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Neighbours Episode 5311 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5311 (Susan Kennedy hits Bridget Parker with her car)
Australian airdate: 01/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Laura Davidson: Jodi Flockhart
Nick Thosmson: Marty Grimwood
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Zeke being concerned for Susan's welfare at the golf course.
The police interrupting the drag racing.
Didge getting it in the neck from Steve for taking part in the drag racing then telling Declan they can't see each other in a text message to him.
Elle overhearing Nick and Laura's plans while stuck in the bathroom but panicking when Laura announces she's going to soak in the bath.
Hotel room
Elle has a lucky break in more ways than one when first off Nick asks Laura to get him the in-house guide just as she is about to enter the bathroom and secondly when she smashes the conveniently placed fire alarm that is inside the bathroom... although if you look quickly the glass doesn't actually break! Nick and Laura bolt from the room leaving Elle breathing a huge sigh of relief in the bathroom.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul is organising the evacuation of the hotel when Elle comes out to tell him how she escaped (and that it's a false alarm) and that he is being conned. Paul is having trouble accepting what Elle is telling him, that Laura and Nick are willing partners and wants to hear it from the horse's mouth before he will believe it. Elle wants to go with him but he tells her to wait and explain things to the fire department.
No. 22
Declan is getting a lecture from Ollie but he's so used to it that it is water off a ducks back. Rebecca then lectures Ollie on his part in it since he bought the car for Declan. He then decides to put things right by selling the car, telling Declan he broke his part of the deal.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul finds Laura beside the fire engine and she introduces him to Nick before adding that she is going to make things work with him. Nick decides to accept Paul's offer of coffees at his place when Laura mentions that they were going continue their chat over one.
No. 26
Didge spots her dad heading off to work and tries to be really nice to him including offering her assistance but he totally blanks her, talking instead to Miranda about getting something for their supper her until she cries out "please dad". Bridget then apologises profusely again saying she'll do anything to make it up but Steve coolly replies that there is nothing she can do before resuming his chat with Miranda about food.
Steve heads to work and Bridget pleads with her mum to help sort things out with her dad but all she suggests is time. Didge pleads for her to chat with Steve and it seems to work as Miranda heads out the front door.
Ramsay Street
Miranda pleads with Steve to talk to Didge but Steve is having none of it and heads off to work in what remarkably looks like the Bishops' old car!
We then cut to Zeke trying to teach Mickey footy and Mickey wondering why Ollie is selling Declan's car. "Don't ask" replies Zeke as they move out of shot.
Replacing them is Karl spotting the car is for sale and is very tempted, reminiscing telling Ollie about his 50's Thunderbird car he had a few years ago. Ollie offers him the keys for a couple of test-drive days on the premise that he doesn't give the keys to a minor!
No. 26
Miranda calls out to Didge that she's got a text message but when she doesn't hear her daughter coming, decides to read it herself - it's from Declan, telling her to meet him at Lassiter's lake. Miranda is not amused and makes it know when Didge comes into the room. Didge's defence is that she can't stop him from sending her messages and gives a guilty silence when asked if she is planning on meeting him. Miranda explodes when she finds out that it isn't the first message she's received either and when Didge tells her to shut up so she can explain.
MIRANDA: HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT? Your father doesn't know who you are any more and to be honest neither do I. Now GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.
No. 28
Karl wakes Susan up by dangling the keys to the car in her ears and is all sweetness and like trying to persuade her that they really do need a second car. His reasons aren't working as Susan has an answer for them all and tries the Pierre de resistance - it's very sporty!
SUSAN: (not at all impressed) Look at me Karl. What part says sporty to you?
She then reminds him that they can't afford it and turns down the opportunity of a test-drive to have some more rest before they take Rachel to the advanced literature programme. Karl tries to reason with her that he can do it but Susan wants to reassure Rachel that she is there for her after all that has happened lately. Susan agrees to another 30 mins of sleep when she has trouble holding the cuppa Karl has just made on condition that he doesn't go for a test drive!
No. 26
Didge is telling Rachel about the joy riding and is forced to tell Rachel she was driving too when Rachel goes off on one. Rachel picks up on the fact that Didge seems to like Declan although she doesn't come out with it before the conversation changes to her and Ringo with Rachel confessing that they may be back together. Didge wants details but she gets another text message from Declan wanting again to meet her.
No. 28
Miranda is telling Susan about her argument with Didge over a glass of something (wine maybe) but leaves after she finishes her drink, allowing Susan to return to her sleeping position on the sofa.
No. 28 (later on)
Susan is still out for the count and Karl decides to take Rachel to the advanced literature programme, promising the kids that they'll tell Susan all about it later.
Ramsay Street
Karl shows off the car he is tempted to buy to the kids and Zeke suggests some buttering up to help convince Susan. Zeke wants to go in the new car but the keys are inside and Rachel reminds Karl that they are already running late.
