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Neighbours Episode 4782 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4782 - For Better Or For Worse
Australian airdate: 9/8/05
UK airdate: 31/10/05
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Kelly Weaver: Simone Ray
Ned Parker: Daniel O’Connor
Father Capitola: Mark Doggett
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
Stu saying he wants both his best mates right by his side at the altar.
Stax handing Ashley over to Kayla and Anthony
Paul telling Lil they are meant to be.
No. 30
It's the morning of the wedding and Stuart is panicking about them not being ready whilst worrying about his hair. Toadie's suggestion - playing video games because they've got hours yet!
Sindi is getting panicky too and is taking her frustrations out on Janelle as she tries to do Sindi's hair. Janelle points out how relaxed her brideslaves are (Susan and Kelly) but Sindi points out that nobody is going to be looking at them!
No. 30
Stuart is having a good time playing video games and Connor says it is time to get dressed but Toadie offers them a nip of whisky to calm the nerves.
Janelle finishes Sindi's hair and Kelly comes over to say she's looking forward to seeing her parents again until Sindi announces that her parents or sister aren't coming...due to airport problems in Finland! To calm the ladies nerves Susan brings over some champers but Sindi refuses hers citing it is too early and she doesn't want to make a fool of herself.
The men obviously don't care about making fools of themselves, as they toast their nip of whisky.
Sindi is now panicking about her make-up and Susan tries to get her to relax by visualising the wedding. It begins to work but Sindi starts getting teary at the thought of something going wrong and Susan and Janelle have to work hard to get her to stop being teary.
No. 32
Max is relaxing on the sofa and Steph tells him to get a move on or they'll be late for the wedding and when they are there, they will need to mingle. Max then announces that he isn't going to the wedding...as they have the house to themselves! As he hugs and places sensual kisses on Steph, they sit down on the sofa and plan what they can then do with their lives. Steph brings up that they can still talk about children but Max doesn't know what else there is to say. Steph tells him it is over and she feels okay about it now.
Ramsay Street
Connor and Stuart are ready and waiting to leave until Toadie comes out with some bad news. As well as not being dressed, he tells them he's got to go and deal with a client who had been locked up and will meet them at the church. Stuart isn't happy but tells Toadie to hurry and bring Bob with him. Stuart notices Paul waiting for his taxi and offers him a lift to the wedding. As they get into the car, Paul spots Harold and a very affectionate Lil and David coming down the driveway.
As Janelle does Susan's hair, Susan asks her to tell her about her book (Bree told Susan about it). Hesitantly, Janelle says it is about stuff, life and that it is all made up. Susan also mentions to Janelle that she writes in a diary too.
Sindi has decorated Kelly's wheelchair in flowers but she tells Sindi that it is still a wheelchair and she isn't going to give the wedding class if she rolls down the aisle in it. Sincerely, Sindi says that her being at the wedding is the most important thing and begins to feel guilty over what happened. Kelly tells her it was an accident, and as Janelle comes over, explains how she got in the wheelchair.
Sindi starts to get teary again and now panics when she can't find her handkerchief since it was part of the something old etc and wants to go home to get it. Susan tells her she is too late and gives her a hankie but that is now something new .Janelle goes to make it old but Sindi grabs it back just in time before Janelle blows her nose!
No. 30
As Toadie does his tie, he obviously has a brain wave and goes to the computer to have a look at the photo of the redhead again and upon closer inspection, he thinks he can now see the face and thinks it is Sindi.
After the commercial break, we get a closer look at the redhead and you can now clearly see that it is indeed Sindi. Toadie does something on the computer and then goes to put his trousers on. Except DetectiveToadie loses his balance hopping on one leg trying to put the trousers on, that he falls over and as he is falling, hits his head on the conveniently placed table, knocking himself out! As Bob does a Greyfriars Bobby and sits by his master, the door opens!
Stuart is now panicking because Toadie and Bob haven't arrived yet and Connor suggests he is lost. As they make their way into the church, Stuart's brother (Ned) spots them and is introduced to Connor. He also tells Stuart that their parents are still at the hotel. The bridesmaid's car draws up and Karl looks wistfully at Susan as he helps her get out of the car. Stuart asks how Sindi is and Susan says she is nervous. As Susan, Janelle and Karl enter the church, Harold asks Stuart who will be giving the bride away since her family can't make it. Stuart says no one unless Harold fancies the job and from the smile he gives, Harold is chuffed.
No. 30
Toadie is still out cold with faithful Bob by his side when we hear the door close.
As Connor and Stuart make their way to the front of the church and Karl comments to David where Toadie is and David suggests that he's run off with the bride! Lil laughs at him before leaning over to kiss him, with Paul looking on as he is sitting behind them next to Janelle.
Sindi's car now pulls up and after telling her how good she looks, Harold tells her about volunteering to give her away and Sindi thinks it is a sweet idea as they head into the church
The Wedding March announces the bride's arrival and Harold calms Sindi down as they begin the walk down the aisle with all the guests looking on.
No. 30
