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Neighbours Episode 4783 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4783: The Unusual Suspects
Australian airdate: 10/08/05
UK airdate: 01/11/05
Writer: Nova Weetman
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Alex Kinski - Andrew Clarke
Sen. Sgt. Allan Steiger - Joe Clements
Amelia Tran - Jess Young
Joe Mangel - Mark Little
- "Everything" by Shakaya
Summary/Images by: Tom (Anson's Corner)/Elin
- Serena telling Lil about her crush.
- Karl and Izzy argueing outside the bar, he pushes her as everyone looks on.
- Harold asking Max about Izzy and her wherabouts.
- Izzy's bloodstained car.
No. 32
Steph is lounging on the sofa as Max enters with a glass of orange juice for her. He holds the glass over her, and acts as if he may spill it. Smiling, she warns him about kidding around since she's dehydrated. He mentions to her that he told her not to overindulge at the wedding the day before.
STEPH: Well it was a wedding, you're meant to celebrate.
MAX: Well you certainly did that.
STEPH: I didn't hear you complaining when we got home.
MAX: Ah, that's true.
A knock at the door disturbs the couple's relaxation. Steph suggests they pretend they didn't hear it. Max reminds her, that's impossible living on Ramsay Street. Max answers the door, only to see Sgt Steiger standing there. Steiger apologises for bothering Max at such an early hour, but he's just received a call that concerns Izzy. Her car was found abandoned on a backroad leading into the town. Max asks, "So where's Izzy?"
Joe, Connor, and what appears to be a woman Connor met at Stu and Sindi's wedding are sitting at a table outside the Scarlet Bar, discussing the previous night's events. Connor recalls Joe grabbing Harold out of his seat and spinning him around the dance floor, that is until he let Harold go and he landed on a poor old lady. The three are having a hearty laugh as Serena takes notice from a distance. She seems interested in the girl Connor is with.
GIRL: I still can't believe you crashed the wedding.
JOE: Not the wedding, love, the reception!
CONNOR: Just in time for free beer.
Connor asks if they'll all be having breakfast and Joe says it depends on the time. It's already half past eight. Joe can't stay, he's supposed to be at Lyn's house fixing her roof. Connor says he noticed Joe and Lyn having a good time out on the dance floor. Joe tells Connor and Girl that he and Lyn have been on a date, but nothing happened. He reckon's it will, though. But if he doesn't hurry off to fix her roof, it won't. Joe bids Connor and Girl ado and leaves. Girl asks Connor if he still feels like breakfast. Connor replies with a yes, asking Girl where they should go. Girl suggests his place, Connor hesitates, but agrees. Girl asks if he has a girlfriend.
CONNOR: N-n-n-no, I'm single. All alone!
GIRL: So what's the problem?
CONNOR: Nothing, nothing at all. C'mon, let's go.
The two leave, holding hands. Serena, still spying from a distance, sees it all.
No. 32
Max, Steph, and Sgt Steiger all take a seat in the living room. Steiger asks Max when was the last time he saw Izzy.
MAX: Uh, be about four days ago.
STEIGER: Did she say where she was going?
MAX: No, she didn't say anything. She just wasn't around anymore.
STEIGER: And you weren't concerned?
Max explains that Izzy has a long history of running off for a few weeks when things at home aren't suiting her, there was no reason to suspect that this time would be any different. Steph mentions that she even did a runner on her own wedding day. Steiger asks if she took any of her belongings, to which Max says that as far as he can tell, all her stuff is still at the Scarlet Bar. The sgt asks if the bar was where she was living. Max tells him that it was only for a week or so. The Sgt asks where she was prior to this, and Max says she had a place in Eden Hills.
STEIGER: On her own?
MAX: No, it was with her partner, Dr. Karl Kennedy.
STEIGER: So why'd she move out from him?
MAX: It's complicated.
STEIGER: Then start at the beginning at don't leave anything out.
No. 30
Clearly hoping to interrupt whatever Connor and Girl were doing back at No. 30, Serena knocks on the door. Connor answers in a robe and seems surprised to see his 'crush.' He asks her what she's doing there, to which she replies that there's a new line of bikinis she'd like to get for the shop. She was hoping she could run them by him. Connor asks if she should be at school, but she quickly tells him she has first period off. A noise comes from inside the house, and Serena asks if its Toadie. Connor says it is. Serena shoves past him, saying that she'd like to show both of them the bikinis. Only after Serena pressures him does Connor tell her that it's not Toadie in the kitchen.
SERENA: Well who is it then? I mean, it's not Stu and Sindi, they're at their honeymoon.
CONNOR: Look, if you must know, it's a friend of mine.
SERENA: A female friend?
