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Neighbours Episode 1675 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1675
Australian airdate: 08/05/92
UK airdate: 15/04/93
UK Gold: 02/04/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad asks Lucy if Beth might like to go to a Ball with him.
Lucy is quite upset but Brad is totally oblivious to this and raves about Walter instead. He mentions how Walter though Lucy was "wrapped" in Brad, but that they're just mates. Lucy looks even more upset!
Caroline is making the dinner and Paul tries to talk to her. She brushes him off sharply, telling him to back off. Christina comes in and sees this and is shocked.
Brad and Doug are playing basketball in the living room, much to Pam's displeasure. Doug tells Pam that he's a bit worried about Faye, but Pam insists that Faye is loaded, she just pleads poverty to get sympathy.
Doug is looking forward to his picture appearing in the paper. Just then, Walter drops round and invites Brad to join him for some impromptu drinks with some work people. Brad agrees, but is sorry he has to miss a basketball game he and Doug were going to. Doug tells him it doesn't matter. Pam says she'll come with him instead!
Madge and Helen are having a chat as Helen makes dinner. Apparently Lou's sleepwalking has stopped and they're both a lot happier now they're agreed to take each other the way they are. But she and Lou are just friends for now. Madge isn't sure that Harold would like it and Lucy points out that Harold didn't actually like Lou(!)
Beth comes around and Lucy tells her about the Ball Brad wants to invite her to. She tells Beth to go for it and lies that she's not interested in Brad anymore.
In the kitchen, Helen tells Madge that how she feels about Lou is all that matters. Madge admits that she loves Lou - he's kind and funny and they get on well. She had such a crush on him in school, it seems strange to think that they're together now.
MADGE; You know, I've really been very lucky. I've had two wonderful men love me. Which makes up for Fred Mitchell the louse.
Madge asks Helen if she still thinks about Michael. Helen admits that she does sometimes, but she's glad that the family are all so happy at the moment.
The family is not happy at all at No.22 as Christina demands to know what's going on between Caroline and Paul. She has observed an "atmosphere" between them and thinks they act strangely around each other. She wants to talk things out.
Paul and Caroline tell Christina that there's nothing going on between them. Christina reckons she know what's going on, but she doesn't - she just think they've been fighting. Paul covers and says in a strained way that it's just a few problems at work, but they can find a compromise.
CHRISTINA: It's stupid how much you two fight. Especially when I know how much you really care about each other.
Paul and Caroline both look very guilty.
No.28, the following morning
Pam and Doug enjoyed the basketball game last night, and Brad enjoyed the work do too. Doug is waiting for the Erinsborough News to arrive as his photo will be in today. He goes out the front to look.
No.28 - outside at the letterbox
Doug gets the newspaper out of the mailbox and opens it excitedly. On Page 3 there is indeed a picture of him, but drinking from a bottle of beer and the headline reads, "The All-Australian Yobbo - is this a dying breed? We hope so!" Doug is mortified and proceeds to runs around Ramsay Street, stealing the newspapers out of everyone's mailbox!
Doug comes back in looking a bit flushed and Pam asks where the paper is. Doug says he's been for a jog(!) and that the paper hasn't arrived.
Paul is puzzled as to where the newspaper's got to. Christina is making breakfast and is looking forward to a relaxing day. She wants Paul to talk to Caroline this morning so there won't be any more tension. Paul hugs her and tells her how much he loves her.
Caroline comes out and looks rather upset. Christina tells her that she's going over to Helen's, so she can talk to Paul while she's out.
CHRISTINA: I insist that you two get together! Please?
Beth is excited about the Ball and is waiting for Brad to come over and actually ask her! Jim has gone out to look for the newspaper(!)
There's a knock at the door and Beth answers it to Brad. He loses no time in asking her to come to the Ball with him. It's tomorrow night and Beth casually accepts. When Brad has gone, she jumps up and down in glee.
In the kitchen, Lucy tells Jim that she really likes Brad, but he likes Beth instead. Jim says maybe she could tell Brad how she feels, but she's certain that Brad doesn't like her in that way.
When Lucy has gone, Jim opens his replacement newspaper and then starts to laugh.
No.28 driveway
Brad and Doug are talking about the Ball. Brad says it's sad that Lucy just wants to be mates with him, but he's looking forward to going to the Ball with Beth.
Inside, Pam asks Doug where the newspaper is, but he said it "slipped his mind". Just then, Jim and Madge rush in to make fun of Doug. Doug looks very embarrassed.
MADGE: Isn't it strange that not one of us got our morning papers. I hope some yobbo didn't go out and pinch them!
Pam looks at picture.
PAM: Mmmm. It's...quite a good likeness, isn't it...
Doug groans and says he's the victim of a dirty trick.
PAM: You can see a few muscles, Doug...
MADGE: Oh yeah. Particularly on the arm that's holding the stubby!
PAM: And you look as though you've got all your hair...
But Doug is not impressed and storms off to his bedroom.
Lucy is pouring out her woes to Christina about Brad. She can't understand how she misread the signs so badly. Beth comes in and Lucy runs off to her bedroom, claiming she has something in her eye(!)
Helen comes in and Christina tells her that Paul and Caroline are trying to work out a fight.
Paul and Caroline are pacing about.
PAUL: I know we've had disagreements in the past, but...
CAROLINE: (tearfully) This is not a disagreement and you know it! We can't hide behind the lied we've told Christina.
PAUL: No...there's still no need to do anything as drastic as leaving...
CAROLINE: Paul, stop this! We have to face this. We have to deal with it. I love you and you know it. And I think you feel the same way about me. Perhaps you don't?
PAUL: I do, I do. I've just been trying to keep a lid on it.
CAROLINE: Well, we can't. It's just getting too obvious and too painful. I have to get away and...
PAUL: Caz, you can't. We have to deal with it, not run away with it!
CAROLINE: Paul, no. I can't stay here. Seeing each other...the feelings are too strong.
And with that, they start kissing.
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