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Neighbours Episode 8752 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8752
Australian airdate: 03/01/22
UK airdate: 03/01/22
Writer: Jessica Paine
Director: Declan Eames
Guests: Glenn Donnelly: Richard Huggett [It is incorrectly credited as Glenn, it should be Glen]
John Wong: Harry Tseng
Zara Selwyn: Freya Van Dyke
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Ned wanting to be excusive with Amy.
- Amy rejecting Ned's suggestion.
- Paul telling Terese that he loves her.
- Glen refusing to reply to Harlow asking why he's spending time with Terese.
- John the PI handing over a dossier on Glen to Harlow.
- Harlow telling Paul that Terese is missing... and that Glen knows where she is.
- A drunk Terese on the rooftop of Lassiters, ignoring what Harlow is trying to say to her.
- Glen accusing Paul of causing Terese to relapse.
- Paul and Glen suddenly hearing Terese... as she hangs off the rooftop of Lassiters!
Lassiters hotel foyer
Harlow exits the lift into the foyer.
Lassiters hotel rooftop
Terese yells out for Harlow as she grips onto the side of the hotel for dear life!
Lassiters hotel (exterior)
"Terese is on the roof," a very worried Paul says to Harlow as he rushes into the hotel. "I know," is her almost nonchalant reply, not knowing that Terese is actually in jeopardy.
Lassiters hotel
Paul gets into the lift and heads towards the roof.
Lassiters hotel (exterior)
While Glen keeps a worried lookout to the roof, Harlow is more concerned about picking up the papers that were in the dossier that is now lying on the ground outside the hotel entrance.
Lassiters hotel rooftop
Finally, the lift takes Paul to the rooftop and he rushes outside to the pool area, straight to where Terese is hanging on. "Paul," she says to him as he gets down on his belly and leans over the side. Even though Terese doesn't think she can do it, Paul instructs her on what to do to get to safety and between the pair of them, it works. After taking stock for a few seconds, Paul leads Terese safely down towards the lift.
Number 22
Amy is waiting for Ned when he gets home. She breaks the news to him that Terese has started drinking again, and that something has happened at the rooftop pool. Ned is confused over what Terese was doing at the pool and then Amy further adds that Terese lied to everyone over what she was doing for Christmas.
The Waterhole
Harlow starts to look through the dossier John gave to her.
Penthouse suite
David has checked Terese over but would still prefer that she got checked out properly at the hospital, but she insists that she is fine, before turning to Paul and telling him:
TERESE: You saved my life.
Paul admits that he doesn't think he's been as scared before as he raced to get to the roof, not knowing if she'd still be there or not. "What actually happened up there?" he asks but before she can reply, we hear the ping of the lift and out walks Glen. Paul gives his brother the evil eye before turning to Terese to tell her that they know she's been drinking.
TERESE: I'm sorry.
Paul is more interested though to know why Harlow (who knew Terese had been drinking) left her alone up there. Terese's explains that they got into an argument over a folder of information on Glen (from John Wong) that she had. Everyone is confused over why Harlow would hire John, before Terese then adds that her main concern was getting the file off her.
We then go into flashback mode and see Harlow and Terese up on the roof. Harlow is trying to get the glass out of Terese's hand [so she can go home] but instead, Terese snoops in and takes the dossier out of Harlow's hand. Terese calls what's in the dossier "rubbish" but as she opens the file fully, the wind catches the loose pieces of paper and they take off into the sky! Harlow looks distraught and calls Terese "crazy" before turning around and going back down the stairs - her parting words are for Terese to sober up and get off the roof. Terese goes to follow her, calling out "what happened to you Harlow?!" Before she does to get the lift, Harlow tells Terese to not worry about her, but to worry instead about Glen. As to how Terese ended up over the roof - she saw one of the pages right by the edge and as she went to get it, the combination of being drunk and wearing high heeled shoes, saw her lose her balance and go over.
Back to the present, Paul asks where Harlow was and Terese assumes that she'd gone by the time she fell. David can't believe Harlow didn't hear her scream.
TERESE: Maybe she didn't?
