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Neighbours Episode 7582 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7582 (Mishti Sharma arrives)
Australian and UK airdate: 18/04/17
Writer: Stephanie Carter
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Shane Rebecchi: Nicholas Coghlan
Mishti Sharma: Scarlet Vas
Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Summary/Images by: Clare/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Steph invites Mark to the Easter picnic they're having for Nell's sake
- Mark and Sonya kiss in bed
- Toadie asks Steph is anything is going on as Sonya stayed over the other night
- Finn encourages Ben to be a mechanic
- Ben tells Karl and Susan he's quitting school
- Finn updates his page about Susan with Ben quitting school
- Sonya and Mark kiss at Lassiter's Lake as a man watches on
- The man surprises Toadie on Ramsay Street, it's his older brother Shane
- Toadie introduces Shane and Nell
Ramsay Street
Toadie comes back from dropping Nell off at Sonya's and Shane comments Nell is cute and looks like her. Toadie apologises for not coming to visit Shane in Burke. It had been planned a couple of times but it never actually happened. Shane isn't worried about it and points out he should also have come to visit. Shane admits that Angie told him about what happened between Toadie and Sonya. Toadie realises Shane is here to check up on him. As Toadie is his brother he wanted to do it anyway. Toadie agrees they've got a lot to catch up on!
Elly, Karl, Ben and Susan are sitting on the sofas. Elly thinks that it's drastic to want to quit school. Karl points out that Ben had recently been considering medicine. Ben reminds Karl that he hadn't stated he wanted to be a doctor, Karl had assumed it. So Karl would be proud Ben had wanted to love it.
BEN: Just because something is your thing doesn't mean it has to be mine.
Karl wouldn't want Ben to do it to make Karl happy. Ben does want to make Karl happy plus Susan and Libby. He hasn't stopped and thought about what he wants. Susan realises Ben wants to work in the garage. Ben admits he loves working with cars, he can fix them and work them out.
BEN: It's like physics but fun.
Karl points out it's not necessary to leave school to do this. Karl doesn't think Libby will agree. Susan points out that Ben is here instead of in China to focus on his studies, Ben says he'll still be studying. There is a lot of theory work involved in the apprenticeship. Ben gets a phonecall from Libby and heads off to take the call.
Karl comments he doesn't understand why Ben hasn't talked to them before now. Elly thinks he didn't want to let them down. Susan wants to know if Ben has mentioned it to Elly. Elly knew he loved the garage but didn't know he wanted to leave school. Susan comments it's a big decision and doesn't think he's made it by himself. Elly wonders if someone has been talking about leaving school. Karl has an idea who it could be!
Harold's Cafe (Outside)
Toadie and Shane are sitting at a table. Toadie is asking Shane about married life. It's good and he's got three sprogs. Toadie after thinking remembers their names, Yashvi, Kirsha and - Shane reminds him the other one is Jay. Shane tells Toadie Jay's has a fancy scholarship to a school in Sydney. Toadie awkwardly comments everything is working out for Shane. Shane asks if Toadie and Sonya are keeping it civil. Toadie is hoping it will be temporary. Shane realises Toadie doesn't want to relive the details but tells Toadie he's here for him if needed. Toadie thanks Shane. Toadie checks his watch and tells Shane he has a family event at the lake. Shane offers to tag along but then realises it might be too soon. Toadie agrees that Shane can come along.
Steph and Sonya are getting ready for the picnic. Sonya says that Toadie has told her Shane's coming to the picnic and Steph comments it's a wild card. Sonya wants to know if Steph has met Shane, Steph hasn't apart from earlier. Sonya thinks it's weird that Shane has turned up. Steph asks if Toadie has kept in touch with Shane, Sonya isn't aware of them keeping in touch. Steph suggests Angie, Sonya is sure Angie knows what's going on. Sonya thinks it'll be good for Toadie and Nell. Steph asks if she's worried about Shane's past. Sonya denies this, she's sure Shane has pulled himself together. Sonya thinks when people suddenly turns up it's unnerving. They probably need to focus on something new and shiny. Steph agrees with this.
Tyler and Mark have come indoors after a swim. Mark asks Tyler if he took a red esky when he moved out. Tyler suggests it could be out the back but it's not. Tyler apologises, he must have left it at the Backpackers. Mark isn't impressed - he is now stuck for something to take to the picnic. Tyler is wondering if Mark really wants to go, he does.
TYLER: You're going to a family picnic with your ex- fiancee, the woman you secretly love and her estranged husband. Sounds super chill.
Mark reminds Tyler they're having the picnic for Nell's sake. Them all being normal together is important for her. Tyler wonders if it's possible. Mark points out he and Sonya aren't going to happen so it will have to be ok. Tyler wants to know if they've discussed it. Mark admits they kissed a couple of times which stuns Tyler. Mark doesn't want Toadie to know though he hasn't got a right to judge. Mark doesn't want Toadie to think Mark is taking advantage of Sonya. Sonya has told Mark it won't happen anyway. Mark now needs to find himself a new esky and is going to look in the garage. Tyler gets a text from Karl wanting to talk about Ben.
