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Neighbours Episode 7666 from 2017 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7666 (The mystery bench scene)
Australian and UK airdate: 14/08/17
Writer: Jo Kasch
Director: Jean-Pierre Mignon
Guests: Special appearance by Madeleine West
Nick Petrides: Damien Fotiou
Cate Bickford: Sian Pryce
Unknown person: Lliam Murphy
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Sonya watching Amy bond with Nell and Toadie.
- Amy telling Toadie that Sonya thinks they have something going between them.
- Toadie promising to talk to Sonya and set her clear that there is definitely nothing going on as he doesn't see Amy like that.
- Sonya agreeing to attend counselling with Toadie.
- Steph double checking that Jack still wants her to spend time with Gabe after what happened.
- Steph coming clean to Paige about her hallucination.
- Paige deciding that she doesn't want Steph around Gabe.
Number 22
While Steph takes off on her bike, Jack tries to talk to Paige about her not wanting Steph to be near Gabe. While she gets that it was just a wobble and not a relapse, she can't forget what Steph did and isn't prepared to put Gabe at risk. Jack gets she doesn't want Steph alone with the baby but can't understand why she doesn't want her near him at all. "I know it seems that I am being unreasonable but he is still so little and so helpless," she explains adding that she thought he'd be thinking the same.
The Waterhole
Shane is pleased to hear that Toadie and Sonya are going to counselling although Toadie is unsure whether to bring up how Sonya described him (as a fixer) as he doesn't want to get the session off on a negative footing. "As you only know, counselling only works if you're honest," Shane reminds his brother.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Mark spots Sonya in the street to see if she fancies a cuppa before he starts work but she declines the invite, telling him that she's got a counselling session with Toadie. He sincerely hopes that things work out between them and heads off, acknowledging Toadie as they pass one another.
TOADIE: You all right to do this?
Number 30
Toadie and Sonya are sat at opposite sides of the table with the marriage counsellor (Cate) sat at the end of the table. Task 1 was to set out their objectives - Toadie's is that he wants to repair their marriage while Sonya's is that she wants them both to heal. Just as they are about to work on them, Toadie interrupts to say he wants to talk about something else recently as he feels it will be better - Sonya calling him a fixer. He points out that she is one too (citing being a surrogate for Mark and Steph) while partially acknowledging that, she feels it was more about her need, her want to have another baby and admits she wasn't honest about that to him.
SONYA: When I help people, it's a way for me to help myself, and I'm not always aware that I'm doing it.
She acknowledges that she will need to work on that, then accuses Toadie of ignoring his needs to make other people happy as a way to escape from his problems. "Isn't that a good thing?" a bemused Toadie asks but she tries to explain that he uses that as a way of avoiding processing his emotions, citing sorting out Willow's life recently instead of them.
SONYA: I guess that's what I'm worried about because everything that you're choosing to ignore, all of that, all of that just leads back to Dee.
The Shed
Mishti is impressed at the session Steph has just done (her doctor recommended she exercised as often as she can) and admits that not too long ago, it was the only thing keeping her sane! She then wonders what Steph's drinking (some Japanese peach tea) and remarks that it's probably full of caffeine. Steph was unaware that it contained caffeine and Mishti warns that it can affect any medication someone is taking.
MISHTI: That could really mess you around.
The penny then drops with Steph that she's consuming too much caffeine and Mishti suggests she looks into it.
Amy exits the church (where Jack used to preach) and goes over on her ankle but someone following her comes to her rescue. Her hero is Nick and despite her protestations, he wants to check her ankle out... that is if they can take their eyes away from each other!!!
Examination over and Nick declares she's just mildly twisted her ankle and a bit of rest will help, and to make sure she rests, he sits down on the wall next to her. She subtly quizzes him if he has a practice locally and he replies no, he is just in town to for family. They then start talking over why they were at the church and Amy admits she does a lot of falling over but is good a picking herself up although given her injury, that won't happen in a hurry! Both seem content to sit and wait while her ankle recovers.
Number 30
