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Neighbours Episode 8905 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8905
Australian and UK airdate: 19/09/23
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Imogen Willis: Ariel Kaplan
Daniel Robinson: Tim Phillipps
Callum Rebecchi: Morgan Baker
Tom Nguyen: Enzo Nazario
- "Another Life (Full Mix)" by Richard Pilkington
- "The Weekend Comes Around" by Craig Hardy Carolyn Jordan And Alice Penrose
Summary/Images by: Liam/Jeremai
- Susan reflects that a lot's happened in the last two years!
- The Varga- Murphys arrive to stay at No 24 for a holiday while Jane is away in the UK with Mike
- Haz turns up at the wedding, and asks Mackenzie if he's fit to be her date
- Holly is in trouble with Paul when she fails to help hotel guest Reece at reception
- Reece pashes Byron in the lift, and we discover they've been having a fling since she arrived
- Alone in her room, Reece declines to answer a phone call from her dad
- Toadie tells Melanie he knows things have been weird, but he'll never forget their wedding day
- Various misdirects lead us to believe that Terese and Paul may be tying the knot again...
- ... when in fact it's Toadie and Terese who are the ones getting married!
In today's second episode of the revival, the opening titles make their debut - and in two different versions! In 10's titles that aired in Australia, we open on a shot of Mackenzie, Sadie and Holly walking down a beach; towards Haz and Byron who are sitting on a picnic blanket with Trevor the dog; Andrew and Wendy sitting on a bench by the river; JJ, Dex, Cara and Remi having drinks at the tram; Paul, Leo and Abigail walking across the love lock bridge; Sam and Jane at a table outside Harold's; Susan and Karl walking into Ramsay Street from No 28; greeting Toadie, Terese, Nell and Hugo coming in the opposite direction; Reece walking towards the pool at No 32; which zooms out to reveal a party around the pool featuring the entire main cast, before panning upwards into the sky for the Neighbours logo.
Meanwhile on Amazon Freevee in the UK, the titles begin differently, with Cara, Remi, Dex and JJ on a punting tour on the river; Andrew and Wendy on the bench again; a similar shot of Mackenzie, Sadie and Holly as in the Australian version; a similar shot of Haz and Byron; a similar shot of Paul, Abigail and Leo; a different shot of Sam and Jane on a bench in the Lassiter's Complex; the same scene of Karl and Susan; and of Toadie, Terese, Nell and Hugo; followed by the same shot of Reece; segueing into the group pool shot.
Leo's Vineyard
The ceremony continues in the courtyard, with Leo, Paul, Lucy, Daniel, Jane, Karl, Harold, Haz, Mackenzie, Sadie, Wendy, Callum, Nell, Hugo and Angie all looking on; it seems from their positioning next to the bride and groom that Imogen may be the maid of honour, and Andrew the best man.
SUSAN: Toadie and Terese would like to give everyone a moment - so if there are jaws still on the ground, now would be the time to pick them up.
Everyone laughs.
SUSAN: They acknowledge that their journey here has been surprising - but life can be full of the unexpected. Marriage is a sacred promise that we make to each other.
Paul looks conflicted.
SUSAN: It's a leap of faith and trust.
TERESE: Toadie, I never would've dreamed that the one for me was right in front of me all this time. And I thank you for trusting the magic that we found together. And for your big, generous heart. I am so honoured to be invited into your family - with your beautiful children Callum, and Nell, and Hugo. And I'm really looking forward to this next chapter of our lives together.
TOADIE: Terese, when we first got together, we sent tongues wagging! So, let's keep doing that, cos that's kinda fun!
Wendy visibly approves!
TOADIE: Seriously, though - we've both been around long enough to know that when you find real happiness, you've got to grab it with both hands and just hold on. And Terese, you make me so, so happy. Thank you for being my rock when I needed it.
Jane wipes away tears as the pair exchange rings. Mackenzie and Haz smile at one another.
SUSAN: Toadie, Terese, it is my great honour to pronounce you husband and wife.
They kiss, to much applause from the guests.
The Kennedys move inside, as Karl compliments Susan on a celebrant job well done.
KARL: I know you still have some misgivings.
SUSAN (quietly): Well, don't you?
KARL: I did. Then I think back on every conversation I've had with Toadie. I honestly think they're meant to be.
Outside, Daniel is taking photos of the new bride and groom and the family. With a wink, Angie signals to Terese to adjust her chest!
TOADIE: Bet you're glad that she's your permanent problem now?
TERESE: She's fabulous!
Toadie snatches the bouquet for some more informal wedding shots! Back indoors...
SUSAN: Just seems like yesterday they were both marrying other people.
