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Neighbours Episode 0821 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0821
Australian airdate: 26/09/88
UK airdate: 04/01/90
UK Gold: 25/12/95
Guests: Sylvie Latham – Christine Harris
Summary/Images by: Graham
Beverly telling Jim excitedly that she's pregnant! Jim looking worried.
No. 32
Nick and Sharon sit down on the couch in the lounge room at No. 32 and Sharon asks Nick what he had to do. He tells her that he was painting some of the gym equipment down at the park. Sharon comments that that's not going to take the whole thirty hours. Nick grins that he's real slow! Sharon remarks that it doesn't sound too tough. Nick tells her:
NICK: I reckon we've *both* been pretty lucky, you know? You could've been busted pretty bad too. Of course, being a girl probably helped!
SHARON (exclaims): What's *that* supposed to mean?!
NICK: Well, if you bawled all over Mr. Bishop, no wonder he let you off the hook!
Sharon murmurs that she felt really awful. Nick tells her that she *should*: single- handedly she put two people out of business and one of them in hospital. Sharon mutters at him to rub it in. Nick tells her that *she* should be the one doing the community service. He then suggests that she could offer to help fix- up the Coffee Shop to make up for starting the fire. Looking thoughtful, Sharon comments that it isn't a bad idea.
No. 26
Standing with Jim in the lounge room, Des grins:
DES: A baby? Good on ya, mate! About time!
He goes to shake Jim's hand, but then realises he's still got the bandages on! Beverly joins them and suggests to Jim that they should open that bottle of champagne. Katie runs out from the kitchen and beams that they're going to have a baby! Des gives Beverly a kiss and asks her if she's looking forward to it. Beverly smiles:
BEVERLY: Can't wait - can we, Jim?
JIM: I'll just get the bottle of champagne.
He heads to the kitchen as Des tells Beverly that this couldn't have come at a better time: Jamie's going to be looking for someone to play with soon! Jim comes back in with the bottle and pours champagne into some glasses, saying as he does so:
JIM: Here is to young Robinson the fifth!
DES: Yeah - and midnight feeds and dirty nappies; the works!
Helen arrives home at that moment, looking slightly upset, and Des hands her a glass. She remarks mutedly that she hopes this isn't the completion of Paul's portrait that they're celebrating. Jim replies that it isn't. Helen asks what it is, then. Jim smiles that he'll leave that for Beverly to tell her. It's Katie, though, who screams excitedly:
KATIE: We're going to have a baby!
Helen looks at Beverly and then gives her a hug, exclaiming that it's wonderful news! Beverly beams that she's *so* happy! Helen raises her glass and proposes a toast to the new parents.
No. 24
Harold is in the kitchen with Madge, telling her:
HAROLD: You can congratulate me: the new co- ordinator of the church fête!
Scott joins them from the laundry area and congratulates Harold. Madge comments to Harold that she doesn't know how he's going to get it done in time: he'll have to call in the Army! Harold exclaims that he can call in the Scout group to help. Looking at Scott, he adds:
HAROLD: Of course, a little free publicity wouldn't go astray, eh?
SCOTT (grins): I see - like an article in the Erinsborough News; maybe a follow- up on the fortune you're about to make...?!
HAROLD: You read my mind, Scott! This is going to be a fête like nobody has ever seen before!
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Harold goes and answers it. He finds Sharon standing on the step and she explains that she just dropped in to thank him for being so nice about what happened at the Coffee Shop. Harold comments:
HAROLD: As long as a lesson has been learned, eh?
SHARON: I thought if there was anything I could do to help...
HAROLD: Well, I'm very pleased to see that you're developing a sense of responsibility. Good girl.
SHARON: The whole thing was just a mess - especially letting *Nick* take the blame. I can imagine how my Aunt Edie would go off: she'd lock me in my room in Narrabri and throw away the key.
HAROLD (uncertainly): Now, now, just a minute - there seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding here. You seem to think the whole thing has been resolved...
SHARON: Well... hasn't it?
HAROLD: Well, Mrs. Chubb *is* responsible for you, so she should be made fully acquainted with all the facts.
SHARON (mouths): *Everything*?
HAROLD: Well, yes - everything.
Sharon stands there looking worried.
Lassiter's Hotel
Poppy is putting a bottle of wine in the 'fridge in her hotel room at Lassiter's when there's a knock on the door. She checks her appearance in the mirror and then goes to answer it. She looks disappointed to find Jane standing there, and she says:
SYLVIE: Oh hi - it's you.
JANE: Who were you expecting?!
SYLVIE: No one - not until tonight, anyway.
