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Neighbours Episode 7751 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7751 (2018 Season Return)
Australian and UK airdate: 08/01/18
Writer: Paul Gartside
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Special appearance by Madeleine West
Det. Bill Graves: Robert Grubb
Louise McLeod: Maria Theodorakis
Rory Zemiro: Ash Williams
Willow Somers: Mieke Billing-Smith
Gabriel Smith: Kian Bafekrpour
Stunt driver: Grant Fletcher
- "I Love You Baby" by Pop Talk
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Sonya and Toadie renewing their vows.
- Dee/Andrea/whoever watching the vow renewal out of sight.
- Aaron telling someone about Rory.
- David being carried over the threshold of #24 after Aaron gives him a key.
- David turning down moving into #24 in favour of living with Paul.
- Louise wanting to escape with Hamish via boat as they'd planned.
- Piper trapped on the boat.
- Tyler hitting Hamish on the head with a gnome.
- Piper trying to reassure Tyler he didn't kill Hamish.
- Someone giving Louise an alibi.
- Tyler confessing to the police after Piper tells him about Louise's alibi.
- Someone spying on Mark and Paige.
- Paige running after Gabe's buggy as it suddenly takes off.
- Paige discovering Gabe wasn't in the buggy, someone has take him and taken off in her car.
There is no change to the titles for the start of the new season.
Road somewhere
A distraught Paige calls in to the police to report what has happened.
Lassiters Complex
The afterparty is still continuing and Toadie is still perplexed at not having worked it out. The duo depart after saying bye to everyone to spend the night on the boat (another surprise for Toadie!). Also departing is the taxi that the mysterious Dee/Andrea/whoever is sitting in, having obviously decided she's had enough of watching the proceedings from afar.
Jack then discovers he's had 3 missed calls from Paige.
Penthouse suite
David says bye to Aaron after thanking him for sharing this special day – first Christmas with his family and his boyfriend. He returns to the livingroom where Leo is tidying up to ask if he thought Aaron was a bit off. Leo explains, it's the first year without his dad and reassures his brother that its nothing to do with him turning down moving into #24 because Aaron knows he's committed to him.
In the lift, Aaron calls Mark and gets it in the neck for having his phone switched off. “What's up?” Aaron asks.
Road somewhere
Paige is having a flashback to what happened just as the police arrive. “Please help me,” she pleads.
Police station
Mishti updates everyone – Tyler has confessed and so has been charged with manslaughter and a Justice of the Police is on their way to sort out bail. Mark immediately offers to pay what is necessary even if it means taking out a second mortgage.
Mark then gets a call from Paige to tell him that Gabe is missing. Initially he thinks its been a mistake, that someone has simply driven off in the car without realising Gabe is in it, but Paige sets him straight – it was deliberate. He relays the information to the others and tells Paige that he's going to go out looking.
Mishti confirms that the incident is in the system and what the police response is. Just at that, Jack rushes in and they confirm they've heard the news too. He wants to rush to where Gabe was taken but Mark instead wants him to call around to see if anyone has seen the car. Piper has other priorities and Mark tells her to wait for Tyler (Aaron will keep her company).
MISHTI: Remember, you're a citizen now, not a cop. You shouldn't be getting too involved.
MARK: This is my girlfriend's son. I'm already involved.
Toadie and Sonya have arrived at the boat and are very impressed with it. They are very loved up and Sonya shows him what Angie gave her, and even though they think it's ridiculous, they will drink the stuff.
Road somewhere
The police enquiries have gone nowhere, nobody has seen a thing, so they are taking Paige (and the empty pram) back to the station. Jack does his best to keep Paige's spirits up as she is very down.
Lassiters Complex
Xanthe and Ben are back early from Frankston and Elly quickly brings them up to speed about Karl. She then runs into Rory (although she doesn't know he's called that) who is looking for Aaron and she's got the hots for him as he heads off to The Shed. Xanthe congratulates Elly for not breaking her pack… little knowing he wouldn't be interested in her anyway!
Mark then calls to tell her about Gabe.
Harold's Cafe
Ben is most surprised to see Willow walk in the door as he sits talking about Gabe with Xanthe. She explains why she is back in town and that life in Port Macquarie is going very well… and her New Year's resolution is to track her mum down.
“That was awful,” is Sonya's polite way of describing the liquid Angie wanted them to drink – Toadie's facial expressions told the same thing before love and procreation thoughts take over!!!
