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Neighbours Episode 2396 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2396
Australian airdate: 29/05/95
UK airdate: 19/01/96
UK Gold: 07/01/02
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl doesn't think they should bet on Suede Tess - it's a waste of money.
Hannah finds pictures of Lucy in a men's magazine.
Annalise is just off on a round-the-world tour when a blonde girl called Joanna turns up claiming to be her half-sister.
Annalise says she can't be her sister and anyway she has to go to the plane now. But Jo says she's brought some baby photos of Annalise and shows them to her - apparently she got them from her father. Annalise is touched that her father kep her photos. Jo also produces some letters that Annalise wrote to her father after her parents split up. Annalise is shocked.
Helen is starting the move into Reuben's house, but they invite her to stay for dinner - it's Lucy's turn. Hannah is still a bit frosty with Lucy.
Sam has cancelled Annalise's plane ticket.
Jo and Annalise talk at the kitchen table. Jo says that her father did try to keep in touch with Annalise, but her mother intercepted the letters. Then they moved around a lot and her father didn't know where she was. Jo says that her father wants to see her again, but he wants to be sure that Annalise wants to see him too. Annalise says she'll think about it.
Marlene comes in and is surprised to see Annalise is still there. Annalise explains about Jo's suden arrival - she didn't even know she had a sister until an hour ago.
The Pub
Cheryl makes a rule that staff are not allowed free drinks and must leave the premises 15 minutes after their shift finishes. Lou tells Cheryl that she's being silly - a few drinks to an employee is worth an awful lot more in employee goodwill. But Cheryl says Lou doesn't give free cars to his employees(!)
Sam and Jo come in and sit by the bar. Cheryl immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and think Sam has moved on very quickly from Annalise!
Jo is telling Sam that she doesn't want to cause any trouble with Annalise, but Sam says she just needs time to get used to the idea.
Lucy comes to talk to Hannah but she is still frosty. Hannah goes off to do her homework.
Helen tells Lucy that the magazine has shaken Hannah's faith in Lucy, but that she'll come round.
Helen tells Phil that she's persuaded Reuben to talk to Garnet. She says a family should tell the truth, even though it might hurt them very much.
Annalise is looking through the baby photos that Jo brought. She tells Marlene that she can't believe her mother kept her father away from her. Marlene thinks the fact that he kept the photos and the letters all these years. Marlene says that Jo is her sister and that makes her family. Annalise says she's managed fine without a family - this morning she knew exactly what she was doing and this evening she's all confused again. She wishes Jo had left the past dead and buried.
Round the back of the Bric-a-brac shop
Marlene is leaving milk out for a cat when Cheryl comes to find her. She tells Marlene that Sam came into the pub with a blonde girl. Marlene winds Cheryl up saying that Jo is very attractive. Marlene tells Cheryl mischievously that Annalise didn't go to Europe because she found out about Joanna(!) Cheryl looks worried(!)
Annalise says she doesn't want a sister, but Sam said it took a lot of guts for Jo to come to find Annalise at all. He says she owes it to Jo to call her up. But Annalise is worried that the situation with her father will blow up in her face. Sam says if she doesn't take the chance, she'll never forgive herself.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Phil are depressed that Suede Tess is losing again. Lou has lost a lot of money on her and doesn't want to tell Cheryl he was gambling! Phil says it's best to come clean!
Coffee Shop
Annalise and Jo are having a chat. Jo says she was really scared to get in touch with Annalise. Annalise says she wants them to get to know each other.
Just then, Cheryl comes in. She eyes Jo suspiciously. But Annalise explains that Jo is her little sister and Cheryl laughs in relief.!
Round the back of the Bric-a-brac Shop
Sam doesn't think Marlene's cat exists - noone but Marlene has ever seen him! They chat about Annalise and Sam says she's gone off to meet Jo right now. Sam is secretly hoping that Annalise and Jo have so much to talk about, Annalise will put off her plans to go to Europe!
The Pub
Cheryl wants the barman to make some bar snacks as well as his regular duties and he's not pleased. Lou is sucking up to Cheryl saying he won't buy a new suit for the council do. Lou goes on to tell Cheryl about the gambling on Suede Tess. Cheryl isn't pleased but doesn't yell at him. Lou hates the silent treatment worse than yelling.
Hannah is tending to her horse with Lucy a bit. They talk about the picture in the magazine. Hannah explains she used to think Lucy was really cool, but then she became a pain. Lucy says she's had her problems, but she's trying to make a fresh start now. She asks Hannah to give her a chance. Hannah doesn't say anything but gets on her horse.
The Pub
Marlene says she saw the man in the fruit shop earlier - he's not pleased that Cheryl has asked him to spruce his shop up(!)
Lassiter's Gazebo
Annalise and Jo are talking about when Annalise's mum and dad split up. Jo says she's been the lucky one, growing up with two parents. Mostly Annalise's Dad has worked in the building industry and is a very good singer too. Annalise invites Jo to come and stay at Marlene's.
JO: I know we've only just met. But I've got a feeling we're going to get along.
ANNALISE: Yeah, me too.
Helen, Phil and Hannah are having a picnic. The horse has got loose and Lucy manages to get hold of her. Hannah thanks Lucy for helping her. She gives Lucy a hug and says that they're friends again.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl thanks Lou for the flowers he sent her. But he's found a betting ticket in Cheryl's dry-cleaning - it seems she put a large bet on the same race that Lou lost money on! Cheryl laughs guiltily.
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