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Neighbours Episode 8903 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8903 (Finale Part 2)
Australian airdate: 28/07/22
UK airdate: 29/07/22
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Shane Ramsay: Peter O'Brien
Isabelle Hoyland: Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Paige Smith: Olympia Valance
Malcolm Kennedy: Benjie McNair
Nell Rebecchi: Scarlett Anderson
Roxy Willis: Zima Anderson
Callum Rebecchi: Morgan Baker
Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Sadie Rodwell: Emerald Chan
Zara Selwyn: Freya Van Dyke
Elly Conway: Jodi Gordon
Sam Young: Henrietta Graham
Hendrix Greyson: Ben Turland
Yashvi Rebecchi: Olivia Junkeer
Des Clarke: Paul Keane
Wendy Rodwell: Candice Leask
Chris Pappas: James Mason
Kyle Canning: Chris Milligan
Hugo Rebecchi: John Turner
Andrew Rodwell: Lloyd Will
Mike Young: Guy Pearce
Charlene Robinson: Kylie Minogue
Scott Robinson: Jason Donovan
Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Beth Brennan: Natalie Imbruglia
Felicity Scully: Holly Valance
Joel Samuels: Daniel MacPherson
Nina Tucker: Delta Goodrem
Bea Nilsson: Bonnie Anderson
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Abigail Tanaka: Juliet Basaraba
Lance Wilkinson: Andrew Bibby
Steph Scully: Carla Bonner
Curtis Perkins: Nathan Borg
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Isla Tanaka-Brennan: Mary Finn
Ned Willis: Ben Hall
Annie Robinson: Harlow Ireland
Lauren Turner: Kate Kendall
Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Stuart Parker: Blair McDonough
Sky Mangel: Stephanie McIntosh
Lucas Fitzgerald: Scott Major
Finn Kelly: Rob Mills
Sonya Rebecchi: Eve Morey
Sharon Davies: Jessica Muschamp
Naomi Canning: Morgana O'Reilly
Phil Martin: Ian Rawlings
Billy Kennedy: Jesse Spencer
Vera Punt: Sally-Anne Upton
Libby Kennedy: Kym Valentine
- "Music: Especially For You" by Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan
Summary/Images by: 'Neighbours Theme Song' by Barry Crocker
Let's celebrate Neighbours one last time!
Everyone is gathered for Toadie and Melanie's wedding. The guests are delighted when Callum, Nell and Hugo make their way down the aisle to where Susan is waiting to officiate. Before they emerge through the streamers hanging from a flower- covered archway, Toadie and Melanie take a moment to appreciate the day. "Are you ready?" Toadie asks. "As ready as I'll ever be," Mel grins. They make their appearance, but then breaking with tradition already, Melanie pelts her bouquet into the crowd where a startled Chloe catches it. The couple then full- on sprint down the aisle to Susan, eager to get started!
SUSAN: Welcome everyone to the wedding of Toadie and Melanie.
THE CROWD: (bursts into laughter)
TOADIE: (grinning with a shrug) So do I!
SUSAN: I think it's safe to say that Erinsborough has never seen a couple like you two.
Toadie and Melanie share a sweet smile with each other.
Number 32
Jane is surprised when Mike walks in, not realising he'd knocked. He wonders why she isn't at the wedding, but Jane explains she wasn't in the right frame of mind after her break- up and her kids deciding to leave.
MIKE: Well I enjoyed your company yesterday.
JANE: And I enjoyed yours. And then this morning it hit me: I am doing it again.
MIKE: Doing what?
JANE: Daring to dream that I might recapture a time from the past. Over the years I started to miss that girl I used to be. I'm attracted to anyone and anything that might help bring her back.
MIKE: Well, if it means anything, I still see that girl.
JANE: How can you? I'm not her anymore and I never can be. I'm a mess! Raw...and damaged.
MIKE: Aren't we all?
JANE: Oh Mike, it has been wonderful seeing you. And you're obviously a terrific father and you've got it all together. If you may be thinking about us, just don't.
Smiling, Mike glosses over Jane's concerns and asks her to come for a ride on his motorbike so he can tell her more about his life.
Susan announces that Toadie would like to say a few words about Melanie, but Mel's too excited and jumps in with her speech first, much to the crowd's amusement.
