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Neighbours Episode 2403 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2403
Australian airdate: 07/06/95
UK airdate: 30/01/96
UK Gold: 16/01/02
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Danni and Mal doing their "were you looking for me?" routine
Jen asking Cody to keep Stonefish away from her opening - Cody ending their friendship
Number 24
Annalise shows off her new dress to meet her father in, Marlene tells her that it doesn't matter what she wears. She wishes she could write songs - she can do the lyrics she just needs someone to write the music. Enter Cody who is very unenthusiastic about Annalise's suggestion they work together. Cody tells them about Jen's request to keep Stonie away from the opening. Annalise can see where Jen's coming from but Cody snaps that no one understands Stonie.
Number 26
Meanwhile Jen is giving her version of the request to Phil. He can see her view, but points out that it's... well, not the point. Stonie is going out with Jen's best friend and therefore Jen needs to accept them. Together. Jen realises Phil's right.
Coffee Shop
Mal is sat by himself, despite Stonie's attempts to get him to join him and Danni. There's talk about grudge holding, some "tell her that..." and "tell him that..." stuff through Stonie, but thankfully Mal gives up before I do and it turns into a competition as to who can storm out first.
Reuben's home
Helen's drawing Reuben; he's dreaming of a warm and exotic holiday for them. She wants to finish moving in first but he wants to escape. Helen asks if he's had a chance to speak to his son and Helen offers to make herself scarce that night so they can talk.
Bric-a-Brac shop
Danni can't find anything to wear. Whatever. Marlene's bought a cat bed for the stray that keeps coming into the shop. Danni's looking for something to wear to get Mal's attention. Marlene points out that if he's not speaking to her that means he's angry at her and she should let him calm down. Danni discovers that a suit she made for Mal is in the shop and she's all set to storm out to give him a piece of her mind. Marlene manages to stop her and get her to think about what she's doing.
Stonie brings out a cocktail for Cody and wonders what they're going to do that night. Cody tells him about the fight with Jen but says it's "girl stuff" and wants to forget it. Jen turns up and asks if Cody would like to come to her exhibition - and makes a point of inviting Stonie too.
STONIE : Thanks all the same, Jen, but I might give it a miss. I'm not into post-modern sculpture. I just don't think it's adequately reflecting contemporary society. I like Henry Moore, and I think some of (dunno)'s figures are pretty cool but it just doesn't do it for me like tribal sculpture. Now that's got strength and integrity of just basic expression. Know what I mean?
Number 24
Stonie's still going on about the art forms he likes and Cody's suitably impressed. Marlene invites them to stay for dinner as she's got enough to feed an army. This gives Annalise something to rhyme with barmy - she's writing a song for her dad. Who is a serious professional entertainer and therefore she'd like Stonie and Cody to stop making fun of him.
Number 26
Jen is telling Phil that Stonie turned her down because of his views but Cody's coming. Helen enters in a very chipper mood having spent the day with the man she loves.
Reuben's house
The boys are watching some old home movies; Garnett is happy to have seen his mum again and is intrigued that his dad took so many movies of him when he was a kid. They make further small man talk before Reuben offers him the films to keep. Garnett wonders why his dad's not keeping them - he quips that it's part of his inheritance so he may as well have them now. Reuben finally admits that he's living day to day and Garnett thanks him for being honest, bringing him up, being his dad... There's a manly hug coming... and there it is. With manly tears.
Ramsay Street
Mal's cleaning the car when Marlene comes over and refers to his chipper mood. She has a go at Mal for not caring about how Danni is feeling. Mal asks what Danni has said and Marlene lists a series of faults despite Mal's attempts at interrupting to set her straight.
Number 26
Jen's on a high after her exhibition. She apologises to Cody for how she reacted before they talk about how bored they were and Stonie could have livened things up. Phil is giving Helen a hand with the last of her things before offering Jen and Cody a lift to Uni. They leave as Reuben comes in and Helen asks if they can have lunch in the garden before she has to leave.
Ramsay Street
Danni, with Mal's suit in her hands, storms over to the Kennedys. Stonie sees this and sets off in pursuit.
Kennedy garage
Danni literally throws it at Mal before having a go at him for selling it. Mal has a go right back at her for mouthing off to Marlene about how the break up is all his fault. Her attempts at making a getaway are prevented when he picks Danni up and locks them both in the garage.
Number 26
Reuben is almost gushing about how good an evening he had with Garnett the previous night and he feels like he has made peace with his son. You can see it coming, can't you? Helen admits that she told Garnett about Reuben's heart condition.
Number 24
Cody's playing a tune for Annalise's lyrics but she's not impressed. She doesn't think that Cody's really captured the meaning and sense of the words. When Cody mentions Stonie it reminds Annalise that he'd asked her to let Mal and Danni out of the garage after twenty minutes. Which was two hours ago.
Ramsay Street
The two of them race over to the Kennedy, wondering if Mal and Danni have killed each other by now. When they pull up the garage door the warring pair have kissed and made up, and are still doing the kissing part...!
Number 26 - back yard
Helen's pruning while Reuben naps on the lounger. Yeah, can see it coming. Helen takes him over a rose and tries to wake him. The sad music starts just as Helen realises he's not sleeping. She cries, kisses his hand and lays the rose on his chest. Sniff.
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