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Neighbours Episode 2405 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2405
Australian airdate: 09/06/95
UK airdate: 01/02/96
UK Gold: 18/01/02
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Philip East
Guests: Tarquin Hartman: Michael Carmen
Marelle Balaskas: Christine Earle
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise is getting ready to meet her Dad, telling Cody and Stonie that he's a serious entertainer.
- Ren and Lucy make a house appointment for a past life regression therapist(!)
- Cheryl tells Mark if he goes ahead with the BYO plan, she'll terminate his lease when it comes up for renewal.
Cheryl is ranting about Mark and Luke wanting to go into competition with her. Lou tells her to think rationally - they are paying tenants and should be encouraged. A paying tenant in the hand is best - they can't afford to lose any rent money.
Holy Roll
Mark says maybe Cheryl is right, but Luke doesn't think so - it is a free country after all. Marlene agrees with them and says that Cheryl probably just flew off the handle and it will blow over.
Lucy is dreaming of having been Queen Elizabeth I(!)
Annalise and Jo arrive and invite Ren and Lucy to see their dad perform, but it clashes with the past life therapist appointment.
Bric-a-Brac Shop
Marlene is calling the cat. Sam exasperatedly tells her that the cat doesn't exist. Marlene asks him to put a cat flap in(!)
Cheryl comes in to chat to Marlene about the Arcade. She wants to go up- market, but Marlene doesn't agree. She asks Cheryl about the BYO spat and tells her that she's letting her business take over her life. She's already got a fabulous business in Chez Chez, she doesn't really need the arcade to prove herself.
Holy Roll
Lucy tells Luke about the past life therapist and he cracks up laughing (finally, a bit of sanity!) He tells her it's all a bit silly and airy- fairy. Jo comes in and is introduced to Luke. Mark is in a good mood and tells Luke he's off to see Cheryl.
Mark tells Cheryl that he wants an apology for her outburst. He also tells her that a new arcade is being opened at Eden Hills, and they're offering free rent for the first six months to fill it. They've all got competition, not just Chez Chez. If Cheryl keeps being difficult, he might move out, even though he likes Erinsborough.
Holy Roll
Luke is quite tempted to move to Eden Hills for six months free rent! He serves Jo her lunch and asks her if she plans to stay around.
Annalise and Sam come in. They invite Luke to Annalise's dad's show tonight. Annalise is really nervous about meeting him.
Cheryl is cuddling Lolly. Lou comes in and is surprised to see her there. She tells him she's hiding from the world - there's big trouble. She explains about the new Eden Hills complex. Lou advises her to eat humble pie with her tenants.
The past life therapist has arrived and asks Ren to put the burning incense out. The therapist is no- nonsense and tells them they'll have to concentrate.
Lucy goes first.
THERAPIST: Now, get comfortable. And get ready for the journey of your lifetimes.
Annalise isn't sure what to wear to her dad's show. Sam tells her that a bin bag will do(!) She also wants Sam to make an effort to dress up.
Marlene is coming along to the show too. Sam teases her about Colonel Parker again, saying that the cat is mythical. Marlene tells Sam that she wants a bell on the cat flap.
Holy Roll
Mark and Luke are discussing whether to move to Eden Hills or not. Cheryl comes in looking a bit sheepish and apologises for her outburst yesterday. She's going to let them do the BYO licence - an increase in nightlife in the arcade will be good for everyone. Mark tells Luke to make Cheryl a coffee while they negotiate their lease.
Lucy is having regression therapy about being walled into a tomb. It seems she has had some very interesting past lives, including a scandalous actress in the French Revolution and a warrior in Vietnam. The therapist tells her she'll need to learn from these life experiences, and she should think about them.
Ren is next. She is sweeping the floor somewhere very cold. The therapist says that her current life is easier. LUcy has fallen asleep. Ren has had more boring past lives, but she can still change her destiny by learning from them if she likes. She has a pattern of subservience. Apparently she's been a wet- nurse, a street- sweeper and a slave in Africa. She's reacted to, rather than controlled the forces that shaped her destiny. It's up to her if it continues in this lifetime.
Annalise is dressed in a plastic purple top(!) and black miniskirt. Jo and Marlene tell her not to worry. Annalise goes off to change again(!)
Bric-a-Brac Shop
Sam is resignedly fitting a bell to the cat flap. He hears the bell ring when he's not looking, but can't see a cat anywhere. He gets a bit spooked and heads off.
Annalise is now wearing a red plastic top(!). She, Sam, Jo and Marlene sit down at a table. The show starts and Annalise's dad comes out. Shock horror - he's a drag artist! Annalise's face falls.
<<2404 - 2406>>
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