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Neighbours Episode 2400 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2400
Australian airdate: 02/06/95
UK airdate: 25/01/96
UK Gold: 11/01/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Bianca Zanotti - Annie Gagliardi
Claudia Marcusani - Helen Trenos
Stonefish - Anthony Engelman
Bar Person - Darrin Atkinson
Summary/Images by: Graham
Lucy telling Luke that she'll change Mark's mind.
Susan discovering that Karl's on top of the computer game scoreboard and suggesting he cheated!
Jen asking at the Coffee Shop who'd eat dim sums for breakfast - and Stonie then coming in and asking for some!
Bianca leaving Brett in the middle of dinner to go and see her mother.
Stonie puts some drinks on a table for himself and Cody. They're sitting with Jen and Philip, and Stonie asks Philip if Jen's going to hold a new world record by tomorrow. Philip corrects that it'll just be a *uni* record. He then comments to Jen that they should work out what they're going to do for the 40-hour famine.
JEN: Starve. What else?!
CODY: What time does it start?
PHILIP: Eight o'clock tomorrow night.
CODY: And what time does it finish?
STONIE (sarcastically): Forty hours later, of course, dummo!
CODY: Which *is*, dummo?!
STONIE: Um... noon on Sunday.
PHILIP (ever-so-slightly patronisingly!): Very good!
No. 22
Brett is clearing away dishes, talking to Dahl as he does so.
BRETT (bitterly): Total failure, Dahl. The most elaborate meal I've ever prepared and she doesn't even get through the first course. Utter disaster.
Cheryl and Lou arrive home at that moment, Cheryl muttering about another source of rent being wiped out and another shop standing empty. Lou tells her he'll see the accountant tomorrow. Cheryl joins Brett and notices the uneaten food on the counter.
CHERYL: My goodness, Brett: you're spending money on king prawns and eye fillet... Very fancy foods while our business is going down the gurgler.
BRETT: Yeah, well, I was trying to impress Bianca.
Brett then explains about Bianca running off on him. Cheryl says she's sure she'll have a very good excuse. She gives Brett a hug.
Bianca is sitting with her mother, who tells her daughter that she wants her to come with her to Dookey.
BIANCA: So you've given up?
BIANCA: What about Alberto and the kids?
CLAUDIA: This isn't easy...
BIANCA: Yeah, but they're just *kids*.
CLAUDIA: I *have* to leave them.
BIANCA (sourly): Like you left *me*.
Claudia reminds Bianca that Alberto threw her out.
BIANCA: But the *kids* didn't.
Claudia sighs that she doesn't have a choice. She then adds that she doesn't know how they'll work things out, but they will.
No. 28
The next morning, Libby is making breakfast when Karl emerges from the bedroom. He wanders over to the kitchen area and suggests:
KARL: Why don't I cook it for you and you can have a go on the computer, if you like?
LIBBY (smiling): No thanks - it's OK; it's all yours.
KARL (going and sitting at the computer): You don't normally have bacon and eggs for breakfast, do you?
LIBBY: Not usually. I'm trying to stock my body up for the big 40-hour famine.
KARL: Medically, of course, that's nonsense: your metabolism doesn't work that way.
Karl switches the computer on. He then beams:
KARL: Look what's on the screen...!
LIBBY (dismissively): Yeah...
KARL: I'm losing interest - aren't you? There's no challenge anymore. Not now. Not any longer.
The front door suddenly bangs and Billy comes in after a run. Karl says quickly.
KARL: Gosh: look what's on the screen!
BILLY: What?
KARL: Oh, hello there, Billy. Just something on this ridiculous computer game caught my eye.
BILLY: I'm freezing - I'll be in the shower.
KARL (calling after him): I'm in the top ten of the games scores.
Libby and Billy both dash over to look at the screen.
KARL (nonchalantly: Yeah... in fact, I'm number one!
Libby and Billy stare at the screen. Billy mutters that Karl's *useless* at the game; it must be a mistake. Karl just smiles at him!
Garden of No. 32
Marlene is serving up a barbecued breakfast for Annalise, Cody, Stonie and Sam, telling them that they won't get another breakfast until Monday. Cody says that Philip has invited them all to his place tonight to launch the famine. Sam goes and sits down with Annalise and asks her where Jo is this morning. Annalise explains that she's over in Elliot Park, checking out the venue for Tarquin's show.
SAM: It must be weird for your dad, eh, having his two daughters together for the first time?
ANNALISE: It's weird for *me*, too.
Sam then asks her about her overseas trip: has she decided yet?
ANNALISE: Not yet. Not quite. Almost, though. I love you, Sam.
Bianca joins them at that moment is quickly teased:
CODY: You didn't come home last night!
SAM: Heavy night at Brett's, eh?!