Penthouse suite
Amy is telling her brothers about the vow renewal when David reveals he's thought of a gesture he can make things up to Aaron with. He wants Aaron to know that he's serious about them making a life together, but whatever it is, he needs their help.
AMY: Are you going to tell us this plan or not?
DAVID: I'm going to ask him to marry me.
Road somewhere
Mark has had a tip- off and he (and Elly) find the abandoned Lassiters car. There is no sign of Gabe and Mark gets his phone out to call it in.
Police station
Paige is telling Mishti (and Jack) what happened as part of her official statement. There isn't much to go on and Mishti pops out of the room to see if there have been any updates. However, just at that, Det. Graves enters to tell them that the car has been found but there was no sign of Gabe. Mishti all but orders them to stay put however she'd have been better to have saved her words as there is no way Paige isn't going to where the car was found and a very angry, and determined Paige exits the room, Jack following quickly behind her.
Lassiters Park
David has his proposal plan all worked out. Amy and Leo aren't exactly on board with what David is planning, they both still think that a lot of talking needs to be done between them. “I know Aaron's in it for the long haul, he proved that to me when he asked me to move in with him,” David tries to tell them and thinks this gesture is his way of proving that he feels the same way about Aaron.
Number 24
Tyler is home after being bailed to appear in court on the 14th February – Aaron put up the $200k surety (using the house title documents) and he's to report into the police each week (he also has a 10pm curfew).
The brothers are more than happy with the plans put in to see Tyler home, even though he now wishes he'd confessed earlier! He thinks too that they need to concentrate on finding Gabe – and at that, Mark gives him (and Piper) some DIY flyers he's made up (complete with his phone number rather than the police one) to hand out.
Tyler then spots the broken boat and asks about it. Mark thought he was the one responsible for smashing it, but Tyler denies it was him and he is also sure that he locked the door too before leaving after Mark mentioned he found it open. Piper wonders if someone has broken in to the house but Mark explains that the door wasn't jimmied. They wonder then about who has keys and Tyler brings up that Hamish had one, but Piper is quick to say it couldn't have been his one used as the police have his stuff. Piper than has a thought – Gabe sometimes stays over, so could the person that broke in be looking for him?
Lassiters Complex
Tyler and Piper put up the posters around the complex and he is feeling guilty that what has happened (from Mark losing his job to Gabe going missing) is all down to him and comments that whatever sentence he gets, he will have deserved.
Leo spots Mishti and asks if she's seen Aaron and when he goes to tell her what David's plan is, she warns him against that because “all hell has broken loose.”
Lassiters Park
Aaron appears to see David and Amy hits play on the iPhone so that ‘I love you baby' starts playing. David (dressed up in Aaron's cupid outfit) then appears and starts to do a dance routine to the music. “What is going on?” a bemused Aaron asks, and David gets down on one knee and begins to talk.
DAVID: We haven't been together all that long, but I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Aaron Brennan, will you marry me?
Just as Aaron goes to open his mouth (he doesn't exactly look too happy) he spots Rory in the passing in the background but shakes his head as if to say don't come over. David though, is getting very nervy that Aaron hasn't said anything. Rory takes off and so does Aaron, telling David that he “can't do this.” David goes to rush after him, so they can talk but Aaron isn't stopping to talk.
A very loved up Toadie and Sonya have been so busy baby making that they haven't noticed they're now at sea!
SONYA: How did we end up in open sea?
Toadie wonders if a rope came undone? However, it then dawns on Sonya, how are they going to get back???
TOADIE: Don't suppose you want to get out and push?!
Mark, Paige, Jack, Tyler and Piper are out looking in the dark for Gabe. Jack still can't understand how it managed to happen and takes his frustrations out on Paige until Mark intervenes and points out that arguing won't help them find Gabe.
Mark then receives a call from an unknown person and we can hear a baby crying. “Who are you?” Mark says and on the other end of the phone is Louise! She calls him Constable Brennan and confirms that she has Gabe (and we see him too). “Where are you?” Mark asks but she doesn't reply to that and instead tells him to listen very carefully!
LOUISE: If you want to see him again, you'll do exactly as I say!
Unmissable drama
- Leo trying to reassure his brother.
- Rory turning up at the hospital and David being on duty.
- Toadie and Sonya seeing something on the boat and wonder who it belonged to?
- Jack unhappy at the Brennan brothers.
- Paige making a request of Mark
<<7750 - 7752>>
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