KARL: Yeah. You were performing the ceremonies!
SUSAN: I just wish that they had taken a little bit more time. Just a *little* bit.
KARL: I guess, given everything they've been through, they realised time's precious. I mean, none of us can afford to waste it.
Back outdoors, Terese is thoroughly enjoying herself, until she opens her purse and removes Josh's swimming medal. She looks upset. Inside...
KARL: I have been looking for the slightest hint of doubt. Neither of them have shown it. Darling, they're both outrageously happy.
But outdoors, it all gets too much for Terese and she wanders away from the crowd. Andrew notices and indicates to Toadie that she's gone.
Back inside, Lucy and Leo check on Paul to see how he's doing - but he insists he's very pleased that Toadie and Terese are allowing him to be part of their big day. Leo and Lucy are sceptical.
LEO: Come on, Dad.
PAUL: Son, I left her standing at the altar, remember?
LEO: We all remember.
PAUL: So, yes, I am grateful that we've managed to salvage a friendship (...) I will always regret the way that I behaved this time last year, and I'm sad that it cost me the support of Aaron and David as well. But, you know, I'm just... I'm not cut out for marriage. And it's good to finally be honest about that.
Nearby, the buffet is open, much to Hugo's relief - but Angie notices the newlyweds are missing.
Toadie has caught up with Terese outside among the vines. She insists nothing's wrong, but Toadie reminds her she can tell him anything. Terese admits that she found an invite for her wedding to Paul in her sewing box while she was getting ready this morning - and later found the pig charm Melanie gave her when she was looking for Josh's medal. She was worried that the universe was trying to tell her something.
It's revealed through their chat that the scene we saw between Toadie and Melanie yesterday - when Melanie was preparing a wedding gift and Toadie fondly told her he'd never forget their own wedding - was actually Toadie's memory from a year ago, on the eve of Paul and Terese's vow renewal.
TOADIE: Melanie was there, and she was looking for that exact pig trinket that she gave to you. The memory was just so clear. And things had been... yeah, they'd been pretty strained at that time. And it seemed like she was back to her normal self. And I thought, 'Maybe we're back on track.'
TERESE: And then a couple of weeks later, she was gone.
TOADIE: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I read that goodbye letter so many times. Now, I know that she says that she wasn't cut out to be a step- parent, you know? I get that. I'm not looking for other explanations that aren't there.
TERESE: But it still hurts.
TERESE: We both have our past. I mean, mine was sitting in the third row! But everything that's happened has made us who we are.
TOADIE: You are all that matters now.
TERESE: Yeah. And that's how it feels.
He kisses her, and suggests they head inside before people come looking for them.
Lassiter's Hotel
Holly is telling Byron an anecdote as they move some guests' luggage in the foyer.
HOLLY: You know, Eden and I crashed this insane wedding in Perth once, and he had so much caviar that he threw up all over the dance floor.
BYRON: I thought we weren't talking about your ex again.
HOLLY: Yeah, you're right (...) From a road trip around Australia to lugging someone else's suitcase. Don't you miss the days of rich, lonely women flying you around to... where was it, Cape Town?
Reece comes out of the lift and looks towards them, then walks on by.
HOLLY: Stuck up moll.
BYRON: Holly! (...) You can't say that, okay, she's a guest! She's not that bad.
Byron leaves, on the pretext of checking the valet station - but follows Reece outside and around the side of the hotel. They fall into another pash.
BYRON: Hi, there.
REECE: Hi, yourself.
BYRON: Not exactly private here (...) If someone sees us, I could lose my job.
Reece agrees that they shouldn't do this again.
BYRON: I kind of hoped it would. If you haven't noticed, I... I like you.
REECE: I like you, too.
BYRON: Maybe we can get a drink after my shift ends?
REECE: Are you allowed to do that?
BYRON: As long as we keep our clothes on.
REECE: Well, that sounds kind of boring!
BYRON: I mean it - I really do want to get to know you.
They agree to meet later for a drink.
Leo's Vineyard
Indoors, everyone applauds as Toadie and Terese rejoin the party; Toadie is greeted by a big hug from Hugo, then sits down for a one- to- one chat with Nell.
TOADIE: You and Hugo have been great today.
NELL: Didn't do much! Just stood around and smiled.
TOADIE: ... Yeah, I know it was a big deal for you. Terese becoming part of the family.
NELL: ... I'm over all of that.
TOADIE: Well, it still means a lot to me that you gave her a chance and that you accepted her.
NELL: Just want you to be happy, Dad.
TOADIE: Aww! I want the same for you too, sweetie.
