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Neighbours Episode 2808 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2808
Australian airdate: 12/3/97
UK airdate: 22/8/97
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Ross McGregor
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Susan admitting her fears to Karl about Tim.
Billy and Anne admitting they want to carry on with what they started.
The Kennedy's saying goodbye to Mal.
No. 28
Toadie decides to act while the iron is hot and asks to move into Mal's bedroom! They don't give him a decision but talk instead about Tim and how Karl hasn't seen him for a while. Karl then wonders when Billy will get home but Toadie thinks it will be a while because he'll be pashing Anne all day! Karl wants to go and drag Billy home but Susan restrains him despite Toadie trying to stir it.
No. 32
Toadie was right, Anne and Billy are still pashing but break it off to toy fight instead until Ruth comes in and they play all innocent. She admits to them that she notices their relationship has changed since yesterday and gives her approval to them dating…as long as they are responsible!
No. 26
Phil models the latest trend in fashion clothing (mustard shorts, blue t-shirt and a loud check patterned shirt!) and receives the seal of approval from Debbie before she goes to work. Helen teases him for dressing up for Ruth but it is interrupted when Tim answers the door to Susan. She is round to see if he still needs help with his history assignment, he does, so she invites him to come round to her house for some tutoring. Helen tells him that it is nice of Susan to take a keen interest in her student.
No. 28
Karl sits Billy down and comes straight to the point – how far have things progressed with Anne (following Toadie winding him up earlier). Billy most certainly does not want to have a chat with dad over safe sex despite Toadie wanting Karl to have the chat with him. To get him off his back, Billy admits that he will be responsible with Anne.
Susan returns home to say she needs some quite to help Tim with his assignment and the boys take that as their cue to look for something else to do.
Phil and Ruth are having a nice date at the pub away from the kids and both looking forward to spending time alone on the forthcoming walk.
No. 28
So much for Susan's request for some quiet, as the telly is up full blast while Karl and Toadie watch a Western. Billy says his farewells so he can spend a bit of time with Anne before the walk starts since she can no longer go.
Susan is checking Tim's assignment and he lovingly stares into her and is looking forward to going on the walk too…because Susan is also doing it, and because she suggested it to him.
No. 32
Lance winds Anne up about looking at her watch and going all starry-eyed until the man of her dreams arrives.
Susan tells the gathered masses which walk they can do and that there is a BBQ waiting when the walk is over courtesy of The Coffee Shop.
Toadie tries to wind Karl up about Tim looking into Susan's eyes all lovey-dovey but receives a telling off from the doc instead. But when Toadie leaves, he watches Tim and Susan start the walk together getting on like a house on fire. The doc doesn't look happy.
Phil and Ruth have a mini-dispute over which walk to talk – he wants to do the 5K one but she persuades him to do the longer 10K walk. Their start is delayed when Lance stops to borrow some money and wind Phil up about behaving with his mum! Phil isn't too chuffed at Lance but Ruth soon brings him round and they start the walk.
Karl catches up with Tim and Susan and conveniently manages to get Susan all to himself and Toadie issues a “behave, I know what you are up to” message to Tim when he tells him that the Kennedy's are so in love.
No. 26
Debbie returns home to get supplies for the BBQ and Helen takes the opportunity to see how she is feeling now about her dad dating Ruth. She explains that she still isn't happy but if Phil is then she will be.
Debbie serves up the food to Billy and moaning Toadie who wasn't chuffed at doing the walk surrounded by couples. As if to rub it in, a very close Ruth and knackered Phil arrive at the end point.
RUTH: See you made it.
PHIL: I don't know whether I need, a doctor or a priest!
Ruth is having none of it and tells him he'll be better after some food and drink. Phil requests that they go to The Coffee Shop…because it has chairs! Their departure is delayed when Karl asks Phil for a quick chat.
When Ruth departs, Karl asks him subtle questions about Tim and how he is getting on at school…and with Susan. Phil gives Tim a glowing report adding that he is spending more time on schoolwork since Susan has been giving him extra help. Don't think that was quite what Karl wanted to hear especially when he looks over towards the lake and sees Susan and Tim sitting sharing their food and laughing away.
The Coffee Shop
Phil is relived to be getting some liquids down his throat and more importantly a comfy seat while complaining that his legs are starting to stiffen up. Ruth pokes fun at him for not being fit and that he will recover from it and offers to give him a massage to help the healing process after they'd had dinner at her place.
No. 28
Susan declares the walk a complete success while she relaxes with Karl and offers a toast (of water) to Billy and Anne for their help in organising the day.
Toadie enters with the mail and notices a letter addressed to Billy from Melissa but doesn't tell his friend.
No. 32
Phil arrives and isn't pleased to see that Lance is home even when Lance is sent to his room to watch telly to allow Ruth to massage Phil. He decides to pass on the massage and Ruth offers to give him some analgesic rub to apply before he goes to bed instead. Not what he had planned for the night earlier in the day!
No. 28
Billy kisses Anne bye and Susan suggests he does some maths work while she prepares supper. With Anne away, Toadie hands him the letter from Melissa and he is relived that Toadie used his initiative and didn't give him it when Anne was there. He opens the letter and discovers that she wants to get back with him but he doesn't want that and asks Toadie to deny he ever seen the letter.
Ramsay Street
Ruth escorts Phil home and he explains that he isn't comfortable about them being a couple around their kids. Ruth sympathises with him to an extent but adds that they will survive. Phil asks if she can delay her return home…so they can have a goodnight kiss. Aww but their pashing time is interrupted when Debbie arrives home not exactly enthralled at seeing them pash on the driveway!
RUTH: Ever get the feeling the odds are stacked against us?
PHIL: Think I've got it right now.
No. 26
Helen is impressed at Tim enjoying his schoolwork and Debbie takes the chance to wind Phil up when he enters the house and is relived when someone knocks at the door so he hasn't to explain all to Helen.
Tim lets Toadie into the house and they head to the kitchen for a quiet word and Toadie doesn't mince his words – he tells Tim that he knows about the crush he has on Susan and it won't be long until Karl finds out too, and tells Tim to back off.
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