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Neighbours Episode 0402 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0402
Australian airdate: 13/01/1987
UK airdate: 23/05/1988
UK Gold: 17/05/1994
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
While Helen is getting her coat Rev Price takes the note from the fridge which Helen has written telling the "Family" where she is going.
The Cemetery
Helen and Rev Price are standing by an unmarked grave. Helen feels that it is a shame that Terri died so young. (Sinister music plays in the background) Rev Price comments that she was a beautiful girl that he loved the way she laughed. He would do anything to make her laugh. Helen feels that she probably didn't have much to laugh about it prison. She is shocked as Rev Price goes to the next grave and takes the wreath of pink flowers and places it on Terri's grave. As he does he says that if only Terri hadn't messed with the men she did. Helen agrees and says that she had a few unfortunate associations before and after Paul. Rev Price replies that he tried to tell her but she wouldn't listen. Rev Price starts talking to the grave "You wouldn't listen would you Terri, you had to have it your way and look were it has ended. Why didn't you listen...I would have looked after you...always" Helen looks very uncomfortable and replies, "I don't understand Rev Price. Did you know Terri before you met her in Prison?" Rev Price looks at her and then talking back to the grave again replies "I knew you, didn't I, Terri?" Helen looks even more uncomfortable.
Ramsay Street
As Scott walks up the street he meets Paul, who says that he has almost given up on him and gone back to the office. Scott despondently says that supposes that Paul has come to tell him what a Big Disappointment he is as well. Paul tells him that he knows how hard he worked for his exams. Scott whinges that, "Dad" wants him to go back to school and repeat year 12. Paul feels that this is something he is going to have to sort out with his father but that he has a surprise which will cheer him up.
As they turn into the Robinson driveway Paul presents Scott with a new car to replace the one he wrecked. Scott is over the moon and gets into the drivers seat and says that it is better than the original. Paul points out that mechanically it is not so good, but Scott doesn't care and says that Charlene and Mike will help him get the engine purring like a kitten.
Scott asks where Gran is and Paul says that she must have gone shopping before going to the office. Scott then slides over the passenger's seat and asks Paul to take it for a test drive. Paul is unsure and wants to know if Scott trusts him after the last time. Scott laughs and says as long as he keeps away from runaway prams.
The Cemetery
Rev Price is fingering the flowers on the wreath and still talking to the grave. Helen looks on as Rev Price tells the grave "why does everyone leave, my mother, my grandmother, you. I would have looked after you made a little world for just you and me. Just us together" Helen who is obviously feeling very uncomfortable says that it is time for them to leave but Rev Price wants to stay with Terri. Helen tries to leave saying that even if he wants to stay she can't as she has a family to look after. Rev Price grabs Helen's arm and says that her poor deprived family is going to have to go without her. "You are not going home Mrs Daniels...ever"
Robinson House
Paul is in the living room, as Scott paces up and down mulling things over. He is considering moving out and getting a cheap room somewhere. Paul points out how he is going to pay for it. Scott says he will get a job, Paul thinks that this is easier said than done. Lucy comes bounding in wanting to know whose "old Bomb" is in the driveway. Paul explains that it is Scott's to replace the one that got wrecked. She wants to go for a spin in it after lunch...she then starts "Gran" as she is starving and wants her lunch and goes off into the kitchen.
Scott continues to whine to Paul about going back to school and how "Dad" doesn't understand. Paul says that you have to understand the way he feels. Scott points out to Paul the same way he did when he dropped out of Uni and you have done alright for yourself. Paul argues that Jim didn't like it when he dropped out and he in the end he let him make his own decision just as he will with him.
Scott then whinges that "Dad" won't let him keep the car...Paul says that he will and not to be so paranoid. He will be Ok with it once he has got over the exam results. Lucy comes back into the room wanting to know where Gran is...she is hungry!
Paul tells him to just concentrate on getting his licence at the moment. Scott replies that he hasn't thanked him for the car, he is a fantastic brother. Paul laughs and puts a finger under his nose and does and Adolf Hitler impersonation...(In a German accent) "That is not your usual opinion of me"
Lucy wants to know if they are going to kiss or what...and then demands her lunch she is HUNGRY! They go off to make some sandwiches.
