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Neighbours Episode 4586 from 2004 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4586: Thicker Than Water
Australian airdate: 11/10/04
UK airdate: 07/01/05
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Julie Bates
Guests: Svetlanka Ristic: Deidre Rubenstein
Luka Dokich: Keelan O'Hehir
Father Popovich: Ilya Djukic
Truck Driver #1: Ray Tosti-Guerra
Truck Driver #2: Martin Chellow
- "You Only Hide" by Something For Kate
Summary/Images by: Carly/Karen (Katie)
Serena wondering who the donor could be if David's not compatible Luka and Serena professing their love for one another Svetlanka telling Karl that Lil has a son.
Svetlanka is worried about people finding out about Luka if they ask him to be a donor, but Karl is more worried about the welfare of Lil. "If we've got a match, we can save her life."
Empty Hospital Room
Svetlanka hustles a confused Serena in to the room. She wants to know where Luka is. At first Serena is angry but then perks up when Svetlanka tells her that Luka may be a potential donor. "He's the same blood type. I just remembered." She makes up a story about Luka being in a car accident when he was young and there being some fuss about his rare blood type back then. Serena wants to tell David but Svetlanka makes her keep it a secret so as to not get anyone's hopes up. Serena agrees and says they have to hurry; Luka may have already gone for good.
Erinsborough Self Storage
Serena and Svetlanka race inside to see if he is still there but all his things are gone. Svetlanka finds a letter addressed to her granddaughter and Serena grabs it off her to read. As the letter is read out we see a montage of Luka roaming the streets at night trying to hitch a ride off someone.
My darling Serena,
I know you might never see this but I had to write it anyway. I have to say goodbye. And I know I won't get a chance to look into your eyes and do it in person. I don't know where I'm going but I know I've just got to keep moving. I have to find out where I belong, to have a loving family around me. My real family. Meeting you has taught me to believe in destiny. I came here to find my parents but instead I found the love of my life. I hope your mum is okay.
I love you, Serena,
Serena is upset and won't listen to Svetlanka anymore. She runs off to tell everyone so they can have a better chance at possibly finding Luka.
All the Bishops' are gathered as well as Karl as Serena tries to convince a skeptic David that Luka may be a possible donor. David is getting riled up because he can't believe that Svetlanka didn't think of him sooner, and he doesn't think that Luka would be willing to give a piece of his liver to a woman he's met twice in his life. Serena vouches for Luka and tells her dad that he was willing to help the other day because he loves Serena so much. David tries to get Karl onside with him, but since Karl knows the truth he says to take the chance. After much convincing, all systems are go. The family breaks up into small groups so they can go and search for Luka at places like the airport and bus shelters. "Better late than never," Karl says, glaring at Svetlanka as she leaves.
Coffee Shop
Svetlanka and Harold have been to the airport and are now in the shop looking for a little notebook of Harold's that contains numbers for drop-in centres. They're going to head back to the airport in the morning before the first flight to Perth leaves. Harold finds his notebook and is about to start ringing when Svetlanka says she feels useless not doing anything, she's lost her daughter once, she doesn't want to lose her again. Harold goes over to her and comfortingly says that they will find Luka, he promises her.
Serena is hysterically crying because she told Luka he didn't need to get tested the other day and now she feels guilty about it. Karl is trying to calm her down. He gets her to sit and try and listen to him. He says that none of what is happening is her fault, "absolutely none of it. You have to understand that. No matter what happens."
Truck Depot
Sky is giving a truck driver a description of Luka asking him to keep an eye out in case he sees him.
Serena is sitting on a chair staring vacantly at the wall when Karl comes up to her and says that Lil is asking for her. Serena won't move and bluntly states, "She's going to die, isn't she?" Karl admits that they're running out of time but that it's important to be with Lil and to talk to her. Serena says she wants to be strong for her mum but she's scared. "I don't want to live my life without her." Karl wants her to go in and talk to her but isn't keen on letting her know about Luka just yet when Serena suggests it. "Let's just leave it for now until we know more."
Petrol Station
Sky runs up to David as he comes out of the shop. No luck was had there either but the owner said they'd look around. Sky doesn't want to give up just yet but David wants to be realistic about things. He's also concerned because he's not by Lil's side when she needs him.
As they get into the car we can see a truck parked in the background. Luka is sitting in it.
Lil's Hospital Room
Serena is standing at the door just looking at her mum. Lil tiredly calls her over and she falls to her side, begging Lil not to die. She tells Serena to look at her and says she is so proud. "The way you handle yourself, and I know I'm going to be proud of who you're going to be." Serena tells her not to talk like that because she's going to be fine. Lil tries to placate her and gently says that Serena will learn to do things without her over time. She adds that Serena may not think so now, but that she will eventually be okay. "I'm so sorry I can't make this better for you, but you will be happy again, sweetie. I promise. I love you. I love you so much little girl." Serena bursts into more tears and lies on her mum's chest while Lil strokes her hair, trying not to cry herself.
Bus Depot - Morning
Harold and Svetlanka are walking along and Harold asks her why she thinks Luka would be so willing to help a total stranger. "I know he's your godson, but what's Liljana to him?" Svetlanka says he made a promise to Serena, that's why. She adds that if he doesn't want to keep looking she'll go by herself, but Harold says he'd never leave her side. She says that he doesn't know what lies ahead. He replies that whatever it is he'll stand by her. "You promise me that?" she asks. He kisses her. "I give you my word."