Connor nods a yes, and Serena asks him why he didn't tell her. Serena then asks for her name, which I hope Connor reveals because referring to her as Girl is getting a bit confusing. Connor starts leading Serena to the door, telling her its about time she left. Serena protests, saying that she's his collegue. He reminds her she's just an employee. When the two reach the door, Serena asks Connor if he met Girl at the wedding, to which he nods another yes.
CONNOR: She's 23 years old, her name's Amelia. She works as a police liaison officer with Stuart. She enjoys horse riding and clubbing. At the moment she is currently making my breakfast. Are you satisfied?
SERENA: Perfectly.
CONNOR: Good. I'll speak to you later.
He closes the door on Serena as she stands there, looking heartbroken.
Erinsborough High
Susan walks down the stairs to an empty hallway. Only Serena is there, putting books in her locker. Susan mentions to Serena that she's late, to which Serena replies, "so?" Susan asks her if she has a good reason. Serena says she doesn't.
SUSAN: Serena, what's the matter? You've been doing so well, I'd hate to see you slip now.
SERENA: I'm fine, really.
SUSAN: What about Mr. Robinson, are you fine with him?
Serena looks disgusted at the mention of his name. She asks Susan what he has to do with it, and Susan tells her that he talked to her about Serena's behaviour in class. Serena becomes defensive, telling Susan she hasn't done anything wrong. Susan calms her down, letting her know she's not in trouble, just that Paul is worried about her. He says she's not paying attention to him in class. Serena asks why would she, to which Susan replies, "because he's your teacher." Serena tells Susan that she can tell Paul he doesn't have to worry, she'll give him all the respect he deserves. She tells Susan she's in a hurry and goes back to fiddling in her locker. A man taps Susan on the shoulder. He's looking for Candace Barkham's office. Susan explains that she's the acting principal as Candace is on leave. She asks if she can help him with something.
MAN: Well, that depends on whether or not you're prepared to sack Paul Robinson.
Serena turns upon hearing this sentence. Susan is taken aback. The man explains that he thinks its an absolute disgrace having him working at the school, and he wants something done abou it. Serena agrees. Susan looks at both of them, still with a surprised look on her face.
No. 32
Steiger is still questioning Max as Steph brings in some tea for them. Steiger repeats what Max has told him, seeming as if he can't believe what he's heard. Izzy first lied to Karl about him being the father of her child, then lied about the manner in which the child was conceived. Steiger asks if Max was present when Karl found out the truth about it all. Max said he was. Steiger wants to know how.
Karl reacted, to which Max replies, "how do you think?" Steiger lets Max know that he's not there to make assumptions, he just wants an honest account of events.
MAX: He stormed out of the bar, she chased after him. She begged him not to leave her.
STEIGER: What'd he do?
MAX: He shouted at her, pushed her away.
STEIGER: Was he abusive?
MAX: Kind of.
Steiger asks Max if he intervened and Max says he didn't. Steiger then asks if there were any other witnesses. Steph says that she was there, as were a few other people. Steiger asks if she could provide their names. Steph says she can. The Sgt says he's going to have to have a look at the bar and question the staff. Max doesn't understand why all this is necessary. Steiger tells Max that he doesn't think he appreciates the seriousness of the situation. Max suggests the police should ask around the area Izzy's car was found, not here in Erinsborough. Steiger says the police are more interested in her relationships at home. Max asks why. Steiger tells Max that when her car was found, there was blood on the seat. The police suspect that Izzy was met with foul play. Both Steph and Max look to one another, both clearly upset by the news.
Erinsborough High - Classroom
Turns out the man suggesting Paul be sacked is Alex Kinski. Susan assures Alex that Paul is a terrific teacher. Alex doesn't seem to care. He's more worried about Paul being a convicted criminal. Susan tells Alex that Paul paid his debt to society and now has something positive to offer.
ALEX: Oh yes, like being involved in that Wetlands development scam.
SUSAN: His involvement was under duress.
ALEX: So he claims.
Susan explains to Alex that they would never hire someone unless they were certain of their character and abilities. Alex assumes she doesn't have children, but is surprised when Susan says she has three. He tells her he just assumed she was single, but she says she's divorced. Why he'd delving into her personal life, I have no idea. Alex asks if she sent her kids to Erinsborough High. She tells him that when they were of school age, she did. She also says that if they were at Erinsborough High now, she would have no problem with Paul teaching. Alex says he finds that highly irresponsible. Susan asks him what about giving a man another chance, but Alex isn't buying it. He points out that this is a school, not a charity program. Susan tells Alex that she's had no complaints about Paul, only praise. Again, Alex isn't buying it. He says that the girl in the hallway, Serena, didn't like him. Susan tells him that their relationship is complicated.