Mitchell House
Jane is doing the dishes as Mike scrubs orange off the walls...a present from Turner. Jane says that she thinks her back will never be the same after all the limbo dancing. But they agree that is was fun. Madge comes in says that it is nice to see someone else doing the cleaning for once and congratulates them on their exam results. Madge wants to now where Charlene is. Mike explains that she is out job hunting and they are cleaning the place up after the get-to-together to celebrate their exams. They were going to lock up after they had finished...he hopes that she doesn't mind. Madge is delighted it means less for her to do. She grabs a cheesecake from the fridge; she is going to spend the afternoon with Susan. Madge says "Job hunting and doing well in her exams....I think someone has switched daughters on me"
Once Madge leaves Mike says that it was a good job she didn't see the house a couple of hours ago...he then nervously asks Jane if she would like to go out somewhere. Jane tells him No...she explains that she had told both Mike and Shane that if they went through with the stupid boxing match she didn't want to see either of them and she meant it. They can be friends, nothing more.
Clive's house
Madge arrives with the cheesecake and thanks Susan for inviting her for lunch. Susan says they should do it more often but time gets away from them. They make small talk about the neighbours...Mrs Mangel and wonder where Mr Mangel might be. Madge says that Mrs Mangel was very quiet over Christmas not that she is complaining.
They agree on how difficult Paul can be to work with, she is glad Jane is in the office to help her. Susan says that she is very lucky to have Clive he is going to make a great father and husband. Madge wants to know if she has heard from Fred and Susan says she hasn't.
Susan tells Madge that she and Clive hope to get married in two weeks time...it will just be a small wedding as Susan feels awkward about having a big wedding as she has a baby. Madge puts her foot in it by saying she shouldn't feel like that it isn't as if she is going to get married in white! She then realises what she said and apologises.
Paul's Office
Jane is working in the reception desk as Paul comes in and asks if "Gran" is here. Jane says that she isn't. Paul shrugs and replies that he thought she was coming back to work once Scott got his leg out of plaster. Jane asks how Scott is and Paul replies that he cheered up a lot when he gave him his new car. Paul wants to know how Jane did in the exams and Jane just smiles and says all right. Paul smiles and says "better than all right so I have heard" and wants to know if she has the results with her. Jane gets them out of her bag and shows Paul. Paul looks at the results and tells her that they are fantastic, she must be very pleased as well as her Gran.
Jane replies that Mrs Mangel isn't quite herself at the moment and it is very good of him to let her have the time off. Paul smiles and tells her that Mrs Mangel is a valued employee and he isn't quite the ogre he is cracked up to be. (Spoiler...This might need to be revised once we get to the 2006 series!) He then admits that Lassiters is taking a lot more of his time than he would like and asks Jane is she would mind staying on until Mrs Mangel was better. Jane is delighted.
Paul asks if Jane would like a bit of time off before she starts Uni. Jane explains that she was going to take a year off before starting Uni. She thought she might try out for a cheerleader. Paul is dismayed "A Cheerleader...you have to be kidding" Jane tells him that she was told she had a bit of talent as a dancer and that she knows it will be hard work. Paul tells her that with her results she could do well in a number of different fields. That she is far too intelligent to let it go to waste. That in today's business world there is just as many opportunities for a woman as a man. He feels that if she puts her mind to it she could have a great career ahead of her. Jane is really pleased at the encouragement he is giving her and says that she wasn't really serious about the cheerleading.
Paul continues that he wasn't just talking about that, personal relationships can get in the way too. Jane says that she is only young she has plenty of time for that; she is going to work really hard and make some thing of herself. Paul thinks she is a smart girl and that she should wait for the right guy too.
Robinson Driveway
Scott and Mike are sitting in stationary "new "car reviving the engine playing at racing the car around the track! (Little boys!)