The Waterhole
Ned isn't up yet for seeing Terese, and instead stops by The Waterhole for a coffee with Amy and Levi first. He apologies to Levi and Amy for his "flip flopping" over their arrangement before going away - a bit of thinking whist away has led him to conclude that he wants Amy in his life, in "whatever form I can get it."
AMY: Even if that's not exclusive?
NED: Even if it's not exclusive. I don't want to lose what we have.
Ned apologises to Levi too for what happened at the police ball. Levi suggests they both hit the "reset button" which Ned is in full agreement with doing.
Chat over, Ned heads off with the newly arrived Roxy to go and see Terese.
Penthouse suite
With Ned and Roxy sitting next to Terese, the missing person is Harlow... and seconds later the lift pings to announce her arrival. Walking nonchalantly into the apartment, Harlow remarks that Terese has sobered up! Roxy quickly tells her that Terese almost died, but Harlow barely registers any show of emotion when Terese explains the full story to her. Paul demands to know why she didn't go to Terese's assistance (given she was screaming) and David asks where she want to.
HARLOW: [holding up the dossier] To get this to prove that Glen is hiding something.
PAUL: Terese fell because you left her alone and you're worried about some file?!
Harlow pleads her innocence; it wasn't her fault Terese was drunk. That riles Paul up more, calling it "reprehensible" her taking off knowing full well the state Terese was in. Harlow is irate at being blamed, asking what she was meant to have done since it was Terese who got drunk herself! "What more do you want?!" she asks before storming off.
Amy's apartment
Amy lets Ned into her apartment and asks how Terese is. He replies that she is fine, Roxy isn't letting her out of her sight... but he hasn't a clue what is going on with Harlow! The trio then tuck into Christmas lunch as a very happy Amy toasts "the new us."
Penthouse suite
Out in the balcony, Roxy checks with Paul that he is happy for her to take Terese home. Paul is and apologises to her (and David) for losing it with Harlow, but Roxy admits to being "this close to cheering you on!" Both Roxy and David are concerned that Harlow hasn't seemed herself lately although he has an idea why. Paul doesn't ask what that is, instead he is more worried at almost losing Terese. "You didn't," Roxy is quick to remind him of although is unsure if what happened means things will change between them. Paul isn't thinking like that, he just wants to know that Terese is okay.
Inside the penthouse, Glen apologises for not being the one to rescue Terese because "I couldn't move." Terese has correctly guessed it would have brought up memories for him. After a flashback to his own fall, he admits that he only survived because the hotel was smaller then, with it current height, she wouldn't have. Terese though is grateful to him, as he helped raise the alarm, before admitting that she doesn't know what has gotten into Harlow, with the report she commissioned on him.
GLEN: Don't worry about it, we've got to focus on your health.
Lassiters hotel (exterior)
Glen exits the hotel and starts to look around for the missing page from John's dossier [Harlow is going to get John to email her a copy of the missing page]. Naturally, he comes across the missing page and starts to read it.
Amy's apartment
Ned is winding Levi up about part of his best man duties [preventing Kyle from doing a runner] when word comes through that Roxy has taken Terese home. He apologises too for taking them away from the Canning festivities, but Levi is more than grateful to get away! Amy admits to them both that she "loves what we have."
AMY: I'm really proud of us. You know, this has been the most liberating thing that I have ever done.
LEVI: Yes, me too.
NED: Me three.
The Waterhole
"Do you think she's okay," Mackenzie asks Hendrix when they spot Harlow sitting alone on entering the bar. Hendrix isn't sure and suggests that they hover in case they are required.
David also spots Harlow when he enters the bar. Harlow isn't exactly happy he is sitting down next to her, already anticipating the "hard time" David is going to give her. After going over all she's been through in the past couple of years, David thinks Harlow is suffering from "compassion fatigue." She hasn't a clue what that is so David explains it to her.
DAVID: In your case, the emotional exhaustion of dealing with everything has diminished your ability to feel compassion for others.
HARLOW: That's a neat box to put me in, isn't it?
DAVID: I think you're so drained from the trauma that you're subconsciously protecting yourself by caring less about the people around you. There's been a change in you Harlow, I know you've felt it.
Amy's apartment
The trio are having a post- meal drink when Amy gets an attack of the giggles after Levi asks if anyone else wants another drink (he downed his drink quicker than them). The boys are curious over why Amy has the giggles and eventually, she explains to them about her dream of them having a threesome.
