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Neighbours Episode 2809 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2809
Australian airdate: 13/3/97
UK airdate: 25/8/97
UK Gold: 13/8/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lance, Toadie and Hannah apologising to Lisa.
Tim inviting Susan to go and see a play.
Toadie confronting Tim about his crush on Susan but Tim denying it.
The Pub
Jo and Lou debate how he can get rid of the car but he isn't exactly welcoming her ideas because he wants to get the maximum profit he can.
Lisa arrives in and admits to Jo that she isn't looking forward to the new term starting tomorrow after the drawing incident. Jo says that nobody will remember it but Lisa isn't so sure and thinks it might be better if she were to leave Erinsborough High and go somewhere else, and thinks all her problems will be solved.
No. 28
Tim takes the long way round to admit to Susan that he likes her but wants to dispel the rumour that he has a crush on her. She is a bit bemused by it and wants to know why his revelation, so he admits that Toadie told him to back off and he decided to be upfront with her rather than chance her hearing it from Toadie. Susan reassures him that he doesn't need to worry about Toadie; she'll take care of him!
It's the first day back at school and a still limping Phil accompanies Hannah to school so he can let Susan know she won't be in school because she has an orthodontist appointment. She is fine with that and takes the chance to talk to Phil about Tim's crush on her. Phil obviously hasn't noticed the crush but Susan tells him that she's taken care of it but he promises to keep an eye on Tim.
Hannah is worrying as she and Lance head to class about what Lisa will do to them but he is less concerned as he thinks the worst she'll do is give them a poor grade in their next assignment.
No. 30
The kids can relax or fret for a bit longer because Lisa is running late and is still at home getting things ready for work. Her mood isn't improved when Jo mentions that rain is forecast since she and her things will get wet on the bike. Jo offers to get her a taxi but she rejects that suggestion, so suggests another – buy the car Lou is selling that he bought for Sarah. Lisa says that she is interested but not at the $5,000 Lou is wanting but Jo lets slip that he only paid $2,500 and suggests that Lou would be happy with a $3000 offer since he'd still be making a profit. This suggestion has her interested and just as she is about to leave, returns for the most important thing – her transfer request for Susan, which she feels is the only option.
No. 26
Phil limps home surprised to see Tim sitting on the sofa and offers to give him a lift to school since he is running late and is surprised when he announces he isn't doing to school because he cut his writing hand washing a knife. Phil thinks that isn't a good enough reason to skive school, so he adds that he's got a headache too and disappears quickly into the bathroom to get some aspirin but it is really a cover so he isn't interrogated more by Phil.
With Tim away, Phil asks Helen what the story is and she confirms that the cut is minute (which he has a *big* bandage covering) and fills him in on what Tim told her last night – that Toadie accused him of having a crush on Susan. Phil tells her that he though it had been sorted out following his chat to Susan and Helen admits that Tim is avoiding going to school in case there are rumours floating around school. He retells what Susan told him that she told Toadie he was wrong and told him to behave.
Lisa arrives in the nick of time and hands Susan her transfer request, explaining that she feels moving to a new school will be the best so she can start again. Susan refuses to accept it, telling Lisa that the same issues will happen in a new school and that is what she needs to sort out, not move to a new school.
Jo tells Lou about Lisa being interested in the car but his smile is knocked off when Jo admits that Lisa knows how much he paid for the car. Lou is not a happy bunny at what Jo has done but she tells him that is the only way he'll shift that car although is parting words are that Lisa will be happy to pay the full asking price once she's seen what he's done to the car.
No. 26
Phil makes his excuses to allow Helen to chat to Tim. She starts by asking how his headache is and he says fine but not good enough to go to school, so she gets to the point of their little chat – that he has nothing to worry about because Susan sorted it all out with Toadie. Tim isn't quite so sure given how many already know about it and reiterates that he isn't feeling good so can't go to school. Helen accepts that he can't go to school if he is ill but hopes that the day off doesn't escalate into him not going to school again.
The Coffee Shop
Lance and Hannah are chatting about how quiet Lisa was in class when Jo comes in looking for her and they promise to let Lisa know she was looking for her. Jo has a little go at them for their actions and lets slip that Lisa is planning on leaving. They are aghast and think that is why Lisa was quite in school and Hannah thinks they have to do something to stop her from leaving but Lance wonders what.
Lisa arrives and tells Jo that Susan is forcing her to sit it out and toughen up by not accepting her transfer, which pleases Jo. Lou comes out of the office and sends Jo to serve a non-existent customer so he can chat to Lisa about the car. He really turns the charm on and tries to point out all the new things he has got for the car but refuses to say what they are but Lisa asks for a test-drive once she's had her lunch.
Phil waits patiently for Hannah to arrive but runs into Susan instead. She mentions about Tim being absent from school and Phil explains why he is off and both admit there is no real reason for him to be off. Finally Hannah arrives and before they leave, Susan says she'll pay Tim a visit later on.
Lassiter's Complex
Lou is pointing out all the new parts he has fitted to the car but Lisa isn't fooled! Turns out she helped her dad with his car as a kid and can see right through his scam, so he is forced to reluctantly accept her offer of $3000 with a 3 month warranty to get rid of the car…on top of replacing a bald tyre!
No. 26
Susan calls round to see Tim and hopes that his headache is better before asking if he is up for a chat…as if he can say no!
Lassiter's Complex
Lou finishes off changing the bald tyre and Lisa collects the car's papers to check over before parting with her cash. He is still bitter about not making a big profit but a grateful Lisa kisses him on the cheek before she heads home.
Meanwhile, Lance and Hannah spot her pushing her bike home (it's got a flat tyre) and Hannah comes up with a great plan to show Lisa how much they like her by repairing the puncture. Lance thinks it will show them as a pair of sucks and is sure there is another way to get back into her good books.
No. 26
Susan is impressed at the amount of studying Tim has done when off ill and he confesses that he skived off and assures her he isn't planning on repeating it. She assures him that Toadie won't say anything (he's under pain of death if he does!) but Tim isn't so confident but she reassures him that Toadie won't blab. Tim promises to be back at school tomorrow and she gets a smile out of him when she jokes that she hopes he won't find it too painful being in her class.
Ramsay Street
Lance and Hannah peer over the fence and watch Lisa arrive home and remove her books before entering the house via the garage although how she failed to spot them god only knows! Lance is having doubts about what they are planning to do but Hannah still thinks this it's a great idea and will show Lisa how nice they can be and so not leave the school. He thinks they should go and ask her if she wants the bike repaired but Hannah rejects that in case Lisa slams the door in their face. With Lisa safely inside, they quickly go and get the bike and push the bike into No. 32. Unknown to them though, Jo has seen them as she arrives home.
No. 30
Lisa is in a good mood thanks to buying her ‘cheap' car when Jo returns home and she mentions that she thought the sale had gone through since she saw Hannah with the bike. This is news to Lisa who confirms that she didn't lend or give away the bike to Hannah and becomes angry because she thinks this is them picking on her again and issues a threat – if Hannah and Lance want a war, then they can have one!
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