ALEX: So what are you suggesting here, that I'm being hysterical?
SUSAN: Both of your children have been homeschooled, is that right?
ALEX: Yes.
SUSAN: Yes, and when you spoke to Candace, you said you wanted the kids to learn how to socialise with other children, how to deal with the real world.
ALEX: What is your point, Ms. Smith?
SUSAN: My point, Mr. Kinski, is that in the real world there are going to be people that you don't like. And if you can't accept that, maybe you should take your kids home again.
No. 26
Lyn walks in the door with Oscar and notices Joe asleep on her sofa. Lyn startles him from his sleep. He falls off the sofa, still a bit drowsy. Joe apologises for falling asleep on the job, but he was waiting for a timber order to come in and fell asleep while waiting. Joe explains that the timber supplier also does tiles, but Lyn tells him that the local hardware shop carries them as well. Joe again tries to explain but seems to be so knackered from the night before, he forgets what he's going to say. Lyn laughs, saying that Joe is cactus from gate crashing Stu and Sindi's party. Joe assures her that even though he is tired, it won't stop him from fixing her roof. She suggests he just go home to bed, but he said he wouldn't dream of it. He makes his way outside when Lyn calls him back. He's forgotten to put on his shoes.
Erinsborough High - Classroom
Alex still isn't conviced about Paul's suitablity as a teacher, but he thanks Susan for taking time out to speak with him. Susan tells Alex that she does hope that he leaves his kids in the school as it's a great learning environment and his kids have a lot to offer. Alex asks if she's met them, and she has. Susan ran into Alex's daughter, Rachel, in the library at the fiction shelf. They had a discussion about Jane Austin. Susan was impressed with how articulate she is. Alex thanks her again and he promises to consider what she said before taking further action.
Outside the General Store
Steiger is now questioning Karl. He tells the doctor that he doesn't seem all tha worried about his partner's diappearance. Karl reminds the Sgt that Izzy's his ex-partner. Karl tells Steiger that after what happened, he doesn't care that she's disappeared, he's actually glad. Steiger asks Karl if he has a busy day ahead, and Karl tells him he has heaps of patients to see. Steiger tells him to cancel them, he's taking Karl down to the station for further questioning.
Serena arrives at the shop, prompting Connor to ask if she ever goes to school. Amelia comes out of the dressing room in a bikini and asks Connor if it's too small. He tells her it's perfect, it covers all the important bits. She gives him a kiss on the cheek as a thank you for the discount on the bikini. Serena wants to know why her friends don't get a discount and Connor tells her because it's different for him.
SERENA: Is it because she's a tramp and...
CONNOR: Shhh! It's because I'm the manager and can give discounts to whoever I want.
Serena says its unfair, but Connor tells her he's not in the mood for it right now. He dismisses her, telling her to go to school. She tells him that she thought they were friends. He tells her they are friends. She asks, if they are friends, why doesn't he treat her that way?
Police Station
Steiger tells Karl that it must have been a shocking finding out that Izzy's baby wasn't his. He tells Steiger it wasn't the happiest day of his life.
STEIGER: So that's why you assaulted her?
KARL: What?
Steiger tells Karl not to deny it, there are plenty of witnesses that saw him yelling and pushing her around at Lassiter's. Karl explains that he was angry and that she was pawing at him, it wasn't as if he hit her on purpose. Steiger asks if Karl is prone to angry outbursts. Karl is surprised by that accusation. Steiger tells Karl that upon questioning staff at the bar, he was informed that Karl and Izzy had a fight in the bar, where Karl yelled quite loudly, "I want you out of my life, forever!" Karl says he may have said something like that in the heat of the moment. Karl can't believe that they actually suspect him of being the one to cause Izzy's disappearance. Steiger says that the partner, or as Karl calls it, ex-partner, usually can help the police the most in situations like these. Karl tells Steiger that he had every reason to be angry at Izzy, but he would never harm her. Steiger tells Karl he's not entirely convinced that's true.
The General Store
Serena is seated at a table, having herself a milkshake. Connor comes in and asks if he can join her. He explains to her that she's more than welcome to give discounts to her friends, just to clear it with him first. She tells him its not important, but he says it is. She's put a lot of hard work into the shop, and she deserves to be treated fairly. Connor then offers to buy Serena a milkshake to prove that they're still friends. Serena's more interested in Amelia.
