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Neighbours Episode 2398 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2398
Australian airdate: 31/05/95
UK airdate: 23/01/96
UK Gold: 09/01/02
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bianca's mother wants to get to know her - she says she's leave her husband if necessary.
Mal breaks up with Danni.
Coffee Shop
Ren comes in for a strong coffee and a new brain(!) She's fed up of dealing with fashion buyers. Mark is working on a menu for after the 40 hour famine. He wants to do some African cuisine, but all he can think of couscous. He decides to do pasta instead.
Mark says he's going to use the end of the famine to launch his new name for the shop - "The Holy Roll" (!)
Stonie and Cody come in - they've just been to Lunar Park. Ren wants to know if she and Stonie are an item. Cody is cross.
CODY: Ren, Stonie and I have fun together. How much fun have you have lately?
Bianca is making her mother a cup of tea. They are getting on quite well and getting to know each other a bit. Her mother thinks Marlene has been very good to her and Bianca agrees. They hug each other tenderly. Aw.
Lou and cheryl's
Brett is putting hundreds and thousands on toast (yuk). Danni comes in very fed up about what happened in school. Brett thinks Matt is in deep trouble about the test. Danni tells him she and Mal have split up and Brett says he can see why - Mal was always the one doing stuff for Danni. Danni isn't pleased and lets slip that she was cheating off Mal in the exam. Brett is appalled and tells her it's wrong to let Mal get into trouble for something she did.
Susan has written Mal a replacement exam paper. Danni comes round and admits to Susan that she was the one who cheated on the test. Danni apologises to Mal too. But he says it doesn't change things - they're still finished - he says she doesn't want a boyfriend, she wants a slave.
When Danni has gone, Susan says she's glad to see Mal sticking up for himself at last!
Brett has brought Helen some fresh rosemary to cook with. Reuben can't understand why Helen has done so many potatoes but she says she always cooks too much(!)
There's a knock at the door and Reuben answers it to Garnet. Reuben doesn't seem cross that Helen has invited him to dinner without his knowledge. They sit down to have a drink.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cody and Stonie are hanging out and having fun. Jen is still eating dim sums.
Danni tells Cody to tell Stonie to keep the noise down. Cody tells her frostily to mind her own business.
Bianca tells Brett that she's going away with her mum for a bit to meet the rest of her family. Also there is an agricultural college up there so she could finish off her course. Brett is surprised at this development. Bianca says it really depends on her mother's husband and how things go with him.
Helen, Garnet and Reuben are just finishing their dinner. Reuben is happy and they chat amicably about Garnet's childhood. They decide to get some old home movies out and get them transferred to video tape.
Garnet says he remembers his mother was always laughing. Suddenly Reuben gets melancholy and says that when he goes, he doesn't think Garnet's memories of him will be very good. Garnet says that Reuben would be surprised. Helen leaves them to go through to the lounge and have a chat.
Garden of No.30
Ren tells Jen that she's unhappy with her fashion designs, and to be fair they are hideous. Jen has come to ask Ren to make her up an aromatherapy lotion for the spots she's getting from eating dim sums. Ren says she doesn't have time and Jen should just stop eating dim sums - it's a silly record anyway. Jen says she's locked into it now, so she'll just get something from the chemist.
Ramsay Street
Jen is running to burn off the dim sums(!)
Brett and Danni offer to walk Mal to school, but he doesn't want to. He tells Danni that he meants what he said.
Danni comments that Cody is silly to fall for Stonie, saying he's a moron.
MAL: If you can't say anything decent about people, why don't you just shut up?
Danni has come to grovel to Ren to get her job back. Ren doesn't want Danni back, but Danni says that Ren and the business need her talent. Ren refuses and tells Danni to butt out and leave her alone.
Bianca's mother comes round to see her. She's rung her brother to tell him they're coming. Her mother says she hasn't told her the whole story though. Her husband does know about Bianca - and he gave her an ultimatum: either him and the kids or Bianca. Bianca isn't pleased that her mother lied to her. Her mother says that whatever she does, she'll lose. Bianca suggests that she gives Alberto an ultimatum herself - either he accepts Bianca into the family, or she leaves him and takes her other children with her.
Coffee Shop
Jen is eating dim sums again, saying she'll have to break the jogging record next(!)
Danni is telling Brett that Ren turned her down. Brett says he isn't surprised - Danni is completely tactless.
Just then Bianca comes to the school gate and calls to Brett. She tells him about the situation with her mother and her husband.
Reuben's house
Helen is sketching Reuben. They chat about the evening before and says it was nice that Reuben and his son chatted about old times. Reuben still hasn't spoken to Garnet about his illness though. Reuben says he can't wear his heart on his sleeve, but Helen says he always does with her.
Susan is handing back the Hamlet test. Stonie has got a C+ and is very pleased.
SUSAN: Although I think your description of Rosencrantz and Gildenstern as a "couple of skanky skinheads" is pushing the text just a little bit too far!
Susan publically apologises to Malcolm for accusing him of cheating. Danni is kept behind to resit the Hamlet exam.
Ren is on the phone to a supplier, all upset. Apparently they don't like her designs. Then she starts crying and tries to rip her scarves up, crying. Mark comes in and stops her.
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