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Neighbours Episode 0401 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0401 1987 Season Return
Australian airdate: 12/01/87
UK airdate: 20/05/88
UK Gold: 16/05/94
Writer: Rick Maier and Betty Quin
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Clive pronounces at Des's party that he is sympathetically pregnant.
Mrs Mangel tearfully tells Jane that Mr Mangel has gone and she never wants to hear his name mentioned again.
Jim gives Scott a car and it crashes on its first run as Paul tries to avoid baby Sam's pram which is running down the street. Scott is hospitalised, Charlene tells him that she loves him and they get back together again.
Clive regains consciousness at the boxing match as Mike and Shane agree not to fight.
Ramsay Street
Charlene, Mike and Jane are waiting in the street for the postman to bring their exam results while Lucy plays ball. She asks why it takes so long to get the results. Charlene explains that it takes ages to mark the papers and then they have to be fed into the computer. Mike asks Lucy where Scott is and she tells them that he is going to have his cast off today at the Doctors. Mike asks Charlene how she got on with the motor mechanic apprenticeship job but she tells him she didn't get it-she hadn't thought there would be as much competition because of the numbers going off to Uni.
Mike doubts if he will get a teaching job if he messes up his exams. Jane admits she doesn't know if she wants to get a job or go to Uni and Lucy cheekily suggests that if she has failed then she doesn't have to make a decision.
Lucy spots the postie who quips that he has never seen so many people so keen to see him. He hands each of them their envelopes. Lucy takes Scott and Nicky's results and the rest of the mail. Charlene screams "I did it, I got through!" Jane and Mike chorus "So did I" Charlene hugs Mike as he spins her around as he chants "Plain Jane's a super brain!" Lucy wants to open Scott's envelope but Charlene stops her. They run off to find how others have got on.
A stranger (dressed in ordinary clothes) stops the postie and asks him which is the Robinson house explaining that he is a friend. The postie points to the end house.
Robinson House
Helen tells Lucy that they are allowed to open Nicky's but will have to wait until Scott comes home to find out his results. Lucy tells Helen that Jane, Mike and Charlene are really pleased with their results as Helen excitedly opens Nicky's envelope. Helen tells Lucy that Nicky has done very well as Lucy tells her Gran that it was because she did a lot of studying. "Let that be a lesson to you young lady" Helen replies.
They hope that Scott will do as well but Helen acknowledges that he had lot on his mind at the time, like Lucy's accident and then the upset with Charlene. Lucy asks if Scott's car is going to be repaired now Scott's foot is better but Helen warns her not to mention the car in front of her father as he is very wary of cars since the accident. She sends Lucy out of the room and then anxiously picks up an Air Mail letter that had been delivered at the same time.
Outside the Robinson House
Scott and Jim arrive home and Scott looks disappointed when he gets out of the car and cannot find his results in the mail box in the drive way. Scott whinges about the pressure they are under even after sitting the exams. Jim tells him not to worry - if he did well he could start to think about his future but if he failed he would kill him, Jim says, smiling. As they go inside the stranger appears and looks up the driveway.
Robinson House
As soon as they arrive Helen hands Scott his results and they crowd around him as he warily opens it. He looks at Jim and sighs "I didn't make it... I'll never get into journalism with those marks" Helen tries to reassure him that he has always done well at English and they could always take into account his work during the year, but Scott reminds them that that wasn't too hot either. Jim suggests that they may take into account the external pressure that he was under but Scott yells that it is what's on this paper that counts and let's faces it I blew it, all right and storms off.
Later that day Helen tells Jim that Scott needs some time to himself as he is absolutely shattered and they both blame themselves; Jim for putting all the blame of Lucy's accident on to Scott and Helen for going to America and not being there to support him. The phone rings and Helen tells Paul that Scott didn't get the marks he needed and could do with some moral support.
Mitchell House
Charlene, Mike, Jane and a friend (Dave) are celebrating their results. No more school, no more teachers and no more uniforms. Charlene rings Madge and tells her the good news and asks her to stop crying. Charlene suggests to the others that she goes to fetch Scott but they all agree to go and find him to see how he did.
Robinson House
Scott limps in to the kitchen and Helen apologises to him for them all letting him down. Scott replies that he is the one who let them down. "I'm the only dumb one in the family". Helen reassures him that he is nobody's fool and would have passed under normal conditions. He tells her that he will not be going back to repeat the year. Helen suggests he appeals.
Charlene, Mike, Jane and Dave burst in and Charlene eagerly asks Scott what sort of marks he got. There is a long pause.....
SCOTT: I blew it.
Everyone is embarrassed and Helen suggests that Scott needs some time on his own. Mike, Jane and Dave apologise for barging in and leave, while Charlene gently puts her arm around Scott, who has his head in his hands. She asks if he wants her to stay and he shakes his head.
Outside Robinson House
Scott limps past the Mitchells house where he can hear party music. He nearly bumps into the stranger who tells him it is easy to be preoccupied. The stranger walks purposefully up to the Robinson House now dressed in a suit with a dog collar.
Robinson House