They hug. Meanwhile, Terese goes over for a chat with Paul.
TERESE: I wasn't sure you'd come.
PAUL: Well, if you saw your way clear to invite me, it's the least I could do. Still can't believe that Toadie's okay with it, though.
TERESE: Well, we've both known you a very long time. What was the term he described you as, umm...? That's right - 'a necessary evil'.
Paul smiles.
TERESE: You've been a big part of my life, Paul. And your family mean a lot to me, and I don't want to lose them. And I don't want to stay angry with you. I've wasted enough time doing that.
PAUL: That's more than I deserve.
TERESE: Actually, you've done us a favour. If you hadn't left me standing on the rooftop in that dress, humiliated, and if Melanie hadn't left Toadie, then we would never have found each other.
PAUL: Ah, the greatest love story never told, eh?
TERESE: Until now.
Toadie comes over to join them.
PAUL: Listen, I wish the very best for both of you - really, I do.
TOADIE: We wish the best for you too, Paul.
PAUL: Thanks, mate.
Nearby, Jane notices that Susan isn't wearing the bracelet that Jane commented on in the previous episode. Susan awkwardly says that she took it off. Jane clocks that something's up.
JANE: You're hiding it from Karl, aren't you?
SUSAN: I was... I was going to tell him about it. I just decided it was... it was too flashy.
They're joined by Karl and Harold. Jane remarks that she'll have to leave for the airport soon, and Harold asks if she's picking someone up. He seems to have totally forgotten that she's flying out to the UK for her holiday with Mike.
Harold covers when she reminds him, adding almost to prove his sound memory that Jane is the school principal now and Mike a teacher there - adding that he's piecing all this info together for the Ramsay Street History Book. But Karl looks concerned about Harold's memory lapse, and Harold looks worried, too.
Later that evening, Jane is heading to the airport, and she hugs Terese and Toadie goodbye. Jane wishes Terese good luck with her big council meeting.
TERESE: Oh, you'll be having far too much fun with Mike to be worrying about that!
Nearby, Haz is uncomplimentary about the risotto balls on the buffet, which he tells Mackenzie taste of 'deep fried sock'.
MACKENZIE: Interesting. How long have you been eating socks, Haz?
HAZ: Years. Although, I prefer sports socks, if you're wondering.
MACKENZIE: So, earlier... you said that you were my date.
HAZ: Did I? Well, obviously, I didn't mean date- date!
MACKENZIE: Yeah, yeah - that's what I thought.
HAZ: But did I freak you out?
MACKENZIE: No way! No, I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. And we are, so that's... that's great!
Sadie comes over to join them, and Haz goes to fetch another drink.
SADIE: Just jump him already!
MACKENZIE: I told you, I'm not ready to jump anyone.
SADIE: Except that guy... I know Hendrix must have been on your mind today.
Mackenzie is fiddling with her wedding ring.
MACKENZIE: It was a big thing for me, to take this off and wear it around my neck.
SADIE: It's beautiful that you still carry him with you. But maybe it's time to think about what's next for you.
Mackenzie smiles. Indoors, Karl calls for a bit of shush to make a speech.
KARL: Life is not a straight road. And Toadie and Terese have had their fair share of curves. But they fell madly and crazily in love. To Toad and Terese!
Everyone raises their glasses, and we move to Callum's speech.
CALLUM: When Dad called me and said that he and Terese were getting together, I was a little shocked, you know. But they are the real deal. They're meant to be.
We then fade to Imogen reading out messages from absentees.
IMOGEN: And this one is from Glen and Kiri from Magnetic Island. 'Wishing you love as you embark on this journey together.'
Next, we go to Mackenzie's speech.
MACKENZIE: Marriage means different things to different people. And to me, it's about knowing you've found your person, and celebrating with the people you love. Choosing to trust with your happiness and with your heart... it's not an easy or simple thing to do. So to the happy couple - thank you, for showing the rest of us how it's done.
Paul tries to keep smiling but it's clear he's becoming increasingly affected by Mackenzie's words, and eventually he has to leave. Lucy notices, as does Daniel, and they follow him outside.
The Waterhole
Reece and Byron are having a drink as arranged, as Byron tries to get Reece to tell him more about herself.
BYRON: So, you travel a lot?
REECE: I've seen my fair share of hotels.
BYRON: And how do we measure up?
Reece strokes his leg with her shoe.
REECE: It's the best concierge service I've ever had.
BYRON: If only you could leave me a review.
REECE: Wouldn't that make for interesting reading.
