mackenzie could be.
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