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Neighbours Episode 5349 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5349 (Susan Kennedy is diagnosed with MS)
Australian airdate: 22/11/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr Demi Vinton: Angela Twigg
Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Josh Taylor: Liam Hemsworth
Summary/Images by: Emily/Emily
Carmella is jealous as Marco flirts with a client
Declan wants to start over, but Bridget doesn't want anything to do with him.
Jess and Taylah comment how cute Bridget's friend Josh is, until they notice he's in a wheelchair.
Dr Vinton informs Susan that neurological conditions are hard to diagnose, but she will order an MRI for that evening. She asks Karl not to push her to give a diagnosis until the results are in.
Erinsborough Hospital - Susan's Room
Reliving the memories of loosing her sight in the car park, Karl wakes Susan up from her bad dream. He reminds her that she's in the hospital and reassures her that everything is fine, though it is now the morning. She worries that he's been with her all night and that he should go and get some sleep, but Dr Vinton arrives with the results.
DEMI: The scan shows multiple lesions on your brain, indicative of the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. I'm so sorry.
Janae and the Parker's, Family Home
Bridget wants Miranda to order her in some hand rails for around the house. Miranda wonders why the sudden change of heart as she was against them before; determined she would return to normal. Bridget claims this is her normal, and she'll put the order in herself if her mum won't.
Mickey runs past to answer the knock at the door. It turns out to be his mum, Kirsten; come to take him to school. She's brought some DVD's with her and mentions the possibility of a sleep over that evening. Ned informs Kirsten he'll think about it as Janae organises breakfast for Mickey. Mickey is keen to tell his mum the story about being trapped in the chest, but Janae advises it's probably best not to worry his mum about it.
In the lounge, Ned asks that Kirsten doesn't put him on the spot like that in front of Mickey. He asks that she gives him notice next time.
Erinsborough Hospital - Susan's Room
Karl advises a tearful Susan not to worry about what she should be doing next. He asks if she'd like him to tell the children, but she asks not yet. She admits she stopped listening to Demi after she'd confirmed the diagnosis. Karl points out that it's good to know what's wrong as she was so frustrated before and now they can move forward with it.
SUSAN: (tears sliding down her cheeks) I was just so shocked last night, when you said it could be MS.
KARL: I shouldn't have said anything. It was the wrong thing...
SUSAN: (crying more) No, no, no - it was good that you did. I just didn't want to hear it.
Karl reassures her that it's not going to stop her and that they'll get through it together. She nods in agreement as she continues gently crying. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she agrees they'll tell the kids together.
Janae and the Parker's, Family Home
Miranda is leaving a cheerful message for Susan on her answer machine, offering to pick anything up she might need later. Bridget comes through and Miranda offers her a lift to school, so they head off.
Kirsten hurry's Mickey along for school. Janae checks that he's got his lunch, and Ned asks for a hug before he heads off. Janae reminds him that she'll be collecting him today, but he points out she has to remember he's got cricket after school. Kirsten tries to ask Ned about the sleep-over but he asks that she leaves it until later on. Disappointed, she heads off.
Janae admits to Ned that although she said she was fine, she's still not too happy about Kirsten being about all the time. Ned admits that he's finding it hard, and that she still needs to win their trust back.
Lassiter's Complex in the rain
Organising their delivery, Marco wonders what he should wear for his date with their client. A jealous and unbalanced pregnant Carmella suggests he wears nothing, to which Marco jokes it would give the right impression. Carmella points out the lady has no sense of fashion, with her choice of nail varnish colour. Marco suggests that he should kiss her hand to take a closer look.
CARMELLA: Do I look like I care?
MARCO: Yes, badly. How about I kiss you again.
Carmella warns him to back off, but he offers for him to join him with the lunch. She declines, claiming she has work to get on with.
Round the corner, a distracted Ned bumps into Declan and Oliver. Oliver asks how things are going with Mickey's mum back in town. Ned comments that Mickey is happy about it and enquires as to whether he and Carmella have organised arrangements yet. He admits that they haven't got any formal arrangements yet, but that Rosie keeps butting in with her legal advice. Ned wishes him good luck as he heads off, leaving them to head into the General Store.