AMY: I feel bad about it. Like I keep telling people that I'm not using you guys and then I go on and dream about it.
NED: If it's about other people, then screw them!
AMY: Look, you want what you want okay.
AMY: It was dream Amy. I don't want that... not really!
Levi seeks clarification of how, in Amy's dream, it worked. Amy describes how they were "both very focused" on her, which causes much hilarity in the room. "You clearly enjoyed it," Ned remarks.
AMY: I am but a human woman, how could I not!
Ned is somewhat surprised to hear Amy admit what she's said, given her reaction when Sheila got the wrong end of the stick. Amy has decided to care less what others think... but adds in that a threesome wasn't part of their arrangement.
AMY: Anyway, a girl can dream!
Lassiters rotunda
John introduces himself to the waiting Glen and explains that his call intrigued him to come and meet up. Glen asks if he's sent the missing page to Harlow yet (no) so asks John not to... threatening to blackmail him (reporting John for giving false info to Jane about Nicolette) if he doesn't comply! "Nice try," is John's reply and goes to walk away before Glen pulls him back.
GLEN: If that information gets out, lives will be ruined. I don't want to be responsible for that, do you? Paul and his family have ruined enough innocent people. Just this once, don't be part of that, keep it to yourself... please.
Music montage
Over the music, we see Susan and Chloe arrive at #22. Chloe then gives Roxy a hand to pour away the wine Terese had stashed. At the penthouse, Paul goes to pour himself a whisky before thinking twice and putting the decanter back down. In his hotel room, Glen takes out the missing page from the dossier and rips it up.
Back with Terese and she admits to the ladies about feeling "so ashamed" that everyone knows, but Susan clarifies that folk will only know Terese "is struggling."
SUSAN: It's been a real tap on the shoulder for all of us that care about you.
CHLOE: And there are a lot of people that do.
TERESE: I'm just scared that I'll fail again.
SUSAN: You're not going to go through this alone. You've got me and Chloe and Roxy... the whole street! We're all here for you.
ROXY: We are not going anywhere Auntie T.
Terese looks genuinely happy at the care and support that the three of them are showing towards her.
Amy's apartment
It is question and answer time about threesomes among the trio - Amy admits she hasn't, but Ned has [with two women]. Ned asks if Amy wants a threesome in real life and she admits that now the seed has been planted she does.
AMY: I don't expect it or anything, like it wasn't part of our deal to begin with, but if you guys are interested, I'd be game.
The boys don't know what to make of what they've just heard when Amy goes to get herself another drink.
LEVI: Are we really doing this?!
NED: Maybe???
The Waterhole
Harlow is calling to complain to John about the missing page in Glen's dossier - parking violations to her aren't what she expected the "big secret" to be about!
Hendrix and Mackenzie are happy surprised to see Roxy and Kyle walk into the bar. Roxy asks how long Harlow has been there for and Mackenzie replies "a while" and adds that David had a chat with her and she seemed "pretty shaken up" after it.
At that, Harlow comes up to the bar and has a go at Mackenzie for talking to David [to see whether Harlow is a psycho or not]. "We're just worried about you," Mackenzie tries to explain but is told not to because David has figured out what is wrong with her. Kyle agrees that David's diagnosis "makes sense" while Roxy thinks its "so sad" and Hendrix thinks it something she could get "treatment for." Even if there is treatment, Harlow defines herself as "all good" because she's spent her "whole life worrying and caring about other people."
ROXY: That's because you care.
HARLOW: It's because I was a pushover... now I'm not!
HENDRIX: It can't be that simple?
HARLOW: It really is. This is working out for me; I can sleep at night not worrying about other people's problems and I will never be a broken mess because someone else hurt me. That's the way I like it and that's the way it stays.
Amy's apartment (next day)
And given we see 3 pairs of feet in Amy's bed, it looks like Amy got her wish for a threesome! Unfortunately for the trio, there is someone else in the room to wish them good morning - Amy's daughter Zara!
ZARA: Hey mum!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Terese telling Susan about her feelings.
- Paul irate at Glen keeping him away from Terese.
- Glen telling Paul what is best for Terese... him leaving her alone.
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