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Neighbours Episode 8092 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8092
Australian and UK airdate: 30/04/19
Writer: Ceinwen Langley
Director: Simone Buchanan
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- David is knocked out during a fight at the backpackers.
- Paul tells Leo if anything happens like this again, then he is out.
- Paul tells Chloe to stop dating Kyle.
- Chloe tells Kyle that they should keep their relationship secret for a bit.
- Gemma asks Terese if her daughter Roxy can live with her.
- Terese says Roxy can stay for two months
- Terese remembers that she went on a wild path due to a guy she was dating. She looks at a photo of him.
- Roxy talks to her boyfriend, saying she won't tell anyone until they're both ready. She looks at a picture of them, and it's the same guy that Terese used to date.
There are a few updates to the opening titles. Finn Kelly (Rob Mills), Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) and Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) have been added. There is a new shot with Finn on his own reading a paper, looking very pleased with himself. Terese and Paul together, Bea, Amy and Elly by the pool. Mark, Chloe and Kyle are together, David and Aaron are together (finally), and lastly Ned in the pool with Roxy and Leo.
Number 22
Paul enters and is surprised to see Roxy sitting on the couch with a glass of whiskey in her hand.
PAUL: Should I know you, or have I just interrupted the worlds laziest break and enter.
ROXY: Hey there roomie!
Roxy says she's moved in. Terese asks Paul for a hand in the kitchen. Paul takes his bottle of whiskey away from Roxy as he joins Terese. Terese tells Paul that Gemma is on a plane back up to Darwin. Roxy has been out of school for a few years and has found it hard to get a job back in Darwin. Terese admits that she's become a bit of a party girl and her mum is worried that if she stays up in the Northern Territory she'll fall in with the wrong crowd. They are going to try to help Roxy get on the right track and if it's not working in a few months she can move on. Roxy arrives with her glass of whiskey. She asks for some coke to go with it as it's a little bland. Paul looks mightily angry.
Number 22 Back Yard
Terese sits down for a chat with Roxy, when Roxy's phone goes off. She goes to pick it up, getting a call from Vance Abernethy (I'm guessing it's her boyfriend by the love hearts she has next to his name.) Terese tells her to wait as she's having a conversation. Roxy puts down the phone. Terese warns her she can pay for Roxy's flight home, Roxy apologises and asks what she needs. Terese tells her to respect that there will be three other adults here... she doesn't get a chance to finish that thought as Ned arrives and gives Roxy a hug. Roxy says Terese is laying down the law, Terese tells Ned to help and take a seat with them. Roxy ignores her ringing phone, as Terese tells her to respect everyone's space, privacy and belongings.
Number 24
Elly tells Mark she had a good time at Amy's party and she's ready to get back to work. Mark tells Elly they are at the end of the first trimester, which means it is time for an ultrasound, so he made an appointment at the hospital for today. He says he didn't want to stress her out with his issues, as this was the point where things started going wrong for Caitlin. He's really worried something is going to go wrong again. Elly promises him he's not going to lose this baby. Mark is sure when they look at their baby on screen this afternoon that everything is going to be perfect. As they hug, Elly looks panicked.
Number 22 Back Yard
Roxy is sunbathing. Ned brings her a beer, and asks her why she's here, is she in trouble? Roxy just needs a job, she needs a change and is sick of doing nothing in Darwin. Ned asks if she's been going back to Abernethy station. Roxy says they throw a good party, she's just gone there for a few drinks, and Ned used to go there too. Ned remembers a bunch of dodgy people taking advantage of nave kids. Roxy says it's a good thing she's not nave or a kid.
Number 22
Terese asks Paul about the engagement party. Paul says his speech was a roaring success, he tried to talk to Leo, but he's still touchy after last week. Paul just wants to check he's handling the Backpackers, Terese is sure he's looking after it. Chloe arrives, and Terese introduces her to Roxy. Terese knows it is Chloe's day off but she was hoping she could give Roxy a tour of the neighbourhood, offering Chloe lunch tomorrow as a thank you. Chloe leads Roxy away.
Number 24