The doorbell rings. The stranger introduces himself to Helen as Errol Price, the Chaplain of the Lincoln Detention Centre. Helen looks bemused. He explains it would probably mean more to her grandson Paul as his wife Terri spent some time in the Centre. Helen asks if the visit is to do with Terri. Rev Price evasively says that in a manner of speaking it has, since he got to know her quite well before she opted upon her tragic decision. He tells Helen that he feels he let Terri down because of his age and in experience as a priest. What little he did learn was from prison records as she would not discuss it.
Helen tells him that Paul and Terri were so happy when they married but it was as if a dream turned into a nightmare as she became embroiled with a man called Charles Durham. Paul was caught up in the middle. Rev Price suggests that there had been a shooting "or something" and asks Helen how it happened. Helen explained that Paul found a gun in her bag and realised that she must have been responsible for Charles Durham's murder. They argued and she shot Paul while he was trying to call the Police. She was tried and convicted and the rest you know. Helen continues that for a long time afterwards Paul tried to blot it out of his mind, he is became a cynical business man. He finds it hard to keep any relationship.
The priest says to Helen that Terri had told him that she had written a letter to Paul. Helen tells him that he didn't read it. He tried to act as if she didn't really exist. The Priest goes on to ask if it were true that Terri had asked to meet with Paul shortly before her suicide and he had refused. Helen tells him that was true, to which the priest replies that "these things are sent to test us". Helen goes to the kitchen to brew some tea for them both.
Mitchell House
Jane tells Charlene that her Nan is acting oddly. She had shown her the results and she looked at "the most important piece of paper in my entire life"..."as if it were a shopping list". Charlene describes Mrs Mangel as "A few spanners short of a toolbox.... Crazy....she's certifiable. They should put her dressing gown on backwards and stick her in a rubber room". Jane is offended. They talk about there still not being any sign of Mr Mangel. Sitting down for a snack they all feel sorry for Scott as the journo course is so hard to get in to and agree that he has so much to live up to... Paul, "Mr successful" and his father too. They drink a toast to Scott while Charlene reminds them that he will need all his friends now. She wished that Scott had let her stay and talk to him.
Paul's Office
Jim comes in to find Scott sat in Susan's reception chair, Scott is crying. Scott explains that he had come to see Paul but he was out. Jim asks Scott if he felt he could not speak to him but Scott explains that it was just because Paul was younger. Jim sympathises saying it is a tough time especially as all Scott's friends are celebrating. He asks if Scott was expecting him to yell at him, but Scott replies that he doesn't know what he expected he is feeling numb. Scott feels like he let everyone down, let himself down and now he will lose all his friends as they won't want to hang around him as they are all moving forward. Jim tells him that life is tough and he should not feel sorry for himself. "We make mistakes... to learn...and there is something to be gained from this...just don't make the same mistake next time" Scott cannot believe that his father wants him to repeat year 12 because everyone will be laughing at him. Jim reassures him that the exams are important. Scott storms out, slamming the door. (So hard that the scenery shakes!!!)
Robinson House
Rev Price is looking through the family photographs. He recognises Paul from the wedding photo in Terri's effects. He tells her that he feels guilty. He asks if he could say a prayer at the graveside but Helen explains she does not know exactly where that is as she was overseas at the time, but she knows the cemetery. He suggests that she join him. At first she declines but he persists and finally agrees but has to tell the others that she will not be in for lunch. She writes a note likening her role to that of an air traffic controller "you need a bold temperament, perfect timing and a nervous breakdown is always on the cards". Helen put the note on the fridge but while she gets her coat Rev Price takes the note from the fridge door, screws it up and puts it in his pocket.
As Rev Price hasn't got any transport, they take Helen's car and leave the house...
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Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0401
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris, Mike Young

Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, Lucy Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0401
Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, Lucy Robinson, Jane Harris

Mike Young, Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0401
Mike Young, Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell

Reverend Price in Neighbours Episode 0401
Reverend Price

Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0401
Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jane Harris, Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, David Turner in Neighbours Episode 0401
Jane Harris, Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, David Turner

Scott Robinson, Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0401
Scott Robinson, Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0401
Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0401
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Reverend Price, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0401
Reverend Price, Helen Daniels

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0401
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0401
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Reverend Price, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0401
Reverend Price, Helen Daniels

Reverend Price, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0401
Reverend Price, Helen Daniels

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