Paul's office
Paul is on the phone to Lucy asking if Gran has come home yet. Lucy obviously tells him that she isn't as Paul asks Lucy to give him a ring when she gets in. Paul says to Jane that he hopes Gran turns up soon as the Home James books are getting behind. Jane offers to help but Paul prefers her to keep the computer files up-to-date.
Susan arrives and apologises for being late back form lunch. She explains that she was with Madge. She tells him that she will make up the time. Paul snaps at her that she has an hour for lunch and that should be sufficient. Not only is she late but she has made Madge late for her shift at the Waterhole. He picks up a bunch of keys and tells her that there is some trouble in the hotel kitchen if she needs him then she knows where to find him and leaves.
Jane asks Susan why is Paul so hard on her, Susan just says "Ask him"
Ramsay Street
Jim arrives home as Scott is busy polishing the "new" car. Jim tells him that Paul had rung him to tell him about the car and then says that he isn't going to make it any shinier. Scott tells him that he wants to keep it immaculate. Jim gathers up the cleaning materials from the bonnet and says they have to talk and takes Scott into the house.
Robinson House
Lucy is sitting at the kitchen table eating crisps as Scott and Jim sit down. Scott starts by saying that he realises how disappointed he is in him about his exam results. Jim tells him that he appreciates the pressures he was under at the time. But what he can't understand is Scott not wanting to go back and repeat the year. Scott argues that he can't force him to go back, Jim says that he realises that but he had hoped that he would do the sensible thing with out arguing. Scott says that he just couldn't face it. Jim feels that that is because he has only just got his results and they will talk about it again in a couple of days.
Jim then says that he also wants to talk to him about his car...he suddenly notices what Lucy is eating and asks her if "Gran" said she could have them so close to dinner. Lucy tells him that "Gran" isn't here. Jim asks if she is still at the office. Lucy tells him that she isn't and that Paul had rang a couple of times to see if she was home. Jim thinks it is odd and asks if she had left a note. Scott shrugs and says that they couldn't find one. Lucy pipes up that "Gran" always lets them know when she is going out and always makes their lunches. Jim says that she knew you would survive.
Jim turns to Scott and offers to give him a driving lesson; if he is going to learn to drive it might as well be properly. He asks Lucy to prepare some vegetables for tea. As Lucy continues to, flick thorough her magazine. Jim says she better hop to it because "Gran" is likely to be home any minute.
Paul's Office
Susan answers the phone and it is Jim asking after Helen. Susan tells him that she hasn't been in the office. Paul comes into the office and Susan hands the phone to him. Paul explains that she hasn't been in the office all day but the office was unmanned at lunchtime for a short time so she might have popped in then. Jim tells him that the car is gone so he isn't sure where she has got to. Paul thinks she will turn up.
Paul wants to know if he has talked to Scott about the new car. Jim laughs and says sort of, that they had both calmed down now about his exam results and that he had just given him a driving lesson. Jim apologises for being short with him over buying the car he is just a bit worried about him getting back behind a wheel. Paul thanks his father and asks him to get "Gran" to give him a call once she gets in as he will be working back late tonight.
Paul turns to Susan and tells her that she needs to work back late tonight. Susan tells him that she can't because Mrs Kirkwood is going out tonight. Paul says that can't Clive look after him, as he did when she went to Adelaide with him. Susan explains that Clive has a patient who is due to give birth any moment and it is not convenient to expect him to look after Sam. Paul sarcastically says that he thought she and Sam came first with Clive. Susan tells him that if he had asked earlier she might have been able to arrange it. Paul is awkward and says that he is asking now! Susan stands her ground and tells him that he has left it too late she is due to pick up Sam in ten minutes.
Trying to put Susan down, Paul says "Of course you have to cook Clive's dinner" Susan tells him that she doesn't have to do anything Clive can cook for himself, she wants to do it. She wants to do as much as she can for him; he has done so much for her.