He asks her to tell him more about the conference she's ostensibly in town for, but she's quick to change the subject, saying she'll tell him about it when it's over and suggesting they order some wine. Byron is surprised, as he thought Reece had said earlier that the conference had already finished. She then claims that she's now signed up for a second conference, to get her money's worth while she's here.
Seemingly suspicious, Byron asks her where the conference is taking place; it's at the Old Mayfair, she replies, and claims it's a digital marketing event. She then moves to change the subject again.
We pan across the bar to see that JJ is standing by the pool table, staring very intently at the darts scoreboard, where we can see recent games have taken place between Sadie and Holly, and Haz and Mackenzie. Tom, the barman, approaches, and asks for some ID. But JJ says he was just leaving, and walks out.
Leo's Vineyard
Andrew is making a speech now.
ANDREW: I came home one night and said to Wendy, 'I think something's going on with Toadie and Terese!' And she said, 'Toadie two doors down to the left, and Terese two doors down to the right?' I said, 'yeah!'
Outside, a glum Paul is joined by Leo, Lucy and Daniel.
PAUL: What is this, an intervention?
LUCY: No, it's your family checking that you're okay.
PAUL: I am, I am... Oh, okay, maybe I was a bit foolish thinking that I could come here and be fine.
LEO: How are you feeling?
PAUL: I had a bit of a wobble, and not because I'm still in love with Terese; I couldn't be happier for Toadie and her. But it's just... when Mackenzie started talking about choosing to trust and love again, I just... I got to thinking that I'd probably never have that connection with someone again.
LUCY: Oh, what, so that's it? You're just condemning yourself to a lifetime of loneliness?
PAUL: No, don't be stupid! I've got a little black book.
DANIEL: Okay. Too much information.
PAUL: I'm gonna call it a night. And when I wake up in the morning, I am going to have the life that's right for me.
Paul's family heads back inside, leaving him looking reflective again. Guests indoors have taken to the dancefloor for the disco portion of the evening, resulting in some very questionable dancing! Then, it's time for Terese to throw the bouquet - and Nell catches it!
TOADIE: No! No way, not for another 20 years!
NELL: We'll see! There's this really cute guy at school...
Terese hugs Nell, and Nell goes to put her bouquet somewhere safe! Meanwhile, Toadie suggests to Terese that they sneak out without telling anybody. They're briefly thwarted by an impromptu conga line, and dragged into the fray - but eventually manage to get out of the door.
No 22
Toadie and Terese are in her bedroom, and getting into a bit of a pashing session - until Terese is distracted, remembering that the pig charm Melanie bought her for her vow renewal with Paul is still in her drawer. Toadie retrieves it, and puts it in the bin.
TOADIE: This... belongs in the past. The only thing that matters is you, and me, and how quick I can get you out of that dress.
She laughs, and they kiss.
Paul's Penthouse
Paul looks melancholy as he sips a glass of whisky, and gazes at a ring in a jewellery box. Snapping the box shut, he drops it in a drawer and closes it.
Ramsay Street
JJ finds another piece of the confetti from the 2022 finale on the branch of a tree. He picks it off and gazes at it, as Nell approaches.
NELL: It's from a couple of years ago. There was this balloon tied to a pig, got loose and started floating up to the sky. Suddenly, it exploded, and there was confetti everywhere.
JJ smiles.
NELL: You had to be there.
JJ: I saw photos.
NELL: Trust me, we've been finding it ever since, in places you never knew existed... I'm Nell. Who are you?
No 32
In the back yard, Haz is taking a dip in the pool. Mackenzie watches from the patio with a coffee. She holds onto the wedding ring around her neck, and then smiles.
Lassiter's Hotel
Byron wakes up next to a sleeping Reece. He gazes at her, then reaches for a tablet on the bedside table. He does a web search (not The Search Engineā„¢, sadly) for a digital marketing conference at the Old Mayfair, but it doesn't return any results. Now even more suspicious, he creeps out of bed and starts looking through some of Reece's documents at the other side of the room. He's shocked at what he reads.
BYRON: What?!
REECE (waking): What's wrong?
BYRON: Why didn't you tell me who you are?
Coming up on Neighbours
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- Toadie and Terese enjoy their first day as married couple with a trip to the beach
- Sadie asks Mackenzie what happened with her and Haz
- Mackenzie and Haz agree they 'had fun last night'. 'No regrets?' he asks
- Lucy thinks that Reece looks familiar...
- In the UK, Jane tells Mike she needs to collect her thoughts, and then they need to have a talk
Following her uncredited appearance in Toadie's scene yesterday and today's reveal that it was a flashback, the absence of Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) from the regular cast list in the closing credits for the second episode running, and from the opening titles, suggest for the time being that she has departed the main cast.
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