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Neighbours Episode 1849 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1848 - 1850>>
Episode title: 1849 (Bouncer returns; Philip Martin has a flashback to Loretta Martin's death)
Australian airdate: 11/02/93
UK airdate: 15/12/93
UK Gold: 02/12/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Mr Howard: Colin Lane
Loretta Martin: Jane Bayley
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Michael gives Julie the watch he stole from Lou's car. She's extremely grateful.
Number 24
Beth is over the moon at Brad's "proposal". She tells him that she's been feeling low of late, as if she didn't belong anywhere, and he's changed all of that. She tells him that she wants to be with him forever. They kiss.
Number 32
Julie is in her dressing gown, and looks weary. Helen asks after Phil - apparently he's working late with Gaby. Julie says that the tranquillisers she's on make her feel so dopey. Hannah bursts in, carrying some more clothes to take to Number 26.
HANNAH: If I'm good, can I come back home?
JULIE: Oh sweetie, it's not because you've been bad. Mummy just needs to rest, that's all.
Julie tells Helen that she needs to lie down for a while, and tightly hugs Hannah before going to her bedroom. Helen and Hannah are about to leave as Phil and Michael arrive home. She explains they've been getting more clothes for Hannah and Julie's in bed. Phil makes a bit of a fuss of Hannah, reassures her that Julie will be well again soon, and thanks Helen for looking after her. Helen and Hannah leave.
Michael challenges Phil over his comments about Julie getting better. Phil reckons everything will be fine - Dr Dawson thinks that it's just stress. Michael reminds Phil that the same was said about Loretta.
PHIL: Julie's nothing like Loretta. Your mother was... Well, let's just say they were chalk and cheese.
MICHAEL: (annoyed) Seems pretty similar to me. The booze, imagining things, losing her-
PHIL: (interrupting) Michael, will you just lay off?! ... Julie just needs rest.
Michael backtracks and apologises, saying it's only because he worries about her. Hmmm!
Number 28
Brad and Beth arrive home, where Doug, Gaby and Pam are preparing a meal - in the dark!
BETH: Brad's asked me to marry him.
They all whoop and cheer.
DOUG: You sly dog, why didn't you give us a hint you were going to pop the question?!
BRAD: I guess it was all pretty sudden.
Gaby thinks that with Phoebe and Stephen, and now Brad and Beth, she should open a bridal boutique. Doug thinks there's something in the water! Pam is teary because her baby is getting married - and she always assumed Adam and Gemma would be the first to tie the knot. Gaby says that she feels like she's been left on the shelf, so she'll have to find a man quick smart else people will think that she's an old maid!
Number 26
Helen is upset about Julie taking tranquillisers, but Jim reminds her that it's just temporary until she calms down. They worry about Hannah, who then comes in and asks if she has to go to bed. Jim tells her to sit with them and watch tv. He suggests they think of some activities for Hannah to do whilst she's staying with them - like having some friends over, but Hannah reckons that nobody likes her at school and Toby and Bouncer - who were her best friends - have left.
Helen tells her that it isn't true that people at school don't like her, and suggests that she write to Toby. Jim's enthusiastic, but Hannah's worried about Julie.
HANNAH: She was ok until that rotten Michael came back.
HELEN: No, you can't blame Michael. He's doing everything he can to help.
HANNAH: Bleeeurrrrghhhh!
(Looks like Hannah's the only one with any sense!) Hannah makes Jim and Helen promise that they won't leave her.
Number 32
It's night, and Phil and Julie - complete with tranquillisers next to her water glass - are asleep in bed. Julie is sleeping soundly, but Phil is clearly having a nightmare.
Dream Sequence
Phil (with more hair!) and Loretta are in a car, driving at night. He accuses her of being drunk and tells her that she embarrassed him and herself. She becomes hysterical and orders him to stop the car. He points out that they're in the middle of nowhere, and they continue to argue. Loretta repeatedly demands that he stop the car and Phil gets upset at her behaviour. She makes a grab towards him and the wheel and the two struggle. The brakes of the car squeal, the camera turns over and the car crashes.
Number 32