We're back with the counselling session and Sonya telling Toadie that bringing up Dee "is not my way of trying to put all of our problems on you." He's fine with it being brought up as he knows "there is a lot of hurt there."
TOADIE: It was never as simple as choosing Dee over you.
SONYA: I know, you've reassured me of that, I believe you but you still did what you did.
Cate wants Toadie to explain how he was feeling at the time and he does that by saying that before Andrea happened, the surrogacy was already pulling them apart. "I still don't think that's why you did what you did," Sonya replies and the counsellor wants her to expand on it.
SONYA: I just think that this whole situation with Andrea, it's not just about you wanting to connect with Dee again, I think it's about you wanting to alleviate the guilt that you feel for Dee's death.
Toadie is struggling to keep his emotions under control at this point and eventually he replies "yeah" to what Sonya has just said.
TOADIE: I've never really um, never really come to terms with feeling responsible for...
SONYA: No, you haven't and I think that's why you're constantly trying to help people. I think you will do anything, so to not be consumed by these feelings, but it's just, I mean, it's the lengths you go to Jarrod. I mean at the beginning of our relationship you turned your back on me so you could marry Steph, so you could help her hide the paternity of her child! My god! I mean this is what you do okay, you deny your wants, you deny your needs, you just put so much pressure on yourself, so much pressure. And I mean that night when Andrea came to you I just don't think you could handle it anymore, you just, you stopped trying to fix things, you just stopped trying! You stopped trying to save everyone and you did what you did. And until you work through that guilt I just don't think anything is ever going to change here.
TOADIE: I love you.
SONYA: I know my darling, I know that, I just can't rely on it. I...not until you properly deal with the death of your first wife.
Number 22
Steph has been to get things checked out with her psychiatrist following on what Mishti said to her - they concur that it could have affected the meds and she's to undergo a blood test to confirm things. However the good news is once the caffeine is out of her system, and she is stabilised, then she will be fine.
Despite the news, Paige is still reluctant to let Steph near Gabe until she is completely certain things are under control, "and right now I'm not." Jack doesn't agree with Paige but will respect her decision and Steph goes along with their wishes.
Nick admits that previously he was an atheist (given his science background) but went through a black time where he woke up one day with nothing, so walked into a chapel and it helped. Amy gets that and explains she's the opposite of him - she truly believed but then something happened and she couldn't anymore. She admits that going to the church today was a bit of a test to see if it would help again. "And did it?" Nick asks and she admits that even though she wanted it to, sitting in the church felt false. Nick suggests that she goes in with him as it might not seem so false going there with a friend?
And as the pair walk out of the church together, it seems to have worked and she admits that going back in "was the right thing to do," and thanks him. In turn, Nick thanks her as it's the best time he's had in ages and really enjoyed spending time with her. Amy reciprocates that and the pair linger before finally heading off separately.
Number 22
While packing for Queensland, Paige unloads on Mark about feeling uneasy about "pulling rank" with Steph and Jack earlier. "You shouldn't feel bad," he tries to reassure her with, she was simply listening to her gut.
Despite her mouth saying one thing, her body language says the total opposite when Mark announces that he is off to see Elly to arrange a date to the film festival. But that then gets put on the back burner when Mark lets slip that he knew about Steph's mental health issues and that he kept quiet to try and diffuse the problem. She ain't happy and orders him to "go and be with Elly!"
Handy Woman/Garage
Over the dividing wall, Amy tells Tyler about her visit to the church and about meeting a guy there.
TYLER: Let me get this straight, you went to the church to get over one guy and you picked up another one while you were there?
AMY: Not sure it counts as a pick up and I didn't get his name!
She is still on a high after meeting Nick and admits that she did have a good time. "It's good to see you all glowing," Tyler says to her and she plans on keeping that going "with or without a guy around."
AMY: No more wallowing, as you as my witness!
TYLER: Amen!
Number 30
"We both knew that wasn't going to be easy," Toadie admits after Sonya sees Cate out of the house. "No," Sonya agrees and thinks that they need more sessions, however both admit they've got a lot of thinking to do before their next session.
