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Neighbours Episode 0820 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0820 (Beverly Marshall discovers she's pregnant)
Australian airdate: 23/09/88
UK airdate: 03/01/90
UK Gold: 22/12/95
Writer: Ian Smith
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sylvie Latham – Christine Harris
Summary/Images by: Graham
Paul sneaking a look at what he thinks is Helen's portrait of him and looking horrified!
No. 32
Scott helps Sylvie carry her luggage into the hallway. The two of them and Jane go and sit down in the lounge room, but Bronwyn comes in a few moments later and asks them to keep the noise down, as Jamie's asleep. Jane looks surprised that Jamie is staying with them. Bronwyn explains that she thought Mrs. Mangel might be upset if *she* stayed at Des's with just Mike there. Jane introduces Sylvie to Bronwyn, explaining that Sylvie is the one she's been modelling with.
No. 22
Gail comments to Paul that he's a big kid, sneaking to look at his portrait like that! Paul tells her that the portrait was awful; no - grotesque. Gail reminds him that Helen *said* some people might not like the artist's interpretation. Paul retorts:
PAUL: That isn't an interpretation. If that's how gran sees me, she can't think very much of me. It was really bad.
Gail looks surprised.
No. 26
Beverly and Jim are kissing in the kitchen. The doorbell rings and Helen goes to answer it. Jim remarks to Beverly that she seems more relaxed, but Beverly tells him that she won't be relaxed until the malpractice suit is out of the way. Helen calls over to them that the visitor is Gail. She and Gail sit down on the couch and Helen asks what she can do. Gail says:
GAIL: I know this is against all the rules, Helen, but could I please have a look at the portrait of that husband of mine, because I really don't think I could sleep another night if I don't. I'm starting to dream about it!
Helen says she did hope she'd finish it today, but the office had to come first. She takes the cover off a canvas in front of them to reveal a very realistic- looking painting of Paul. Gail exclaims that it's great!
No. 22
Gail arrives home and Paul asks her if she saw it. Gail nods that she did. She tells Paul that she has to admit that it wasn't quite what she expected - but he's obviously too close to it; *she likes* it. Paul exclaims angrily:
PAUL: Do you really think that I look like that?
GAIL (nods): Mmm.
PAUL (snaps): Thanks, Gail. Thanks a lot.
No. 32
It's late evening. Scott, Sylvie and Jane are sitting in the lounge room at No. 32 and Sylvie is exclaiming that she can't believe Jane turned down the American contract to work in an office. Jane sighs that she's not interested. Scott says:
SCOTT: You have to admit it would make a pretty good story, though: 'Lassiter's lovely thumbs her nose at fame and fortune' etc., etc.
Bronwyn comes in and tells everyone that Jamie is worn out. She sits down and Sylvie asks her what she'd do if somebody offered *her* a big- money contract to model in the States. Bronwyn laughs that she's hardly the model type! Sylvie says:
SYLVIE: That's not the point. *Make* yourself the model type. Do what *I* do: find a plastic surgeon.
JANE: Come on... you didn't exactly do that on purpose...
SCOTT (blankly): What are you guys talking about?
SYLVIE (mutters): We're talking about a very plain teenage schoolgirl by the name of Latham. Boys wouldn't go near me.
SCOTT (exclaims): *You*? Come on, I don't believe that.
SYLVIE (bitterly): Believe it - I've got the photos to prove it. Fat... ugly... zits... Huh. You name it, I had it - 'til one day yours truly was involved in a very bad car accident. I ended up with more glass in my face than a cathedral window.
BRONWYN: But to look at you now...
SYLVIE: Look, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. OK, I had to get very sick to lose all that weight. When the plastic surgeon removed the bandages, the body and the face made a very good team.
Scott asks her if she's serious: a plastic surgeon made her look like that. Sylvie tells him that it's the whole truth and nothing *but* the truth. Scott asks excitedly if he can do the story with the before- and- after photos. Sylvie smiles that it's a deal as long as she can approve it before it's released. Scott asks when they can do it, as he'd like to run it alongside Jane's story. Sylvie smiles:
SYLVIE: Well... why don't we mix *your* business with *my* pleasure [she giggles girlishly] over lunch tomorrow and we can talk about it then.
Scott goes to get more coffee and Bronwyn follows to give him a hand. When they're gone, Jane says sternly:
JANE: Sylvie, I told you before: he's married.
Sylvie just muses:
SYLVIE: Don't worry - I'll give him back when I've finished with him...
No. 32
The next morning, Jane and Bronwyn sit down in the lounge room in their dressing gowns, Bronwyn commenting as they do so that Jamie didn't sleep very well. Jane asks Bronwyn what she thinks of Sylvie. Bronwyn replies that she's lots of fun. Jane comments that *she* thought so too, but she's not so sure anymore...
No. 24
