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Neighbours Episode 1676 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1676 (Caroline Alessi departs)
Australian airdate: 11/05/92
UK airdate: 16/04/93
UK Gold: 05/04/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caroline and Paul admit their love for each other. Caroline tells Paul that she has to get away. They end up kissing.
Caroline breaks the kiss when she hears Andrew cry. She tells Paul that she's losing it and has no choice - she's got to get out.
CAROLINE: What does it matter what we feel? Paul, we can never, ever, ever have a relationship. We shouldn't be having this conversation! It's disloyal to Christina, don't you see?
Lucy is still depressed about Brad and Christina is trying to comfort her.
Lou comes round to tell Jim that he's won the raffle. Jim is ecstatic, saying he's always a sports car! Jim says Lucy can drive his old car!
In the living room, Christina tells Marco that Caroline and Paul are sorting out a few work hassles.
Doug is still sulking about the photo in the paper and is very hurt at being labelled a yobbo. Doug thinks he's a laughing stock and a poor role model to Brad. He stalks off to his bedroom.
Madge tells Lou that he should stop eating junk food - Harold didn't think he'd have a heart attack either. Madge says they've got to stop eating properly and taking exercise. She'll have a look in the Heart Foundation recipe book for inspriation!
Christina and Marco come in. Christina is shocked to hear that Caroline is spending the night at Dorothy's. Paul tells Christina not to bother Caroline as she wants to be on her own, but Christina won't listen and charges off.
Caroline and Dorothy are discussing the kiss earlier. Caroline tells Dorothy that her sister's marriage is at stake and she has to get far enough away so she isn't a threat.
Just then, Christina comes to the door and Dorothy lets her in with Caroline's permission. Christina is upset that Paul has made Caroline cry.
CHRISTINA: I could strangle him sometimes, he's such a bully! Don't worry, we'll sort it out. No-one hurts my sister and gets away with it. We'll stick together.
Caroline sobs in her arms.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Caroline is sitting brooding at a table. Marco asks her to watch the place while he's out getting tools to fix the coffee machine. Paul comes in and Caroline tells him that she can't stay in Erinsborough.
CAROLINE: I've decided to go to Italy. And with a bit of luck I can get a flight tonight.
Paul looks utterly stunned. Caroline says she can stay with relatives and get a job at a big hotel.
CAROLINE: Don't make this any harder than it already is!
PAUL: Your life is here in Erinsborough. We can work something out, you don't have to disappear like this!
In the kitchen, Marco is overhearing the tail end of their conversation.
CAROLINE: Paul, what alternative is there? If we go on like this it's going to hurt Christina and Andrew.
PAUL: It's so drastic.
CAROLINE: Why should they suffer just because we can't control ourselves? We have to think of Christina...
PAUL: You know, although it's wrong, part of me wants to be selfish anyway.
CAROLINE: It's not worth it. Paul, I've made up my mind. You and Christina need to get on your feet again - without me.
Paul realises she is right. Caroline sends him back to the office.
Car Yard
Madge has brought Lou a chicken and lettuce sandwich, much to his displeasure.
Jim has come to check out his new sports car, but Lou tells him he's won a Sedan instead. Jim isn't pleased and tells Lou he's trying to con him.
JIM: I am entitled to that car and I'm going to get it!
Madge tries to intervene, but Jim storms off.
Coffee Shop
Marco is confronting Caroline.
MARCO: I reckon Christina's got a right ot know what kind of a louse she's married to!
Caroline begs him not to say anything and just then Christina comes in to start work. Marco glowers, but doesn't say anything. Christina tells Caroline that her fight with Paul is getting out of hand if she's sleeping at Dorothy's. Christina doesn't get it - Caroline and Paul have always got on so well together.
When Caroline has gone, Christina quizzes Marco if he knows anything. He doesn't say anything.
Doug is staying home today to avoid the blokes at the building site. He tells Pam he's just fulfilling the yobbo lifestyle(!)
Jim comes over to see Doug - he wants to apologise for stirring him about the newspaper article. Jim says Doug should sue the Erinsborough News for defamation of character. Jim tells Pam he's got an idea about the Erinsborough News - Lou has been trying to rip him off and he wants revenge.
Madge sneaks up on Lou and confiscates the chocolate he is eating. Just then, Jim and Lucy comes round about the car. Jim tells Lou he'll go to the Erinsborough News and Lou looks very worried(!) He tells Jim he'll sweeten the Sedan deal with a full detailing job, service, seat-covers...tyres and 12 months insurance. Lou is not pleased at having to make so many concessions but realises he has no choice!
Caroline begs Marco not to say anything to Christina about her and Paul. He agrees.
Christina comes in with Andrew and is shocked to see Caroline's bags are packed.
CAROLINE: I'm going to the airport.
CHRISTINA: Where are you going?
CAROLINE: To Italy. To live.
CHRISTINA:(shocked) What on earth for?!
CAROLINE: I've been offered a job at a big hotel in Milan.
CHRISTINA:(starting to cry) This is because of Paul, isn't it! I mean, what's the fight about for heaven's sake?!
CAROLINE: It doesn't matter any more, Chris.
CHRISTINA: It does! What could make you suddenly decide to pack up and leave? This isn't like you, Caroline.
CAROLINE: There are a lot of reasons, Chris. I need to make a life for myself, I can't live in your pockets forever! I'm attracted to the work opportunities, there's lots of scope for me overseas. Chris, I have to make up my mind on this. Please, don't push me.
CHRISTINA: But it's so sudden! What about us, and your nephew, don't you care?!
CAROLINE: You and Andrew are the most important people in the world to me! You know that!
CHRISTINA: Then why are you going, it just doesn't make sense.
THey hug each other, both sobbing.
CAROLINE: I'll phone you as soon as I get there, and I'll write to you all the time, OK. Christina, you have to let me go!
Christina can't speak through her tears.
CAROLINE: I love you. Take care.
She picks up her bags and walks out of the house.
Ramsay Street
Caroline is loading her bags into a taxi when Paul drives up.
CAROLINE: Paul, Marco overheard our conversation at the Coffee Shop. The sooner I'm gone, the better.
Paul is shocked, but Caroline says that Marco won't tell.
PAUL: Caz, this is all my fault. I don't know what to say. I know I've given you a hard time over the years, but I respect you, I really do, and never more than now. You're a special person, Caz...
CAROLINE: Don't say anything. I know it's hard for you, Paul, but you've got a family to look after. And you'd better look after them. I want you to promise me everything's going to be OK.
PAUL: Yeah. It will be.
CAROLINE: I have to go.
She gets into the taxi and is driven away.
Christina is still a mess and Marco is trying to comfort her. Paul comes in and Christina immediately starts yelling at him. Marco looks at Paul pointedly and says he'd better get back to the shop.
CHRISTINA: You are going to tell me what happened, it's driving me crazy. Don't try to fob me off, I'm sick to death of it. You're going to tell me what happened and you're going to tell me now!
PAUL: Yeah, OK. I think you should sit down for this, though.
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