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Neighbours Episode 1850 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1849 - 1851>>
Episode title: 1850
Australian airdate: 12/02/93
UK airdate: 16/12/93
UK Gold: 03/12/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Loretta Martin: Jane Bayley
Waiter: Cole Horsfall
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 26
Helen, Jim and Hannah are fussing over Bouncer in the lounge room, Helen commenting that it's a miracle he survived the journey. Hannah remarks that he must have missed her so much that he came all the way back. Jim points out that he's *Toby's* dog - but he suggests they make a bed for him in the laundry. As he carries Bouncer out there, Hannah says to Helen:
HANNAH: He must like me more than Toby, otherwise he wouldn't've come back.
Hannah joins Jim in the laundry. In the lounge room, Wayne comes in through the front door and tells Helen that he's just had a drink at the Waterhole. Helen asks if he saw Gaby, by any chance. Wayne responds:
WAYNE: Miss Acid- tongue? No, thank goodness.
Helen sighs that she *hates* feuding neighbours; why can't he and Gaby make it up? She adds that the rift could be easily healed; why doesn't he give Gaby a little present?
No. 32
Philip storms into No. 32 with Julie, yelling at her that he's never been so embarrassed. Michael is sitting in the lounge room, listening as Julie tries to explain that it was a misunderstanding, that's all. Philip yells at her that she's probably wrecked his deal with Howard after weeks of work. The two of them head into the lounge room, and Philip asks Michael to give them some space. He leaves the room. Julie then cries to Philip:
JULIE: Darling, I made a mistake.
PHILIP (snaps): You can say *that* again. You don't do things by halves, do you?
JULIE: Well, you didn't tell me about your meeting.
PHILIP (angrily): It was a *surprise*. We were supposed to be signing the contracts tonight. Now Howard could pull the plug on it, thanks to your little outburst.
JULIE (meekly): Sorry, Philip, I had no idea.
PHILIP: I don't know what the hell you thought you were doing. You were supposed to be home here, resting in bed.
JULIE: Well, if you hadn't been so secretive... And then I was talking to Michael, and he—
PHILIP (furiously): Oh, no, no, no, no, don't bring Michael into this. If you were as co- operative and as helpful as *he's* been lately, we wouldn't have a problem.
PHILIP: I don't want to hear it, Jules. You made me look like a complete idiot, storming in there and accusing me of having an affair with Gaby. Just go to bed.
Julie walks off meekly. She doesn't spot Michael, who has been hiding, listening to the whole argument gleefully.
No. 28
Gaby is telling her parents about Julie's outburst. She explains that Mr. Howard discreetly left and said he'd call them later. Pam comments that she knew Julie was having problems, but she didn't know it was *this* bad; she needs *help*...
No. 32
The next morning, Philip says a curt goodbye to Julie and goes to head off to work. Julie stops him, though, and points out that it's Valentine's Day on Sunday. Philip just ignores her. Julie asks if he'll be home for dinner. Philip retorts that that just depends how far he gets with Howard. He marches out. Julie heads into the lounge room, where Michael joins her and tells her to give his father time; he'll come round. Julie cries that she made a complete fool of herself; Philip must have been embarrassed out of his mind. Michael tells her that it looked suss about Gaby; *he* would have jumped to the same conclusion. Julie smiles:
JULIE: Oh Michael, you don't know how grateful I am to have someone who understands. I don't know what I'd do without you.
She gives Michael a hug, but can't see the sly look on his face, behind her back...
No. 26
Hannah is talking on the 'phone to Toby, telling him that Bouncer's paws were swollen, but they're better now. She listens and then tells Jim - who's standing with her - that Toby wants to know when Bouncer's coming back. Jim takes the 'phone and tells Toby that he'll have a chat to the neighbours and see if anyone's coming up his way, otherwise he'll bring the dog up himself. Helen suddenly exclaims from the kitchen that Bouncer has eaten the meat she left on the kitchen counter. She adds that the side gate was open outside. Hannah cries in horror that Bouncer's *gone*.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is setting up for the day, telling Gaby as she does so that Marco 'phoned last night and he's in Italy: he's teamed up with Caroline and is working in her bar. The shop door opens and Wayne comes in. Gaby mutters:
GABY: If it isn't Mr. Charmer.
Wayne tells her that he has a present for her as a peace offering; he tried to think of something she really needs. He hands her an envelope. She opens it, takes out a piece of paper, reads it and then snaps:
GABY: A beauty treatment. Is this meant to be funny?
WAYNE: No, I thought you'd—
GABY: You think I'm in need of a visit to the beauty parlour.
WAYNE: Gaby, you're taking it the wrong way. I—
GABY (thrusting the paper at him): To hell with your peace offering. Why don't you just go back to Woop Woop or wherever you came from? If I never see you again, it'll be too soon.
She storms out.
Ramsay Street
Hannah, Jim and Helen are searching for Bouncer, Hannah yelling his name. Doug calls over from outside No. 28 and asks what's happened. Jim explains about Bouncer turning up and then disappearing again. Julie emerges from No. 32 and Hannah spots her and runs and gives her a hug. Doug calls over to Jim, who joins him by his car. Doug says quietly that he knows it's none of his business, but does Jim know what happened at Lassiter's last night? Jim says he doesn't. Doug explains about Julie bursting in and accusing Philip and Gaby of having an affair. He adds that he thinks she needs some help. Jim stands there looking concerned.
Across the street, Julie walks off down the road. Hannah keeps calling for Bouncer. Wayne joins Helen and offers to help look.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gaby sits down and Philip tells her that he wants to apologise to her for last night; it's not fair for her to be embroiled in his personal problems. Gaby asks if he's spoken to Mr. Howard yet, but Philip replies that he's not in; he'll try him again later. There's suddenly a knock on the door. It then opens slowly and Julie comes in. Philip warns her that she's supposed to be home in bed, but Julie says she wants to apologise to Gaby. She then turns to Gaby and tells her that she's truly sorry; she managed to convince herself of something that was right off the mark. Gaby nods that they can put it behind them. She leaves the office. Left alone with his wife, Philip says:
PHILIP: Julie, you shouldn't be here.
JULIE: Philip, I know I was wrong, but I was horribly upset.
PHILIP: About *what*?
JULIE: You forgot our anniversary.
A look of horror crosses Philip's face, and he sighs that it slipped his mind. Julie tells him that she wanted to go out to dinner like they always do, but then he cancelled and she suddenly got suspicious and thought there was something going on behind her back. Philip puts his arms around her and apologises. He suggests that they go out tonight.
Helen, Jim, Wayne and Hannah are still looking for Bouncer. Helen suggests to Jim that they'll have to look somewhere else. Across the other side of the park, though, Hannah suddenly spots Bouncer in a rubbish- filled corner along with several other dogs - puppies. Everyone runs over. Jim picks up one of the puppies and smiles that that's why Bouncer came rushing home: to be with his family! Hannah smiles at the small dogs fondly.
No. 32
Michael is lying on the couch when Julie comes in and asks him if he's seen that brooch Philip gave her for Christmas, as she wants to wear it tonight. Michael asks what's happening tonight and Julie tells him that she and Philip are going out on the town. Michael asks her if she's sure she's up to it, but Julie insists that she feels much better; everything's going to get back to normal. Philip arrives home and tells Julie that he's taking her to the Westminster. Julie goes to her room to start getting ready, even though the reservation is two hours away! Michael asks his father if it's a good idea to let Julie go to a restaurant. Philip replies that it's what they both need: a romantic evening. He adds with a smile:
PHILIP: We might find our old magic!
No. 28
Pam and Gaby are preparing dinner and Gaby tells her mother that it's not often that Julie admits to being wrong. Pam asks about Mr. Howard, but Gaby replies that he's been unavailable all day. She then tells Pam about Wayne giving her the voucher for a free session at a beauty parlour. Pam points out that he could have *meant* well. Gaby insists that Wayne did it to insult her, but Pam laughs that she remembers that Doug gave her a snazzy washing- up brush when they were first married, and thought she'd be pleased! She adds:
PAM: Men! They try hard, bless 'em, but when it comes to understanding women, most of them are living in the Dark Ages.
GABY: Are you saying that Wayne wasn't deliberately trying to offend me with that gift?
PAM: All I'm saying is that most men are hopelessly ham- fisted when it comes to buying gifts for women. He made the effort - he was probably very embarrassed going into a beauty parlour.
Gaby looks suddenly thoughtful.
Westminster restaurant
Sitting at their table, Julie smiles at Philip that this is swish; it's *worth* their anniversary being a day late. Philip tells her sincerely:
PHILIP: You look wonderful - a real valentine. Even prettier than when we first met.
JULIE (murmurs): I've been a lot of trouble lately, haven't I.
PHILIP: We've all been under a fair amount of stress. Why don't we forget our problems and enjoy ourselves?
A waiter comes over and asks Philip and Julie if they'd care for a drink. Julie says she'd like some wine. Philip, however, tells her gently but firmly that he thinks they should stick to mineral water tonight. Julie looks at him in disbelief.
No. 26
Cathy is stroking one of the puppies as Helen tells her that Toby said Bouncer disappeared quite a lot before they moved, and now they know why! Jim hangs up the 'phone. Wayne comments that Joe Mangel's got a fair space, then? Helen explains that it's a farm - belongs to a friend of his. Doug asks Jim how he's going to get the puppies there and Jim says he'll drive, he supposes. Doug says he and Pam have been meaning to visit Joe and Melanie for ages; they can fit the pups into the ute, no worries. Jim asks when he'd go and Doug replies that they'll go tomorrow if Pam can swing her nursing shift. Helen beams:
HELEN: At last - a bit of neighbourhood co- operation! It's been a while!
Hannah is stroking Bouncer, saying sadly:
HANNAH: I wish I could go with you...
Philip is driving home, Julie growling at him from the passenger seat:
JULIE: You humiliated me in front of that waiter.
PHILIP: I didn't *mean* to. I had no choice.
JULIE: Because you won't let me drink.
PHILIP: Correct.
JULIE: You're treating me like a child, Philip. Don't think I haven't noticed you've removed all the grog from the house.
PHILIP: It's for your own good.
JULIE (snaps): You don't trust me.
PHILIP: I have good reason to.
JULIE: For God's sake, Philip, what do you think I am? A drunk?
Philip just looks at her. Julie gasps:
JULIE: How *dare* you!
PHILIP: Face facts, Julie, it's the truth. I found your empty bottles in the kitchen... your glass stained with lipstick because you were too loaded to wash it up...
Julie suddenly snaps at Philip to stop the car. She starts thrashing around, in a repeat of how Loretta acted before the crash that killed her. Philip yells at Julie to settle down. Julie yells:
JULIE: Let me out. Stop the car.
PHILIP (warns): Julie, we'll *crash*.
JULIE: I don't care. STOP THE CAR.
A few moments later, Philip brings the car to a sudden, screeching halt. Julie turns to him and demands:
JULIE: Why didn't you stop when I asked you? What is the matter with you, Philip?
PHILIP (furiously): Just go. Just get out.
JULIE: Philip... what is it?
PHILIP: Just leave me alone. Leave me alone.
Julie stares at him.
No. 32
Sometime later, back at No. 32, Julie is pleading with Philip to talk to her; tell her what he's feeling. Michael joins them and asks what happened. Julie snaps at him that they had an argument in the car. Philip goes to storm out, yelling:
PHILIP: I just can't *take* it anymore.
JULIE: Anymore *what*?
PHILIP: Any more of *you*. You're carrying on just the same as Loretta did.
JULIE (exclaims): *Loretta*?
PHILIP: The tantrums, the lies, the deceit, the carry- on...
JULIE: That's not true! How could you say such things?
PHILIP: Out there in the car, it's as if you *were* Loretta - grabbing the wheel—
Michael tries to tell his father that he can't put his mum's problems onto Julie. Philip just storms off to his and Julie's bedroom, yelling at Julie to leave him alone. Julie stands there looking upset.
No. 26
Wayne opens the front door and finds Gaby standing on the step. She asks if she can come in for a minute, adding that she just wants to clear the air. Wayne comments that he thought if she never saw him again it would be too soon. Gaby admits that she may have misjudged him; she's sure that, in his own unique way, he thought he'd be giving her something that she'd like - so she came to say that she'd be happy to accept the gift. Wayne, however, tells her coolly that it's too late: he's given it to somebody else - somebody who'll *appreciate* it. Gaby shrugs that it doesn't matter. Wayne, however, goes on:
WAYNE: No, no, the gift wasn't important. It was just a way of reaching out and being friendly - 'cos for some reason I thought I actually *liked* you. Now I know how wrong I was.
He tells Gaby that she's a real pain in the bum. Gaby glares at him and snaps at him to keep out of her life. She storm off. Wayne slams the door behind her.
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Pam climbs into Doug's ute, surrounded by puppies! Helen tells her to say hello to Joe and Melanie. Bouncer jumps into the back of the ute and Hannah tells him that she'll write to him. Jim assures her that Bouncer will be fine. Doug climbs into the ute and drives off down the street. As Jim, Helen and Hannah watch them go, Philip walks over with Michael and says to his daughter:
PHILIP: Hello, button.
He gives Hannah a hug. Michael heads off down the street. Philip suggests to Hannah that she go and talk to Debbie inside the house while *he* talks to Jim and Helen. Hannah runs across to No. 32, leaving Philip to ask Jim and Helen if they can go inside.
No. 26
As the three of them head into the house, Helen comments to Philip that he doesn't look well. Philip sighs that he's exhausted, mainly. Jim invites him to sit down and asks if there's more trouble at home. Philip nods that the situation has gone from bad to worse. Jim comments that he gathers Philip means Julie. Helen adds that they heard about her outburst. Philip sighs:
PHILIP: It's just the tip of the iceberg, I'm afraid. She's totally erratic: one moment she's happy and laughing, the next she's carrying on like a mad person. Last night was the final disaster.
JIM: What happened?
PHILIP: Our anniversary dinner was a complete failure because I wouldn't let her order wine. We had a big blue on the way home. She just started grabbing for the wheel. We nearly had a crash.
HELEN (exclaims): That sounds like Loretta.
PHILIP (grimly): Yeah - it's a bit like history repeating itself.
He pauses before going on:
PHILIP: I swear I've done all I can for Julie - I swear it. I just can't handle it anymore.
HELEN (warily): Philip, what are you saying?
PHILIP: I've had enough. It's over. Finished.
Jim and Helen look at him in concern.
Michael walks up to his mother's grave with a bunch of flowers. He puts them down and then smiles:
MICHAEL: I've done it, mum. The marriage is over. I did it for *you*. She's going out of our lives forever. We won, mum. We won.
<<1849 - 1851>>
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Bouncer, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Bouncer, Hannah Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1850
Pam Willis

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Hannah Martin

Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1850
Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan

Jim Robinson, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Jim Robinson, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Doug Willis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1850
Doug Willis, Jim Robinson

Julie Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1850
Julie Martin, Gaby Willis

Hannah Martin, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1850
Hannah Martin, Wayne Duncan

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Philip Martin

Pam Willis, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1850
Pam Willis, Gaby Willis

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Julie Martin

Jim Robinson, Cathy Alessi, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1850
Jim Robinson, Cathy Alessi, Doug Willis

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Julie Martin

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Philip Martin

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1850
Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan

Bouncer, Jim Robinson, Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1850
Bouncer, Jim Robinson, Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1850
Helen Daniels

Philip Martin, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1850
Philip Martin, Jim Robinson

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1850
Michael Martin

<<1849 - 1851>>
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