Leo tells Elly she can't have an ultrasound. Elly says they can't pretend the baby is really small, as that would make it seem that there is something wrong and she can't put Mark through that. Leo tells her to come clean, but Elly doesn't think she and Mark are strong enough to survive that. Leo says Mark is going to find out the baby isn't his today, whether it is seeing it for himself or hearing it from her, she has to decide.
Number 32 Back Yard
Chloe shows Roxy the pool, offering her to use it whenever. Kyle walks past and Chloe introduces him to Roxy. Kyle is disappointed that Chloe isn't free this afternoon, he wanted to take her up on her offer to help put his furniture together. Roxy tells them to go ahead, she doesn't need babysitting and is happy to pass on the tour. Roxy asks to take her up on the offer of that swim. Chloe says that's fine, as she and Kyle rush inside. Roxy takes off her top and her bra.
Harold's Café
Elly tells Mark she needs to tell him something. Mark thinks he messed up by not telling her about the ultrasound. Elly says she's nervous, last time she was pregnant it didn't go so well. Mark is so sorry, he's been caught up in his own head, he should have checked in with her about her past miscarriage. Mark says whatever happens, he'll be there for her. He says he has to get back to work, they're still trying to track down who is responsible for the razor blades. Elly says she can get herself to the hospital. Mark says he'll be able to make it, unless Finn or Miranda Kelly walk in and confess he will see her and their baby in an hour.
Number 32 Back Yard
Leo gets a message from Paul: 'can you call me?' He sees Roxy swimming in the pool, her clothes by the poolside. He asks why she's swimming naked in his pool. He tells her Chloe invited her, and it's more fun nude, he should come in and see. Roxy wants to introduce herself properly. She offers to shake his hand, and as she shakes it, she pulls him into the pool with her. She tells him to get his clothes off, he's seen hers, it's only fair that she sees his. Leo agrees and starts to get undressed.
Number 22
Roxy comes home in a towel, joining Ned, Terese and Paul in the kitchen. Roxy says she was swimming with some guy, tall with dimples. Paul is angry as Leo was meant to be at work. Roxy drops the towel on the ground and walks around the kitchen naked. Ned uses a plate to cover his eyes. Terese and Paul are shocked. Roxy tells them to chill out, she'll do a load after she's had her shower. She smirks while taking a bite of an apple as she heads up the stairs.
PAUL: I thought you set some ground rules.
TERESE: Yeah, I didn't realise I had to specify we're not a nudist colony.
PAUL: Well I didn't sign up to live in an Ibizan youth hostel.
Ned and Terese offer to talk to Roxy. Paul leaves to remind his son about his responsibilities.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Elly is crying on the stairs, Leo rushes to check on her. Elly can't handle Mark hating her again, or looking at her the way he did when he found out about Chloe. Mark is so terrified of losing another child, he'll never if she takes this one away from him. Leo tells her to breathe and think about the baby. Elly thinks this baby needs a father, it needs Mark. If Mark comes to this appointment, she'll lose him and it will ruin this baby's life the way that her mum nearly ruined Bea's life. Elly doesn't know what to do.
Number 32
Chloe kisses a shirtless Kyle by the fridge, when they hear Paul walk in shouting for Leo. Chloe quickly pushes Kyle to the ground so he's behind the counter, and she stands in Paul's way so he can't search for Leo. She says he's probably at the Backpackers. Paul says Leo was galivanting about with Roxy in Chloe's pool, and lectures Chloe for not doing what Terese asked. Chloe said Roxy didn't want a tour, and she wasn't going to drag her around. After Paul leaves, Kyle gets up in a bit of pain, he's clear on the secret hook- up thing, but she didn't have to throw him against the cupboard. Kyle wonders why she cares if Paul sees, Chloe says he's an employee and Paul isn't keen on her fraternising with his staff.
KYLE: How often does that happen?
CHLOE: The fraternising? Not nearly enough.
Chloe and Kyle kiss again.
Erinsborough Backpackers/The Waterhole
Leo calls Mark, who is sitting in the Waterhole. Leo says a woman called Miranda and a description similar to Miranda Kelly was seen at the Backpackers. Mark thanks Leo and says he'll get on it. After the call Leo tells Elly that Mark is on his way now, he tells Elly to go to the hospital and change the appointment. Elly thinks Mark will want a photo. Leo says he's done all he can, she'll need to work it out from here. Elly gets a text from Mark telling her to go on her own. She hugs Leo and thanks him. Elly leaves, while Paul arrives, looking around at the mess. He asks what Leo's let happen to this place.
Number 24
