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Neighbours Episode 2399 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2399
Australian airdate: 01/06/95
UK airdate: 24/01/96
UK Gold: 10/01/02
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Brett and Bianca kiss.
- Jo tells Annalise that even though they've just met, she's got a feeling they're going to get along.
- Bianca tells her mother she's sick of lies. She suggests her mother gives her father an ultimatum.
- Ren loses it and rips up her scarves. Mark stops her.
Mark has summoned Karl because Ren is having an anxiety attack - he's got her breathing into a brown paper bag. Mark is concerned that he didn't notice that Ren was stressed. Karl advises him to talk to Ren to find out what's bothering her.
Coffee Shop
Luke thinks Mark is caught in a time- warp - he's not impressed with his ideas for the "Holy Roll". Luke thinks they should be going after the 18- 25 market - maybe get a BYO licence. Instead it'll be "bible readings with brunch after Mass"(!) Lucy wonders if a Coffee Shop is the right business for Mark, and thinks Mark has doubts too.
Annalise and Jo are chatting about Jo's childhood. Apparently she grew up near the beach. Marlene is trying to find Colonel Parker's breed in a cat book, but is not having much luck. Annalise says he could be a cross- breed, but Marlene thinks he looks aristocratic(!)
Jo apparently loves cats, so that's another thing she and Annalise have in common.
JO: Already I can see we're awfully alike in some ways.
ANNALISE: Mmm, and probably completely different in others!
Bianca comes in and gripes about her mother.
Coffee Shop
Karl comes in and tells Susan that his receptionist (Helena) is not setting a good example to his patients as she's a heavy smoker. Otherwise, she's great, so it's a difficult situation. Susan has the same problem with kids smoking at school. Karl gives her a poster about anti- smoking for school, and he's got some for the Coffee Shop too.
Susan heads off to play the computer game(!)
KARL: You mean you'd rather play computer games than talk to your husband?
SUSAN: Yeah!
She heads off. When she's gone, Karl sits down with Brett. He asks if Brett wants anything, so Brett takes the opportunity to order half the menu(!)
Mark is on the phone to Luke saying he doesn't want to leave Ren alone, so can't come in to work. Ren is crying and tells Mark she doesn't know why she's in such a state. Not long ago she was on top of the world, now it's all fallen apart. Her career is in the toilet. Mark reassures her that her chosen profession is always up and down. Ren says it's not just work - it's her personal life too. The only guy she cared about turned out to be a crook.
REN: I just want to find a dark hole somewhere and hide.
Mark hugs her.
Coffee Shop
Luke is serving Brett his large amount of food(!) Brett says he's hungry because Cheryl only serves meatloaf these days! Karl is bribing Brett to help him out with the computer game - he wants to be top of the leader board by midnight(!)
Susan is doing quite well on the game when Karl and Brett come in. But she soon reaches "Game Over"(!) She asks Brett and Karl what they're whispering about!
Bianca tells Annalise not to bother with her father - it's a lost cause and she'll only get hurt. Well, what a ray of sunshine Bianca is.
ANNALISE: Bianca, do you have to bring us down?!
Good question. Annalise says that yes, it might not work out, but they might as well try in case they do get on. Bianca gets very defensive, but Annalise tells her everyone has to make a personal decision about these things.
Maureen wants to get a cutting from Lou's garden which is apparently a flea repellent. It's for Colonel Parker the cat. (She explains to Brett that the name comes from Elvis's manager).
Brett is cooking a very nice meal - he's blown half his week's earnings on the ingredients for a meal with Bianca. He tells Marlene that he likes her a lot. (Why?!?)
Ren is now asleep in her room. Luke tells Mark that they'll help him look after Ren. Meanwhile, they should talk about business idea. Luke wants to attract young singles by staying open late and providing a good post- nightclub menu. And finally, a BYO licence. But Mark is distracted and isn't interested in talking now. Lucy says they'll write things down for Mark to read later.
Jo is on the phone to her father, telling him that she's getting on really well with Annalise. He wants to talk to Annalise, but she's too nervous to come to the phone at the moment.
When Jo has finished the call, she informs Annalise that their father is coming to visit - he'll be in Erinsborough next week!
Susan is playing the computer game while Karl attempts to find something to eat in the kitchen cupboard. Susan looks suspiciously at the screen and sees that Karl is at the top of the leaderboard(!)
KARL: I told you that Brett was giving me some pointers.
SUSAN: Some pointers?! I'd say he's unlocked the secrets of the Universe!
Susan tries to bribe Karl for information by flirting with him, but just then, Mark arrives. He's still worried about Ren - he thinks that she might be having a breakdown. Karl says it is possible, so Mark needs to talk and listen to Ren, make sure she eats and gets a lot of rest. If she doesn't improve, she could see a psychiatrist (but there's a lot of stigma about that).
Bianca is surprised that Brett has gone to so much trouble for her. He shows her to the table which is laid out with candles and a rose.
Luke is still banging on about his plans for the Coffee Shop - he's thinking of redecorating. Mark tells them that he's dead against alcohol and BYO - if people want it, they can go to Chez Chez. Luke sighs in despair. Lucy tells him quietly not to worry - she can change Mark's mind about anything(!)
Jo is telling Marlene about their father (Tarquin) coming to Erinsborough. He's going to perform - he dances, does comedy and sings as well.
JO: He's the best! Just you wait.
Bianca is bitching about her mother and generally being morose. Brett says at least Bianca tried with her mother.
The phone rings and it's Bianca's mother(!) After a short conversation, Bianca tells Brett she's going to see her mother now - and on her own. She walks out.
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