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Neighbours Episode 8091 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8091
Australian and UK airdate: 29/04/19
Writer: Melanie Sano
Director: Simone Buchannan
Guests: Kyle Canning: Chris Milligan
Clive Gibbons: Geoff Paine
Imogen Willis: Aerial Kaplan
Shaun Watkins: Brad Moller (didn’t actually appear in this episode)
Gemma Willis: Beth Buchannan
Roxy Willis: Zima Anderson
- "You Shouldve Been Mind" by The Bamboos
- "Pony Up" by The Bamboos
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Terese hearing that her sister- in- law Gemma is paying a visit to Erinsborough.
- Kyle arriving at #26 just as Gary was about to propose.
- Paul revealing the true reason Kyle was employed.
- Sheila asking Kyle how Gary will feel when he finds out the reason Georgia is filing for divorce.
- Kyle pashing Chloe publicly.
- Paul hearing that Kyle is dating Chloe.
- Paul asking Chloe to stop dating Kyle.
The Waterhole
It eventually dawns on Chloe why Paul made the request that she stops seeing Kyle, but Paul passes it off as ensuring Amy has options!
CHLOE: Well it's not The Bachelor. She's found love. She's getting married.
“Who knows what's bubbling under the surface,” Paul replies after she asks if there is something between Amy and Kyle.
PAUL: You know Kyle is a lout. He is a muscle- brained bumpkin who obviously thinks that opera buffa is an all you can eat restaurant… but I tell you, he's a lot better than Gary!
CHLOE: Meaning I give up my chance at happiness so you can dangle him like a carrot in front of your daughter?
Paul doesn't think she is that invested given they've barely started dating however adds in that if Amy is genuinely in love, them splitting up won't affect her at all.
PAUL: Despite all your noble protests, you will have a much healthier bank balance. Think it over.
Ramsay Street
The food is out, and everyone is slowly gathering for the engagement party. Terese though makes her excuses to go see her ex- sister- in- law Gemma but promises to be back in time to hear Paul's speech.
AMY: Hopefully it's not too embarrassing.
GARY: Yes, well you'll be toasted, I'll be roasted!
Sheila notices her grandson is gawking at the happy couple and ticks him off, but he reassures her he will get used to it. “Of course you will,” she reassures him with and points out that there are always “plenty of other fish you can give your champagne to” just as Chloe walks past them.
Kyle does as he is told and heads towards Chloe, but she turns down the champers (too early) and instead starts telling Kyle how beautiful Amy is next to his day. “Yes, they make a great couple,” he replies.
Terese's office
Terese shows off her empire to Gemma, who looks barely a day older than when she left in 1991 unlike everything else which is bamboozling her. Imogen reunites with her aunt too when she pops into the office and asks why she is in town. “One of the kids,” she replies – Roxy who she (and Adam) thought could move to Melbourne. Terese is happy to host her niece if she can be convinced to come but turns out she is already in Melbourne!
The Waterhole
And I presume that is the blonde- haired woman we cut to ordering a line of shots in the bar! Leo is invited to join in the shots drinking when he comes in to collect some ice for the party. When agrees to join her for a shot, blondie jumps up onto the bar, lies down on it and pours some of the alcohol into her belly button!
BLONDIE: Time to lick, sip and suck!
Thankfully Leo doesn't go there, and we get confirmation seconds later that blondie is indeed Roxy, when Gemma comes into the bar and sees what her daughter is up to! Roxy gets off the bar to go hug her auntie and issues insults towards her cousin for her dress sense!
Ramsay Street
The street is now filling up with extras pretending they know the happy couple! We hear that Xanthe called off coming because of Finn being in the street and why Aaron is still giving David a hard time.
