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Neighbours Episode 1787 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1786 - 1788>>
Episode title: 1787 (Phoebe meets Stephen at the cemetery)
Australian airdate: 13/10/92
UK airdate: 20/09/93
UK Gold: 07/09/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Stephen Gottlieb: Lochie Daddo
Lizzie Bryant: Marilyn Chestnut
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron is talking to a newspaper editor. She wants him to turn his letter into a full article for the newspaper - but there's one catch, the deadline is 2am tomorrow morning. Cameron says he'll get right on it - Dorothy won't like it, but that's just too bad.
Dorothy is ringing round looking for Phoebe. She tells Cathy on the phone how worried she is about Phoebe.
Just as she puts the phone down, Phoebe comes in, saying she's been on a personal errand.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, please don't put walls up between us, I am trying to understand.
PHOEBE: Nobody understands. How could they?
She goes off to her room.
Phil is hopeful of getting a job soon - he and Julie are going out to dinner with a prospective new boss tonight. Julie hasn't told Gaby about the ruined dress yet. She isn't looking forward to it. Michael looks shifty.
Debbie tells Michael that Erinsborough High is OK - and she'll be able to introduce him to everyone. Michael says he'll manage. In any case, he's only at Erinsborough High because they can't afford the boarding school fees(!)
Julie gives Michael a school jumper to try on. He isn't impressed that it's second- hand, and it's also a bit small. Julie says it's the best she can do for now.
Cameron tells Dorothy that he's writing an article for the paper. Dorothy isn't very impressed and tells him to make it clear that the dumping of the waste was down to the previous Council.
Cameron is burning the midnight all, hammering his article into a manual typewriter (bless!). Gaby crawls out of bed to see what the noise is. Cameron says she can move back home if she prefers(!) He reads her a bit of his article, but Gaby drops off in the middle(!) Cameron heads off to hand his article in.
No.26, the following morning
Hannah is looking forward to seeing her friends at school, but Debbie isn't. Julie offers Michael and Debbie a lift, but they'd rather walk.
Phoebe is sitting around in her dressing gown, much to Dorothy's annoyance. She says Phoebe has to go back to school and should stop behaving like a child.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, I have tried to be as sympathetic and understand as I know how. And you'll have my help and support for as long as you want. But I think I know what's best for you just now, and I don't want any argument.
PHOEBE:(defiant) You can't make me.
DOROTHY: No, but we have a few ground rules in this house, and I expect you to abide by them.
PHOEBE: Which means I do what *you* say, whether I think it's right or not, is that it?
DOROTHY: Mooning around the place in your dressing gown isn't going to do you a lot of good, believe me.
Dorothy heads off, saying she expects Phoebe to be at school on time, or things will be very unpleasant around the house.
No.26, outside
Michael, Debbie and Rick head off to school. Rick and Debbie are looking forward to the dance party.
Phoebe is visiting Todd's grave. She is placing some flowers when a man approaches her.
MAN: It won't always be this bad.
Phoebe starts and stands up.
MAN: I didn't believe it either when they first told me. But it's true: in time, it does get easier.
He smiles at Phoebe.
Dorothy sees Michael and wishes him a good first day, telling him he'll have to respect the discipline policy of the school. She tells him pointedly that he shouldn't keep the wrong company, obviously meaning Rick(!)
Dorothy tells Rick that he has to do a special maths test after school today - if he passes, he can stay in his current maths class.
MAN: Is this your brother's grave?
PHOEBE: Todd was my boyfriend.
He looks at her and she puts a hand on her stomach, protectively.
MAN: When's the baby due?
PHOEBE: Not for a while, yet. I'm having her here, you know. Right here on his grave. I bet you think that's pretty weird, don't you?
MAN: Doesn't sound very practical.
PHOEBE: Nobody understands. You're just like all the rest of them.
MAN: I bet I'm not, whoever they are.
Phoebe stops and looks back at him.
Phoebe and the man are sitting on a bench.
MAN: She died two weeks before we were going to be married. A drunk driver came over the hill and ploughed into her car.
PHOEBE: You didn't get a chance to speak to her before she died?
MAN: No. She died instantly.
PHOEBE: How do you stop asking yourself, why? Why did it have to happen? Why him? Why her?
MAN: Like I said, it doesn't just suddenly go away. As long as you hold on to the good things...the way you felt about each other, the great times you had together. You realise there's still so much to be glad about. I guess, like us, you and Todd probably shared more happiness in a short while than some people ever know. You want to feel Todd's near when you have the baby, don't you?
PHOEBE: That's why I want it to be *here*. My dad had a funeral business. It's mine, now. So, ever since I was a little kid, death was always part of our lives. It didn't really worry me. Dad used to say he could kind of sense the spirit of a person, that it never really went away. I believe that, too. Not long after Todd died...I saw him in the mirror. You think I'm even weirder now, don't you?
MAN: I've got to admit, up until a few years ago, I would have thought you were totally crazy. But something like that happened to me, too. I'm sure Libby after she died. I never actually saw her, but I heard her voice, clear as a bell. Never actually told anyone that before. Anyway, I guess I'll never know if it actually happened, or if it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But it seemed totally real at the time.
PHOEBE: Sometimes, especially at night, I can feel that Todd's there with me. It's almost as if I could reach out and touch him.
MAN: He'll always be there for you, you know? That's why you don't have to have the baby here. Wherever you are, he'll be with you. He'd want to have everything right for the birth. You owe it to Todd to make sure you and the baby have all the help and care the you need. It's his baby too, you know, nothing can change that.
Phoebe smiles.
Julie has come to confess about the dress to Gaby. She tells Gaby that she had to take it to the drycleaners because she accidentally spilt something on it.
Cameron is gets up late, and Julie makes a sharp exit.
Michael tells Rick that the maths he is doing is kid's stuff - he did it all at boarding school ages ago. Rick sighs.
Cameron's article has made the front page. Gaby reads through the article, and says that he definitely gave them "a serve". There's also an editorial column.
GABY: Oh, no. Dorothy Burke is going to take you apart when she sees this.
Phoebe comes in to find Dorothy is there. Dorothy isn't pleased that Phoebe didn't go to school today.
PHOEBE: I had to go to the cemetery.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, you must be careful this morbid fascination of yours doesn't become an obsession, because that's the way you're headed.
PHOEBE: Not anymore. I'm fine now. I'm sorry, I realise that what I wanted to do was, like you said, notvery practical for me or for the baby.
DOROTHY: I just want you both to have the best medical care available.
PHOEBE: Yes, so do I, now. I feel so bad about the way I carried on, I'm sorry.
DOROTHY: That's alright. What made you change your mind?
PHOEBE: I met this guy at the cemetery. His fiance died three years ago in an accident. We talked, he made me understand a lot of things.
DOROTHY: I see, he's been through the same grief and shock you have.
PHOEBE: Yeah, he has. Anyway, I know it will take a long time, but I think I'm ready to face things the way they really are, now.
DOROTHY: Sounds like quite a remarkable young man.
PHOEBE: Yeah! He...
PHOEBE: I just realised I don't know anything about him. I don't even know his name.
Debbie invites Michael to walk home with her, but he wants to have a look around the school. He opens the classroom door where Rick is doing his test. He tells Rick some of the answers and then says he'll do the test for him. Rick is dubious but tempted.
<<1786 - 1788>>
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