Jazz at the General Store
As calming jazz music plays in the background, Declan spots Bridget sitting with Josh at one of the tables. Oliver advises that he goes and talks to her, but Declan isn't so sure. Oliver points out that sometimes you have to do the opposite of what a lady is telling you to do. Declan still isn't sure, but Oliver tells him to go and say hi, and take the risk. Seeing Bridget and Josh laughing, Declan decides to give it a miss.
Josh comments that he's missed seeing Bridget at the pool. Skirting around the subject, she eventually admits that she's not continuing with her physio and so doesn't need to go anymore. Shocked to hear she thinks it's a waste of time getting her mobility back, he heads off.
Erinsborough Hospital - Susan's Room
Libby, Rachel and Zeke arrive to find Karl sitting with Susan on the bed. Susan reaches out to find Libby, and gives her a hug. Libby informs her that Ben is with Steph, so it's just the three of them.
SUSAN: OK, OK. (she takes a breath) I've um, I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Libby and Rachel gasp in shock and immediately start crying. Karl walks over to be with Zeke.
SUSAN (continues): No - I know, I know, that sounds really scary; I know, I know, but a lot of people have this condition and they live perfectly normal lives, alright? I'm not going to get all worked up about it and I don't want you to either, OK? Now, we've all been through a really rotten time, but now we know what's wrong, we can do something.
Libby is now crying, but trying to hide it from her mother. Zeke makes himself known to Susan that he's understood. She continues to admit she will need some help at time to time, but they will get through it together.
Susan asks Libby if she can explain it to Ben for her. At first Libby nods, however, unable to see Susan asks again. Trying to give her mum a verbal answer, Libby bursts into floods of tears. Susan reaches out to her and they hug. Karl comforts Rachel as she continues to cry, while Zeke remains silent at the end of the bed.
The Bench by Lassiter's Lake
Bridget arrives to find Josh staring out across the mini-lake-come-pond. She wonders why he disappeared so quickly and he comments that she doesn't understand. He points out that he's never going to get out of his wheelchair, but he keeps going to physio because he owes it to himself to stay strong.
JOSH: Yeah, that's me. But you could do it, you could get all your movement back.
Bridget comments that it's hard; it's hard to keep hoping and not get anywhere. He tells her to go home and winge to someone else about it, as he doesn't want to know. She picks up her bag and leaves.
Charlie's Bar
Miranda is surprised to see Kirsten has already started. She reveals that Steph gave her an earlier shift to get some practice in. Kirsten apologises to Ned for jumping in to quickly with the request that morning, and admits that she knows she needs to win their trust again. Janae and Ned glance at one another as Kirsten asks how long it will take before they can trust her. Ned isn't able to give her an answer, which disappoints her.
Number Thirty
Carmella is busy wittering on about Marco and the way he was flirting with the client the previous day in the bar. Rosie points out that she knows all of this already as she was there watching too. Carmella is sure he's doing it on purpose, but when questioned denies that she has a crush on him. Realising that she's not going to get any work done at home, Rosie decides to head to the bar for some lunch. At first Carmella refuses to come, on the basis that she'd be spying on Marco, but realising that's exactly what she wants to do, asks Rosie to give her two minutes.
Charlie's Bar
Miranda is on the phone to a client, but the signal is poor so she heads outside. Kirsten comes over and informs Ned that she doesn't like being brushed off. He informs her that he will consider her request but that she shouldn't push him into things. She points out that she is settled in Erinsborough now, and all she wants is to work out a way of sharing Mickey that is fair on all of them.
The Kennedy/ Kinski Home
As Miranda's answer phone message from earlier in the day plays out, Karl, Libby, Zeke and Rachel sit in silence as it dawns on them just how much has changed for them that day. As the message ends, Karl turns his mind towards getting them all some lunch. Libby offers to do it for him, but he insists on keeping busy. He wonders about picking up a talking book for Susan, and remembers that he should pack a bag for her too.
Lassiter's Complex
As Miranda finishes her conversation with a client and hangs up her phone. Kirsten walks out the bar on the phone to Tim Collins. She informs Tim that she's had enough of Ned's games and wants to hit him with an access agreement. She wants Ned to get a huge scare.