No. 22
Paul arrives home with his guests and does the intros to Rebecca and the still Declan, who takes the opportunity to go outside for some fresh air.
Paul admits that he is surprised to see Nick and Laura together and Nick turns on the charm and says he will make it up to Laura after doing things he isn't proud of. Rebecca lures Laura into the kitchen to help prepare some nibbles allowing Nick to totally turn on the charm offensive.
Elle arrives home and immediately blurts out "you've got to be joking" when she sees Nick sitting on the sofa wondering what is going on as we head into the commercial break.
Break over and Paul pulls Elle aside to explain but Elle isn't sticking around to let him explain as she departs as quickly as she arrived. Nick suggests that they leave but Paul won't hear of it and the blokes resume their seats while the action moves to the ladies in the kitchen.
Rebecca is trying her best to dissuade Laura from taking Nick back and trying again but Laura's had enough and turns so she can see Nick and gives him "a look".
No. 28
Susan finally wakes up although she looks like she still needs some sleep and reads Karl's note to say where they've gone to. Susan is miffed and when she spots the keys on the bench to Declan's car, picks them up on the way out of the house.
No. 22 back door
Surprisingly Nick comes out to chat to Declan who wastes no time in sarcastically telling him what is wrong when he asks about his rough trot. Nick then starts asking subtle questions about Ollie when Declan tells him how much the car cost.
DECLAN: Have you heard of the Barnes Corporation? (Silence) Well that's his company.
Nick then plays dumb but all the time you can see the cogs in the brain ticking away with the info he's just heard. Pity he doesn't know that Ollie is skint atm because Sebastian/Will has frozen his assets.
Lassiter's Park
There is only one way to start this part of the summary and that is with a bit 'AWW' as we see Steve checking over some miniatures Bouncer the dog golden labs. Didge watches from afar as he tells the family how to look after the dogs before answering her phone.
No. 22 backyard
Declan was obviously the one calling her and he has a happy smile on his face as he goes down the stairs into the backyard. Surprisingly, Nick volunteers to cover for him before Declan heads out the side gate.
Laura joins Nick in the backyard wanting them to go home as she can't handle lying anymore after Rebecca bared her soul to her about Richard. Nick reminds her that Paul still owes her and that someone in the family does have money - Declan's older brother. Told you the cogs were turning!
Lassiter's rotunda
Didge waits patiently for Declan and eventually he turns up breathless after his run to meet her. Both compare notes as to how they are coping following the joy riding. Declan takes the bull by the horns and admits to her that he *really* likes her but just as he leans in for a kiss, she pulls back to remind him that she can't see him adding that her dad isn't even speaking to her because he is so angry. Declan thinks that they can dupe her parents but she tells him of the promise that she made to them - that she wouldn't see him and gets up and heads off.
Mickey then comes into sight and watches as Declan goes after her, to see if she'll change her mind, reminding her that Steve isn't even her real dad. As soon as he's said it, he realises he overstepped the mark and apologises for saying it. Didge doesn't react nicely when he tries to stop her from leaving but eventually she heads off after telling him that he is a creep!
Street somewhere
A still sleepy Susan is driving Declan's car and is so tired that she closes her eyes! The car starts to veer over to the other side of the carriageway but luckily the road is deserted and she wakens to pull the car back to the correct side of the road before trying to "wake" herself by shaking her head and slapping the side of her face before taking a few deep breaths.
We then see an upset Didge walking home before seeing Susan half fall asleep again. Didge's mobile starts ringing and as she looks at the screen and we cut back to the still sleepy Susan fighting hard to stay awake.
We then see Didge falling into the road as she stumbles instead of stepping into the road. She then looks up to see a car... the one Susan is driving heading straight towards her making no attempt to slow down or swerve. Didge stands up to move out of the way but before she can, Susan hits her, sending her tumbling along the tarmac. The car continues on and Susan is abruptly awakened when the car hits the kerb as an unconscious Bridget finally stops rolling.
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Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5311
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5311
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5311
Oliver Barnes

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5311
Declan Napier

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5311
Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5311
Miranda Parker

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5311
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5311
Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5311
Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5311
Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5311
Laura Davidson, Nick Thompson, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier

Declan Napier, Nick Thompson in Neighbours Episode 5311
Declan Napier, Nick Thompson

Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5311
Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Mickey Gannon

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5311
Susan Kennedy

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5311
Bridget Parker

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