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Neighbours Episode 2395 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2395 (Joanna Hartman arrives)
Australian airdate: 26/05/95
UK airdate: 18/01/96
UK Gold: 04/01/02
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise is wondering what clothes she needs to take with her to Europe. Sam just rolls his eyes as usual.
When Sam has gone, Annalise tells Marlene that she feels awful. Marlene says as it's her last night, she'll cook for them all, but Annalise wants to cook Sam a romantic dinner for two. Marlene says she'll eat at Chez Chez to give her some space.
Luke is still pining for Libby while Jen practises building a house of cards.
Ren is stressed about the business and mopes off to bed.
Luke has written Libby another letter.
Martins, the following morning
Reuben is putting up one of Helen's pictures in the bedroom, so he can see it every morning when he wakes up. He tells Helen he's going to look after her. Helen says she won't be sorry to leave - things have been a bit fraught recently.
Helen says that Reuben should talk to Garnet about his illness. Reuben doesn't really want to, but Helen says that he'll be very upset if Reuben doesn't talk to him. Helen says times have changed - men can actually talk to each other now it's the nineties(!) Reuben finally agrees to think about it, but he's not making any promises.
Annalise has made Sam a lovely breakfast. She tells him it's "Sam Day" - he gets to call all the shots today. She's all packed and ready to go so now Sam is in control. He suggests a picnic in the park but first he takes her back to bed(!)
Ramsay Street
Luke gives Libby his letter. She tells him to rack off - she doesn't want any more letters. She tells Luke she hates him, and he can have it in writing if he wants!
Coffee Shop
Luke tells Jen what happened with Libby - she still hates him. Jen is practising making a house of cards again, it's the big day today. She gives Luke her camera so he can take a picture. She tells him to go easy with Libby and that time will sort things out.
Susan is mopping the floor in great irritation.
Ren comes in to ask if they'll sponsor her for the 40 hour famine.
Susan is very upset about the meeting she has to have with Anne about Libby. Technically, she thinks Libby is right about the greyhound thing privately, but that she has to remain neutral. Karl offers to go with her to the meeting, but she declines with regret saying diplomacy is not Karl's strong point(!)
Reuben tells Helen that he's decided to talk to Garnet after all. He'll meet him for lunch. Helen presses him to set a date.
Marlene calls round with a shepherds pie. Then she invites herself round for the day, saying that Sam and Annalise need space. Helen isn't very pleased, but Marlene doesn't pick up on this saying that she can't wait to see their wedding photos(!)
The meeting is over and Libby hasn't been expelled. She's still ranting at Susan though, saying Susan didn't support her.
Lassiter's Lake
Sam and Annalise are on their picnic. Sam reads the results of the poetry competition from the paper. He tells Annalise she hasn't won, but that someone else has.
The further you go from Erinsborough
The nearer you'll be
The oceans and mountains and plains don't divide
You and me
Our love has been mountain peaks, sunkissed
Our passion, oceans, moonlit
Our friendship still a trek over plains, often hard
So carry on your journey, go free
But the longer you're away
The nearer I'll be.
Annalise thinks the poem is beautiful, and realises that Sam wrote it. He says it's payback for the one she wrote him - and her going away present.
Karl switches on the computer and Susan is making dinner.
Libby comes in and wants a word with Susan. Susan makes Karl leave the room(!) Libby tells Susan that she's sorry for ranting at Susan. She says she's lost the plot today - she's had another row with Luke. Karl has crept back in and says that if Luke wants to be friends, he can't see the harm in it! Susan and Libby's jaws drop(!)
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Libby has come to see Luke. They agree that things could never have worked between them. Luke tells Libby that she deserves the best. Libby wants to know if Luke is seeing Lucy, but he says it's totally platonic. They agree to be mates.
In the shop, Jen has made the record with the house of cards - Luke takes a photo. Now they have to wait for the judges to arrive and not knock it over.
Sam and Annalise are saying goodbye very emotionally. Annalise says she doesn't even know why she's going. They both cry. Annalise asks if they can be faithful to each other and he says of course they will be.
Just then a blond girl knocks on the door, looking for Annalise Hartman. She says she needs to talk to her. Annalise says it's not a good time - she's just about to go overseas.
JO: I'm Joanna. I'm your half-sister.
<<2394 - 2396>>
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