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Neighbours Episode 4781 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4781: Put Your Foot Down
Australian airdate: 08/08/05
UK airdate: 28/10/05
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Summary/Images by: Carly/Elin
Serena telling Joe she's protecting her dad and his vandalism spree
Sky's disgust at Dylan's booty call list
Toadie telling Stu he saw Sindi at the buck's night
Number 30
Toadie says... something. Then Stu replies with... something... I'm sorry, Stu's shirtless and I can't concentrate. Okay, just using the audio now! Stu can't believe that Toadie is still going on about Sindi being at the club but Toad believes that she is untrustworthy. "I'm afraid she's becoming so unhinged she's going to harm you." Stu gets mad and says Connor doesn't have a problem with her, why should Toadie? He adds if Toad has that much of a problem with Sindi, then he shouldn't worry about turning up at the wedding the next day.
Paul is waffling on about business-related things when Sky walks in late. He tells her off then tells her off again when she starts chatting with Serena (Sez wants to know where Dylan is - Sky could care less). Paul keeps on with the business blah blah when it's Dylan's turn to rock up thirty minutes late. He sits down behind Sky and Serena, claiming he was helping Janelle with something. Paul asks for no further interruptions, which is like an open invitation for everyone to talk. Dylan butts into the girls' conversation when he realises it's about his good self.
DYLAN: Havin' fun bitching about me?
SKY: You're not worth bitching about.
Paul gets his angry face on and wants some shush. Stinger makes a wise crack about getting him "hopping mad". Paul eye rolls in a frustrated manner.
Harry's House
Joe's resting up on the couch, on the phone with a client. He's asking for a down payment before he can start work for them because he's "flat out at the moment." Harold walks in and looks disapproving, he hopes Joe wasn't just lying. Not a chance! Lying down on the couch is flat out! Lil and David walk inside after hanging out the washing.
JOE: Look, I don't think you can throw stones.
HAROLD: Oh really?
JOE: A bit of shady stuff going on here lately.
HAROLD: Oh you're not going to bring Svetlanka up again are you?
JOE: No, not that old battleaxe. I'm talkin' about Serena taking the rap for her old man.
Much confusion reigns as Joe and Dave have a verbal tussle of the 'As if you don't know what I'm talking about' - 'I don't!' - 'You do TOO!' kind, until they realise that going round in circles is making everyone dizzy. "He vandalized Paul's house," clarifies Joe. Harry and Dave look confused... Lil on the other hand is looking a bit suss in the background. I wonder why.
Number 30
Toad asks Connor for the videotape he took at the buck's night so he can prove Sindi was there. Connor doesn't want to play though; he thinks that if Sindi is a bunny-boiler then Stu should have the right to find out for himself. Toad believes that Sindi is going to destroy Stu emotionally - her love is a scary kind of love.
TOADIE: I actually think she is a nutcase.
CONNOR: It's Sindi. She's as nutty as a nut-nut cake.
Connor says that Stu isn't going to be too impressed with him but Toad mentions he's already been kicked out of the wedding, what else has he got to lose?
Paul's all, 'big business words. Money. Bill Gates. Dollars. Plastic companies. Blah blah'. And Stingray's all, 'wise cracks. Ha ha, let's pick on hop along. Do-dah.' So Paul decides to take his fake leg off and prop it on the desk in front of him. He says that prosthetic manufacturers make a lot of money these days.
PAUL: In business you must know what's driving you. So, come up and take a closer look at this technology. Oh and while you're at it feel free to call me any nickname you like. Stumpy, Crip the Gimp, Peg Leg. I don't know, you may even come up with something better.
Stinger looks suitably ashamed while the rest of the class can't believe he put his leg on the table. Unsurprisingly, no one wants to take a closer look. Paul hopes this will be the last of the interruptions and non-hilarious jokes then, all the while getting some respect back Aretha Franklin style.
Harry's House
The Joe and Dave bickering continues about the vandalism. Dave says he would never do something awful like that but Joe wants to know why Serena thinks he would. Harry reminds him of a little incident we like to call 'ROAD RAGE: Operation Hit Paul.' "Oh yeah there was that," Dave concedes, "but I was overwrought!" He wants to go and talk to Paul to tell him his family had nothing to do with it. Lil begs to differ though. "That's not true, David. I vandalized Paul's house."
Dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuum. If you were asleep that is.
General Store