MELANIE: Toadie, before I met you I thought I was done. Finito! Send in the clowns, she's never going to meet anyone ever again!
Terese smiles, but it quickly fades when she clocks Paul across the aisle.
MELANIE: But then I met you. And what started with tiger print ended up being the happiest, most loving relationship of my entire life. (Looking around at the kids) Nell, Hugo, Cal, you've given me the family that I've always wanted. And I'd like to remember your very special mummy today too.
The wedding goers smile, including Lucas and Chris. Melanie then exclaims that they're all too far away where they're sitting and invites everyone to gather around the rotunda with them. Once everyone's in place circling the couple, Toadie starts his speech to Melanie.
TOADIE: You and I, we beat to a different drum. But when I'm with you it's just the best feeling in the world.
Melanie goes with another impulse and lands a smooch on Toadie. Mackenzie then announces to Melanie that earlier today, on Toadie's request, they gave everyone a piece of paper to write down one word about love and what it means to them. Susan starts off proceedings.
SUSAN: Loyalty.
MACKENZIE: (calling for the next person) Karl?
KARL: Devotion.
DAVID: Unity.
AARON: My Boo!
ANDREW: Romance.
WENDY: Patience.
PAUL: Respect.
Everyone looks expectantly at Terese to read hers out after, but she looks overwhelmed so Mackenzie jumps in.
MACKENZIE: I'll go next. Memories.
Paul notices Terese rush away from the ceremony and follows her.
Lassiters Complex
Shane is on the phone with someone he can't hear very well and nearly bumps into Terese, who dashes past him. When he sees Paul appear, Shane casually tells him which way Terese went. Shane finishes his call, stopping in his tracks when he sees Izzy. They both look (cautiously) pleased to have ran into each other.
Paul finds Terese sitting on a bench out the front of Lassiters and sits next to her. He admits that Lucy told him Terese had split up with Glen.
TERESE: He saw what I refused to admit myself. I'm still in love with you.
PAUL: I'm still in love with you too, Terese.
TERESE: Well then why did you reject me last night? You say you love me and you talk about respect-
PAUL: Yeah, and I meant that.
TERESE: But I put myself out there!
PAUL: Don't you see, Terese? It's because I respect you so much that I pushed you away. If we get back together I'll just hurt you all over again. I am who I am. This is who you get.
TERESE: I know, and that's why I wrote this.
She shows him her card, which says 'acceptance' on it.
TERESE: I accept you for who you are. I may not always like you, but I do love you.
PAUL: Are you sure you're prepared to give us another chance?
TERESE: I tried to move on, I really did. But I can't. You're it for me.
They kiss one another.
Ramsay Street
Jane sits on the back of the motorbike with her leather jacket and helmet on, arms wrapped around Mike's stomach. As they ride out of the street, a green Mini Cooper, with a Sunshine State licence plate and a Coffs Harbour keyring dangling from the rearview mirror, drives in while 'Especially For You' plays.
And now, suddenly, we're truly back together, as Scott and Charlene emerge from the car and take in their surroundings. "Wow, wow, wow!" Scott exclaims, sitting on the hood, arm slung around Charlene's shoulder.
SCOTT: (kissing Charlene's forehead) We made it, huh?
CHARLENE: Home sweet home.
They grin at each other.
Susan barely gets time to pronounce Toadie and Mel husband and wife before they go in for the pash. All the wedding guests whoop and cheer for them.
Ramsay Street
Scott runs back to Charlene after checking #32, telling her that no one on the street appears to be home. Spying an open window at #24, Charlene gets a determined look on her face and strides purposefully over to the house. "Charlene! No, no, no!" Scott says, chasing her. "I know exactly what you're thinking." He reaches the top landing of #24 where Charlene looks to be quietly masterminding an old school break- in.
The 82
Mike and Jane are seated inside the tram. Mike explains that there was love between himself and his ex, Rose, for a long time, but it wasn't as strong by the time Sammy came along.
MIKE: Still, we agreed to stay together to help each other raise Sammy. She's a good mate, Rose, but apart from Sammy we just don't really have a lot in common.
JANE: I can understand that.
MIKE: Still, when the time came for us to separate I didn't seem to handle things very well.
JANE: How so?