Bianca, however, explained that she stayed at the hotel with her mum. She then announces that she's going to leave this afternoon with her mum, to go to Griffith - to stay, hopefully.
BIANCA: If Alberto doesn't want us, she's going to take us to her brother's place in Dookey. I'm going to miss you all.
Marlene invites her to stay for breakfast. Bianca, however, declines, saying there's something she's got to go do.
No. 30
Lucy and Mark are sitting on the couch, Mark saying he needs two more ten-cent sponsors and he'll be right. He adds:
MARK: Wish I had another sponsor like Karl: a dollar an hour.
Luke joins them and asks how Ren is this morning. Mark replies that she's fast asleep - and it's the best thing for her. He adds that Karl thinks she needs to see a psychiatrist: she needs counselling. Mark then says he's made a decision about the coffee shop: he's going to close the Holy Roll for the duration of the forty-hour famine.
LUKE (aghast): What about *me*?
MARK: What *about* you?
LUKE: You're putting me out of work; you're depriving me of a whole day's wages.
MARK: I think that's a pretty selfish attitude, Luke, considering I'm the one losing all the income - besides which I happen to think it's a damn good cause.
LUKE: You can't *do* this.
MARK: Yes I can, mate: as you said, I'm the boss.
Luke glares at him.
No. 22
Brett is sitting at the table with Lou and Cheryl, but not eating. Bianca calls out suddenly from the front door and asks if she can come in. She joins the others and tells Brett that she wants to apologise for running out on him last night.
BRETT (nonchalantly): Oh, I wasn't hassled. I knew you had to talk to your mum!
Brett then asks how it went; was everything OK?
BIANCA: Yep - better than OK.
BRETT: So, a happy ending. I'm glad.
The two of them look at Cheryl and Lou pointedly. Cheryl takes the hint and suggests to Lou that they get the documents ready for the accountant. They leave the table. When they've gone, Bianca says:
BIANCA: Brett, there's something else I need to tell you.
BRETT: Yeah?
BIANCA: I'm leaving Erinsborough - this afternoon.
Brett stares at her in shock as she goes on:
BIANCA: It's my chance of a real home. I just want you to understand. I hoped you'd be happy for me.
BRETT (unconvincingly): Yeah. I am. Of course I am...
Ramsay Street
Stonie and Cody are playing football in the street when Luke marches out of No. 30 and mutters:
LUKE: Saint Mark Gottlieb. You know what he's doing? He's going to close the Coffee Shop during the famine.
LUKE: So, it means I don't work. How am I supposed to pay the rent?
Stonie just suggests to him that he join in the game of football!
Over at No. 22, the front door opens and Cheryl and Lou emerge, Cheryl sighing that they're in way too deep. Lou just suggests that they wait and see what the accountant says.
Further along the street, Karl is just about to climb into his car when the football hits him! Cody runs over to him, but Stonie wraps his arms around her from behind and pulls her away. She starts laughing! Luke goes to take the ball from Karl. As he does so, Karl says to him quietly:
KARL: Are Cody and Stonefish going out with each other?
LUKE: Yeah, of course.
KARL (looking stunned): That's *appalling*!
LUKE: Why?
KARL (stammering): He's... he... he's a Rebecchi!
No. 24
Claudia and Annalise are helping Bianca pack a suitcase. Bianca thanks Annalise for everything.
ANNALISE: I'm just glad everything worked out well for you two. If things go half as well for me and *my* father—
CLAUDIA: Annalise... of course they will; believe me.
ANNALISE: I hope so.
Annalise goes on that she'd really have missed Sam if she'd gone: he's been so supportive of everything.
CLAUDIA: Let your new family love you. Don't fight against it.
ANNALISE: No, I won't.
Holy Roll
Mark is sitting working at one of the tables while Lucy buzzes around, clearing plates away. The door suddenly opens, Luke comes in and sits down with Mark.
LUKE: Look, Mark, I'm all for World Vision and what you're trying to do—
MARK: I should hope so, mate.
LUKE: ...but you're not being fair to your employees.
MARK (snaps): Not being fair? World Vision will be able to feed an African family for four months on your weekend wages, Luke.
LUKE (taken aback): What? You were going to give World Vision what you would have paid me?
MARK: That's right: the entire anticipated profits from the whole weekend.
LUKE (deflated): Oh. I guess I can't really complain about that, can I?
Lucy sits down with them and says it doesn't make sense to *her* not to keep the shop open, either, and she suggests that they stay open but donate twenty cents from every cup of coffee to World Vision. Mark snaps that Luke would get away without making any sacrifice at all.
