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Neighbours Episode 2810 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2810
Australian airdate: 14/3/97
UK airdate: 26/8/97
UK Gold: 13/8/03
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Ross McGregor
Guests: Rick: Malcolm Sim
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Karl showing off the new car he has bought to Lou and telling him to call off his search for a car.
Jo spotting Hannah and Lance taking Lisa's bike.
Lisa not being amused at finding out Lance & Hannah have taken her bike.
No. 32 backyard
Hannah and lance struggle to fix Lisa's bike due to the lack of tools, so Lance heads off to get the necessary tools.
Ramsay Street
Lance runs into Lisa as he leaves the backyard but she only wants to talk to Ruth but he explains that she is unavailable, so she will come back later instead.
Lance's curiosity then gets the better of him when he sees a tow truck arrive to take Karl's newly bought car away and goes to quiz the driver.
No. 30 balcony
Lisa spots Hannah and her bike in the backyard of No. 32 while she waits for Lance to return.
No. 28
Karl answers the door to find Lance telling him that the car he bought is being towed away. He is bemused about why it is being picked up and rushes outside leaving Lance to lock up.
Ramsay Street
Rick the helpful driver finishes securing the car when Karl arrives wanting to know what is going on. He tells Karl that the finance company is owed money and the car is being repossessed. Karl does his best to explain to Rick that he bought the car outright and doesn't owe anything but Rick isn't listening and hands him the finance company card for Karl to argue with.
No. 32
Lisa has finally caught up with Ruth but she is having difficulty believing that Lance would want her bike but Lisa rants on about it feeling like everyone has got it in for her. To pacify her, Ruth heads off to see what is happening in her backyard.
No. 32 backyard
Ruth catches Lance and Hannah red handed as they repair the bike and summons them inside.
No. 32
Back inside, Lisa refuses to hang around for explanations as the duo enter the house but Ruth wants some explanations.
No. 26
Karl chats to Phil to see what he can do about the car being dispossessed but the news isn't good he's been taken for a ride. Phil suggests talking to the finance company but isn't holding out much hope.
No. 32
The kids explain themselves to Ruth and while she can appreciate the gesture, they went about it the wrong way, and orders them to return the bike to Lisa. Phil arrives looking for Hannah because she was supposed to check in first after school. He orders her home but she needs to stay and sort the bike, so Ruth comes to her rescue and says it is a job for her so that Phil will let her stay.
With the kids away, Phil tries to seduce Ruth who is dressed only in a bathrobe (she was in the bath earlier and why Lisa didn't get her first time around) but the chances of being caught are too high, so they agree to arrange a date for that evening if they can get rid of all the kids.
No. 30
Hannah and Lance explain themselves to Lisa and while she is grateful for them repairing the bike, she lectures them against doing anything similar in the future before telling them to disappear. With the duo away, Lisa admits to Jo that she thought the kids had it in for her but fingers crossed she's now nipped it in the bud.
No. 32
Lance is doing his best to shell peas while watching TV when Ruth comes wanting a chat she is after the house to herself and offers to bribe Lance to go to the cinema, at her expense. He knocks her back as he has maths homework to do but they come to a deal he won't leave his room and she'll pay for him to go to the cinema the following evening.
No. 32 (later on)
Phil and Ruth are pashing away on the sofa when he pulls back because he thinks he has heard a noise. Ruth reassures him that there is nothing here but 2 seconds after they resume pashing, Lance creeps past because he can hear Bonnie scratching at the door and she is not amused at being interrupted. The mood has now been ruined and they decide to head to the pub instead of having a romantic night in.
Lou can't stop laughing at Karl's misfortune with the car being repossessed. Phil and Ruth come in and but their alone time is ruined when Karl comes over to sit with them, going on about the car being repossessed. Phil suggests that he uses Mal's Ute in the meantime and Susan uses his car, which he seems to like the idea of since he offers to buy them a drink.
No. 26
Ruth is happy with the progress Helen is making and jokes that she could have participated in the recent walk. They start talking about their date last night and the fact they find it hard to get time alone from the kids. Helen suggests a picnic, which Ruth seems to like.
Ramsay Street
Karl eventually manages to get into Mal's Ute and Lou stops him as he heads down the street to see how he got on with the finance company. He explains that the only way to see the car again is to pay off what was owed and to keep paying the other instalments, so he's decided to quit and Susan can have his car and he will use the Ute. Lou questions him if that is a wise decision doctors shouldn't be seen in Ute's and offers instead to hunt for a new car for him but Karl knocks back the offer.
No. 26
Ruth wraps up Helen's physio session when Phil finally manages to crawl out of bed. Bearing in mind Helen's suggestion from earlier, Ruth invites him on a picnic since nothing can go wrong, and Phil readily agrees.
Hannah hunts Lisa down to get an extension on a biology assignment but Lisa refuses to grant it unless Hannah is willing to lose marks for handing it in late. Hannah points out all the good things she has done for Lisa but it doesn't wash with the teacher, she isn't showing any favouritism to her.
No. 32
Phil arrives laden with goodies for their picnic and that he has found the perfect venue too. Ruth bemoans if them stealing time together is going to be a regular feature of their relationship as they head out the door.
Hannah is moaning to Lance about not getting the extension when Lisa comes by to offer Hannah an alternative she can stay in during lunchtime to finish the assignment and won't lose any marks for it being late. Hannah gratefully accepts Lisa's offer although she is stunned at Lisa's turnaround.
No. 28
Lou arrives to offer Karl a deal he will sell the Ute and minus his commission, will find a suitable car with the remainder but Karl knocks his offer back as it is Mal's vehicle and can't sell it.
Outside somewhere
Phil and Ruth are relishing their time together without interruptions from their respective families but just as they are getting into a serious pashing session a police officer knocks on the window and both dissolve into a fit of the giggles.
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