CONNOR: She went home with about 10 bikinis.
SERENA: Gonna see her again?
CONNOR: Maybe.
Serena mentions that she looked a lot like Lori, same hair, same fashion sense. Oddly, Serena never mentions the most obvious, her race. Connor apparently didn't see it. Serena suggests that maybe Connor isn't completely over Lori. Connor asks Serena why his private life is so important to her, suggesting that she seems jealous. Serena tells him to get over himself. There's an extremely awkward moment, and by the end of it, Serena relieves the tension by telling Connor she has homework. She head home, leaving Connor at the table all by his lonesome.
No. 26
Lyn is folding the laundry when Joe comes in with roofing tiles in hand. He tells her he's been all over town looking for a bargain. Turns out he found one, has a whole pallet of roofng tiles out front. Lyn looks a bit uncomfortable and Joe notices. He asks her what's the matter and Lyn tells him that the tiles he picked out are the wrong colour. Joe says he'll take them back, but Lyn insists that he doesn't have to do it right away. She takes the tiles out of his hands and puts them down on the sofa. When she turns back around, both she and Joe are mighty close to one another. He leans in and gives her a peck on the cheek. She smiles and tells him he can return the tiles tomorrow. She then gives him a peck on the cheek. He smiles and tells her he'll see her tomorrow then. He leaves the house looking happy, as does Lyn.
Scarlet Bar
Susan is at a table doing a crossword puzzle. She looks to be stumped, actually counting on her fingers. Alex comes up behind her, giving her the answer to 28 across. He tells her he just stopped in to pick up a bottle of wine, but he's glad she's there. He was going to call her to let her know that he won't be making a complaint about Paul, afterall. She tells him she's pleased to hear it. He tells her she was the one that changed his mind. He then asks Susan if she'd like to share a drink with him, maybe chat more about the school and his kids.
SUSAN: Uh well, Mr. Kinski, I don't usuall fraternise with the parents of my students.
ALEX: Of course.
SUSAN: But since you did the crossword for me I'll make an exception!
He tells her to call him Alex. She introduces herself as Susan.
No. 32
Max is on the phone with the police. He hangs up and Steph asks what he's heard. Max tells her that the police are questioning everyone, but nothing has turned up. It's as if Izzy has vanished into thin air. Steph tells him they'll find her. Max thinks this is all his fault because when she needed him, he pushed her away. Steph tells him he's being to hard on himself. He says if anything happens to her, he doesn't know how he'll forgive himself.
Police Station
Karl is in sitting in interview room 3, and he seems aggitated. He asks Steiger how long he plans on keeping him. Steiger says that he'll keep him as long as it takes, this is a serious matter. Karl tells the sargent that he realises why he's being questioned, but he's done nothing wrong. Steiger tells him that he's the only suspect that doesn't have an alibi the day Izzy went missing. Karl tells Steiger that he was at home all day alone. Steiger then says that Karl has a strong motive. Karl brings up Paul.
KARL: Wait a minute, have you spoken to Paul Robinson? Maybe he knows something about it.
STEIGER: What makes you say that?
KARL: He had an affair with Isabelle.
KARL: Several months ago.
STEIGER: When she was still with you?
KARL: Yes, I only found out about it last week.
Steiger thinks that the affair is another reason Karl would want her out of his life forever. Karl tells Steiger that Paul was with Izzy the night before she went missing and that if anything did happen to her, that "lowlife slime" will know exactly what it is.
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Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4783
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Allan Steiger in Neighbours Episode 4783
Allan Steiger

Amelia Tran, Connor O
Amelia Tran, Connor O'Neill, Joe Mangel

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4783
Serena Bishop

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Serena Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4783
Serena Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4783
Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4783
Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4783
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4783
Alex Kinski

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4783
Joe Mangel

Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4783
Oscar Scully, Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4783
Lyn Scully

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4783
Karl Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Serena Bishop

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4783
Max Hoyland

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