Serena points out Lynnie and Joe having a cosy chat to Sky. Miss Mangel doesn't look too impressed at this development.
Joe and Lyn are chatting in a cute manner about nothing much, but they're just so adorable in their nervous way. Joe says he was thinking about asking Lyn out on a date but before Lyn can twitter out an 'Eee!' Joe gets funny.
JOE: Thinking that is, till Janelle warned me off.
LYN: She what?
JOE: Oh she warned me right off. Said that you'd had a rotten time with a chain of men of late...
LYN: Oh that... she's just being a caring friend y'know. I'm a big girl now though, I make my own decisions.
One of those decisions might just be to thwap Janelle across the head. Joe takes the hint and asks Lyn out that night, to which she readily accepts. "This is so wrong," mutters Sky in the background. Serena thinks they're cute. Me too! They could have little babies that wear akubras and their first words would be 'love' and 'strewth'. Hee!
Harry's House
Lil wonders why everyone has cleared off and Dave says it's probably to give them time to talk. He knows that she vandalized the house because she was angry about Paul's affair with Izzy. Lil tells him that's not the case and that she did it because she just wants him out of their life. "I love you very much," she adds, hugging him. Dave smiles but when her face is turned away he does some 'smell the fart' acting, courtesy of the Joey Tribbiani School of Actors.
Scarlet Bar
Sindi is happily telling Stu all about getting her nails done at Lyn's when she realises he's a million miles away. It's not because she's going on about beauty stuff this time, it's because of the whole Toadie debacle. Sindi asks if he was saying horrible things about her but Stu says he doesn't want to talk about it.
SINDI: Don't worry about him. After tomorrow we are going to be man and wife. Till death do us part. And there's not one thing he can do about that (big grin).
Yes. That will be lovely. *Whispers* Stu... the exit's over there, mate...
Number 30
Toad has his laptop and has zoomed in on a frame from the video that contains a woman clad in red wig and trench coat. He thinks he's hit the evidence jackpot but Connor thinks that person could be anyone. "That could be Fergie for all you know." Toad reckons the nose and neck are identical but Connor thinks Stuart is going to just scoff at him. Toad says he'll just have to find a better shot as Connor heads off to work.
General Store
... or maybe the store? Get back to work you bludger! Sky smirks as Serena calls him over for a chat. She asks about the buck's night and Sky wonders if he snogged any strippers. Connor says that's not his style, much to Serena's happiness. She says for him to join them but he has to get back to work. "You are so in love," Sky teases.
The Timmins brothers make their entrance and Dylan makes a beeline for Sky. He wants to have a chat but Sky's not really up for that.
DYLAN: I thought you'd be glad I'd had a bit of experience. Or would you prefer some lame duck who doesn't know what he's doing in the pond?
SKY: You know what I'd prefer? Someone with a basic level of maturity.
The girls leave and Stinger teases his 'bro, earning him a death stare. Stinger dutifully punches himself in the chest to save Dylan the trouble.
Number 30
The front door opens and Toadie bounds into the hallway to show Connor the picture of wigged-out Sindi... except it's the wig lady herself who has just come home. He decides to show her the picture anyway (oh dear Lord, bad move, BAD MOVE!), and tells her he now has evidence she was at the club. She's even got the same earrings on now as in the picture. Sindi can't believe the gall of him. She cautiously wonders if he's jealous to which he replies no, he's just looking out for his mate.
SINDI: Do you remember, you and I, we used to go out once and you trusted me. You know what then you would have never have accused me of anything like this... I love Stuart. I want to spend the rest of my life with Stuart. Please don't destroy what we have because of your crazy suspicions.
Scarlet Bar
Dylan and Paul are having a surrogate-father to surrogate-son chat about the stupid list Dylan made for Sky. Dyl thinks this boyfriend/girlfriend stuff is way too hard. Paul susses out that Sky said the 'L' word to him and that he didn't respond well.
PAUL: No wonder she's avoiding you!
DYLAN: What was I supposed to do? Say it back?
PAUL: (makes a 'well duh' face then cottons on) You've never said it have you?
Didn't Dylan say it to Sky before they were even going out? Or did I just dream that bit? Anyhoo, Dave interrupts their chat, wanting a word with Paul. He tries to say he was the one who messed up the house and that he'll pay, but Paul thinks he's just covering for Serena. Dave insists it wasn't his daughter, which causes Paul to get a sly look on his face. "Lil?" He tells Dave the bill will be in the mail. Paul strides back over to Dylan and orders another round of drinks; he's got cause to celebrate. Apparently vandalism is code for 'I still love you!' nowadays.
