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Neighbours Episode 3662 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3662
Australian airdate: 14/11/2000
UK airdate: 15/01/2001
UK Gold: 19/09/2005
Writer: John Davies
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Sgt. Peter Johnson: Don Hirst
Mick Scully: uncredited
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Joe asking Mick to help him out on the building site.
- Lance, Toadie and Joel go looking for satellite wreckage as part of Lance's final Labour of Love.
The Pub
Steph is telling Joe happily that she's going for a job as a sales rep following her quitting at Moco. She may still have to move closer to the job though.
Joe tells Steph that Mick has quit the job he gave him at the building site because he claimed the job was given to him as charity. Mick comes in and tells Joe that his wife has been saying bad things about him and he can't go home. But Steph and Joe encourage him that they'll patch things up. But Mick doesn't think it's likely this time.
The Bush
Toadie, Lance and Joel stop the car. Lance claims they're not lost(!) Joel and Toadie are very irritated, mostly because they are hungry. Lance is single-mindedly pursuing his question. An exasperated Toadie tells him this had better not develop into a search-and-rescue scenario. Lance looks carefully at the map and say that he thinks they're very near the crash site of the satellite wreckage. He heads off into the Bush to look for it, taking a metal detector with him. Toadie and Joel elect to wait in the car saying that Lance has developed a psychotic disorder(!)
The Pub
Steph is telling Mick that she saw a potential job for him at the employment agency. Mick is evasive on the subject though.
Libby comes in to get a bottle of champagne - she tells them that she and Drew have finally set a date for the wedding. The atmosphere is awkward between them all as Libby tells them that the wedding is just eight weeks away.
The Garage
A bloke draws up driving a green bug. Drew waves him into the garage. Libby comes up and Drew looks shifty - the bug is meant to be a surprise. Luckily she doesn't see it and Drew manages to distract her. They chat about the wedding - Libby wants him to talk about wedding plans tonight.
Lyn is playing a piano piece badly, but really quite well for a beginner. She is hoping that eventually piano playing will become second nature because she has to think about every note at the moment!
Libby comes in and is greeted by Lyn. She tells Libby to get in touch if she needs any help for the wedding preparations.
Susan tells Libby that the dress shop has rung because they want to talk to her about the bridesmaid's dress. Susan looks at Libby in concern and asks if she's still OK to have Steph as a bridesmaid. Libby says it's fine, but then admits that she doesn't want Steph to do it anymore. But she says she can't tell Steph because it'll just set off the Scully/Kennedy war again, with Joe accusing Karl that Steph isn't good enough for his daughter's wedding(!) She says she'll just go through with it to keep the peace.
The Bush
Night has now fallen and Toadie and Joel are still waiting in the car for Lance. Suddenly they hear Lance scream in pain.
Toadie and Joel find Lance moaning on the ground. He moans that the aliens have landed but Joel realise what has happened - Lance has peed on an electric fence!!
Just then they see police sirens. Two officers approach them and ask what they're up to. Lance is still moaning in pain(!)
Mick takes Harvey out for a walk. Lyn is cross with Mick for not looking for a job but Joe sticks up for him. Lyn says Joe's given him enough support - he's mollycoddling him.
When Joe has walked off, Lyn and Steph talk about the wedding. Lyn asks Steph if she's talked to Libby about the bridesmaid stuff yet. Steph says she's waiting for the right time.
The Bush
Lance, Toadie and joel are getting back into Toadie's car havning apparently been let off by the police.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Lance, Toadie and Joel get out of the car in relief. Lance is still in intense pain and wrapped in a blanket. Libby greets them, telling Lance that he looks like hell. Toadie and Joel laugh their heads off at Lance(!)
When the guy have gone into the house, Libby sees Steph getting the paper and approaches her. She tells her that they need to get the bridesmaid dress organised. She invites Steph to go to the dress shop that afternoon.
Lance is bemoaning the fact that they haven't found the astral wreckage, but Toadie says that Allana is mental - Lance has done his level best to try to get the wreckage and enough is enough. The phone rings and Joel answers it to Allana. Lance talks to Allana on the phone and is about to tell her that he's failed when Toadie snatches the phone off him. He tells Allana that they've got a great piece of Miron (the satellite) and they'll bring it over this afternoon!
The Coffee Shop
Joe and Mick are having breakfast. Joe is helping Mick to look through the job section, but he doesn't have a lot of enthusiasm. Susan comes in to talk to Joe about the shelves in the spare room - she wants to get it done while Karl is away. Joe looks wary and says that he doesn't want to start a fight between Susan and Karl. Susan says that's all sorted out now! As Joe is busy that week, Mick says he could do the labour - he'll come and measure up later!
The Garage
Joel, Lance and Toadie are working on a car muffler with a blow torch trying to make it look like a piece of satellite wreckage(!) Toadie tells Drew about "the shock of Lance's life" and he laughs heartily.
Libby and Steph are back from the dress shop and are chatting, but the atmosphere is a little strained still.
Susan puts Dione's abstract painting on the wall and she and Lyn try to work out what it is supposed to be.
Joe and Mick are working on the shelving. Mick sees Dione's painting and looks at it in puzzlement. However, Joe looks at the painting and in all seriousness says that's it's "not a bad painting" and wants to know who did it(!) He comments that Dione is a clever girl. Mick and Joe decide to go off to the hardware store, but Joe is still looking at the painting.
JOE: (thoughtfully) Do you think she's got any more of those?
Toadie is on the phone to the father of one of his child leaflet-deliverers, telling him that his daughter's cheque is in the mail.
TOADIE: Man, these kids make Stalin look weak!
Joel says he's got to study today, but Toadie thinks he's more interested in dancing lessons with Felicity.
Lance comes in very cheerily having taken the blowtorched car muffler around to Allana's.
LANCE: She bought it!
They all high-five. Lance explains that he didn't see Allana - her sister took it into her. Lance is chuffed that his seven labours are now over - he can see Allana! He thanks Toadie and Joel for helping him with the labours and they shake hands. Then Lance pulls them into a group hug(!)
Steph tells Libby awkwardly that she doesn't think she should be her bridesmaid.
STEPH: Look at us. It's not working and we both know it.
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