Toadie now comes round and goes to check the computer but image isn't on the screen gone but there are flowers are lying on the keyboard instead. Toadie goes to check the tape of the buck's night but it is missing!
As Stuart and Sindi are exchanging their vows, Toadie pulls up in his car and rushes into the church and shouts out that Stuart can't marry Sindi!
Outside the church
Stuart is asking Toadie to prove what he has said but of course he can't. Toadie tries to tell Stuart that Sindi was at the nightclub because he has a photo that has now mysteriously disappeared. An irate Stuart doesn't believe him that a photo exists or that Sindi came in to get it whilst Toadie was unconscious. Toadie tells him it sounds crazy but Stuart just thinks he is jealous that Sindi dumped him for him. Toadie denies that, so Stuart now asks if he resents him being happy because of what happened to Toadie on his wedding day.
TOADIE: (shouting) You are marrying an unstable liar.
And for that, Stuart punches him! Connor goes to see if Toadie is all right but Stuart stops him and tells him to get inside as he is getting married.
Inside the church
With the additional entertainment over, the priest tells Stuart he can kiss his bride and as he does so, he pronounces them married...finally! Cue clapping from the congregation.
No. 30
Toadie is letting off steam at Susan about not being able to stop Stuart marrying Sindi and now Stuart's gone and ruined his life. Susan tells him that Sindi isn't a bad person and so what if she did turn up to the buck's party. Toadie says that if Sindi had turned up, why did lie about it and destroy the evidence. Susan reminds him that he can't prove it was Sindi who destroyed the evidence and Toadie asks who did it the. From Susan's silence, he starts off on a rant again saying that Sindi is the insane one and reminds Susan that anyone crossing Sindi gets hurt like Trent being knocked down, Susan being hit on the head by a cupboard when Susan announced she was moving to Shepperton, Lil falling off the greasy ladder and Janae being knocked off her bike. Like Stuart earlier, Susan tells him he's just having bad vibes because of what happened with Dee.
TOADIE: (shouting) This has nothing to do with Dee. This has got to do with the fact that my best friend has just married a psycho.
SUSAN: That's a bit dramatic.
TOADIE: Why won't anyone listen to me?
Scarlet Bar
A rather subdued wedding reception is in progress despite scandal of what happened at the church. Kelly tells Sindi that having two guys fight over her at the alter is romantic! Before she goes to check on he husband, she tells Kelly that she didn't know Toadie was having so much trouble moving on.
Sindi has now found Stuart and he still can't believe what Toadie did but Sindi thinks he did them a favour - she knows that he believes in her, for better or for worse. Stuart tells Mrs Parker that he loves her and removes her drink so they can dance.
On the dance floor, Lil tries to smooch and dance with David but at the same time keep an eye on Paul who has two women surrounding him.
Janelle comes up to Susan just as Karl moves away and tells her that she has some new material to put in her book. Susan thinks she shouldn't be capitalising on it, so Janelle tells her that if she relaxed "she'd get the doc back in a flash!" Susan says that is the furthest thing from her mind but Janelle isn't fooled because they've been in each other's faces all night. Susan protests that they are just friends.
JANELLE: Hey, I got a great idea. Why don't you book in for a check-up, he'll get you to open wide and say 'ah' and the next thing you know you'll be playing tonsil hockey!
Lil finishes her dance with David and runs straight into Paul, saying she didn't see him. Paul asks if she only has eyes for the husband, and Lil asks him to make his point, so Paul asks why she feels the needs to grope him every time he is within shooting distance. Lil tells Paul that David is very gropable and reminds him he has some women waiting for him!
Max brings back drinks for Harold and Steph; Harold asks what he is going to do with the bar since Izzy isn't around. Max confirms that he can run the place by himself and will hire in help if he needs it. Harold asks him if he's tried to find where Izzy is and Max tells him that he's spent his life chasing after Izzy and for once she can take care of herself.
Bush (next day)
Two random people jog past Izzy's car and upon closer inspection, they can see that the door is wide open and the keys are still in the ignition...and there is blood over the seat cover. The credits come up as we see a heart-shaped photo frame containing a picture of Karl and Izzy.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Bob in Neighbours Episode 4782

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4782
Sindi Watts

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Stuart Parker, Toadie Rebecchi

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4782
Sindi Watts

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4782
Ned Parker

Bob, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4782
Bob, Toadie Rebecchi

Sindi Watts, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4782
Sindi Watts, Harold Bishop

David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4782
David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker, Connor O
Susan Kennedy, Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker, Connor O'Neill

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4782
Toadie Rebecchi

Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4782
Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4782
Stuart Parker

Toadie Rebecchi, Ned Parker, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Ned Parker, Connor O'Neill, Sindi Watts, Susan Kennedy, Stuart Parker

Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4782
Sindi Watts, Stuart Parker

Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4782
Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Kelly Weaver, Sindi Watts

 in Neighbours Episode 4782

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