Scott and Henry walk into Scott's bedroom, Scott having just had a shower. As he starts to get dressed, he raves that it's going to be a top story! Henry lies back on the bed as Scott goes on that most of the public think a model's life is all champers and parties, but it's all hard graft - at least, that's what Sylvie says. Henry grins in ecstasy:
HENRY: Sylvie, Sylvie, Sylvie... I'm going MAD for this woman!
Scott goes on that he was going to run the story on Jane, but the more he thinks about it it's becoming Sylvie. Henry asks if that will upset Jane. Scott assures him that Jane can't stand the attention: he'll still be running the story on her but it won't be as big.
HENRY (beams): Tell me more!
SCOTT (looking puzzled): Wait a second - I thought you and Bronwyn were the item of the week.
HENRY (sighs): Yeah... funny about that: so did I. All she wants us to be is friends.
SCOTT: Dipped out again, huh?
HENRY: Story of my life! Serves me right for chasing girls! Now Sylvie... Sylvie is a *woman*! When are you seeing her again?
Scott explains that he's having lunch with her today: she's going to tell him everything from the car accident to when the surgeon removed the bandages. Henry offers to join them and buy lunch! He then adds:
HENRY: You know... *I* knew a plastic surgeon once. He fell asleep in front of a fire and melted!
No. 28
The front door opens at No. 28 and Mike and Des head inside. Des's hands are still covered in bandages and the dressing remains on his forehead. Bronwyn welcomes them home. Mike starts fussing, but Des insists that he's OK. He asks where Jamie is and Bronwyn tells him that he's all changed and ready for his dad. Des heads off to the bedroom to see his son. Mike warns him not to pick Jamie up; he has to remember the condition of his hands. Left alone with Bronwyn, Mike tells her that if it's going to be a bit difficult for her to stay there, it'll be just as easy for *him* to look after things. Bronwyn, looking surprised, says she didn't mean to push in... but she'd feel awful if she couldn't help out.
No. 22
Paul - who's clearly in a good mood - wishes Gail a good morning and gives her a kiss! Gail, looking surprised, says:
GAIL: What's got into you? Oh, I get it: this is all because I said I liked the portrait, isn't it?
PAUL: Well, if that's the way that you see me, maybe I should smarten up my act a little bit, eh?
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Gail goes to answer it. The visitor is Helen, and she and Gail join Paul in the kitchen. Helen asks Paul if he needs her at the office today, as she wants to finish his portrait. She adds that she does hope he likes it. Paul, a look of annoyance crossing his face, mutters that he has a 'phone call to make. He heads off to make it upstairs. When he's gone, Helen asks Gail if he's all right. Gail tells her that he's just planning for the day. Helen accepts this and smiles:
HELEN: I'll leave you to it - I have to make Des a casserole before I start work on the portrait. Silly, isn't it: I'm getting quite nervous about showing it to Paul!
A look of concern crosses Gail's face...
No. 28
Beverly is changing the dressings on Des's hands. Mike tells her to make sure Des knows not to overdo it. There's a ring on the doorbell and Mike answers it to find Henry standing there. He heads inside and comments that it looks like Des is ready for a title fight! He adds that Des should take it easy; Harold will be taking care of the Coffee Shop, won't he? Des, however, replies that there's nothing much he can do: it'll be a good month before they can redecorate and open again. Mike goes off to feed Jamie, followed by Bronwyn. When they've gone, Henry remarks to Des that Mike and Bronwyn seem pretty chummy.
DES: Yes! Tell you what: Bron's a really nice girl. She's moved in here until I get back on my feet again.
HENRY (looking surprised): Um... you mean living here?
By a lake
Sylvie and Scott are sitting together, with a picnic. Sylvie is showing Scott some photos. She says:
SYLVIE: This is another one taken on the Manly ferry.
SCOTT: I just want to see a photograph of *you*, not the ones you've *taken*.
SYLVIE: I've been in *all* of them.
SCOTT: What? Come on!
Sylvie points herself out in the photos. A look of astonishment crosses Scott's face and he exclaims.
SCOTT: That's *you*? I don't *believe* this.
SYLVIE (bitterly): That's me: plain, dumpy little Sylvia Latham with her plain, dumpy little sisters and her plain, dumpy little parents. I get sick just *thinking* about it.
SCOTT: Why? They seem pretty nice.
SYLVIE (angrily): Who cares, Scott? Nice is boring. Nice is having babies and getting excited about how white your washing is. Beautiful is having what you want *when* you want it. You like 'nice', it's yours. I'll take 'beautiful' every time.
Scott asks if he can borrow the photos. Sylvie just sighs that she's sorry; he doesn't know what it was like. She goes on:
SYLVIE: How *could* you? You're a very handsome guy. You were *born* handsome. I bet a girl's never turned you down in her life. I know *I'd* have trouble...
Scott, looking slightly nervous, suggests they get on with the interview. Sylvie, however, says in a pleading tone:
SYLVIE: Later? I know it's silly, but I'm a little upset now. I don't think straight when I get like this.