Ned asks Roxy if she's trying to upset Paul and Terese.
ROXY: I already explained this to Auntie T, it was a misunderstand. I forgot how weak you guys were about nudity down here in the frozen south.
NED: Bull, it was a stunt.
ROXY: A pretty hilarious stunt if you ask me, did you see that Paul guy's face!
Ned asks why she's really here. He's spoken to a guy called Jace, he says that Roxy's been at Abernethy station every weekend for the last few months. She says she's been hanging out there a lot, she wanted to have a good time, the Abernethy's tried to drag her down into their drama but she wasn't having any of it. She came here because it's far enough away for the Abernethy's to forget all about her. She wasn't going to say anything about it to Terese while her mum was here, she'd have made her call the police and you know what those guys do to narcs. Roxy asks Ned to not rat her out. Ned says if anyone from up there contacts her, she should tell him. Roxy agrees. She gets a text then, but assures Ned it's from a non- dodgy friend.
We see this riveting conversation between Roxy and Vance. Vance says 'It's not as hot without you here ;)'. Roxy says 'duh.' 'Okay gtg'. 'LOVE YOU'. And finally she types 'Can't wait till you get here. (3' and sends it.
Erinsborough Backpackers
Paul is furious with Leo that the place is a mess. There are hardly any records in the book, they have barely any paying customers. There are no clean linen on the beds, TVs aren't working, there's crap everywhere.
PAUL: I thought you would have learnt your lesson after the incident with David.
LEO: I don't know what to tell you.
PAUL: Well I know what to tell you. I want you the hell out of here before you run this place into the ground.
Paul says he's going to buy Leo out.
LEO: Is that supposed to be a punishment? Because taking this dump off my hands is a massive favour!
PAUL: What happened to you Leo? I mean Terese keeps telling me how much you loved this place.
LEO: You happened to me Dad. Now I'm free, I don't owe you anything.
Leo tells Paul that he's going to buy a new business, something that is entirely his. Paul thinks he's given Leo so many opportunities and he has wasted them all. He doesn't think Leo will last six months on his own.
LEO: Are you done?
PAUL: Yeah, I am done.
LEO: Good.
Leo leaves.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elly is asking reception to reschedule her appointment, when Mark arrives. He realised he was making a mistake.
MARK: Are you ready to meet our baby?
Coming up on Neighbours
- Roxy pours a drink over the bar and sets it alight, while Sheila protests.
- Mark tells Elly he feels more like a dad every day. Elly begs someone not to tell him.
- Finn tells Imogen he wants to do something good here but no one will let him.
- It looks like Finn's sneaking around, we then see him walking away from something.
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Paul Robinson, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Paul Robinson, Roxy Willis

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8092
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Ned Parker, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Terese Willis, Ned Parker, Roxy Willis

Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan

Roxy Willis, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Roxy Willis, Ned Willis

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Chloe Brennan, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Chloe Brennan, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Leo Tanaka, Elly Brennan

Roxy Willis, Chloe Brennan, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8092
Roxy Willis, Chloe Brennan, Kyle Canning

Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Roxy Willis

Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan

Roxy Willis, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8092
Roxy Willis, Leo Tanaka

Ned Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8092
Ned Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Roxy Willis

Leo Tanaka, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Leo Tanaka, Elly Brennan

Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8092
Chloe Brennan, Kyle Canning

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8092
Leo Tanaka

Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Mark Brennan

Ned Willis, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8092
Ned Willis, Roxy Willis

Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8092
Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka

Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Elly Brennan, Mark Brennan

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8092
Elly Brennan

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