Paul sarcastically says is that why you are marring him then...out of gratitude. Susan is outraged and tells him that is none of his damn business. "That is why you are treating me like this isn't it...because I am going to marry Clive. Paul thinks she has tickets on herself. He continues that when he took her on she said she was up to the job. Susan argues that she was 10 minutes late back from lunch the first time she has been late for weeks. Does that make her inefficient and incapable of doing the job? If he can't start treating her like a human being then he better find someone else.
She leaves the office and starts packing up her things. Paul follows her and asks her if she is resigning. Susan tells him no, if he wants to get rid of her he will have to fire her. She isn't going to make it easy for him. There is a tense silence as they glare at one another. Susan finally breaks the silence and says "Well" Paul tells her he will think about it over night and returns to his office.
Susan follows him back into his office and says "You do that!" she says good night to Jane and leaves. Paul asks Jane if she could work back a couple of hours. Jane tells him that she can but she will need to ring Nan. Paul then asks her if she would like the job on a more permanent basis. Jane tells him not if he is going to fire Susan. Paul looks at her and shrugs and says "Well.... integrity as well as intelligent"
Robinson House
Jim comes off the phone and tells Scott that Helen hasn't been to the community justice centre. Scott suggest that she has probably gone to an art gallery and lost track of time. Jim says that they are still closed for the Christmas break. Lucy comes into the living room and asks if there is any news yet. Jim tells her that there isn't and then Lucy asks about Dinner as the vegetables are going brown.
Jim goes into the kitchen to try and find some meat to go with the vegetables as Scott and Lucy complain about his cooking. Scott suggests that Mrs Mitchell might have seen her. Jim thinks it is a good idea to go and see her and find out. Scott asks him not to say anything about his car to Charlene he wants to surprise her.
Lucy starts moaning that she is hungry; Jim thinks it is probably better if they have take-a-way tonight and gives Scott some money. Scott asks what should they have Chinese. Pizza. Lucy starts jumping up and down shouting Pizza...Pizza! Jim asks Lucy to set the table. Scott wistfully says that he wishes he could drive there, Jim says that after today's lesson he thinks he will only need two more lesions and he could go for his test. As Scott goes out...Lucy informs Jim that you don't need cutlery to eat Pizza you use your fingers...and wiggles hers in front of his nose.
Jim asks Lucy if there was anything today to upset Helen other than the exam results. Lucy thinks and says that there was one of those letters from America - the ones she doesn't tell us about. Jim looks thoughtful and Lucy asks who they are from. Jim tells her that it her Gran's business, he assures Lucy she is fine just running a bit late and goes to see Madge
Mitchell House
Madge is on the phone talking to her mother. Her mother is warning her that Dan is going to be arriving shortly with some good news. Madge is hardly pleased as Dan had only been there a few weeks before. Jim comes in as Madge finishes her phone call.
Madge asks Jim how Scott is and Jim says he is mending well; he then goes on to ask if Madge has seen Helen at all day. He explains that she was due to turn up for work in the afternoon but didn't. Madge says that Helen has been pretty upset lately. Jim agrees and says that he knows that Helen told her about it. Madge says that she knows some of it but not all of it. Jim continues that Helen received another letter today from America and that they always seem to upset her. Madge suggests that is the answer; maybe she just needed a bit of space.
Robinson House
(Sinister music plays) Lucy is home alone when the door bell rings, she looks out the window and then gingerly opens the door to Rev Price. Rev Price asks to see Mrs Daniels but Lucy tells him that she isn't home. He then asks if he could talk to her father, Lucy tells him that he isn't home either. He then asks if there is anyone he can talk to...Lucy says you can talk to me. Rev Price says you are home alone...Lucy tells him that her father will be back any minute now. Rev Price walks into the house telling Lucy she is quite safe with him he is, after all, a minister of the church. Lucy says "I guess so... come in"....
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Reverend Price, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0402
Reverend Price, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Reverend Price, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0402
Reverend Price, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Reverend Price in Neighbours Episode 0402
Helen Daniels, Reverend Price

Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0402
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Susan Cole, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0402
Susan Cole, Madge Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0402
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0402
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson

Reverend Price, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0402
Reverend Price, Lucy Robinson

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