Ramsay Street
Karl comes out the house with some bags to take to Susan at the hospital. He goes to put one of the bags on the top of the car as he grabs the keys, but the bag falls off, spilling the contents over the road. Kneeling down to pick the items up, the pressure becomes too much for him and he breaks down.
Charlie's Bar
Miranda warns Ned and Janae that Kirsten has called Tim again. Angry, that she's taken it to another level, Janae is all ready to go and talk/shout at her, but Ned informs her to leave it to him, as he hopes to tackle it calmly. Ned goes to talk to Kirsten, but she points out she's busy working and heads off.
Carmella and Rosie turn up to find Marco sitting alone drinking a coffee. Rosie points him out, very obviously and turns and leaves. Carmella heads to the bar, claiming she came for lunch, not to meet him, but ends up joining him at the table. Marco admits that he never asked the client to lunch, and what she heard was him talking to a dial tone at the end of the conversation. He pretended to keep talking to wind her up, which clearly worked.
CARMELLA: You have got to be one of the most childish manipulative, self centred...
MARCO: So you would get jealous, and come here, and prove how you feel about me.
He invites her to join him for lunch.
The Kennedy/Kinski Home
Zeke buries himself into a computer game, as Rachel sleeps on the couch. Libby comes over and sits down next to Zeke, removing the headphones from his head
LIBBY: She was scared. I've never seen her like that. You know the way she was talking today?
ZEKE: (quietly) Even though the plane is crashing and burning everything's under control. That one?
LIBBY: Yeah, that one. That means she was really scared.
Libby points out that he can always go and talk to Susan about it.
LIBBY: She really needed me to be strong today and I just couldn't do it.
ZEKE: She's your mum.
LIBBY: Yeah, still...
ZEKE: At least you were telling the truth.
LIBBY: You don't think anyone else is?
Libby apologises, and gives him a squeeze of a hug. Changing the subject, she picks up a remote controller, claiming to give him a challenge on the game. She has clearly never played one before as she doesn't know what to do and they end up laughing over it.
Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic
Miranda and Riley are looking at the box of handrails that have arrives. Miranda asks if Riley would talk to Bridget, but he points out if they lean on her to do one thing, she'll end up doing the opposite. Bridget arrives, and noticing the box, points out they may not be needed anymore as she's returning to physio. Riley offers to give her a lift to the pool.
Swimming Pool
Josh swims up to the end of the lane, as Bridget is helped into the pool. He points out the lane is full, but she comments that he'll just have to share it. They smile.
Charlie's Bar
As Oliver watches Carmella and Marco chatting on the opposite side of the bar, Ned advises him not to wait until the baby is born before they sort out access rights.
Ned asks Kirsten why she's called in Tim. She points out that she just wants to be able to see her son, and at the moment all the decisions are being made by Ned.
NED: I just want what's best for Mickey
KIRSTEN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want what's best for you. Same as me.
She points out he would've called in a lawyer if he was in her situation.
Lassiter's Park by the Rotunda
Janae goes to collect Mickey from cricket, but there is no sign of him. Turning around she sees him and Kirsten getting into her car. Running after them she calls out for Kirsten to stop, but it's too late as she drives away.
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Dr Demi Vinton, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Dr Demi Vinton, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Jake in Neighbours Episode 5349
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Jake

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5349
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5349
Carmella Cammeniti, Marco Silvani

Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5349
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier

Bridget Parker, Josh Taylor in Neighbours Episode 5349
Bridget Parker, Josh Taylor

Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5349
Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Libby Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Ned Parker, Kirsten Gannon, Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5349
Ned Parker, Kirsten Gannon, Miranda Parker, Janae Hoyland

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5349
Zeke Kinski, Libby Kennedy

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5349
Janae Hoyland

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