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Neighbours Episode 5325 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5325 (Marco Silvani arrives)
Australian airdate: 19/10/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: James Anderson: Daniel Whyte
Marco Silvani: Jesse Rosenfeld
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Pepper insisting that Ringo accept her help with his eating disorder.
Karl begging Miranda to forgive Susan.
Ramsay Street
Karl walks back to his house, melancholic and looking very down. He calls out to Audrey, pets her and picks her up to take her home.
Number 28
Zeke is watching a footie game on DVD when Karl returns with Audrey. He and Susan exchange a quiet look. Barely smiling, Karl whispers goodnight and Susan offers a wan smile back.
Number 26
Meanwhile, over in the world of Hatred and Revenge, Bridget is gobsmacked that Susan might go to jail (she clearly doesn't know that she was there *years* ago, pink cardi and all), and doesn't understand why Miranda thinks it wasn't an accident.
MIRANDA: So she can just get on with her life even though she ruined yours?
Ever get the sense you just said something you shouldn't?
DIDGE: Ruined??
MIRANDA: Well, you know what I mean.
DIDGE: You think it's over for me, don't you?
Miranda and Steve deny it, but Bridget says she notices the way they look at her - and she will be normal again one day, and she's going to get better. She's determined.
Number 28
Zeke is excited at the footie, even though he's seen this match a thousand times. Sad, really, people enjoying seeing the same thing over and over and over again...
Zeke wants to borrow the laptop to do an assignment, and Susan says "oh, good boy" to him, which is a rather Susan/Billy moment from yesteryear. Zeke kisses his mum goodnight and I find myself rather shipping them - also not unlike Susan and Billy, but that's a whole other thread. Susan tells Zeke that she'll finish reading then go to bed.
But once Zeke has gone, she puts her book down, and sadly gets up from the sofa. She goes to the bedroom door, but seemingly changes her mind, and settles back on the sofa, petting Audrey, to watch a late night movie. She looks up into the middle distance, sad and alone.
If there was ever a time for Karl to come out of his bedroom, it would have been then.
The General Store
Pepper comes into the store to see Ringo - she'd like to tell him a story about her friend Polly Schofield. She tells him about how she and Polly were runners, and they tried to cut their running time by stopping eating. Then her mum and dad broke up, and she had no control over it.
Wow, this isn't turning out to be a happy story.
PEPPER: The only thing I could control was what I put in my mouth.
Pep admits that it got so bad, and her parents freaked out about it. She tells Ringo that she got help from a teacher at school; but Polly didn't get better. She died. Pepper sighs a lot in that conversation, which is rather irritating, but finally tells Ringo that he has an eating disorder to which he replies that he's not a girl.
Ringo swamps himself in denial, and refuses to let Pepper help him, but then Frazer comes over. Pepper makes out that she's talking to Ringo about his homework, and they're going to sit down and work out a plan. Ringo gruffly agrees.
Number 26
Miranda has made Didge some food as a truce, but she's not falling for it. Miranda admits that she doesn't think her daughter's life has been ruined, but it is a setback for her.
BRIDGET: And you want Susan to pay for it by going to jail?
MIRANDA: Well that's a whole different issue.
Miranda insists that Susan broke the law and has to pay, but Didge is upset that no-one's asked her what she thinks. She tells her mum that Susan's one of the good guys - her friend's mum, and an ace teacher. Didge says she couldn't live with herself knowing that Susan went to jail because of them.
Number 28
Over at the Ks', Susan is folding the quilt on the sofa when Karl emerges from the bedroom. Susan hastily, and too cheerfully, tries to tell Karl that she accidentally fell asleep on the sofa. She planned to come to bed, honest, but she didn't stir until ten minutes ago. Karl isn't convinced.
KARL: Susan. I don't mind if you wanna sleep on the couch.
She looks guilty.
KARL: I'd prefer you didn't. But I think we need to maintain a sense of normality, for the kids' sake.
SUSAN: Of course.
KARL: I mean it. They're really struggling.
Karl suggests they spend the day doing something together as a family, such as going to the pool. Susan agrees, but it's all rather half-hearted and neither of them can really raise a smile.
Charlie's Bar
Carmy and Rosie are having a drink, when Rosetta spots Marco in the bar. She thinks he's rather dreamy, and Carmella turns round and realises that it's one of her supplier's sons.
ROSETTA: Married??
CARMELLA: You mean like you?