Tyler is stunned that Ben is dropping out. Susan says it's still under discussion. Karl wants to know about Tyler being involved in this. Susan adds they're glad they're friends and enjoy working together at the garage. They want Ben to prioritise his education so they don't want Tyler to encourage Ben to leave school. Tyler realises they think he put the idea in Ben's head. Karl tries to backtrack but Tyler insists it wasn't him. Tyler hasn't heard anything about it before now. Karl suggests Xanthe but Susan can't think why Xanthe wants Ben to leave. Elly suggests that Finn knows about Ben's love of cars. He brought some course information for Ben and suggested he skipped the hospital work experience. Susan points out Finn and Ben had a tutoring session this morning. Elly knows Finn has different education ideas and he can be very persuasive.
Harold's Cafe
Susan and Finn are talking at the table. Finn admits that Ben came to him for advice and Susan wants to know why Finn talked Ben into leaving school. Finn claims he took an approach that was objective and they talked through the options Ben had. Finn tells Susan that if this is the decision Ben made, Ben made it himself. Susan is wanting to support Ben. She doubts if leaving school is the right career path for him. Finn questions if Ben needs to be at school if it's not necessary for him to be there.
SUSAN: Call me old- fashioned but I believe that a teacher should focus on helping a student commit to their studies not suggest that they leave school,
Finn agrees that is the traditional way. Susan reminds him that he asked her to mentor him. As his Principal her advice the kids should be encouraged to leave their options open. Finn asks despite how it looks education wise, how about kids being happy and the best versions of themselves? Susan is sure he's committed to the students. She's not happy about Ben not finishing Year Twelve, especially as Ben is her grandson. Susan leaves.
Ben admits to Karl that he's right. Libby isn't happy and wants to talk to Karl and Susan. Karl apologises if Ben is feeling pressured, Karl didn't intend for that to happen. Ben knows that. He thought it was cool and exciting to know what Karl was able to do after the balloon crash. Ben also knows what Karl loves doing it. Ben did hate the reality after doing work experience. Ben apologises but Karl reassures him it's ok. Karl wants to know if Ben is doing the 'following in the footsteps'. Karl points out it's not necessary for Ben to go into the family business. Ben admits it's good to do the same as Drew. It wouldn't be enough to do it for that reason.
BEN: It just feels right.
Karl suggests that Ben finishes Year Twelve so he has other options if he doesn't do mechanics. Karl promises it isn't actually as long as it seems. Ben doesn't see why he needs to finish school when he can start his career immediately. Karl suggests instead that Tyler gives Ben some shifts and he stays at school. Ben is interested. Libby and Susan will be happy and he can do what he loves.
Lassiter's Lake
Shane and Toadie are setting up for the picnic. Shane asks how Nell is dealing with everything, Toadie thinks she's dealing with it better than most would. The picnic is honestly more for them though it's meant to be for Nell. Shane admits that Angie told him about London and Toadie wasn't to blame. Toadie says in the worst possible way he stuffed up. He doesn't know how he can come back from it. Shane reminds Toadie they all make mistakes. Shane comments Toadie needs good people who can help him out when he's in a bind. Toadie should ask for help when he needs it. Toadie points out he was a gullible idiot who helped out a con artist. Shane points out Toadie thought they were his family. Toadie agrees he remortgaged the house and gave them $100k.
TOADIE: They're somewhere on the other side of the world and I'm here with no wife, no money.
Shane realises Toadie is broke and Toadie admits he nearly is. Toadie wonders what Shane was going to say but Shane claims not to remember. They reminisce and start joking around. Shane says they had some good times, Toadie agrees. Toadie admits he's glad Shane is here.
Susan arrives home and asks where Ben is. Karl explains that Ben is at Xanthe's, Elly is in her room. Susan asks Karl if her views are too traditional on education. Karl reassures her she shouldn't doubt herself. Ben has agreed not to drop out of school after a chat with Karl. Susan can't believe he said that, Karl admits he didn't say those exact words. After a chat they've come up with another option of Ben staying at school and working at the garage. Susan reminds Karl that he was banned from working at the garage and should talk to her first. Karl reminds her the alternative is Ben dropping out of school. Susan realises that's true and asks if Ben has agreed. Karl is sure that Ben will agree.
Harold's Cafe
Xanthe and Ben are standing and talking by the counter. Xanthe wants to know why Ben didn't tell her about dropping out.
XANTHE: This is like only the biggest thing that has ever happened to me.