Leo is telling Chloe about his encounter with Roxy as he returns back with the ice and explains that he is trying to avoid women as she was curious why he didn't take the lass up on her offer! On that, Leo wonders why she isn't with Kyle and her reply is that he's “trying to figure out where his head's at” before subtly asks if he thinks there is still anything between Kyle and Amy? “Are you already jealous?” is his reply, which Chloe totally baulks at before explaining that she is simply trying to avoid another relationship disaster. Leo reassures her that it's the break up with his wife he'll be more worried about than Amy although warns her to make sure they stay away from the #26 laundry as that is where they used to “get dirty!” A curious Leo wants to know why she then requests that he sends Amy to the #26 laundry in 15 minutes time!
The Waterhole
There is some serious tension at the table between Roxy and her mum – it would appear the lass leads quite a social life back in Darwin! Imogen rescues her cousin and they head off together on the search of some curly fries (Roxy is appalled the pub doesn't have any!).
“Yes, she's a handful,” Terese comments and agrees that if the lass did move to Melbourne, she is happy to keep an eye out for her. Gemma actually wants Roxy to live with Terese (should she agree to move to Melbourne) as she thinks Terese will provide a positive influence on the lass.
TERESE: But you're her mother and she doesn't even listen to you!
“Yes, that's the problem,” Gemma proclaims and reminds Terese of the hell- raiser she once was before coming good.
GEMMA: Please help me turn my daughter's life around.
Number 26
Chloe finds Kyle inside the house (he's getting some crisps) and is after him for something else… for them to “get it on right here in the laundry.” All thoughts of having some crisps are out the window as Kyle whips off his t- shirt and follows Chloe into the laundry room!
Ramsay Street
Imogen and Roxy arrive home in Hermione and the later can't wait to see inside #22!
Meanwhile at the party, Clive admits to Sheila that he isn't comfortable that the K's weren't invited especially as they can probably hear everything from their house. Sheila couldn't give two hoots to them and probably neither does Gary, who is busy taking selfies with the boys.
Number 26
Leo has done what Chloe asked and found a reason to get Amy inside in the allotted timescale (to get a posh bottle of bubbles for the speeches) and of course can't but see what Kyle and Chloe are up to in the laundry room! “You're going to need more than that,” she tells Kyle after he tries to cover himself up… well a certain part of his anatomy although at least he still has his undies on.
Chloe seems to want to try and make a deal of them being caught but Amy doesn't realise it and grabs the bottle before heading back outside to the party.
Once Amy leaves, Chloe tries to play up the discomfort factor with Kyle but like Amy, he isn't really playing the game and heads back into the laundry room to get fully dressed.
Number 22
Imogen jokes that Roxy is upstairs seeing what is worth stealing when Terese and Gemma enter the house. Gemma sees the funny side of that comment as the lass in question comes downstairs having apparently checked out all of Terese's perfumes!
Roxy is all up for moving to Erinsborough and living in #22 despite Terese and Imogen subtly trying to put her off, so she can change her life around.
ROXY: If I'm ever going to be anything like you are, I'm going to need your help.
Number 26
Kyle seems somewhat confused with Chloe saying that they were lucky over who it was that busted them until she explains why – Amy didn't appear to care at all. She then drops herself in it by mentioning that he used to get up to no good with Amy in the laundry room and that it must have brought back the memories.
KYLE: Hang on, did you plan this?
Nonchalantly she replies back that she did… but as a test to see if he had any lingering romantic feelings for Amy. “That's messed up,” he bluntly informs her, but her reasoning is that she simply wants to know where she stands and reckons that there are still some unresolved feelings between him and Amy. “I was just embarrassed about being caught,” Kyle tries to explain to her, but she thinks otherwise. Kyle isn't at all happy at her tricking him and after a few choice words, heads out of #26 to head home.
Ramsay Street
Paul spots Leo and when he deviates off safe topics (the backpackers) onto how he is doing, the conversation is quickly curtailed!
Despite Chloe chasing after him, Kyle heads straight for #32 and thus misses out on the speeches.
First up is Paul and immediately from the off, has a go at Gary!