MIKE: Have you ever fallen asleep in your car?
JANE: No, never.
MIKE: No? Well I have in the school car park. And when assembly was about to start that next morning, I woke up hungover with a bunch of Year 10's and a couple of teachers staring at me through the window.
JANE: Would have been embarrassing.
MIKE: (grinning along with Jane) Yeah, it was good, it was a highlight. Anyway, you still think I've got it all together? Silly isn't it. We should just stop trying and accept that we are raw, and that we are damaged. Still, it shouldn't mean we give up on trying to be happy, though.
Jane looks tempted by Mike's train of thought.
Lassiters Complex
Terese and Paul walk back to the wedding party, arm- in- arm, and share a kiss. They look at everyone, including Lauren and Lucas talking to Roxy and Kyle. Paul tells Terese that the two of them getting back together is going to affect a lot of people. Terese knows, and doesn't feel great about it, but it's what they both want. "Okay, let's see what he has to say about it," Paul replies, taking out his phone to ring someone.
Lassiters Hotel
Shane's in bed when he hears his phone buzz, realising Paul's trying to contact him. But he's not alone - Izzy is in bed with him.
Ramsay Street
The street is set up beautifully for the wedding reception. There's a big, white tent to relax under, along with tables, chairs and rugs for people to gather on. The Drinks Diva van takes pride of place out front of #22, along with a pizza van. And the centrepiece - a huge ceramic pig in the middle with giant heart balloons attached to it. Toadie beams and tells Melanie she did an awesome job.
Over by Madame Zolga's tent, David, Aaron, Leo and Nicolette learn the news that Paul and Terese are back together. And not only that, but they're staying in Erinsborough.
PAUL: And Shane's graciously agreed to rip up the Lassiters contract.
TERESE: We know it's unexpected, and we know that you made all your plans around us.
DAVID: We were all geared up to leave.
PAUL: I'm sure that your brother and sisters would still love to see you. I mean obviously we'd love you to stay.
LEO: Well it's an easy one for me, I've got the vineyard here.
AARON: (to David) What are you thinking?
LEO: Nic?
Nicolette wistfully glances across the street to where Kiri's chatting with Glen and Clive. Glen apologises to Kiri for River Bend not working out, but Kiri's just happy to have Glen in her life, "that's all that matters". Glen then asks Clive if his two cents' worth helped him with his Jane conundrum. "It has," Clive smiles.
The 82
Jane has a confession to make to Mike. Her becoming a teacher had a lot to do with him. When she stood in front of her classroom she used to imagine him in front of his. "And what does that tell you?" Mike asks, but Jane is stopped from answering when she gets a text from Clive, asking to see them both.
Ramsay Street
David thinks there are still a lot of reasons they should move to New York, but Aaron and Leo think there are also reasons to stay. Aaron assures his boo that he can do anything he puts his mind to career- wise. "In unity, I'm happy with whatever," Aaron adds, but Leo has seen something interesting across the street and says the decision might be made already.
Nicolette and Kiri walk over, holding hands, while Chloe tags along with them. Nic says her and Kiri really want to give their relationship another go, so David smiles and says he guesses they're all staying in Erinsborough. "Well maybe you'll have more use for this than me," Chloe jokes, handing Kiri the bouquet she caught at the wedding.
ELLY: (gliding onto the scene with Bea in tow) I hope not!
The boys are delighted to see them, and Leo gives Bea a hug.
CHLOE: (stunned, yet happy) I texted you this morning. Quite an outpouring really and you didn't respond.
ELLY: That's because we were already on a plane.
BEA: For god's sake, will you guys just get it together!
The group cheers when Elly and Chloe kiss. Levi rocks up to tell everyone to head over to the Kennedys, "unless you've got something better to do". Everyone makes their way to #28, Chloe and Elly sneaking in a few more kisses before they go.
Number 28
All the wedding guests are gathered in the lounge room and applaud when Toadie and Melanie walk in with Nell and Hugo. Karl and Susan stand next to a huge TV, and Toadie hopes they're not about to watch "Australia's Funniest Home Mullets". The crowd laugh, with Mel's heard above them all.