She reminds him they were meant to graduate together like a couple of characters, Ben has no idea who she's talking about. She doesn't think it's spectacular now. Finn is sitting at a table and asks how it went with Karl and Susan. Ben thinks it went ok and the points they brought up were good. To become a mechanic he doesn't need to leave school straightaway. He can do his apprenticeship after he finishes Year Twelve as a compromise. Finn asks him who is compromising, it won't be Karl and Susan. Finn reminds Ben this isn't Karl and Susan's life, this is Ben's life. It can end at any moment. He shouldn't waste the time he's got. Xanthe backs Finn up. She says that he should become a mechanic if that's what he wants to do. Ben is wondering about the sudden turn around from Xanthe! Xanthe interrupts him by telling him he needs to be brave. Finn is happy that Xanthe agrees with him. They want what's best for him.
Lassiter's Lake
Shane is on the phone. He tells the person that the timing wasn't great so he couldn't bring whatever it is up with presumably Toadie. He tells the person he's not really free to talk right now.
Sonya asks Toadie why Shane is here. Toadie tells her Shane is here to see how Toadie is doing. Angie has pushed Shane into doing this. Steph gets Nell to show Sonya how many eggs she's collected. Mark asks if Shane is on the straight and narrow, Toadie's sure he is but doesn't think he's a great judge of character. Shane wanders over after ending the call. He's introduced to Mark and they shake hands. Shane looks at Sonya and comments this must be Mark's missus. Sonya denies this and Shane assumes she is Mark's partner. Steph is pleased to meet him again and Shane assumes she is Toadie's wife. Steph admits that used to be the case and explains they're mates. Toadie introduces Sonya, Steph and he's already met Nell. Shane looks contemplatively at them and apologises. Shane heads off with Nell to look for more eggs.
(Later) Shane is showing Toadie pictures in the album of his family. Kirsha is 11, smart, a bookworm, and takes after her Mum Dipi. (We don't see the pictures.) Nell is handing round food. Toadie thinks Shane actually has a good brain and shouldn't put himself down. Toadie explains that Shane is good at machinery and fixing farm equipment and thinks Kirsha also takes after Shane. Sonya thinks Kirsha sounds like a treasure. He admits Yashvi makes him laugh every day but she's a handful plus she takes after Toadie! Toadie isn't so impressed so Steph asks after Dipi.
SHANE: Fools of nature. Way too good for me I reckon.
Shane asks how long Sonya and Mark have known each other. Sonya comments they've known each other for a few years. Shane wants to know more about the surrogacy. Toadie tries to stop the conversation but Sonya stops him. Sonya explains Steph and Mark were facing struggles to have a baby so she offered to carry the baby. Shane coments that Angie told him about using her own egg. Sonya explains they explored other options but used her egg. Toadie tries to tell Shane he'll tell him more later but Sonya stops him again.
SONYA: I wanted to help them and Steph's become a very close friend of mine and Mark is my best friend.
Shane agrees that to carry Mark's baby Sonya would need to be his best friend! Toadie realises they're out of beer so he and Shane head off to get more beer.
Tyler has just arrived. Ben tells Karl he's thought over what he said. It's not what they want to hear but he is still planning to quit school. Susan sighs and Karl reminds him about the compromise. Ben apologises but it wouldn't work for him. He's not looking to upset them. Elly asks Tyler if he was involved. Tyler denies any involvement, it was all Ben's decision. Lucas is happy to have Ben as an apprentice if he's serious about this. Tyler will be there to supervise Ben and there will be a job waiting at the end. Hopefully they will now know Ben won't be messing around when he leaves school and it gives them peace of mind.
BEN: I know this is a scary concept for you guys to grasp but I don't have to follow a traditional educational pathway.
Susan wants to know if Ben and Finn have been chatting again. Ben denies Finn being involved in this decision. This is his decision, he wants them to accept it and support him.
The Waterhole
Elly arrives and comes over to Finn whom is standing at the bar. She asks why he's getting involved with Ben, it's putting Karl and Susan on the backfoot. Finn denies he intended to start a fight. If she doesn't believe him it's ok. Elly reminds him he could get involved with lots of other kids. She reminds him Ben is her family. Finn comments it usually is about Elly but it isn't this time. Ben needs support about this big life decision. Karl and Susan have railroaded him into a future that's black and white, not caring about thinking about what his true passions and interests are. Elly doesn't think this is true.
ELLY: You're making them out to be someone they're not.
Finn says he likes them both and they're good people. They might not be doing this for reasons that are evil, they have blinkers on. Ben now knows what he wants. He shouldn't waste time and should go for what he wants.
Lassiter's Complex
