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Neighbours Episode 2828 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2828 (Ben Atkins arrives)
Australian airdate: 09/04/97
UK airdate: 19/09/97
UK Gold: 10/09/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Wayne Peterson: Andrew Wall
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Bank Manager: Jenny Seedsman
Bank Teller: Daniel Tonzing
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Marlene suggesting to Darren he tries the bank for a loan to solve his money problems.
Anne begging Billy to call off his meeting with Melissa.
Ramsay Street
Darren tells Wayne about going to the bank for a loan and he tries instead to tempt him with his "friend of a friend" to get the materials but Darren immediately rejects his suggestion. Debbie appears and he tells her about the bank loan, which pleases her because she doesn't want TCS closed for longer than is necessary.
When Darren leaves, Wayne starts chatting with Debbie and invites her out on a date. She initially turns him down due to going out with Helen but suggests the next night instead, which he is happy to agree to.
We then cut to see some random guy drive into the street and start at #32 before driving off again.
Number 28
Billy takes his frustration of the whole Melissa/Anne situation out on Toadie but he reminds him that he should have been more open and perhaps he may not have ended up in this predicament! He spells it out to his mate that he needs to decide who he wants - Anne or Melissa - and when Billy doesn't hesitate before saying Anne, he now tells Billy that he needs to make it clear to Melissa that its over for good. Billy reminds Toadie that Anne doesn't want him to see Melissa.
TOADIE: Well I didn't say it was going to be easy did I?!
Lou's Place
Jo asks Darren for his advice on making up a new advert for a new tenant for #30 and asks if he knows someone know suitable to let her know. He then asks her about her the bank manager (they are both at the same branch) so he can prepare before going to ask for money. Jo isn't very complementary about the guy (a miserable old scrooge) which is just what Darren wanted to hear!
Number 28
Anne drops by to apologise for the way she carried on about Melissa but when Billy asks for help in how to deal with her, she suggest phoning to arrange a meeting but no more letters!
Lou's Place
Wayne says bye to Debbie when he leaves with Darren and Helen asks who he is. She tells her about him and that he is taking her to the movies tomorrow night and Helen seems to change her tune about his suitability for her great-granddaughter. Debbie is surprised at Helen not giving someone a second chance but Helen explains that its different when it's a close member of your family.
Bank (next day)
Darren arrives at the bank wanting to see the manager but because he doesn't have an appointment, he has to wait until the manager can fit him in.
Ramsay Street
Jo spots Melissa and mentions it's been a while since she saw her. Melissa explains that is because she broke up with Billy but adds hopefully that is about to change!
The random stranger from yesterday is back again. This time he gets out of his car to check the mail in the letterbox of #32 before replacing it and driving off again.
Number 28
Just as Billy is fretting that Melissa isn't going to turn up, she knocks on the door. Toadie isn't exactly hospitable but leaves to go over to #32.
Billy apologises for his mate but she is just happy to be here and tries to pash him to prove the point! He restrains her and spells it out to her - its over between them as he has moved on.
Lou's Place
The random stranger enters the pub but rejects having a drink in favour of playing pool and begins to ask Jo subtle questions about Erinsborough although he is very cagey about himself when she asks questions. He then spots an advert she has just put up wanting someone to live at Number 30.
Darren finally meets the manger but it's Dorothy Stevens instead of the miserable old scrooge Mr Stringer that he was expecting to meet. She leads him through to her office when Darren explains why he is there.
Lou's Place
Wayne and Debbie arrive looking for Darren thinking he is back from the bank but when there is no sign of him, they settle for lunch instead.
The random guy chats to Jo about her flyer and arranges to meet the ladies later on that day.
At a table, Debbie mentions to Wayne that he seems more adjusted than Darren was when he came out of jail. He tells her that he's been out for 6 months and that his girlfriend (who he'd just started living with before going inside) dumped him 2 weeks after he got out.
Number 32
Anne is trying to watch what is going on at #28 while Toadie prattles on. She wants to find out what is going on but Toadie stops her and she head out to buy some supplies for him.
Ramsay Street
Billy has sorted things with Melissa and just as they are giving each other a farewell hug, Anne happens to catch it as she exits the house.
Dorothy has done her sums and turns Darren down for the loan, not because he is an ex-criminal as he thinks, but because the business isn't making enough money to pay it back due to Darren submitting extremely cheap bids to do the work.
Number 32
Billy is trying to explain what was happening when he hugged Melissa but Anne isn't listening and is totally against him even being friends with her. Before walking out, he tells her to come find him when she has learnt to trust him.
Lou's Place
Random stranger is back again and confirms their 5pm appointment.
Darren arrives and Debbie jokes that they were on the verge of putting out a search and he lies and says that they got the bank loan. Debbie departs to head back to work and Darren admits the truth to Wayne before asking if his "friend of a friend" can supply the materials instead because he wants the job finished after his promise to Debbie.
Random stranger is on the phone to someone saying that they have found "her" and that he may be moving into a place near "her" soon, telling the caller that he will keep them updated.
RANDON STRANGER: So far everything's going exactly like I wanted.
As the credits roll there is a new addition to the cast - Ben Atkins: Brett Cousins.
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