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Neighbours Episode 2402 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2402
Australian airdate: 06/06/95
UK airdate: 29/01/96
UK Gold: 15/01/02
Writer: Jo Horsburgh
Director: Philip East
Guests: Reuben White: James Condon
Joanna Hartman: Emma Harrison
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Jo tells Annalise that their dad is coming to visit.
- Karl is grounded for two weeks(!)
Jen is very nervous about her art exhibition. Hannah is going riding and invites Jen to join her.
Miranda arrives and Hannah dashes off with her to listen to Dayle's new single.
Helen and Reuben are reciting love poetry to each other. The conversation turns to their own love and Helen wants him to tell Garnet about them. Reuben says he will - but in his own time.
Cody, Sam and Stonie come in. Marlene is cooking, but everyone is full from the post- famine buffet at the Coffee Shop, sorry, Holy Roll. Stonie says he can find some room for Marlene's cooking too though(!)
They talk about Annalise meeting her dad - Sam says she's thinking of nothing else lately.
Holy Roll
Annalise and Jo are talking about her poetry - she'd like to have them put to music. Maybe Tarquin, her dad, will be able to help her out with that. Jo tells Annalise that she really wants to get into promotion.
Susan comes in and see Karl sitting there. She tells him mock- crossly that he's grounded and sends him straight home.
Hannah's bedroom
Miranda and Hannah are talking about Dayle the popstar. They know minute details of his life, including the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend(!) Hannah says she could be his girlfriend when she's older(!) They start practising some dance moves to Dayle's music.
Ramsay Street
Lou hears the Dayle music and sees Phil coming out of his house.
LOU: How long's this going on for?
PHIL: Oh, only about another six years(!) Hannah's turning into a teenager.
LOU: Oh! You've got my commiserations, old son!
They discuss Suede Tess, and Lou suggests he keeps Suede Tess at his place for a couple of days, to monitor her diet. Phil agrees.
Just then, Cassie runs out of the Kennedy house and Phil catches her. Susan and Karl arrive back from the Holy Roll and take Cassie off.
Karl is moaning about being grounded. Susan takes photos of his angry face, much to his irritation. But he soon gets into it, stripping off his jacket and posing(!) He and Susan head to the bedroom (Yuk!)
Bric-a-brac shop (back door)
Marlene is putting out some scraps for Colonel Parker, the cat. Helen and Reuben stroll up and greet her. They want to visit the place where they first met - Marlene's shop. Marlene invites them in.
Bric-a-brac shop (inside)
Marlene leaves Helen and Reuben alone in the shop. Helen and Reuben look around and wonder where Marlene gets her stock. Reuben turns on a record player and starts re- enacting the way they met. Helen and Reuben play out the scene like ham actors.
REUBEN: I've been looking for you all my life.
HELEN: And now you've found me.
They start to dance to the music.
No.28 (evening)
Susan is laying up for dinner and Karl is taking photos of her. Susan warns him not to leave the camera lying around because apparently they have taken some raunchy photos (yuk). Karl says he'll shoot the last couple of photos and get them developed.
SUSAN: For our eyes only.
KARL: You bet, tiger.
SUSAN: Rawwwwrrr!
No.26 - Hannah's bedroom
Hannah and Miranda are still practising dance moves. Phil comes in and tells them to give it a rest. They decide to go off to watch a Dayle TV show instead. Phil despairs.
In the kitchen, Jen is still looking for a record to break. She's hoping to win a holiday to Broome. Phil says he'll take her away for a weekend anytime she wants if she wants to get away. Jen is touched.
Cody, Stonie, Jo and Marlene and Sam chance upon the Dayle program.
CODY: What a loser!
They turn off the show(!)
In the kitchen, Annalise is distracted. She tells Sam she's really nervous about meeting him and Sam tries to reassure her. He suggests that she speaks to him on the phone so she'll know him a little when they do meet. Annalise agrees and picks up the phone nervously. She dials the number and reaches her dad straight away. They introduce themselves and everything seems to be going well.
Outside No.26
Hannah is still obsessing about Dayle. Phil is rather exasperated and pushes her into the car before kissing Jen goodbye. She begs him not to be late for her exhibition opening.
Stonie rides up on his motorbike and mocks Jen and Phil's kissing(!) He heads off to Uni.
When Stonie has gone, Cody goes over to talk to Jen and Phil. Phil invites Cody to Jen's exhibition. Jen is shy about it.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Annalise is relieved that she had a good conversation with her dad - they chatted like old friends, apparently. She's really looking forward to meeting him now. She starts stressing about what to wear - she wants to wear something special.
No.22 - Back yard
Cassie has got into Lou's yard. Lou bundles her off.
Karl is taking the last couple of shots on the camera film - of his feet(!) Lou comes round to complain that Cassie is harrassing Suede Tess. Karl apologises, but Lou says Cassie will be made into lamb stew soon!
Reuben's Place
Helen is sketching Reuben. He is also sketching Helen, not very well, though. He tells Helen that she's the most beautiful woman in the world.
Coffee Shop
Cody has fallen asleep in her lectures again. Jen is nervous about her art exhibition. She asks Cody rather carefully if Stonie is the right person to bring to the exhibition - he's a bit unpredictable. Cody is not impressed and tells Jen she's judgemental and their friendship is over. Then she strops off.
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