KARL: Toad, you're like a son to us. Well that's ridiculous isn't it. Toad, you *are* a son to us. Toadie, Melanie, kids, you're a part of our family and you always will be. Of course today has special significance because you're leaving Ramsay Street. The street is not going to be the same without you. And we're not the only ones who think that. Some of our old neighbours who couldn't be here have sent you some messages.
A murmur of excitement ripples through everyone as Karl starts the slideshow of video cameos.
LIBBY: Congratulations Toadie and Melanie! I am so sad that I can't be there with you today.
Malcolm grins seeing his sister. And for who is next.
BILLY: Toadie!
STEPH: Hello Ramsay Street!
DONNA: Have an amazing wedding day, Toadie! And I love you guys so much.
Flick is still hanging out with her new bestie, Beth.
FLICK: Congratulations on your wedding, Toadie!
BETH: Hi Melanie! I don't know either of you.
FLICK: (shrugging) We only just met each other.
More surprises appear.
STU: G'day, mate! Well, from the House of Trouser it's a holy matrimony? On ya, Toadie!
TAD: There's a wedding on Ramsay Street? Why am I not the DJ?
LANCE: Not that I ever got to walk down the aisle with Amy. But there might still be time yet.
Amy grins.
NINA: Hi everyone, it's Nina here! I'm so sorry I can't be with you today but I'm with you wholeheartedly in spirit.
SKY: (blowing everyone a kiss) I wish you all the best.
NAOMI: There was a time when I had designs on Toadie.
SHARON: Hi Mel! It's me, Shazza!
JOE MANGEL: I know, I know. Who wants to hear from their ex on their wedding day. But I really do want to wish you all the best.
Number 32
Clive has let Jane and Mike know that he's going to head to Los Angeles for a while. He was trying to salvage his relationship with Jane but he knows it has run its course, and that's on him.
CLIVE: I guess it's kind of a global tour. I get to work out what to do next.
MIKE: Seems like we're all on journeys of discovery.
CLIVE: Yep. All roads lead back to Ramsay Street.
JANE: Except not in this case, or have you missed the for sale signs.
CLIVE: Actually there's been a development.
Number 28
The gang are still gathered listening to more video messages.
LIBBY: I can't believe you're leaving Ramsay Street.
BILLY: I know mum and dad are going to miss you heaps, so you better stay in touch with all of us.
Karl and Susan beam at the TV.
STU: Ramsay Street without Toadie?
TAD: It's like a beer that you can't open.
STU: Like a pie without sauce.
DONNA: My years living on Ramsay Street were honestly some of the best of my entire life.
Harold looks positively delighted at this sentiment.
DONNA: You all stood by me… even when I invented the shrugalero.
NAOMI: I have to say that there is no better group of people to catch you when you fall.
BETH: It just goes to show wherever you are in the world, Ramsay Street can bring you together. Sending love to you, Ned! Love you son!
Ned smiles as his mum blows him a kiss.
TAD: Isn't this whole thing kinda making you want to stay?
STEPH: Ramsay Street wouldn't be the same without you.
STU: Come on, just stay! You know you want to.
The video ends and everyone bursts into applause. Toadie looks quite emotional.
TOADIE: Right, well, I guess we're not going anywhere are we?
Melanie shakes her head, nearly causing Karl and Susan to explode in happiness. They rush over to hug Toadie, Mel and the kids while the guests cheer.
Ramsay Street
Jane is thrilled to hear from Nicolette that she's staying in Erinsborough and gives her a hug. Mike and Paul look on with a smile.
PAUL: I thought it might be nice if we all had a fresh start.
JANE: I would like that.
They clasp each other's hands, then Paul leaves to apologise to Toadie and Mel for leaving their ceremony early. Shane joins the group, and we find out from Nicolette that he's bought #24 from Chloe. She asks what his plans are for it.
SHANE: Yeah, I have to find someone to take it off my hands.
Mike looks intrigued.
SHANE: (to Jane) Before the big change of plans I told a couple of old friends of yours to stop by.
He gestures for Jane to go and have a look. Mike stays to have a word with Shane. Jane can't believe her eyes when she gets to #24's driveway and finds Charlene, who runs over to her, grinning.
CHARLENE: (wrapping her in a tight hug) Jane!
SCOTT: (smiling at Jane and joining the hug) Look at you! Lovely to see you.
