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Neighbours Episode 2404 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2404
Australian airdate: 08/06/95
UK airdate: 31/01/96
UK Gold: 17/01/02
Writer: Deborah Sheldon
Director: Philip East
Guests: Garnet White: Richard Moss
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl and Susan have taken some saucy photos of themselves.
Cheryl moans about the shop front.
Ren tells Mark that everything seems to be getting on top of her.
Reuben passes away on a sun lounger in the back garden of No.26. Helen lays a pink rose on his chest.
No.26, evening
Hannah is sitting with Helen who is very upset while Phil makes her a cup of tea.
HELEN: Looks as though I wasn't meant to leave here at all.
There's a knock at the door and Helen answers it to Garnet. They silently hug and sob in each other's arms.
Karl has come around to see how Ren is. Ren has made some calls about the business, but she's not sure about seeing a psychiatrist herself - she doesn't want to dig aroung in the past too much. Karl suggests that she could try hypnotherapy.
Mark comes in and joins in the discussion about hypnotherapy - apparently Brett is into it. Also, it will force Ren to leave the house.
Libby is doing some homework while Billy plays on the computer. Susan wants someone to help her in the kitche, but apparently everyone is too busy(!) Karl comes in in a bad mood and sits down to watch the news. But everyone protests that Karl is grounded.
LIBBY: Where are you going?
KARL:(petulantly) TO MY ROOM
LIBBY: Good, stay there.
Brett is recommending hypnotherapy to Ren, who is cuddling Lolly. Cheryl and Lou come in looking a bit down. They tell them that Reuben has passed away.
Lucy is sitting with Helen. Brett pops around to see Helen who is very pleased to see him.
BRETT: You made him very happy.
HELEN: I hope so.
BRETT: You know so.
HELEN: Yes, I do.
BRETT: And he was good for you too, wasn't he?
HELEN: Yes, he was. I think the doubts we had about his health made our life together even more intense. You know, this may sound foolish, but I feel that he hasn't gone. He's still here, watching me. Protecting me.
BRETT: I don't think that sounds foolish at all.
HELEN: I wish I could hold his hand.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Lou and Mark are chatting about the forty hour famine. Mark isn't keen on Cheryl sprucing up the arcade and suggests the money would be better spent on turning the Coffee Shop into an after-hours pizza restaurant.
Phil comes in and they chat about Reuben's death. Also, Cassie the sheep was found in with Suede Tess again this morning.
Garnet is helping Helen bring her stuff back from Reuben's house - she feels she can't stay there as it would be torture imagining what it would have been like. She's better off staying with the family.
GARNET: I want to thank you Helen for everything you've done for us.
HELEN: I didn't do anything. It was Reuben. And you.
GARNET: No. It was you. Without you, Dad and I would never have had that moment of closeness. I owe you a great deal.
Garnet apologises for calling Helen a gold-digger in the past, but Helen tells him to forget it. Garnet vows to make the same emotional contact with his own son as he did with his father. He hugs Helen in gratitutde.
Helen gives Helen Dayle's latest song on a CD - she thinks the lyrics are quite appropriate - "You just don't know".
Alone in the living room, Helen looks at the CD.
HELEN: 'You just don't know.'
Cheryl asks after Helen. Libby and Brett are taking photos for the school magazine - she's using Karl's camera as there was still some film left (her own had run out).
Cheryl hears on the radio that interest rates are set to rise and looks worried.
Billy pops around to have a swim and treat the pool. He needs to call Mark to ask how much though. Meanwhile, Ren and Lucy are having a cup of tea. Ren tells Lucy that she's thinking about hypnotherapy, but her father thinks that Past Lives Therapy might be a better option. Lucy suggests they could both do it.
Dark Room
Brett is developing the film from Libby's camera. He picks up a photo and looks at it more closely.
Brett comes in.
LIBBY: How are the photos?
BRETT: Surprising.
He shows her the photos he developed. She looks closely at them and a shocked look comes over her face.
BRETT: Maybe borrowing your father's camera wasn't such a good idea.
LIBBY: How could they do this?
Brett laughs and says he'll never look at Karl and Susan in the same way again(!)
Cheryl is panicking about the interest rate rise - she won't be able to pay for sprucing up the arcade. Lou tries to calm her down and says Luke and Mark are being entrepreneurial in applying for a BYO licence. Cheryl goes off to have a word with them.
BRETT: So your parents were fooling around a bit in front of the camera. So what? It's actually quite funny when you think about it.
LIBBY: Oh yeah, really funny. How would you like to see your mum and Lou?
Now there's a scary thought. Brett sees her point. Just then Karl and Susan come in and are shocked to see Libby with Karl's camera.
KARL: Where's the film?
SUSAN: You didn't take it to the chemist?
KARL: Well, thank goodness for that.
SUSAN:(realising) Don't tell me you developed it yourself.
There is a long silence.
BRETT: OK, I won't.
He hands them the sheet of thumbnails. Karl and Susan look shocked.
KARL: Well, er...this is a bit awkward, isn't it?
Ren has made an appointment for her and Lucy with a Past Life therapist who apparently does house calls(!) They wonder if there's any truth in past life stuff and worry there might be something bad in their past lives.
Karl is herding Brett out of the house.
BRETT: I suppose I'd better make myself scarce.
KARL: Yes, please.
BRETT: Can't we just joke about this?
Karl silently opens the front door.
BRETT: It could be worse.
BRETT: Well...
But he realises there isn't anything much worse, so leaves.
KARL:(to Libby) I suppose you two have had a really good laugh about this.
LIBBY: Yeah right, I was trying too hard not to throw up.
They argue about Libby taking Karl's camera. Libby counters that they're full of double standards - they hit the roof when she took some photos of Luke and they were pretty tame by Karl and Susan's standards! Karl and Susan says it's totally different - they are married adults.
KARL: It was just a private joke.
LIBBY: Not anymore.
KARL: Now, Elizabeth, you're not to tell anyone about this - not Malcolm, not Billy, not anyone! I want your promise.
LIBBY: Are you kidding? I'd be too ashamed.
She goes off to her room. Susan picks up the photos and laughs a bit, saying they've been badly sprung!
Coffee Shop
Cheryl comes in in a very bad mood and rips into Mark and Luke about the BYO permit, reckoning they're stealing customers from Chez Chez. If they go ahead with it, she won't renew their lease in a few weeks' time. She stomps out again, not letting them get a word in.
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