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Neighbours Episode 2807 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2807 (Malcolm Kennedy and Catherine O'Brien's departures)
Australian airdate: 11/3/97
UK airdate: 21/8/97
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Ross McGregor
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Cath begging Mal to be allowed to go with him but Mal rejecting her.
Libby rejecting Darren and giving him back his engagement ring.
Billy inviting the girl Toadie fancies to join them but Anne spotting him with his hand on her shoulder.
No. 28
Libby tells her mum about Darren proposing and that she rejected it. Susan seems stunned by this but relieved Libby didn't say yes although she feels miffed that Libby didn't tell her. The two of them hug just as Karl arrives home and notices an upset daughter. Lib heads off for a walk and Susan tells Karl that she has something he needs to know about but doesn't want him to fly off the handle.
Ramsay Street
Lib runs into Mal who has just arrived home and they chat about Libby turning Darren down before Lib heads over to where Anne is sitting. Its Libby's turn to provide comfort to the upset Anne, just like Susan did to her earlier, because she is upset over Billy. Lib offers to talk things over with her at TCS.
No. 28
Susan has brought Karl up to speed about his daughter but instead of being angry, like she thought he would be, Karl is laughing because he is over the moon, even wanting to go out for a drink to celebrate! Susan then chastises him for his attitude but he explains that it isn't quite celebrating but its relief over their daughter making a mature decision!
Mal arrives home and tells his parents about putting the business up for sale given he is going overseas. They then start winding him up about finding a new girl when he is away and getting married but Susan wants any prospective wife to be taken home for her to meet first!
The parents then start to get a bit despondent at the thought of Mal leaving and before they start reminiscing, Susan tells Karl that he should remind Mal that he will miss his son when he goes.
No. 30
Cath comes home to tell her sister the news – she isn't going away with Mal but is selling her ticket so that she can move away from Ramsay Street given who lives around her. Sarah is a bit stunned and accuses her sister of being a hypocrite at the treatment she got when she wanted to run away after Steven.
The Coffee Shop
Libby is struggling to understand Billy cheating on Anne especially after he's kissed her, so Anne is forced to say that Billy doesn't know that she felt him kissing her because she was supposed to be asleep. Lib urges her to come clean with Billy but Anne doesn't know how to broach the subject.
Lassiter's Park/Lake
Darren is sitting brooding and comes to a decision. He stands up and asks to borrow the cricket bat off one of the kids who are playing cricket and hits the box containing Libby's engagement ring into the middle of the lake.
No. 28
Cath comes round to give Mal his goodbyes and that she is cashing in her ticket and to apologise for what happened and how things have turned out. Mal promises to send her a postcard and that he will miss her despite how things turned out. Their conversation is interrupted by Billy looking for Anne and sensing the mood is gone, Cath leaves after shaking Mal's hand.
No. 28 (later on)
Toadie and Billy return with a video but before they get a chance to watch it, Libby mentions to him her chat with Anne and the bit about Anne being awake when he kissed her. Billy looks mortified because he thinks it makes him look like a sleaze but Libby is quick to reassure him that Anne thought it was cute. Lib also lets slip about what happened in TCS, adding “and now she thinks you are a total sleaze!” Billy quickly leaves the house to go explain all to Anne.
No. 22
Marlene is shocked when Darren announces that he is off to visit a prison mate and refuses to give her any contact details even when she tells him of her worries that he can't take care of himself and ends up back inside. “Then you'll know exactly where I am,” he says before leaving and Marlene starts to cry.
No. 32
Anne answers the door to Billy and before she can get a word in edgeways, he explains what really happened at TCS. She is relieved to hear that nothing happened because he likes her and not the other girl. Since everything is now out in the open and sorted, they decide to re-enact their first kiss but Toadie interrupts before they can kiss to drag Billy home for Mal's farewell meal.
Airport (next day)
The Kennedy's say goodbye to Mal before he heads through security and he gets a visitor while he is waiting in the lounge – Cath. She tells him which seat she is sitting in and that it is up to him to come and talk while they are flying. When she leaves, Mal has a huge smile on his face.
No. 28
Marlene is round to chat to Libby to see if she knew where Darren was off to because she is worried he meets up with his old prison buddies and does something stupid. They don't know anything, so she leaves and Libby tells her parents she couldn't care where Darren is, it's got nothing to do with her anymore. Karl is just about ready to celebrate again and Susan adds she'll clap the loudest if Libby doesn't see him again! Karl can't believe what he's just heard from her mouth!
No. 32
Anne and Billy make small talk about Mal before getting round to finishing off what they were talking about before Toadie interrupted them. Billy would like them to carry off and Anne gives her blessing, so they lean in for a pash. Aww.
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