JANE: You too!
The smiles on the trio's faces get bigger when Mike appears. He is absolutely stunned with who he finds.
SCOTT: Mikey!
MIKE: No way!
He makes his way over for hugs. Out on the street, the party is in full swing (Neighbours EP, Jason Herbison, is even there serving food to the residents from one of the carts). Terese hangs out with Paige and Lauren, saying that it just feels right to be back together with Paul.
LAUREN: You two are meant to be together.
TERESE: I hope Glen's okay.
PAIGE: (getting a text) Well it's official, the Rodwells are staying.
LAUREN: Which means your commissions are gone.
PAIGE: Well there's just Chloe's house, and that's all I wanted in the first place.
Glen and Terese spot each other across the way and share a smile of understanding and closure between them. Lauren sees Chloe looking loved- up with Elly and tells Paige that she thinks Chloe will still definitely be making the move to Sydney.
Amy and Zara are with Toadie by the Drinks Diva van.
TOADIE: Things will work out for you.
AMY: (smug, holding her stomach) Well, we'll know in a couple of weeks.
TOADIE: Did you find a donor?!
AMY: (mischievous) Maybe.
Zara notices Nell and Annie messing around with the balloons tied to the pig and calls out to Melanie. Toadie goes over to stop them, but is still distracted by Amy's bombshell.
TOADIE: Is it someone we know?
AMY: (shrugging with a roguish smile)
Number 24
Jane is with Mike and Sam when she finds out Mike made an offer on the house. Mike says it's the same amount that Shane was going to pay Chloe. He also thought he might talk to Susan and see if there's work going at Erinsborough High. Mike and Jane look a little nervous but excited about the emotional precipice they're on.
MIKE: Jane, you were the first person I wanted to see when I came back here. (Taking in a shaky breath) And the reality is, I'm still in love with you. (Jane's face breaks into a warm smile) Probably more now than I ever used to be. Look...I realise this is probably a bit much, but...if I was here...we could take things slowly and just see where this goes.
JANE: Sam? What do you think about your dad buying this house?
SAM: Amazing.
JANE: (whispering, eyes watering as she gazes at Mike) Amazing.
Mike and Jane are both nearly in tears as they hold onto each other.
Number 28
Susan is alone in the once-full lounge room, the Ramsay Street history book sitting in front of her. Karl walks in to grab another bottle of wine, saying how wonderful it is to see Chloe and Elly back together. "Who doesn't love a happy ending," Susan agrees.
KARL: And a few familiar faces we weren't expecting back again. You coming out?
SUSAN: Yeah in a second. I think I know what I want to write.
KARL: Good.
SUSAN: (stopping him before he goes, tender) Karl. I love you.
KARL: (smiling back fondly) I love you too.
They hold each other's gaze for a moment before Karl returns to the party. Susan opens up the book and starts to write.
SUSAN V/O: How do you begin to describe a street?
Ramsay Street
There's a beautiful slow- motion effect as Susan makes her way around all the partygoers while her voiceover continues.
SUSAN V/O: Do you talk about the houses? The bricks and the mortar, the gardens and the trees? Or do you talk about the people? The young, the old and everyone in between.
Chris and Lucy are playing a game of cricket with Callum, Nell, Annie and Hugo on the front lawn of #30.
SUSAN V/O: Where do you begin with the history? Do you start with your own or those who came before you?
Clive and Des raise their beer bottles in a cheers to Susan as she walks past.
SUSAN V/O: When we moved to Ramsay Street the community was already here. The Ramsays and the Robinsons.
Shane and Lucy have a chat with Kyle and Roxy. Lucy introduces Shane to Annie.
SUSAN V/O: The stories from those early days are legendary. And their legacy still lives on today.
She smiles at the Rodwells who are by the Herbison dessert cart. Susan walks past Vera Punt and Angie Rebecchi having a chat, to where David, Aaron, Nic, Kiri and Leo are hanging out with Abi and Isla.
SUSAN V/O: There have been many families over the years, of all shapes and sizes. Some of them unexpected. And friends who became like family, whether they were related or not.
Toadie and Mel wave at her from where they're taking selfies with Amy and Zara out the front of Madame Zolga's tent.