Toadie is carrying the beer and asks why Shane is asking all these questions. He isn't trying to push Sonya away, he wants to win her back. Shane apologises, he was trying to help. He wanted her to admit the truth about her and Mark. Toadie appreciates the support but wants Shane to drop it.
SHANE: You're a stronger man than I am. If my wife was having it off with a neighbour he'd be paying for it.
Toadie insists that Mark and Sonya aren't doing that. Shane admits that he saw them at the lake earlier today. They were having a snog. He explains that's why he thought Sonya was with Mark and Steph was with Toadie. Toadie checks if they were just hugging. Shane knew what he saw. Shane's phone beeps and he looks at it. He apologises but he needs to go, something's come up. He checks if Toadie will be ok. Toadie doesn't answer and Shane heads off.
Harold's Cafe
Shane is talking to a woman with dark long straight hair whom has her back to the camera. He tells her she shouldn't have come. She tells him she was worried about him. He says he's got everything under control. She asks if Shane asked Toadie for help. Shane didn't do that, the timing is wrong. As the woman turns round Shane explains that Toadie's just found out that the missus has been on with her friend. Shane can't judge anyone for keeping secrets! She tells him it'll be ok, she's thought of another plan.
Xanthe is by the coffee machine. Finn comes in and asks if she's heard from Ben after he went to speak to Karl and Susan. Ben reported that things were tense but he didn't break. He actually sounded freaked out. Finn agrees it would be tough. Xanthe wants to know if being freaked out is also weird. Ben leaving is actually real! Finn reminds her to be happy for Ben. It took a lot of courage. Xanthe agrees and thanks Finn for encouraging Ben.
FINN: It's my job. Helping the students make the most of their lives. Just wish I had more time.
Xanthe points out he doesn't have to be held back by his situation. She knows lots of teachers with health issues, including Susan. She's an awesome teacher and she also has MS. Finn is surprised by this piece of information. Xanthe reports that it can get intense according to Ben. Finn wants to know how Susan manages it. Xanthe thinks Susan takes medication. Xanthe points out that Susan doesn't let it get in the way of teaching, Finn should do the same.
Lassiter's Lake
Steph comes up to the group with Nell, they found all the eggs. Toadie is packing away in silence. Sonya comments that Nell has had a good day. Sonya asks Toadie if he talked to Shane. She comments that the questions were quite personal. Toadie is frustrated with the lock on the picnic bag. Sonya reminds him they have an audience. Toadie turns to face them and he doesn't look happy.
TOADIE: Shane saw you. He saw both of you. All this time you've been lying to me. You slept at his house and you kissed him. Here!
Mark tells Toadie that he's got the situation wrong and Sonya tells Toadie it wasn't like that. Sonya insists they're not together. Toadie knows though that something is going on. Sonya and Mark don't say anything. Toadie kicks the picnic bag he's just packed in frustration and walks off. Steph looks at Sonya and Mark and follows Toadie.
Unmissable Neighbours:
- Angie arrives and tells Toadie if he doesn't get organised he risks losing everything including Nell
- Toadie says Mark is meant to be a mate
- Steph says she never thought they'd actually go there
- Angie tells Sonya she won't stand here and let her take away everything that's dear to Toadie
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Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7582
Ben Kirk, Susan Kennedy

Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7582
Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7582
Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7582
Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7582
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway, Tyler Brennan

Finn Kelly, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7582
Finn Kelly, Susan Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7582
Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy

Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7582
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Finn Kelly, Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk in Neighbours Episode 7582
Finn Kelly, Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Shane Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Nell Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Steph Scully, Nell Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7582
Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy

Ben Kirk, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7582
Ben Kirk, Tyler Brennan

Finn Kelly, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 7582
Finn Kelly, Elly Conway

Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Shane Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Mishti Sharma in Neighbours Episode 7582
Mishti Sharma

Xanthe Canning, Shane Rebecchi, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 7582
Xanthe Canning, Shane Rebecchi, Finn Kelly

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Nell Rebecchi, Mark Billings, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7582
Steph Scully, Nell Rebecchi, Mark Billings, Sonya Rebecchi

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