SCOTT (sheepishly): It's just that I promised the Editor-
SYLVIE: You know, you can use that wonderful expense account of yours and take me to dinner tonight!
SCOTT (warily): Apart from the fact that I don't *have* an expense account, I don't know... I just don't think it would be such a good idea, that's all.
SYLVIE (flirtatiously): And why not? Don't worry, Scotty, I won't eat you... Besides, it's a good story; a *very* good one. Be a pity if I had to give it to another paper, wouldn't it...?
No. 26
Helen is working on Paul's portrait when Beverly arrives home. Helen remarks that she's home early, and Beverly explains that she needs more sleep. Helen comments that she's still worried about that malpractice suit. Beverly admits that she is, but that's not why she's home early. She doesn't elaborate, saying instead that she's going to grab forty winks and asking Helen to let her know when Jim arrives home.
No. 24
Scott is sitting at the desk in his bedroom, typing up his story. Henry comes in and asks him if he's got a minute. He then asks how it went with Sylvie. Scott shows him a photo of the 'ugly' Sylvie, commenting that she's not too pretty, right? Henry grins:
HENRY: If Bouncer had a face like that, I'd shave his other end and teach him to walk backwards!
Scott then shows him a photo of Sylvie as she looks now. Henry stares at it and exclaims breathlessly:
HENRY: Sylvie. That's her, isn't it? Princess Plastic. I'll never look at another woman for the rest of my *life*! But are you trying to tell me that those two are the same person?
SCOTT: It's the truth. Is this a story or isn't it?
Henry gasps that he's got to meet her; he'll pay money... do anything! Scott, however, tells him:
SCOTT: Forget it, Henry. By the time I have dinner with her tonight, she'll be jetting off to some other place.
HENRY (tersely): Excuse me... did I hear you say 'have dinner with her'? You: my sister's husband?
SCOTT: Cut it out.
HENRY: Take care, mate. I mean - if Lennie ever finds out... can you imagine?
SCOTT: It's business.
HENRY (grimly): Yes - *funny* business.
Scott asks Henry to let him get on. Henry then starts ranting that Bronwyn has moved in with Des and Mike. Scott suggests that maybe it's just to help Des. Henry, however, insists that her and Mike will be back together like 'that'. Scott suggests that Henry just tell her how he feels. Henry sighs:
HENRY: And have her laugh at me? As far as *I'm* concerned, she can *have* him. Who needs her, anyway?
No. 22
Paul is looking at a letter and photo. Gail asks him if Nina and Amy are well and Paul nods that it sounds like it: the wedding went off OK. He shows Gail a photo of Amy as the flower girl. The front door opens suddenly and Helen walks in. Gail asks her what she's looking so excited about and she replies.
HELEN: Two things: first - and most important - the portrait is finished. It's just waiting for you to see it, Paul.
PAUL (disinterestedly): Yeah... perhaps after dinner maybe, eh, gran? Not right now.
He heads to the kitchen to get a drink. Gail asks Helen what the other thing is. Helen explains that Nell Mangel has been on her back about doing something for the church fête, so she thought she and Nick would exhibit some of their paintings. She then calls over to Paul:
HELEN: Anyway, I'd very much like to include your portrait, Paul.
PAUL (staring at her in astonishment): No! Look, I may as well come clean about this, gran: I've *seen* the portrait. Now, I wish there was a nicer way to say this, but there isn't. I hate it. I think it's offensive and I take it as a personal insult. No, you may *not* show it at the fête.
A look of astonishment crosses Helen's face.
No. 26
Jim is raiding the 'fridge when Beverly runs out from the bedroom and smiles that he's caught in the act! She stands there, continuing to smile at him. Jim says:
JIM: What's wrong?
Beverly doesn't say anything; she just stands there, beaming. Jim realises after a few seconds:
JIM: You're pregnant, aren't you!
BEVERLY (grins): We most certainly are! Confirmed at two o'clock this afternoon!
JIM: That's wonderful, darling. Come here!
Jim pulls Beverly towards him and they hug - but behind Beverly's back, Jim looks worried...
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Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Scott Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Gail Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 0820

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0820
Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0820
Mike Young, Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Gail Robinson

Des Clarke, Mike Young, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0820
Des Clarke, Mike Young, Henry Ramsay

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Scott Robinson

Sylvie Latham in Neighbours Episode 0820
Sylvie Latham

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 0820
Amy Williams

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0820
Helen Daniels

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0820
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

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