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Neighbours Episode 2401 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2401
Australian airdate: 05/06/95
UK airdate: 26/01/96
UK Gold: 14/01/02
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Billy and Libby tell Karl they have proof he was cheating on the computer game.
- Lucy tells Mark he can keep the shop open - he can put 20c on every cup of coffee for charity.
- Danni tells Mal she's sorry. Mal says they're still finished.
- Karl catches Mark eating a chocolate eclair.
Libby, Billy and Mal are playing the computer game and taunting Karl about not coming to the family meeting last night. Susan says they'll have the meeting tonight and Karl grimaces. Everyone (except Karl) is rather irritable as they're doing the 40 hour famine.
BILLY:(to Karl) Can I lick your plate?
Coffee Shop
Mark has decided to go for 20c on a cup of coffee to be donated to the famine. Luke tells him he's been in touch with the liquor licensing people and it's quite easy to apply for a licence. Mark says as long as he's in charge, it's a dry coffee shop.
Danni is moaning to Brett that Mal won't take her back.
No.28 (front garden)
Mal is fiddling with the strimmer when Libby comes along. Mal is in a very bad mood and Libby tells him to go and make up with Danni. Mal says it's not that easy - it's up to Danni(!)
Billy comes along.
BILLY: Don't be late for old man roast- a- thon tonight?
LIBBY: Are you kidding? I'm chairing it!
Lassiter's (outside Coffee Shop)
Jen tells Luke that she's got an exhibition in a local gallery for her work. She'll drop Luke a few flyers around later on. Luke moans about Mark not taking any of his ideas on board.
Coffee Shop
Susan and Lucy are finding the famine quite hard. Karl comes in and taunts Susan about the famine a bit(!) Susan says that she'll see Karl at the family meeting tonight.
MARK: Ah Karl, guess what? 20c from every coffee goes to charity.
KARL: Why not. I'm already sponsoring everyone from here to Pluto(!)
Billy comes in.
KARL: Hi, how's the fast going?
BILLY: Slow(!)
Karl offers to help Billy cheat with secret crisps, but he refuses. Karl tries to butter Billy up by offering to up his sponsorship 10%. Billy sees right through him and tells him to stop bribing him - and he's going to report it to the family meeting(!)
Brett and Libby are looking at pictures of starving African kids.
LIBBY: It's been a lot longer than 40 hours since she's had anything to eat.
Brett says he's looking forward to going to Africa when his essay wins the competition. Libby says it's her that going to win.
Cheryl comes in, frustrated that the bank won't give her a loan. She is finding stress and fasting a difficult combination. She's about to give up, so Brett shows her the pictures of the starving African kids.
Mal is still in a very bad mood. Libby is trying to work on her World Vision essay. Mal moans that Danni hasn't apologised yet, and Libby tells him to grow up.
Danni is moaning that Mal won't take her back, saying it's his turn(!) But in the end, she gets up and leaves the house.
Mal gets up and goes to the door.
Ramsay Street
Mal and Danni meet on the pavement. They talk to each other civily, but both chicken out of revealing that they miss each other. Oh, for goodness sake.
Lucy, Jen and Luke are discussing the Coffee Shop - maybe it could be a coffee shop in the day, and Luke's place after hours for pizza and BYO. Luke thinks it's a great idea.
Mal comes in looking a bit lost and tells them that he's sort of hiding from Danni. They all start discussing who should make the first move out of Mal and Danni, so Mal just walks off in despair(!)
Danni is moaning about Mal yet again. Cheryl and Brett rolls their eyes. Cheryl tells Danni that things will work out.
The family meeting has commenced and Karl is under fire. Luckily for Karl, his pager sounds and he dashes off.
When Karl has gone, Libby says Karl will be tried in his absence(!)
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Mark is in a strop and doesn't want to listen to LUke's suggestions - he's too hungry anyway. Luke manages to tell him about the evening idea and Mark looks interested, but says it's still alcohol. Luke says they can plough some profits back into the Youth Centre and he won't serve underaged people. He is ready for a big fight, so the wind is rather taken out of his sails when Mark says it's worth a try.
Ramsay Street
Danni, Brett, Mal, Billy and Libby are off to the Coffee Shop for their post- famine meal. Mal and Danni are ignoring each other.
Coffee Shop
Mark has set up a load of food ready for the end of the famine. LUke tells Mark that his watch wasn't wrong after all - Luke set it back an hour. Mark is not pleased and nearly puts a pie in Luke's face(!)
Mark makes a speech about how well everyone has done for World vision.
MARK: This is also the official opening of this shop's new name. So, ladies and gentlemen, and I use the term loosely(!), welcome to the Holy Roll!
Everyone claps. Not sure why.
The famine's time is up, and everyone starts stuffing themselves on Mark's buffet.
Another family meeting is taking place. Karl's punishment for his recent behaviour is being decided - he's grounded for two weeks - no computer games, no TV, no hanging out after work, no alcohol!
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