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Neighbours Episode 7752 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7752
Australian and UK airdate: 09/01/18
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Louise McLeod: Maria Theodorakis
Rory Zemiro: Ash Williams
Lyle Kinsey: Justin Monaco
- "Heaven I Know" by Gordi
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- Toadie and Sonya bring a ‘baby making elixir' on the boat. They're shocked to find they've ended up out in open sea.
- Rory asks Elly if she knows Aaron Brennan.
- David decides to ask Aaron to marry him.
- David proposes to Aaron. Aaron sees Rory from afar and tells David he can't do this right now, and runs away.
- Gabe is kidnapped.
- Mark and Elly find the car Paige was driving, with some of Gabe's clothes in it.
- Louise calls Mark. She has Gabe. If he wants to see Gabe again, he'll have to do exactly what she says.
Paige is frantic, wanting to know what Louise is saying. Mark asks Louise for her terms. Louise, meanwhile, is standing by Gabe's crib. She says she wants $20,000 and a fake passport by noon tomorrow. She tells him not to get any other cops involved. Mark says it will take time. He tells her she's no longer a person of interest in Hamish's death, but she knows she's still wanted for Russell's death. Mark says Gabe is sick, but Louise is a nurse and says Gabe will be fine. Paige grabs the phone off Mark and begs her to give her back her baby. Louise hangs up and Paige looks devastated.
The Waterhole
After some establishing shots of the Lassiters Complex, including a close up on the ‘Wanted' poster for Louise, we see Aaron in the Waterhole, talking on the phone to one of his brothers who is giving Aaron an update on the Gabe situation. Aaron promises he won't tell anyone. Elly joins Aaron and he tells her about David's random proposal and that he didn't say yes. He explains his head was a mess and he couldn't take it all in. As it was happening Rory turned up. Elly realises he was the guy who was asking about Aaron. Aaron hasn't told David about Rory. David has texted to apologise and said he wouldn't have proposed if he'd known about Gabe. Elly tells Aaron to reply to David's text, tell him they'll talk tomorrow and hopefully by then he'll be able to think more clearly.
Lassiters Penthouse
David is waiting for Aaron to text back, assuming he's still worried about Gabe. Leo is annoyed at Aaron for leaving David hanging like this. David wonders why he didn't tell him about Gabe right away, he thinks Aaron could be shutting him out. Aaron texts to say he will drop by tomorrow and they can talk. Leo says it will all be fine.
Toadie tells Sonya that the engine won't start.
TOADIE: I've tried kicking it, bashing it, bribery, it just won't work.
Toadie says they've anchored and the safety lights are on so they're not in any immediate danger. Sonya tells them to wait for light and see how it is in the morning. They start kissing.
TOADIE: I should go wash my hands.
SONYA: No, no, no. You're not going to need your hands.
Number 24
Paige tells everyone she's spoken to Mary and she'll send the money right away. Gabe is her only grandson, she'd do anything. Mark says it will take a few days to organise the passport. Tyler suggests they give the contact information to Louise, that way she can deal with it herself. Jack is worried how Louise would take that. He thinks they should talk to the police, and worries about what will happen when Louise realises Mark isn't a police officer anymore. Mark worries that if the police get involved, they'll lose all contact with Louise. Paige agrees with Mark. Jack blames Tyler and Mark for Gabe being taken as Louise obviously saw Gabe with Mark. Piper says it isn't fair to blame them.
PAIGE: The only thing that matters is that we get Gabe back and we cannot do that unless we all work together, okay?
JACK: This better work.
MARK: It will.
Number 22/The Backpackers
While Paige tidies up Gabe's bottles and toys, Terese and Piper watch. Terese offers Paige comfort, but Paige pushes her away. Meanwhile Jack sits in the backpackers and prays for Gabe's safe return.
Number 24
Mark guesses that Louise has Hamish's key if she was able to break in there and smash the boat. Tyler thinks they should have gotten the locks changed. Tyler blames himself for letting Hamish into their lives. Aaron says this all started with Hamish and Louise, and Tyler was a victim. Aaron goes to catch up with David. Mark tells them to keep this to themselves.
Lassiters Penthouse
David asks if there's any news on Gabe, and how Tyler is doing. Aaron apologises for yesterday. David says it was a stupid idea, Aaron calls it adorable (exactly the response you want from a proposal). He was overwhelmed, and it threw him as they'd never spoken about marriage before. David says it was more of a gesture to show he was serious despite not moving in with him (these two idiots are setting marriage equality back years!) He realises it was too soon. David wants them to forget it happened, especially the part about the costume and the dancing. Aaron was hoping for a repeat performance (please, no!) They hug as Aaron says they're fine, but from the look on Aaron's face, they're not fine.