ROSETTA: I'm just curious.
CARMELLA: No, I don't think so.
ROSETTA: Oh my GOD, he's coming over here...
She blushes and turns away. Ducks on the pond!
Carmella introduces Marco to Rosie, and he says he can see the likeness - they have the same beautiful eyes. Rosie goes all coy and looks down, giggling. Carmella is mortified.
CARMELLA: She's just waiting for her husband to arrive.
MARCO: Lucky man. And what about you?
CARMELLA: Still waiting for Mr Right.
Marco sees Carmella's business plan for internet shopping. He says that he's trying to do the same thing for his dad's business. He cracks a joke, and Rosetta laughs hilariously, clearly rather taken. Marco reads Carmella's business plan and tells her to go for it, before leaving. He says goodbye to an enchanted Rosie.
ROSIE: Why didn't you ask him to sit down?
CARMELLA: Because I'm here with you.
ROSIE: A man that gorgeous flirts with me, I'd ditch you in a heartbeat.
CARMELLA: ...if you weren't married.
ROSIE: We don't need to keep reiterating the point.
Rosie insists that Marco clearly fancies Carmella but she's having none of it.
CARMELLA: A fat toad like me, who could resist.
Well, you said it, dear...
Number 26
Steve is telling Miranda that he wants them to find a way of coping with what happened, and he wants Didge to feel good about herself again.
MIRANDA: I've got no right to expect justice?
STEVE: Of course, you've got every right, but I just don't see how it's going to help anyone. We should be focusing on rehabilitation, now, not revenge.
Miranda reminds her husband that they're the victims here, but he retorts that Didge is the victim, and she's made it clear how she feels. Miranda doesn't understand why it's up to her to make a decision. Steve puts his cards on the table: Miranda has been hurt the most because was closest to Susan, and so feels betrayed.
Miranda doesn't say a word. Steve wonders: if Susan goes to jail, will that be enough for Miranda??
The General Store
Harry puts a meal in front of both Pepper and Ringo, once that's low in fat but high in energy. Pepper encourages Ringo to take a bite, but he claims he's not hungry. She begs him, and he tries but can't. He says again that he's trying to get into shape. Pepper pushes him again, reminding him that food is not the enemy, and reminding him again of her friend Polly.
She pushes the bowl to him again.
Number 26
Didge is doing some strength exercises with her left arm when Steve walks in. He's made her a latte, and she gratefully accepts. They sit on the sofa for a father-daughter bonding chat. He tells her he has a story for her - not a lecture.
He recalls when, a few months after she joined them, Miranda told her off for something, and she decided to run away. So he said he'd run away with her, she packed a suitcase with a teddy, a jumper and some slippers, and they walked down the road together. It got cold, and they sat and talked together about what to do, and Didge decided that running away wasn't such a good idea.
Didge laughs at the recollection of the story and says she was only seven. Steve says that he reminded her of the warm home that was waiting for them - and even back then, she figured out that running away from her problems didn't fix them.
So Bridget comes back on that.
DIDGE: I'm not running away. If I'm gonna get better, then I wanna do things my way. And I want you and mum to be able to respect that.
STEVE: Okay. Okay, got it.
He tells his daughter he loves her.
DIDGE: You can dress that story up all you like, dad. But that's still a lecture.
The General Store
Pepper is still begging Ringo to eat, when he reluctantly eats some lettuce. Yuk. She thinks he did great, and wants him to eat one more mouthful. He gets up and walks out.
Swimming Pool
Didge is having a rehab session with Miranda and Steve looking on. Out of nowhere, Zeke dive bombs into another part of the pool, and the Parkers turn to see. Susan is upset to see Miranda there, and says she'll leave; Karl tells her no - this is a public place, and they're going to run into each other.
The physio lifts Didge from the pool, whilst Zeke calls his parents in.
KARL: Are you going to get changed?
SUSAN: I might just read for a bit.
Right, so thanks to Miranda Parker, we don't get to see Susan in a swimsuit. Thanks a million.
Karl dive bombs Zeke, but Susan just sadly turns to watch Bridget. Rachel comes out of the changing rooms and kneels next to Susan, noticing the Parkers. She dive bombs Karl and Zeke (notice a pattern here?). The Parkers stare at the Kennedys mucking about, and Susan uncomfortably watches Didge.
Number 30
Frazer comes in to the kitchen when he hears the music that he'd put on being turned off. A woman sticks her leg through a curtain in the doorway and, thinking it's Pepper, Frazer quickly tells her it's not Adam in the kitchen, it's him!