Harry's House
Lil's giggling away merrily at how excited Joe is. Sky makes a cat's bum face in the background and reminds her dad he only broke up with Celia a few weeks ago and he doesn't even know Lyn that well.
JOE: It's all about moving on, Sky Blue. And look, with a bit of luck, after tonight I'll get to know her a little bit better.
Hehe. Lynnie arrives at the house in her giggly and stammering way, ready and raring for their date. And where are they going on this wondrous evening? Why to the dog track of course! Lynnie thinks this is ace; she hasn't been there in yonks. They make their way out while Sky scowls some more. Lil and Serena don't see what the problem is but Sky just thinks Lyn isn't her dad's type.
She answers the knock at the door to find her least favourite person of the moment; Dylan. He just wanted to tell her that those other chicks meant nothing to him. "Oh, they were just a cheap thrill right?" Dylan nods, "Yeah, exactly." Ehhhhh! Wrong answer! He wonders why Sky's still annoyed with him, he just wanted to say sorry. "Well maybe you should have said that from the start," she snips, shutting the door in his face yet again.
Sindi is going ballistic wanting her chipped nail redone but Stinger is the only one home. He offers to stick it back together with dishwashing liquid and a wood file but Sindi doesn't see the funny side.
She has one of her breathy panic attacks and flops down on the couch. Stinger takes her hand like she's doing some Lamaze breathing and talks her through it. He says that the only thing people are going to be focusing on tomorrow is her amazing smile. "All you have to do is breathe deep and concentrate." She grins and wonders how he always knows how to make her feel better. Dylan storms in the front door.
DYLAN: How could anyone in their right mind get married?!
Cue Sindi breakdown.
Number 30
Connor wishes that Stu and Toadie were getting along but Stu says a real dampener is on the day now. Toad walks in and says that no one is going to wreck the day after all - he had a big chat with Sindi before and he realises what a dolt he's been.
STU: So you're actually admitting that you were wrong?
TOADIE: Yep. It's just because you're such a good mate I just wanted to make sure you got the best.
STU: And what? Now you think that I have?
TOADIE: Couldn't do better.
They all love one another like brothers! HoT Huggage ensues and Toadie is reinstated as a best man.
Ramsay Street
Paul has been loitering around his bin, waiting for Lil to wheel hers out. He's lucky it *was* her and not Dave 'I love bins' Bishop. How awkward. He says he knows it was her that vandalized his house, and all because she looooves him still and was upset about the Izzy ordeal.
PAUL: You know why we hurt each other?
LIL: Oh I don't know, maybe because you moved in next door?
PAUL: It's because we care.
LIL: That's not true.
PAUL: It is. Now, you can go and live your lie with David if you like, but you know damn well that we're meant to be together.
He goes to kiss her and she almost sort of leans in before becoming startled and running back up the driveway. Paul is smug.
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Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4781
Stuart Parker

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4781
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4781
Paul Robinson

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4781
Joe Mangel

Harold Bishop, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4781
Harold Bishop, Liljana Bishop, David Bishop

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 4781
Toadie Rebecchi

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4781
Paul Robinson

Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4781
Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop, David Bishop

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4781
Liljana Bishop

Joe Mangel, Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4781
Joe Mangel, Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop, Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4781
Lyn Scully

David Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4781
David Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4781
Sindi Watts

Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4781
Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts

Lyn Scully, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4781
Lyn Scully, Joe Mangel

Stingray Timmins, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4781
Stingray Timmins, Sindi Watts

Paul Robinson, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4781
Paul Robinson, Liljana Bishop

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