Phil wakes, and sits bolt upright in bed. He realises it was a nightmare and he lies back down, breathing heavily. The nightmare has clearly upset him. Julie remains soundly asleep!
Ramsay Street
Brad has driven home from the beach. Stephen is surprised that he went so early - he couldn't even get out of bed! Brad tells him that it's the best time for it, especially when you have thinking to do. Brad wants to talk to Stephen, but he runs to catch a word with Jim - apparently he wants to borrow a paintbrush!
Helen packs Hannah off to school and Stephen (with paintbrush) walks down the drive with them, telling them that he spoke to Dorothy last night and Bouncer's gone missing. Stephen tells them that Toby is upset, and Hannah's very sad at the news too. Oh dear.
A Road
It's Bouncer, who's walking along a road at a fair pace!
Number 32
Phil's in a rush - he's got an important business meeting to go to. He thanks Michael for his support at home and Michael notices that he looks tired. Phil admits that he didn't sleep well.
PHIL: I had that dream again. About your mother and the accident.
Julie emerges from the bedroom, dressed and ready for business! She's bright and breezy, and says that after such a good night's sleep, she feels ready to go back to work. Phil tells her not to push things. He asks if she's taken her tablets, and she tells him that she doesn't need them. Phil begs her to take it slowly for his sake, but Julie is insistent - after all, he must be snowed under. Phil tells her that Gaby has got it all in hand. Julie smarts at the mention of Gaby.
PHIL: Don't be like that.
JULIE: Like what? That's *my* job she's doing.
PHIL: We're lucky she was free to step in, aren't we?
JULIE: Hmm. Very convenient(!)
PHIL: Julie!
Julie accuses Phil of not wanting her back at work. He tells her he wants her back when she's well, and her claims of a recovery fall on deaf ears. He tells her to take her medication and to rest. He rushes off for work. Michael gives Julie a cup of coffee (and we can all guess what's in there!).
MICHAEL: Dad really seems to have changed his tune as far as Gaby Willis goes. A real turnaround. I guess he's... grateful for all the help.
Julie isn't happy.
Number 30
Brad has told Stephen about Beth assuming that he'd proposed - and that she's told Doug and Pam and they're over the moon. He doesn't know what to do - he'd never even thought about marriage. Stephen tells him it's not such a bad thing.
STEPHEN: Do you love her?
BRAD: Sort of, I guess.
STEPHEN: Well... Why don't you just go with it?
BRAD: What? Get married?!
STEPHEN: Yeah. Why not?
BRAD: Get real!
Stephen thinks that getting married to Phoebe has given his life a boost, and Brad and Beth are good together. Brad looks miserable and says that he didn't plan it. Stephen suggests it's fate. Brad looks like he wants to kill himself!
Number 32
Julie's back in her dressing gown, and she's back to feeling mixed up and confused again. She asks Pam how she can tell if that's her or the tranquillisers - as she felt fine earlier on. Pam inspects the bottle and tells her that if she thinks they're not helping, she should stop taking them, as she's not been on them long enough for them to be a problem.
Julie is upset - she feels useless, and Phil's left to cope with everything. Pam is sure Phil doesn't mind, but Julie worries that he'll get sick of her. She confides that he's been distant, and she doesn't blame him. Pam reassures her that Phil was just busy - and once she's well, everything will go back to normal. Julie smiles and thanks Pam for coming over.
Pam tells Julie that she's got some good news - Brad and Beth are getting married. Julie congratulates her, and Pam tells her that everyone is stoked...with the possible exception of Gaby, who made facetious jokes about being left on the shelf - and now feels that she needs to get a man ASAP to save face!
Number 30
Stephen and Brad stop for lunch.
BRAD: I reckon Beth's a near perfect woman.
STEPHEN: Near perfect?
BRAD: Yeah, she doesn't surf.
Brad has come to the realisation that if he broke it off with Beth, he'd definitely lose her. He admits that if he lost her, he'd be miserable.
BRAD: Yeah, getting married could be the best thing that ever happened to me.
Number 32
Phil arrives home.
PHIL: Where's my gorgeous wife?!
