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Neighbours Episode 2397 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2397
Australian airdate: 30/05/95
UK airdate: 22/01/96
UK Gold: 08/01/02
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jen builds a house of cards to beat the world record.
Reuben decides to talk to Garnet about his illness.
Lou berates Cheryl for betting on Suede Tess.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett and Danni are fed up of eating meatloaf! Lou is still sulking about Cheryl putting him on a guilt trip when she was betting on the dog herself!
Cheryl says maybe they could loosen the purse strings slightly so they could eat nicer things. Danni wants to go back on full wages at the pub, but Cheryl says she's still being punished for the nightclub business.
Reuben's house
Helen wants to know when Garnet is coming over - apparently he is coming tomorrow. Reuben is choosing pictures to put on the wall. He says he doesn't know how he'll tell Garnet about his heart condition, or how much he loves him - normally they only talk about business!
Karl is playing on the computer game again. Billy comes back from swimming - apparently he has to clean the No.30 pool as he's the only one using it(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett and Lou are playing chess. Danni drags Brett off for a word about the Hamlet test - she hasn't read the book, but she's watched the movie. She doesn't understand any of it though. She begs Brett to help her study but he won't.
BRETT: I'm sick and tired of bailing you out when you haven't done your homework. It's like doing Year 12 for two people!
He refuses to help her and sits back down with Lou. Lou tells Danni and Brett off for bickering. Suddenly he sees a good move for his chess piece.
LOU: Check...mate!
The Pub, the following morning
Cheryl and Lou are feeling great this morning. A man called Rodney - the florist - comes in. Cheryl tells him that she's been meaning to talk to him about doing up his shop a bit. He says it's Cheryl's responsibility as the landlord. He also tells Cheryl that he's not renewing his lease - he's moving to West Warratah where the rent is cheaper.
Cheryl is very worried - they can't afford to lose a tenant. But Lou says she'll just have to get someone else in. Cheryl is pessimistic and says that it's all starting to fall apart.
Jen is practising eating dim sums as part of a world record attempt. Hannah is sticking to cereal. Hannah offers Jen to ride Painter for exercise to burn off the dim sums! But Jen says she's not a horsey person.
Danni is panicking about the Hamlet test with Mal. He's offended that she thinks he might have inside knowledge about the test from Susan. Then she asks to borrow his notes. Mal says no - she's treated him like dirt for the past few weeks.
Hannah is still mad with Billy for buying Ambrosia magazines.
Susan tells Libby and Brett about a WorldVision essay competitiont - the winner gets to go to Africa.
Danni is apologising to Mal about the nightclub stuff. Mal finally agrees that she can read his Hamlet notes.
Reuben's house
Garnet has arrived and he and Reuben sit in the garden. They talk about his mother and when she died. Then Reuben breaks off and asks Garnet about his business. He looks a bit disappointed. Helen comes out just as Garnet is leaving.
HELEN: You didn't tell him, did you?
REUBEN: I tried, Helen.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou has bought Cheryl flowers - they were going cheap in the florist's shop that is closing down. Cheryl says the only way they can survive is to put up everyone else's rent. Lou says she can't upset anyone else as they might leave too. Cheryl says it's the only way - she's drowning financially and there isn't a lifeboat in sight.
Libby and Brett are discussing the essay competition. They decide to work on it together - but after Brett's Hamlet test.
Coffee Shop
Jen is eating dim sums again, but she's getting fed up of them.
Karl comes in saying he's fed up of his new receptionist smoking outsdie the surgery. Phil asks Karl to sponsor him and Jen for the 40 hour famine. He reluctantly(!) agrees.
Danni, Mal and Brett are working on their Hamlet test. Danni is trying to copy off Mal. Mal sees her and tries to look at her paper to see if she really has copied him. Susan only sees Mal doing this and tells him he's failed for cheating.
After the test, Libby is amazed to hear from Brett that Mal has been caught cheating - it's just not his style.
Billy is looking fed up. Hannah tells him off again for being a pervert. He says he's only a pervert when Toadie is around(!) Billy's glad Toadie's gone back to Colac for a bit - it'll keep him away from trouble!
In the classroom, Susan is telling Mal off for cheating. He is trying to protest but Susan says his answer is the same as Danni's. Danni comes in at that moment but Mal doesn't grass her up.
The Pub
Helen is meeting Garnet for a chat. Garnet is frustrated that Reuben won't be honest with him about his illness. Helen says that Reuben really is trying, but Garnet says it could be too late by then. Helen suggests that they could both come to dinner at the Martins in Ramsay Street and have another go.
Mal is furious with Danni for cheating - he thinks she's really selfish and never thinks about anyone else. She's pleased that Mal didn't dob her in. Mal isn't pleased though and says he doesn't want to be her boyfriend anymore - he doesn't like her anymore.
<<2396 - 2398>>
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