LUKE (curtly): Get off your high-horse, mate. I'm still being sponsored to do the fast.
Lucy then tells Mark that they're almost out of scones. Mark gets up and heads to the kitchen. When he's gone, Luke mutters to Lucy angrily:
LUKE: He thinks he's so clever...
Luke then gets up, walks over to the counter, picks up Mark's watch from where he's put it down and adjusts something.
LUCY (demands): What are you doing?
LUKE (retorts): Best you don't know...
Ramsay Street
A taxi driver puts Bianca and Claudia's suitcases in his car. A group of Ramsay Street residents are gathered outside No. 24. Sam hands Bianca an envelope and tells her that it's $1000 he won in the poetry competition; he wants to use it buy her share of the landscaping business.
BIANCA (uncertainly): But I never *had* a share...
SAM: On for goodness' sake, Bianca, don't argue, right?!
Bianca thanks him and gives him a hug. She then picks up a pot plant and hands it to Marlene, telling her sadly that it's all she had time to get. She picks up another plant and, turning to Brett, tells him:
BIANCA: It's a passionflower. You'll look after it for me, won't you?
BRETT: Yeah, I'll keep it alive - I promise...
Brett and Bianca then share a passionate farewell kiss. After a few seconds, they pull apart. Bianca and Clauda climb into the taxi. As it drives off, Bianca looks back at those who are gathered: Cody, Stonie, Sam, Annalise, Marlene and Brett. Tears stream down Bianca's face as the cab heads down Ramsay Street and she and Brett wave to each other for one final time...
No. 28
Billy and Libby are playing the computer game! Billy manages to complete every level.
LIBBY (excitedly): Let's see your score!
BILLY: I must have got the highest percentage of *all time*!
Libby brings up the scoreboard and gasps:
LIBBY: Dad's still at the top of the table.
BILLY (astonished): That's not possible.
LIBBY: This is really suss: dad was a *terrible* player to start off with.
At that moment, the front door opens and Karl comes in. Billy demands immediately:
BILLY: Dad, what's going on?
LIBBY: Dad, we were just looking at your game score again.
KARL (smugly): How about that, eh?!
LIBBY: Yeah... it's really impressive.
KARL: Thank you very much!
LIBBY: How'd you do it?
KARL: Oh well - you know: experience... logic.... natural aptitude!
BILLY (glancing at Libby sneakily): Yeah? Well, we were wondering how you got past the Thrifty Admirals... in the final level.
KARL (looking slightly puzzled): Oh them. Well, I er—
LIBBY (to Billy): I bet you he used the whip and feathers.
KARL (snapping his fingers): That was it: the whip and feathers. Works every time. Get anyone a cup of tea?
Billy and Libby just stare at Karl, prompting him to ask what's wrong.
LIBBY: Dad, there *are* no whip and feathers.
KARL (his face dropping): Oh...
BILLY: There *are* no Thrifty Admirals.
KARL: Oh... I, er...
KARL (quietly): I cheated.
BILLY: Pardon?
KARL (more loudly): I cheated.
BILLY and LIBBY (aghast): You *cheated*?!
Karl stands there, looking shame-faced!
No. 22
Brett is sitting at the kitchen table with his passionflower when Cheryl and Lou arrive home, Cheryl ranting about the accountant having told them they were in serious financial trouble. Brett stands up and tries to show his mother the passionflower. Cheryl, however, snaps at him angrily:
CHERYL: We are in serious financial trouble and you are off spending money on luxury dinners and now a pot plant.
BRETT: Mum, it didn't cost you a cent; it was a gift.
CHERYL: Just as well.
BRETT (loudly): Mum, I know you've got problems at Lassiter's, OK, but I can't do anything about that—
CHERYL (yells): I never*asked* you to do anything about it.
BRETT (rants): Yes you do. You're always going on about *your* problems, but you wouldn't have a clue about what's happening in *our* lives.
Lou puts his hand on Brett's shoulder and asks him gently about the plant.
BRETT: Oh nothing. Just a gift from Bianca, that's all.
CHERYL (more calmly): Oh, of course; I forgot. When's she leaving?
BRETT (sadly): She's already gone, mum. She left this afternoon - for good.
Brett goes and sits back down at the kitchen table. Cheryl joins him and says she's really sorry. She asks Brett why he didn't tell her.
BRETT: I tried, but...
CHERYL (realises): I'm too wrapped up in my own hassles... I'm sorry, Brett, I'm being very selfish.
Cheryl then asks Brett if he'll tell her about it.
No. 28
Karl is sitting at the table with Libby and Billy standing either side of him.
LIBBY: Now let me get this straight: you say you cheated.
KARL (ashamed): I cheated, yes.
BILLY: Well that's fine - you're *allowed* to cheat on the higher levels.
KARL: No, I mean I *really* cheated.
BILLY: You got help from Brett, yes? Well that's fine too because Libby helped *me* with the final level.
