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Neighbours Episode 3664 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3664
Australian airdate: 16/11/2000
UK airdate: 17/01/2001
UK Gold: 20/09/2005
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Craig "Pinhead" Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Harold tells Tad that he can't DJ again until he's proved that it won't interfere with his schoolwork.
- Tess tells Dione that they're not working out as housemates.
Tess and Dee's
Tess tells Dione that they're not compatible. Dione is upset and hurt. She takes herself off to pack.
Lou is just leaving having been chatting to Madge and Harold about the deal on Grease Monkeys. Harold is philosophical about loss of money saying it is a life lesson!
Paul is looking worn out and Madge congratulates both him and Tad on doing so much studying. Tad tries to get Harold to let him go DJing on the strength of this study. Madge asks him suspiciously for the reason and Tad admits that Hemisfear want him tomorrow night. Tad says it's a once in a lifetime chance but Harold says that so are his exams. Madge says he can't go as it'll be his English exam the following morning. Before Tad can protest, Paul jumps up and runs to the bathroom to be sick.
Tess and Dee's
Dee is on the phone trying to arrange to stay at one of her friends, but is not having much luck. Tess tells her that she doesn't need to go - they can work things out amicable. But Dione isn't having any of this and says she'll stay at a hotel.
The Coffee Shop, the following morning
Susan and Lou are chatting when Pinhead comes up to them. He tells them about his Beast (last seen I believe in the 1998 season finale!) and tells Lou that it's running well. It seems the Pinhead is doing a degree in education and is getting on really well with teacher training. Madge doesn't think he'll have trouble finding a job because primary schools are crying out for male teachers.
In conversation, Pinhead tells them that his parents put in a pretty good bid for Grease Monkeys. Madge and Lou are horrified to hear that their offer was rejected by the broker. Lou says he smells a rat - the broker told them that only one offer was made. Lou suddenly realises that he knows the person who put the offer in from the golf club - he thinks the broker is doing a favour for a mate. Madge rushes to the phone because Harold is about to sign the business across, but she can't get through. Pinhead is pleased that his parents might still be in with a chance on the sale and offer to give Madge a lift in the Beast! Lou goes along too leaving Susan to take Lolly to school.
Paul has been throwing up all night and looks dreadful. Hemisfear ring Tad and he casually tells them that he'll be there tomorrow night)! Paul looks at him suspiciously and Tad defends himself saying he's not going to let his opportunity with DJing slip away. Paul says he's mental - Madge and Harold will find out, they always do(!) But before he can say any more Paul has to run off to be sick again.
Outside Lassiter's
Tess sees Dee and asks her if she's OK. She tries to talk to her but Dione says that there's nothing to talk about. Just then Dione steps in a drain and twists her ankle. Tess says she needs a doctor and Dione is about to protest when Tess mentions that Dr Tyler might be on duty(!)
Darcy is treating Dee's ankle and tells her to take it easy. He advises her to stay off her ankle, but she says she can't because she's in the middle of moving house. Dione apologises for her behaviour yesterday (coming on strong to him) but Darcy says it's fine. Dione hops out.
Tess has waited for Dione and tells her that she'll have to nurse Dione so she can keep off the ankle.
Tess and Dee's
Tess has brought Dione home. She sits her down with her ankle up. Then she tells Dee that she doesn't want her to move out - she wasn just frustrated before. She says she overreacted and she does want Dione around, they just need to compromise a bit. Tess starts making a list of Dione's faults, starting with the redecorating(!)
Outside the Solicitor's
Pinhead, Madge and Lou draw up outside the solicitor's office, but Harold has just come out of the building. They rush up to him and explain the situation. Luckily as it turns out, Harold accidentally left the papers in the car and he's just come out of the building to get them. Madge and Lou laugh in relief!
Tess and Dee's
Tess is just finishing off her list of Dione's faults and Dione is looking furious. But she says that maybe she was trying too hard to impress Tess.
Dione starts making her own list of Tess's faults, starting with perfectionism(!)
Darcy is interviewing Paul about his stomach problem, asking him if there's any stress in his life. Paul is stressed about exams and the horrible guys at the football training. Darcy reassures him and gives him a prescription for his stomach. He offers Paul a medical certificate for his exams, but he says he'll see how things go.
Tad overhears this last bit as Darcy opens the door to the consulting room and says a doctor's note would solve all his problems(!)
The Coffee Shop
Madge, Harold and Lou have returned and are relating the story to Cassandra the Coffee Shop waitress. Lou says he's looking forward now to dabbling in the world of art. Madge and Harold look at him in disbelief(!)
Harold tells Lou that they want to buy something for Paul and Tad for their exams, and they were thinking about a second-hand car. Then they could work on it until they are old enough to drive it.
Their coffees arrive and they clink mugs to celebrate their good fortune in finding out that the broker was dodgy.
Susan is on the phone to Karl. Afterwards, she tells Darcy how tired she is, so Darcy suggests a break. She admits she'd love to go and see Billy. Darcy says he and Libby can manage and asks if Libby can cook(!) Darcy tells her that he can cook a bit too, and Susan says that Drew isn't bad, so between the three of them they could probably survive(!)
Tess and Dee's
Tess is a bit ratty about the "perfectionism" thing. Dee says that she has a weird compulsion to tidy things! and it makes her seem old. Tess is quite offended, but Dee reminds her that she had to take criticism from Tess. Tess is clearly upset and goes off for a walk before she says something she'll regret.
Paul tells Madge and Harold that he'll do the exam despite his stomach complaint. Harold tells Tad that he's proud of the way he's handled his disappointment about Hemisfear. He excuses himself to an early night.
Susan has got an airline ticket to go and see Billy. She says she'd better ring Billy and tell him that she's coming(!)
Tess calls round and Susan introduces her to Darcy. He enquires after Dione's ankle. Tess asks Susan if she thinks she's a control freak(!) She starts to pour out her woes about Dione and thankfully this continues off-screen(!)
Bishops, in the dark
Tad is looking for his ID so he can sneak out to Hemisfear. Paul tries to reason with him, but fails. When Tad has gone, Harold comes out and sees Paul there. He asks if everything is alright and Paul says, "Yeah."
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