TOADIE: Please, just know one thing. I swear to you I will never do anything again to hurt you like this.
SONYA: I want to believe that but it's just going to take more than I guess a promise to break this cycle of behaviour.
TOADIE: Then I'll do the work, I'll turn myself inside out until there's absolutely nothing left of me that'll ever put you through anything like this again.
Handing out an olive branch, Toadie asks if they "could be happy, like before?"
SONYA: I want to be.
TOADIE: Me too.
He then reaches out for Sonya's hands, before taking them in his own and saying that they will need to find a way through this. "I agree," Sonya replies.
TOADIE: Dee's dead, Andrea is long gone. From now on, it's just you and me.
Park somewhere
We cut to somewhere where we see Dee (or is Andrea?!) in a white dress sitting on a park bench before some guy comes up to enquire if she is okay as she looked miles away. Whoever it is, declares that they are fine, they're simply thinking of old times.
Harold's café
Jack tries to explain to Steph the difficulty he is in wanting to support Paige's decision but equally wanting her to spend time with Gabe. She reassures him that she gets Paige's (and Gabe) needs come first. "You have been so gracious about all of this," he tells her and stops him from going to talk to Paige on her behalf.
STEPH: I really appreciate all the support you've shown me, you've been so wonderful and it's been great getting to know you but I think maybe this, us, it just it complicates things too much just now.
JACK: No, not at all, like okay a little but you know not to the point that we need to actually stop this.
STEPH: As lovely as this has been, family is much more important, you need to devote yourself to that.
The Waterhole
Amy, Mishti and Tyler are discussing what makes Erinsborough liveable over drinks and a game of pool when Amy heads off to the bar to get the drinks in. In reality, it's just so she can go speak to Nick, who she spotted standing at the bar.
Given the smiles on both their faces, it would appear that the feeling is mutual that they've seen each other again and it appears both were so nervous (at the church) that they forgot to ask basic things like a name and phone number! "Why don't we start again?" Nick suggests and holds his hand out to say that he is Nick and that he's pleased to meet her, and Amy does likewise. Nick offers to shout her a drink and she's going to have whatever he's having and while he gets the drinks, she hobbles back towards the others.
"It's him!" she tells Tyler and Mishti and thinks perhaps that "maybe it's meant to be?"
TYLER: I don't know what it is but it's not good. That's Piper's uncle, Nick. The doctor who went to jail for almost killing your father.
- Leo acting as a big brother when Nick tries to talk to Amy.
- Aaron giving Mark a pep talk.
- Fay wanting to talk to her sons.
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Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7666
Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7666
Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Mark Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7666
Mark Brennan, Sonya Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Cate Bickford, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7666
Toadie Rebecchi, Cate Bickford, Sonya Rebecchi

Mishti Sharma, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 7666
Mishti Sharma, Steph Scully

Amy Williams, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7666
Amy Williams, Nick Petrides

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7666
Toadie Rebecchi

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7666
Sonya Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Jack Callahan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7666
Steph Scully, Jack Callahan, Paige Smith

Amy Williams, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7666
Amy Williams, Nick Petrides

Mark Brennan, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7666
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith

Amy Williams, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7666
Amy Williams, Tyler Brennan

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7666
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Riley Cooper, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 7666
Riley Cooper, Dee Bliss

Steph Scully, Jack Callahan in Neighbours Episode 7666
Steph Scully, Jack Callahan

Amy Williams, Mishti Sharma, Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7666
Amy Williams, Mishti Sharma, Tyler Brennan

Amy Williams, Nick Petrides in Neighbours Episode 7666
Amy Williams, Nick Petrides

Tyler Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7666
Tyler Brennan

Amy Williams in Neighbours Episode 7666
Amy Williams

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