...and Michael appears. Not quite who he was after! Phil's surprised to see him, but Michael thought he'd pop home for lunch to check on Julie - which pleases Phil. He asks after Julie, and she comes drowsily out of the bedroom. He tells Julie that he's swung by during appointments and he'll be working late tonight, so he'll sort his own meal out. Julie's surprised that he's still working on the same presentation. Phil's evasive when she asks who the presentation is for. She mentions that Pam popped over, and despite Phil's worries, she goes to get him some juice.
Phil catches Michael with their blokey-fake-punch thing that they do (if you've seen it, you'll understand!). Michael clocks that Phil's in high spirits and asks what's up. Phil is dying to tell Julie about his latest business deal, but doesn't want to jinx it until it's in the bag - and it should all be tied up with tonight's presentation. Michael looks thoughtful, and Phil suddenly remembers to ring Gaby.
Lassiter's Office Reception
The phone goes (funnily enough!) and Gaby picks up.
Number 32
Phil tells Gaby that they can have the business meeting after 6pm - and he asks if she'll stay. Gaby agrees.
Lassiter's Office Reception
Gaby hangs up. (I don't know why we needed to cut back to Gaby to see her put the phone down!)
Number 32
Julie walks in as Phil puts the phone down. She asks who he was calling, and he tells her it was just business. She's forgotten his juice but he tells her it doesn't matter.
PHIL: You take it easy this afternoon.
JULIE: For a change(!)
Phil catches Michael again with the blokey-fake-punch thing as he leaves and the pair laugh. After Phil leaves, Julie asks Michael if he heard who Phil was talking to on the phone.
MICHAEL: ...yeah.
Michael pauses, and says nothing.
A Road
Bouncer is still on the move! He sniffs at a bin near to a house, and a woman chases him off with a broom! Poor old Bouncer.
Number 26
Helen asks Hannah how school went, but Hannah says that she couldn't concentrate as she was too worried about Bouncer - he'll never find his way back to Toby as he doesn't know the new area of where he lives. Jim reassures Hannah that dogs have a great sense of direction, and Helen thinks that he's probably just exploring. Hannah seems pleased at the thought that he might be home already.
Number 32
Michael hasn't told Julie who Phil was on the phone to, and Julie is getting upset.
JULIE: Michael. All I want to know is who Philip was talking to!
MICHAEL: I wasn't really listening.
JULIE: You said you heard.
MICHAEL: Ohhh yeah, I did, didn't I?
JULIE: So you didn't hear their name?
Michael shrugs his shoulders and turns to go into the kitchen. Julie pulls him back.
JULIE: Michael!
MICHAEL: Mum, I'd like to tell you. Really, I would. But Dad's been so secretive lately that I feel I should respect his privacy.
JULIE: About what?
MICHAEL: ......anyway, you heard what he said. *She* was just a business call.
Michael nods.
JULIE: Michael, I want to know who your father was talking to!
MICHAEL: Maybe you should take a tranquilliser or lie down for a bit?
JULIE: Tell me!
Michael puts his arm around Julie and he kindly walks her into the living room.
MICHAEL: All right, all right, I can see you're getting tense so I'll tell you this: he was making an appointment for tonight. With a woman. But it's probably all very innocent and above board. It's just business.
JULIE: Who was she?
MICHAEL: ...sorry.
MICHAEL: If you really wanna find out, you can always hit re-dial...
Silently, Julie goes to the phone and presses re-dial.
Lassiter's Office Reception
The phone goes and Gaby answers it.
Number 32
Julie sadly lets the phone drop to her side as she hears Gaby's voice. Michael smirks in the background.
Lassiter's Office Reception
A bit later on - and Phil's sitting at Gaby's desk reading some papers. Gaby comes back and they chat about Mrs Hartley-Jones. As he goes into his office, he congratulates Gaby on her work and he's positive about the meeting tonight.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Phil tells Gaby that if they pull off their meeting with the Japanese tour operator, Lassiter's will double its occupancy rate. Gaby comments that he's definitely put in the hours on it, so Paul should be impressed. Phil is only interested in telling Julie - because good news is the best medicine.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is cleaning the windows on Jim's car. She adjusts the wing mirror to clean it, and who does she see in it...Bouncer! She rushes over to him and Jim follows. He thinks Bouncer's paws look a bit sore from walking all the way home! Hannah worries that he won't be ok, but Jim carries him in the house, saying he'll be fine.
Number 28
