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Neighbours Episode 3663 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3663 (Darcy Tyler arrives)
Australian airdate: 15/11/2000
UK airdate: 16/01/2001
UK Gold: 19/09/2005
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Mick Scully: Andy Anderson
Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Mick offers to put up some shelves in Susan's spare room in place of Joe who is busy.
- Steph tells Libby that she doesn't think she should be her bridesmaid.
Steph says regretfully that she's never been a bridesmaid and wishes it didn't have to be this way. Libby takes it well and says that she really wishes that there wasn't an awkwardness between her and Steph - she wants things back the way they were.
Lyn comes in and starts telling them about Beauty Tree lipstick, saying it would be ideal for the wedding. Libby gets up looking upset and excuses herself. Steph sees her out then tells Lyn about the bridesmaid stuff. She says she feels relieved and Lyn tells her that she's made the right decision.
The Coffee Shop
Tess is moaning about how much work she has to do for school. Dee isn't listening though - she's more concerned with studying a hunky guy who's just walked in.
DEE: I've seen him.
TESS: Who?
DEE: The man I'm going to marry!
Tess thinks the bloke looks OK, but Dione thinks he's absolutely gorgeous and says she's going to stake her claim(!)
Joe comes in with some barbecue tools and says he's going to win the Great Aussie Barbecue Bash - he thinks he's got the talent to get first prize.
The Coffee Shop
Drew comes in and sits with Tess, but Dione ignore him and goes up to the hunky guy. She overwhelms him with attention and he backs out of the Coffee Shop, saying he has to go and take a chocolate cake to his aunt. Dione drags out of him that he works at the hospital and he uncomfortably introduces himself as Darcy Tyler. Drew and Tess look on at Dione's behaviour and cringe. Darcy closes the door behind him.
Tess and Dee's
Tess is marking while Dione is on the phone to her nursing friends trying to find out any info she can on Darcy Tyler. Tess tells her off for being desperate, but Dione says they're fated. Tess thinks he is taken or married, but Dee claims that Darcy doesn't give off married vibes(!) Tess moans at Dione about housework, but she's more interested in ringing her friends. Tess sits there with a sour look on her face.
Libby opens the door to Darcy Tyler and doesn't recognise him at first because he used to have a beard. She and Susan hug Darcy - they are very pleased to see him. Mick comes out of the spare room where he is putting up the shelves and introduces himself. They chat about old time with Darcy and Alice (Darcy's partner).
Libby, Susan and Darcy are getting stuck into the chocolate cake and reminiscing while the sound of drilling from the spare room fills the air(!) They also talk about Libby's wedding and Darcy is looking forward to meeting Drew.
Mick cries out in pain - he's cut himself on the drill. Darcy says he's OK, but establishes that Mick will need a tetanus shot - luckily enough he has one in the car! Mick turns pale(!)
Tess and Dee's
Dee is reading her stars while Tess hoovers around her. Apparently her stars say that a new man will come into her life(!) She goes on and on about Darcy and then insists that she isn't desperate(!)
Dee goes to take some books back to Susan and to ask Libby if she wants to go out. She tells Tess that she'll finish the tidying when she gets back. Tess rolls her eyes(!)
Drew is being introduced to Darcy, and he remembers him from the Coffee Shop. Mick is still drilling, so Darcy offers to take Susan out for dinner to get away from the noise.
Libby tells Drew over a piece of chocolate cake that Steph has pulled out as a bridesmaid.
Susan answers the door to Dione and then Libby introduces Dione to Darcy, much to her surprise. Dione is amazed that Susan is Darcys aunt. She gushes all over Darcy and offers him a tour of the hospital. Susan invites Dione along to dinner at the pub with them. She accepts happily and goes home to get changed. When she's gone, everyone looks bemused at her behaviour.
Joe is reading through a barbecue cookbook while Lyn does the ironing. Joe suggests that instead of cooking they go down the pub for a meal instead. He is quietly hoping that an outing will cheer Steph up a bit.
Tess and Dee's
Dee is showing Tess her outfit for the evening which is frankly a bit over the top for a pub meal(!) Tess clearly doesn't care what she wears, she just wants her out of the house so she can have a bit of peace(!)
Mick drills through the wall of the spare room and out the other side, straight through Dione's painting(!) Luckily, Darl is the only witness!
The Pub
Darcy and Dione are talking about Darcy's career as a doctor. Tess rings Dione to say a couple of her friends are at the house - it seems Dione invited them over for a video night(!) Dione asks her to cover until she gets home.
Libby and Drew are talking about wedding plans, then Darcy talks about his partner Alice. Dione looks downcast at this news.
Dione excuses herself to go home, saying a couple of her friends have turned up. She tells Darcy that the hospital registrar will probably show him around, so he needn't wait for her to give him a tour.
The Scullys come in and sit at a table. Mick comes in and tells Joe quietly what's happened to the Kennedys' wall.
Tess and Dee's
Tess has sent Dione's friends home. Dione isn't bothered - she tells Tess about the existence of Darcy's partner. Tess is exasperated and tells Dione not to take her bad mood out on her. Dione claims that Tess has been in a bad mood for weeks and tells her off for sending her friends home. Then she tells Tess that she used to enjoy having a good time, but now she lives like a nun(!)
Joe and Mick are filling the hole in the wall and Joe puts the painting back over it. Joe is horrified to see that the painting is ruined too, but Mick says they'll never notice(!)
Susan, Libby, Drew and Darcy come in at that moment. Libby sees the painting. Mick explains that it was a freak accident(!) but Libby and Susan are very pleased with this turn of events!
SUSAN: (delightedly) That can never, never be repaired.
LIBBY: (gleefully) No, it'll have to be thrown out!
They thank Mick profusely as they hated the painting. Joe says he really liked the painting. Libby and Susan tell Mick not to tell Dione that the painting is wrecked(!)
Tess and Dee's
Tess is telling Dione angrily that she hates what she's done to the house and also she doesn't do any housework. Dione says she's just trying to liven up Tess's life, but Tess says that even though Dione thinks her life is dull, she likes it just the way it is.
TESS: I just don't think we're working out as housemates!
<<3662 - 3664>>
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