Jane comments to Sylvie that she thought she was leaving this afternoon. She then hands over an envelope containing some photos. Sylvie looks at them and explains that they're the extra prints she asks Robert to do for her folio. Looking at a black dress laid out on the bed, Jane comments:
JANE: Yesterday you said you couldn't wait to leave Erinsborough; now you're staying an extra night...
SYLVIE: Someone asked me for dinner. [Holding the dress up against herself] You think he'll like it?
JANE (warily): Who's 'he'?
SYLVIE (sighs): Jane, sometimes you can be such a drag.
JANE (coolly): It's Scott, isn't it.
SYLVIE: That's none of your business.
JANE: Sylvie, I told you: he's married. He's *crazy* about Charlene; he wouldn't ask you out.
SYLVIE (tersely): Well, maybe he's not that crazy about her after all.
JANE: You've *tricked* him into coming here, haven't you. Why can't you pick on someone who's single?
SYLVIE (muses): Jane, you are so old- fashioned.
No. 24
Sharon is sitting on the couch, appealing to Harold not to tell her Aunt Edie about what happened. Harold retorts that it's his duty and it's time she faced up to her responsibilities. Sharon cries:
SHARON: I'd rather be *dead*.
With that, she marches out. Harold mutters that she's another teenager, over- reacting as usual. Scott points out to him that he doesn't know Aunt Edie. He then announces that if anyone needs him, he'll be over at the Robinsons' and then he's going to Lassiter's. He heads out. Harold turns to Madge and insists:
HAROLD: I've *got* to do it, Madge.
MADGE: Don't look at me like that, Harold: it's *your* decision; you're the one who has to sleep at night.
HAROLD: Yes, but I *am* right, aren't I? I mean, girls of that age are so easily influenced. You've got to give them strong guidelines. I would hate to see young Sharon go wrong all for the want of a firm hand.
MADGE (warily): You tried that once before, remember, with your *own* daughter. It didn't work; you just drove her further away.
HAROLD (dismissively): Oh, it was *different* with Kerry.
MADGE (murmurs): I'm sure you'll make the right decision...
No. 26
Helen opens the front door for Des, to let him out - just as Scott goes to open it and head inside. Helen smiles that the place is like a railway station! Katie runs over and grins at Scott:
KATIE: Scott, we're going to have a baby!
Scott frowns and asks if she means Jim and Beverly. Helen nods that they're telling Lucy now. Jim and Beverly hang up the 'phone and Scott offers them his congratulations! He adds, looking at Jim:
SCOTT: Still a little life left in the old dog yet, eh?!
Helen suggests that they make dinner a party. Scott, however, says he can't stay as he has to go to Lassiter's for an interview and dinner. Helen and Katie head off to the kitchen. Beverly follows them. Scott sits down on the couch and comments to his father:
SCOTT: You're going to have to start knocking down a few walls and bits and pieces - this place is gonna burst!
JIM: Yeah. It's just as well you're over at the Ramsays'!
Nick says *he'll* look for somewhere else. Jim, however, tells him:
JIM: Oh no you don't. It might be a bit of a squeeze, but I'm going to need all the help I can get round here.
Nick smiles in relief.
No. 32
Sharon is in the lounge room at No. 32, about to put a letter into an envelope, when there's a knock at the front door. She calls out to ask who it is, and Madge calls back that it's her. Sharon goes and opens the door. When Madge sees the glum expression on Sharon's face, she says:
MADGE: Oh dear - he really *has* got you rattled, hasn't he.
SHARON (indicating the letter she's holding): I was going to leave this for Jane and Bronny, but they'll realise soon enough anyway.
She hands the letter to Madge, who reads:
MADGE: "I tried to say I'm sorry about the Coffee Shop, but that wasn't enough - Mr. Bishop is going to tell Aunt Edie. I can't go back to Narrabri - I'd hate it. Sorry, Bronny, but I have to go. Please don't be angry with me. Love, Shaz."
Sharon tells Madge that she doesn't care *what* she says: she's packed and she's going. Madge just sighs:
MADGE: How many times is it now, Sharon? This is becoming a bit of a habit, isn't it?
SHARON: They're *making* me run away.
MADGE: Oh really? Who's in control here: you or them? Who's in control of your life? Is it Mr. Bishop, is it Edie or is it *you*? Don't you think it's time you took a stand; did something?
SHARON: Like what?
Madge suggests to Sharon that she could talk to Des: as the senior partner in the Coffee Shop, he makes the final decisions. She adds that she's sure Harold will come round to their way of thinking if they get Des on side. Sharon asks Madge if she'll come with her to speak to Des. Madge suggests to Sharon that she unpack her bags first. Sharon smiles in relief:
SHARON: It's funny - I'd never have thought of you as being, you know, just like a friend.
MADGE: They come in all shapes and sizes, Sharon!
Ramsay Street
Jane is walking along the street towards No. 32 when she sees Scott heading down the driveway of No. 24, all dressed up for his meal with Sylvie. Jane walks across to him and remarks that he'd better watch himself dressed like that: Sylvie will think he's fair game. Scott insists:
SCOTT: I'm just going to interview her.
JANE: Not what *she* thinks...
SCOTT (sighs): You and Henry are just like a couple of old nags. What do you reckon: I'm going to fall for everyone I interview?
JANE: I'm just trying to warn you.
SCOTT: Jane, we're only have dinner. You think she's gonna hypnotise me over the table or something?
JANE: You don't know what she's like. She's really tricky and she's out to get you.
SCOTT: And I'm a pushover, huh?
JANE: Not just you; what about Charlene?
SCOTT (firmly): Jane, I'm a journalist. This is just going to be another job, right?
Jane doesn't look convinced. Scott goes to walk off, but Madge and Sharon approach him and Jane and Madge comments to Scott that she thought he'd be gone by now: she thought he had an appointment. Scott replies pointedly, looking at Jane:
SCOTT: Yeah, I have - a *business* appointment.
With that, he heads off down the street, leaving Jane looking worried.
No. 28
Des is in the kitchen, preparing dinner for Jamie, when there's a knock on the front door. He goes to answer it and finds Madge and Sharon standing on the step. They head inside and Madge tells Des that they have something they'd like to discuss with him. Sharon says to him hesitantly:
SHARON: Um, yeah, well, you know the fire at the Coffee Shop...
DES (indicating his hands): No - tell me about it!
MADGE: What Sharon's trying to say is she knows she's responsible and she's very sorry.
SHARON: Yes, I am.
MADGE: And she'd like to do her best to make up for it.
SHARON: Yeah - work for nothing, fix it up, do whatever you like.
DES (smiles): Right- o!
Madge tells Sharon to tell Des about Harold. Sharon cries at Des that Harold is going to tell her Aunt Edie if he doesn't stop him, and Edie will chuck a fit and *she'll* never get out of Narrabri again. She asks if she couldn't do community service instead - like Nick. Madge tells Des that he's the senior partner: it's up to him. Des, however, says:
DES: Hang on... hold it. It's a bit of a waste, you know, trying to wear me down - I've already made up my mind. Now, there's the insurance claim, which is being processed... the loss of business... this [he indicates his hands]... Now, what it all adds up to is, well not that much, really; not that much to get Mrs. Chubb stirred up about, anyway. So what's there to tell her, hm? Nothing, as far as I'm concerned!
Sharon gives Des a hug and beams gratefully that he's saved her life!
Restaurant at Lassiter's Hotel
Scott and Sylvie are sitting eating. Sylvie offers Scott some more wine, but he declines, saying he doesn't really drink that much. Sylvie smiles:
SYLVIE: You don't know what you're missing.
SCOTT (shrugs): Oh, I don't know. I seem to get high on work, you know: a good story... something like that. *Yours* should be pretty good, actually.
SYLVIE: Yeah. You know what you really need? Some photographs - before and after, like we discussed.
SCOTT: That would be fantastic! That'll be great, yeah.
SYLVIE: And I've just got a batch of new shots; not bad, even if I do say so myself.
SCOTT: I must admit, you're very photogenic, yeah.
SYLVIE: I, er, should've brought them down. You, er, *could* come up and have a look...
Scott sits there looking suddenly wary. He says:
SCOTT: Um... look... later... tomorrow, maybe.
SYLVIE: I might be *gone* by then. [Teases] Are you scared of women, or something?
SCOTT: No! Why should I be?
SYLVIE: Scott, the business I'm in, you meet *lots* of journalists. You learn to back off; never take a risk.
Scott stares at Sylvie for several seconds before murmuring:
SCOTT: OK - let's just go and have a quick look at those photographs. They better be pretty good, though.
No. 26
Katie is sitting at the kitchen table, practicing putting a nappy on a doll! Beverly, however, suggests to her that she needs a few more tries! She then tells Katie that it's time for bed, and Katie heads off to her room. Beverly sits down at the table with Helen and smiles that this is such a big thing for her and Jim. She adds:
BEVERLY: Jim's been through it all before - I can't expect him to be as ecstatic about it as *I* am - but he *is* happy; he *says* he is.
HELEN: He certainly *looks* it!
BEVERLY: I had to talk him into it at first - but I knew once the baby was actually on the way, he'd change his mind.
She pauses before going on uncertainly:
BEVERLY: He does *mean* it when he says he's happy, doesn't he?
HELEN: Well, *you* know him better than *I* do.
BEVERLY (murmurs): Do I...?
Lassiter's Hotel
Scott is in Sylvie's room, looking at her portfolio of photographs. Sylvie takes the chilled bottle of wine out of the 'fridge and asks him how he is with a corkscrew. Scott, however, says:
SCOTT: Oh no, no more for me.
SYLVIE: Just one glass while you look at the photos. I'm not trying to get you drunk or anything!
SCOTT: Oh, well, if *you* want one...
Sylvie hands Scott the bottle and corkscrew. As he opens the wine, Sylvie lies back on the bed and comments that it's nice to relax. Scott tells her that he'd better get going pretty soon: he doesn't want to wake everybody up when he comes in. Sylvie murmurs:
SYLVIE: Lucky you, going home. You know, it feels like I've been on my own *forever*. So lonely on your own all the time... no one to talk to... You don't know what it's like.
SCOTT: Oh, I don't know. I've had my moments, with my wife being away and everything.
SYLVIE: Sounds like *you* need someone to talk to as well. Go on - one glass won't hurt.
Scott stares at Sylvie and then gives in and sits down on the edge of the bed, saying he'll just have one glass.
No. 26
Jim heads into the kitchen, where Beverly is packing up her bag. He comments that he thought she'd be at the hospital, and Beverly tells him that she's on her way. With that, she leaves the room. When she's gone, Jim comments to Helen that Beverly can't keep night- shift up forever. Helen comments that she knows what she's doing. She then says:
HELEN: You pleased about the baby?
JIM: Who *wouldn't* be?
HELEN: Not long ago that you were laying down the law about 'no more children'.
JIM: Yeah, well, it's a long hard trot bringing up kids - you *know* that. And a bloke *my* age... why would you want to start all that again when you've just got the *first* lot off your hands?
Neither Jim nor Helen notices Beverly reappearing in the kitchen entrance and listening as Jim goes on:
JIM: I realise that it was a case of give in to Beverly or risk her walking out. I didn't want to have kids - no secret about that - and when she told me she was pregnant... well...
Having heard enough, an upset- looking Beverly turns and heads out. She therefore doesn't hear Jim continuing:
JIM: Then I started thinking... remembering all the *great* things about kids. I started looking forward to it. Pleased as punch; can't wait!
HELEN: Honestly?
JIM: Honestly.
HELEN (smiles): Oh Jim, I'm so glad. She's been worrying about it; I *know* she has. This is just what she needs to hear.
Lassiter's Hotel
Scott is looking at one of Sylvie's photos, but she tells him that it's badly lit and she looks terrible. Scott asks in surprise what's wrong with it. Sylvie says:
SYLVIE: Don't you think my lips are... well, too pouty?
SCOTT: No. It seems fantastic to me.
SYLVIE: Really?
Scott looks at her. There's a brief moment between them, but Scott then says quickly that it's really about time he should go. Sylvie tells him to stay for one more glass of wine. Scott, however, stands up and smiles:
SCOTT: What are you trying to do to me? I mean, if I don't get home soon, I'm just going to be falling everywhere!
SYLVIE (giggles): Well, perhaps you should stay *here*; go home in the morning, when you feel better...
Scott hesitates for several seconds before replying:
SCOTT: Sorry. No way.
SYLVIE (flirtatiously): Why not?
SCOTT: You know *exactly* why not, Sylvie.
He turns and heads to the door. He then stops, though, and Sylvie walks up behind him and starts running her fingers through his hair. She murmurs:
SYLVIE: Why play games? *I* like *you* and *you* like *me*. You've got no one to go home to and I get lonely on my own.
She starts stroking Scott's chin and then his lips as she says seductively:
SYLVIE: Stay with me, please - just for tonight...? Might even be *fun*...
Scott looks at her warily.
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Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0821
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Des Clarke, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0821
Des Clarke, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0821
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0821
Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop

Jane Harris, Sylvie Latham in Neighbours Episode 0821
Jane Harris, Sylvie Latham

Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0821
Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop

Nick Page, Katie Landers, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0821
Nick Page, Katie Landers, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0821
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Sharon Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0821
Sharon Davies, Madge Bishop

Scott Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0821
Scott Robinson, Jane Harris

Madge Bishop, Sharon Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0821
Madge Bishop, Sharon Davies, Des Clarke

Sylvie Latham, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0821
Sylvie Latham, Scott Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0821
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Sylvie Latham in Neighbours Episode 0821
Sylvie Latham

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0821
Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0821
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Sylvie Latham in Neighbours Episode 0821
Scott Robinson, Sylvie Latham

Scott Robinson, Sylvie Latham in Neighbours Episode 0821
Scott Robinson, Sylvie Latham

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