Brad, Beth, Pam and Doug are all celebrating the engagement. Brad asks where Gaby is, and Pam says that she's at the office working with Phil on a big deal. Pam and Doug welcome Beth into the Willis family.
DOUG: I hope you don't live to regret it!
PAM: Oh, Doug!
Doug asks when the big day will be, and Brad looks a bit worried. Beth tells him that they haven't set a date, and Doug tells them not to mess around - he hates long engagements, and he and Pam only waited 6 weeks! Brad looks a bit startled, but points out that he has no money, so they'll have to wait until he gets some dollars together. Doug asks if Beth will be after a raise! Pam and Doug get up to dish up the meal. Beth asks if he's happy and Brad says he is, although he doesn't look quite as sure as she does!
Number 32
Julie is pacing and crying in the living room, saying that she knew there was something going on. Michael tells her that he thinks it's unfair of Phil, especially as Julie's not well!
JULIE: Pam sat in that very chair and told me that Gaby was gunning for a man. I can just imagine how that witch played up to him! Smiling and fawning - "Yes, Philip. No, Philip." It makes me sick!
MICHAEL: Gaby's a pretty foxy lady, Mum.
JULIE: Ohhh! And Philip's a pushover! What can I do? I'm stuck here while they're...
Julie stops pacing, as the reality of Phil having an affair hits her.
JULIE: ...whilst she's...
She drops onto the sofa.
JULIE: I don't want to lose my husband.
Michael suggests that it might not be too late, as Phil and Gaby weren't getting together until after work, so she could go down there. Julie perks up at the idea.
JULIE: I'll put a stop to it! I'm not going to sit around here while some hussy destroys my marriage!
She runs out of the door, still dressed in her nightie and dressing gown! (Yes, this will end well!)
Lassiter's Office Reception
Phil walks in with Mr Howard and introduces him to his assistant, Gaby. Phil starts on his business spiel as they enter his office.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Howard tells Phil that the market he caters for is a very particular one. Phil shuts the door as he explains how they'll start the presentation and leans in to Gaby to whisper something to her before they start. The door bursts open, trapping Howard on the other side of it. Julie takes one look at Phil and Gaby huddled together and launches into a tirade.
JULIE: Get your hands off my husband, you little slut!
PHIL: Julie!
JULIE: Do you think I'm blind? Business meeting? I know what you had planned. Is this how you treat our marriage?
JULIE: Shut your mouth! Get back to your topless bar with the other lowlife!
PHIL: JULIE! Will you just stop it?! We're in the middle of a meeting!
JULIE: Oh, like hell you are!
Howard emerges from behind the door and clears his throat.
PHIL: (coldly) This is Jack Howard, from J and T Tours.
Julie is extremely shocked when she realises that she's made a mistake.
<<1848 - 1850>>
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1849
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Gaby Willis, Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1849
Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Gaby Willis, Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Jim Robinson, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Jim Robinson, Hannah Martin

Loretta Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Loretta Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1849
Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels, Stephen Gottlieb

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1849

Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1849
Brad Willis

Julie Martin, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1849
Julie Martin, Pam Willis

Stephen Gottlieb, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1849
Stephen Gottlieb, Brad Willis

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1849

Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Bouncer, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Bouncer, Hannah Martin

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1849
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Jack Howard, Philip Martin, Gaby Willis, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Jack Howard, Philip Martin, Gaby Willis, Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Jack Howard, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1849
Philip Martin, Jack Howard, Julie Martin

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