PAUL: I think every father wants their daughter to marry somebody really worthy, somebody who can actually sit with them as an equal when it comes to intelligence, finances, morals. And you know, it would be wonderful to imagine Amy's life like that, being with someone who is on a solid career path, somebody who's really going places – I'm not just talking about jail or the bookies!
He then raises his glass and proposes a toast:
PAUL: To Amy, I sincerely hope that your future brings you all of that and more, because darling you deserve the best, and only the best.
“To Amy,” he finishes with and while the extras charge their glasses, the cast (Sheila, Clive, Aaron, David, Chloe, Amy and Gary) stand instead like stunned mullets after hearing Paul's speech!
Number 32
Chloe enters the house and apologises to Kyle for testing him, she'd have done the same thing if the tables had been turned. “So, why did you do it then?” he asks, and her honest reply is after Elly, she just wants “something fun and simple” which doesn't include someone still hung up on his ex. He reassures her that it is over with Amy.
CHLOE: I just don't want things to end in an awkward love triangle… or square in this case!
KYLE: It won't. Strange moments can happen with any ex, but that's all they are, they don't mean anything.
He asks that they put what has happened behind them and “crack on.” Chloe isn't exactly jumping into his arms after he says that, so leaves her sitting on the sofa to head out to the pool.
Number 22
Terese concedes to letting Roxy stay for a 2 month trial to see how she gets on, which lass and mum are more than happy to hear. Imogen looks almost relived she is escaping in 2 days' time, but Roxy declares is still “enough time to get loose,” until a quiet harrumph from Terese quickly has her backtracking!
While mum and daughter head off to discuss what needs sending to Melbourne, Imogen asks her mum if she wants to run the plans past Paul first as he might not fancy “sharing the house with a booze cruise leftover.” Terese feels her hands are tied because “Roxy is family.”
TERESE: Besides, they might actually get along.
We then see Roxy raid the fridge and eat a chunk of brie.
ROXY: Sorry, did you want some? It's not too bad if you scrape off the white stuff!
IMOGEN: (to Terese) Yip, they'll be best friends in no time!
Number 32
Chloe reminds Paul that Kyle is in the house when he comes calling past. She brings up his speech and Paul's stance is that he didn't actually “say a negative word about Gary!”
CHLOE: True, in fact I think you hardly mentioned him at all.
PAUL: Well you know, if you can't say anything nice…
Getting back to why he is there, as he saw Kyle stomp off, he assumes she's ended it and thus has brought round her payment – an envelope full of $100 bills. Chloe doesn't correct Paul's assumption that its over between them, but to partially cover her back, she does inform him that Kyle and Amy are simply friends.
Paul is barely away two seconds when Kyle comes in and she wastes no time in kissing him! She reverses her decision to stop seeing him but asks that they keep it secret. “Why?” Kyle asks and thinking quickly, Chloe reminds him about Aaron's worries about them hooking up. “Makes sense,” he concedes before they head to someone's bedroom!
CHLOE: In that case, we are officially off.
KYLE: And unofficially on!
Number 22
Terese is having a nostalgic look through her memory box when Imogen joins her on the sofa. She goes onto tell her daughter about one of her ‘mis- adventures' all thanks to some guy, one where she “couldn't imagine a world without him” if it wasn't for his family, who weren't good people. “He was being primed to be like his dad and his brothers,” she laments and after agreeing with Imogen that it was “intense” explains that is why she is happy to get Roxy away from that environment.
But out in the backyard, Roxy is on the phone to some guy telling him that her plan has worked and that she is moving to Melbourne. She confirms to him that she is going to keep quiet about them until they are “both ready.”
Inside, Terese finds the photo she was looking for – a photo of herself years ago with some guy.
“Just promise me you're going to keep me in the loop,” Roxy tells the caller and promises to look at his photo every day until she can see him for real. When Roxy hangs up, she does as promised look at his photo and it's an older version of the guy in the photo with Terese!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Roxy up to mischief!
- Mark telling Elly that he “feels more like a dad every day.”
- Elly begging someone.
- Finn trying to do something good but not getting a break.
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