Boat/Number 22
Sonya decides to call for help. They call Tyler, while Piper is… looking at his shoulder? Tyler is surprised that they took the boat out. Sonya says the ocean was calling them, something Toadie finds romantic and decides to kiss her. Sonya puts Tyler on speaker phone, while she and Toadie continue to kiss. Tyler tells them what to do to restart it, and it works. Toadie and Sonya start talking like pirates as they plan to set sail to the harbour. Tyler smiles as he ends the call, pleased that they sound happy. Piper tells Tyler not to worry about his trial, he might get a suspended sentence (while the Erinsborough judges do give out suspended sentences like candy, doesn't Tyler already have a suspended sentence for the Dimato stuff?) Jack and Paige rush in with the money. They pass the money to Mark and say they want to go with him. Mark is worried that Louise will bolt if she sees them. Jack and Paige insist. Mark says they need to stay in the car.
The Shed
Aaron thanks Lyle for covering for him while he has family going on. Rory arrives, telling Aaron he can't leaves as he only just got here. Rory explains he wanted to look him up while he was in town and was hoping to crack an invite to his wedding. Aaron says it isn't going to happen. Rory says David looked cute, but maybe they could school him on his dance moves together. Aaron says he has family stuff going on. Aaron tells Rory to have a workout, Lyle will help him out. Rory says that's fine, less complicated to do a workout with a guy who isn't his type. Rory and Aaron share a look before they part ways.
Toadie ties the boat up, while Sonya places a captains hat on Toadie's head. Toadie wants to see Sonya downstairs. Sonya suggests it's for a ‘post voyage debriefing'.
SONYA: Get them off! Keep the hat on though!
(When will these two stop?)
The Shed
Rory is working out, asking Lyle about Aaron's partner. Lyle says he's only just started working here. Rory suddenly drops the weight, complaining about his back. He thinks he's pulled something.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rory sees David passing and rushes up to him, asking if he can help him. He needs painkillers because he hurt his back at ‘The Shed.' As David checks his back, Rory questions David. David says his boyfriend is the owner of ‘The Shed.' David goes to check if a room is free, telling Rory his name. Rory smiles as David leaves.
(Apologies in advance for summarising this conversation.)
SONYA: I always knew you were good at docking Jarrod, but you really, really, outdid yourself today.
TOADIE: Thanks, I couldn't have done it myself. Well I could but it's just not as much fun. And you have a way with the mast!
SONYA: Thank you.
(Is anyone else feeling seasick?) As they pack up, Toadie knocks over the elixir and it spills on a notepad, the dye has shown up an indentation on the pad, giving a name and number for a Tom Bartuccio. Sonya wonders if it was Hamish's. Toadie doubts it, the police would have gone through this place thoroughly (this is Erinsborough Police you're talking about.) Sonya is sad the honeymoon is over. Toadie says it's only just beginning as they kiss, before smelling the elixir.
SONYA: It smells.
TOADIE: It does.
SONYA: Your mother's everywhere.
We can't cut away soon enough to Mark, Paige and Jack in the car. Jack says they're quite far away from the meeting place. Mark tells them they don't get to see what's happening. It's far too dangerous, they need to stay in the car. Paige agrees. Mark takes the bag and leaves them. Jack tells Paige they need to be on the same level here. Paige tells them to trust Mark. Jack leaves the car, he says he needs to clear his head for a minute.
Erinsborough Hospital
Aaron thanks Elly for helping put up missing posters for Gabe. They see David and Rory leaving a consulting room, as David tells Rory to rest. Aaron takes Elly aside, hiding as they watch Rory and David shake hands. David joins Aaron and Elly. Elly asks who the hottie is that he's talking to. David tells them he hurt his back at the Shed and he was worried that he might sue about it but he seems okay about it. David says he kept asking questions which was off putting. David leaves to get something to eat. Elly says Aaron needs to tell David about Paris. Aaron doesn't want to upset him. Aaron guesses that since Rory hurt his back, he won't be able to work so will probably leave town anyway. He says it will be fine.
Paige sits nervously in the car. Meanwhile Mark approaches Louise. He asks where Gabe is, she says he's safe. Once she has the bag, and she knows she isn't being followed, she'll tell him where he can find Gabe. Louise says he'll have to trust her.
- David and Aaron see Rory waving at them.
- Amy flirts with Rory.
- Sonya goes to the police station.
- Jack tells Paige to trust Mark. She runs out the car, while Jack tries to stop her.
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