LIBBY: So Brett did it all for you, did he?
KARL: Well Brett somehow - and don't ask me how he did this - he got into the scoreboard and made sure my name was on top.
LIBBY: With a score that's technically impossible?
KARL (in mock annoyance): Yeah, remind me to have a word with him about that, will you?!
Libby then asks her father why he cheated on a stupid computer game.
KARL: Because... because I was sick of the teasing. You guys, you're so smart; you and Mal - even your mother: you did your best to make me feel totally inadequate.
LIBBY (shrugs): It's no excuse.
BILLY: Completely unacceptable, I'm afraid. Next family meeting: what do you reckon?
KARL: This is just a silly computer game. Please! I'll help you with your science project if you forget about it...
LIBBY: Bribery as well? This isn't going to be a family meeting; it's going to be a corruption enquiry!
BILLY: Defendant - Karl Kennedy, computer hacker.
Karl sits there looking deflated.
No. 26
The Ramsay Street residents are gathering at No. 26. Jen is working her way through a plate of dim sums. Marlene asks if there's anything she can do. Philip tells her she just needs to bring out the fruit juices. He then asks Lou if he saw Mark on the way over. Lou replies that he didn't.
PHILIP: That's strange - I thought he'd be here for the kick-off; I mean, he's one of Erinsborough's prime organisers.
Philip then asks Lucy if *she* knows where Mark is. Luke, who's standing next to Lucy, says:
LUKE: I think he may be delayed by unfinished business at the coffee shop...
Jen suddenly leans back and groans loudly, having finished her dim sums. She says she feels as sick as a dog; a forty-hour fast sounds like bliss! Everyone counts down from six to zero to mark the start of the fast.
Holy Roll
Mark serves a customer and looks at his watch, telling the guy:
MARK: It's just after seven, mate. The famine doesn't start until eight o'clock - thanks for reminding me.
With that, Mark carries on working, oblivious to the fact that his watch has been set an hour slow. He then sits down at a table with a large éclair and takes a bite into it. At that moment, the door opens and Karl comes in. He exclaims in shock:
KARL: Mark Gottlieb!
MARK (with his mouth full): Hi, Karl, I'll be with you in a minute.
KARL: I am very disappointed in you. I thought you'd be the *last* one to crack, not the *first*. I can't overlook this.
MARK (blankly): Overlook what?
KARL: You stuffing your face barely five minutes into the famine. There's no way you're getting *my* sponsorship dollars.
MARK: Karl, the famine doesn't start until eight o'clock.
KARL: That's right - and it's now five *past* eight.
MARK (checking his watch): No - it's five past seven.
KARL (showing Mark his watch): Eight.
MARK: Your watch must be wrong.
KARL: I don't think so.
MARK: Fine. We'll sort this out.
With that, Mark gets up, goes to the 'phone and dials the speaking clock. He and Karl both listen as the recorded message says:
SPEAKING CLOCK: At the third stroke, it will be eight-o-five and forty seconds.
Mark looks at Karl and at the 'phone in astonishment!
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Jen Handley, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2400
Jen Handley, Philip Martin

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2400
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter, Brett Stark

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2400
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Sam Kratz, Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2400
Sam Kratz, Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis, Marlene Kratz

Mark Gottlieb, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 2400
Mark Gottlieb, Lucy Robinson

Bianca Zanotti in Neighbours Episode 2400
Bianca Zanotti

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2400
Luke Handley

Bianca Zanotti, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2400
Bianca Zanotti, Brett Stark

Bianca Zanotti in Neighbours Episode 2400
Bianca Zanotti

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2400
Karl Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2400
Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2400
Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark

Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2400
Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Luke Handley, Annalise Hartman, Stonie Rebecchi, Sam Kratz, Philip Martin, Marlene Kratz, Cody Willis, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2400
Luke Handley, Annalise Hartman, Stonie Rebecchi, Sam Kratz, Philip Martin, Marlene Kratz, Cody Willis, Jen Handley

Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2400
Mark Gottlieb

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