But Rosie appears, dressed all skimpily and looking rather sexy.
ROSIE: Hello.
FRAZER: Er, hi. An anniversary? It's not a birthday. Oh, please, tell me it's not a birthday...
ROSIE: It's not a birthday.
She flounces in - she was wrong about the money she offered to Carmella, and she should have spoken to him first. She wonders if, and how, she should make it up to him. They kiss. Frazer thinks that the making up might take some doing, so they kiss some more...
The General Store
Carmella comes in with a giant box of food, with oranges. Marco realises that he hasn't given her these supplies, so who is she using to get hold of this fruit and veg? They banter a while, and he asks her if there's any progress on the online shopping.
He has a proposal - he'd like to help by investing in her, because he likes what he sees. It's a great idea, and they could make a go of it, as long as he gets a share of the profits. He suggests they meet at 3pm to talk about it.
Swimming Pool
Rachel approaches the Parkers, and apologises for not taking better care of Bridget in the pool the other day. Zeke and Karl loudly splash each other in the background. Miranda accepts her apology, and Steve asks her to come and spend some time with Bridget at the weekend.
Susan has watched the whole exchange, still looking lost and sad. Miranda notices Susan's discomfort, and looks down, almost remorsefully.
The General Store
It appears to be 3pm already because Carm is meeting with Marco, with Rosie to help out with the contractual stuff. Despite Rosie and Frazer's concerns about Marco's 40% of the profits, Carmella signs the contract. Marco tells Carmella he'll be in touch, and leaves.
Rosie and Frazer are rather concerned that he might not be on the level.
CARMELLA: This morning you were going on about how hot he is.
ROSIE: Oh please.
FRAZER: Really?
CARMELLA: Yeah, she could barely talk.
FRAZER: Is that a fact?
ROSIE: That is so taken out of context.
FRAZER: What was the context?
ROSIE: Not important. What is important is that he has a crush on Carmella.
CARMELLA: Oh, here we go again.
ROSIE: I'm telling you...
CARMELLA: Because I'm such a hot prospect at the moment.
ROSIE: He's Italian. Food and babies. They can't resist.
CARMELLA: Oh, whatever you reckon.
Frazer is genuinely amused. Turning first to Carmella, then Rosie:
FRAZER: And if you're wrong, you could always have a crack.
Lovely scene.
Number 28
Zeke and Karl are playing scrabble. Shame it's not Karl and Susan, we all know what they get up to where scrabble's involved...
Susan is rubbing her hand.
Zeke puts down "whoops", but Karl tells him it's not a word, so he looks it up. There's a knock at the door and, presuming it's the pizza delivery, Susan calls Rachel for dinner.
But it's Miranda, who'd like to talk to Susan. She immediately invites her ex-friend in. Karl and Zeke realise they have to urgently feed the chickens.
Susan looks at Miranda with hope and expectation on her face. Because we cut to a break, we can only assume that during that time, Miranda has told Susan to plead not guilty at the trial. Miranda says it's what Bridget wants, and that she has also come to understand that Susan going to jail won't make any difference to what's happened to Bridget.
SUSAN: Thank you. I know it couldn't have been easy for you to come over here. I don't know if I could have been as forgiving.
The irony here is, of course, that Susan would have been forgiving, and that Miranda's about to deal the crushing blow:
MIRANDA: Who said anything about forgiving? This is about Bridget, not us. I'll never forgive you for what you've done.
Susan is crushed, but nods in acceptance.
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Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5325
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5325
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5325
Pepper Steiger

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5325
Ringo Brown

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5325
Rosie Cammeniti

Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5325
Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani, Rosie Cammeniti

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5325
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5325
Bridget Parker

Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5325
Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5325
Miranda Parker, Steve Parker

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5325
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5325
Zeke Kinski

Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5325
Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5325
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Rachel Kinski

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5325
Frazer Yeats

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