SUSAN V/O: Love has always been a central theme. How many romances were born on this street?
Under the white tent are the loved- up couples, Chloe and Elly, Freya and Levi and Yashvi and Ned. A very giggly Nicolette and Kiri run past Susan.
SUSAN V/O: Things seldom ran smoothly of course, but they usually worked out in the end.
We see Glen, Malcolm and Lucas having a lovely time chatting to each other.
SUSAN V/O: I think of all the people who never crossed paths who could have been great friends. And those who kept turning up whether we welcomed them or not.
Susan glances over to where Izzy stands with Shane.
SUSAN V/O: The street always has a way of bringing people back.
Paul and Terese laugh with each other, and Harold sits and has a yarn with Karl. Joel suddenly appears out the front of the Drinks Diva van, while Scott and Charlene watch over the party from the balcony of #24.
SUSAN V/O: Then I think of the people who can't come back. The people gone too soon.
The party takes on a gauzy, dream- like effect where we see Doug Willis sitting at one of the tables, enjoying the festivities.
SUSAN V/O: How would they look if they were still alive today? If they'd been allowed to reach their potential?
In this imaginary scenario Doug is joined at the table by Madge and Harold, who are holding hands. Mackenzie dances past in the background with Hendrix, who leads her into a twirl.
SUSAN V/O: So many people that were lost.
We see Sonya standing with Callum, Nell and Hugo near #30. Sonya has a giggle with Callum, resting her head on his shoulder.
SUSAN V/O: And then others… Others who were just lost.
From behind the balloons Finn Kelly appears, skulking through the partygoers. Susan averts her gaze, not wanting to linger on that thought, and brings her mind back to the present.
SUSAN V/O: I think you have to acknowledge everything. Celebrate it all. The good, the bad, because all of that makes us who we are. Everyone deserves a place in the history of Ramsay Street. Even those who watched us from afar. (Her voice wavers with emotion) Together we have been the perfect blend.
Karl finds Susan gazing at everyone, looking a little teary, and asks if she's okay. Paul and Toadie join them.
KARL: Where were you just now?
SUSAN: (smiling to herself) I was home.
The original Neighbours theme song starts to play in the background. Paul makes his way over to #24 and has a catch up with his family.
PAUL: Scotty! Charlene!
PAUL: I didn't know you guys were coming down!
Hugs are given, and more are on the way when Harold walks up the stairs to join in on the reunion. "Harold!" Charlene grins, embracing him warmly.
Back on the street, everyone is having a marvellous time. Bea catches up with Lucas, Paige hangs out with Aaron and Terese, and Roxy puts her feet up on a chair next to Kyle.
Barry Crocker croons his heart out to the theme song as the early Neighbours guard of Scott, Charlene, Paul, Jane, Mike and Harold enjoy some drinks and look out over the party.
Izzy briefly rests her chin on Shane's shoulder, tentatively enjoying the newness with him. Lucas talks with Lauren, Curtis is mingling in the crowd with everyone, and Phil Martin suddenly appears out of nowhere! But when Phil goes to give Toadie a handshake, Toad accidentally lets go of the balloon he'd been trying to retie and it floats up into the sky. "Toad! Look out!" Karl yelps, but it's too late. Everyone cranes their necks up to watch it float higher, and higher, and higher - until it explodes into a spray of confetti. Everyone on Ramsay Street cheers as the confetti rains down on them. Mel and Toadie embrace, as do Mike and Jane. Karl and Susan stand together on the street and smile contentedly at everyone having a good time.
All is well.
The end credits are a special mash- up of all the different versions of the Neighbours theme song. There are also photos in the background of cast past and present:
- Helen and Jim
- An 80s cast pic
- Eileen and Mrs Mangel
- Mike with Des, Daphne, Eileen and baby Jamie
- Dorothy with Toby and Bouncer
- Pam and Doug Willis in the 90s with Brad, Cody & Gaby
- A cast photo from the mid- 90s
- A cast photo from the mid- 00's
- Lou cutting off Toadie's mullet
- A cast photo from the 8000th episode
- The 2022 cast photo
Before we leave Erinsborough, a drone shot is shown of all the cast and crew waving from Ramsay Street with the message: Thank you for loving us - We love you!
And we love you too, show. Thank you for everything.
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