Lil's Hospital Room
Everyone is huddled around Lil's bed. David asks Karl if there's still a chance since they're on the donor registry, but Karl sadly states they don't have a donor. Lil wearily tells her mum she wants to see Father Popovich. David begs her not to give up but she says she's sorry. Sky gets up and walks over to Harold. She can't believe that's it that God's will, will be done. Harold says that sometimes they don't have a choice. "Yeah well sorry but I disagree," she counteracts, walking out the room.
Ramsay Street
Sky sprints up her driveway and jumps into her car, tearing down the L-plates before she drives off.
She's parked along the road somewhere looking at a map when a truck pulls up behind her. She hears the driver talking on the walkie-talkie they have in the vehicle and gets a smile on her face.
Sky is on the radio putting out the call for Luka. She asks that if he can hear her to please answer. We cut to another truck that has Luka in it. He can hear Sky over the airwaves.
Lil's Hospital Room
Father Popovich is performing the last rites to Lil as her family looks on in disbelieving and morose silence - everyone is trying not to cry.
Sky's Car
Huzzah! Sky has Luka in the car with her! Luka wonders how they even know if he's the right blood type. Sky reminds him about the car accident he had as a kid but he has no recollection of that. He asks if Serena is okay.
LUKA: God, imagine losing your mum like that. Knowing that she'll never know how you grew up. It's too full on.
SKY: Well let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Lil's Hospital Room
Father Popovich is still there as the family keeps vigil by Lil's bedside. David can't hold his emotions back for much longer and starts to sob as he asks his dad if this is really happening. Harold puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Sky's Car Sky dials David's number on her mobile and hands it to Luka to speak while she's driving. He listens and gets the message bank because mobile phones aren't allowed to be switched on inside the hospital. He holds the phone out for her to leave a message and she tells him that she's found Luka and for Lil to hang in there.
Lil's Hospital Room
We're in Lil's point of view as she's listening to the Father and looking around the room at her devastated family.
Hospital Corridor
Harold tells Svetlanka he's going back inside the room and she says she'll be there in a minute. Sky and Luka come racing around the hallway out of breath. Svetlanka hugs him tightly and thanks God that he's there. Sky goes to find out where Karl is and Svetlanka wants to know if Luka will be a donor, there's not a lot of time left. Sky brings Karl back who is pleased to see Luka there. He takes Luka into a conference room to quickly explain to him what the procedure entails.
Lil's Hospital Room
Serena tells David she might pop out for a minute to get some air. When she gets out of the room Sky sees her and excitedly tells her that she found Luka.
Conference Room
Karl is telling Luka that the liver has three lobes. They'll take part of one and transplant into Lil. He says the surgeons in the hospital are top class but it's still a complex operation, "I'd be lying if I said there was no risk". Serena barrels into the room and runs to Luka, kissing him.
Karl makes a move to say something but realises he can't, and Svetlanka rushes in telling her to stop because Luka needs to get ready. Karl wants Luka's agreement first but Luka replies that of course he'll do it. Serena takes Luka to quickly see Lil.
When they're gone Karl gets angry with Svetlanka and says she didn't try hard enough to keep Serena and Luka apart.
Lil's Hospital Room
Serena and Luka walk in and Serena tells her mum that Luka is there to save her so she has to hang in there for them. Lil and Luka gaze at one another intently.
Hospital Corridor
Harold happily says to Sky that he can't believe she just went out there and found Luka. Sky replies that she just couldn't sit there and wait. They're all waiting on Karl who comes along not much longer and raptly tells them that Luka is a match, "they're being prepared for theatre now." Everyone is thrilled. Karl says he doesn't want to be the voice of doom but Lil is in a weakened state and something still could go wrong. They all agree that Lil's a fighter though. David says it's a miracle and asks Karl what the odds on finding a match like that are. "Medically speaking practically nil," he replies looking sternly at Svetlanka.
Lil's Hospital Room
Lil is being transferred to a stretcher and Karl says he'll be with her the whole time. He wants her to keep fighting because everyone out there is counting on her. "Who is he?" she whispers. "The boy. Is he an angel? Who is he?" Karl just sighs in despair and looks at her.
<<4585 - 4587>>
Karl Kennedy, Svetlanka Ristic in Neighbours Episode 4586
Karl Kennedy, Svetlanka Ristic

Serena Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic in Neighbours Episode 4586
Serena Bishop, Svetlanka Ristic

David Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4586
David Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Serena Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4586
Serena Bishop, Karl Kennedy

David Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4586
David Bishop, Sky Mangel

Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4586
Serena Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Svetlanka Ristic, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4586
Svetlanka Ristic, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4586
Sky Mangel

Luka Dokic in Neighbours Episode 4586
Luka Dokic

Father Popovich in Neighbours Episode 4586
Father Popovich

Sky Mangel, Luka Dokic in Neighbours Episode 4586
Sky Mangel, Luka Dokic

Svetlanka Ristic, Sky Mangel, Luka Dokic, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4586
Svetlanka Ristic, Sky Mangel, Luka Dokic, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4586
Karl Kennedy, Liljana Bishop

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