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Neighbours Episode 2811 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2811
Australian airdate: 17/3/97
UK airdate: 27/8/97
UK Gold: 15/8/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nick Bufalo
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Policeman: Mark Cutler
Nurse: Kylie Moppert
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Susan and Tim sorting out their problems.
Ruth and Phil getting caught pashing by the police.
Toadie and Lance are both skint but see a money making idea when Hannah mentions she is getting her inoculations. They suggest she makes the puncture hole look worse than it is to get money out of her dad, but she vetoes the plan.
As he walks into the school to set things up, Karl runs into Tim and he does his best to brush Tim off.
Phil and Ruth are getting a lecture from the policeman but no charges are forthcoming although major embarrassment is high on the agenda.
Susan checks that Karl is ready inducing a plentiful supply of lollipops. Karl tells Susan about seeing Tim and they both hope the crush has gone away. The nurse indicates that things are ready and Susan sends the victims in for their jabs and first up is Hannah.
Jo checks with Lou that things are okay between them now over the car debacle. Lou confirms that things are fine between them and she departs a happy lassie.
Ruth and Phil come in for some drinks and Lou wonders why they aren't somewhere else for some private time and Phil just about lets slip about the police catching them in the car while explaining that they can't seem to get any private time alone.
Ramsay Street
The kids make their way home from school with Hannah moaning about her arm being sore after the injection and Toadie reminds her to fleece money out of her dad.
Tim heads over to see Susan when she arrives home from school while the others help Phil and Ruth unpack the car. They talk about how school went and Tim mentions he is heading to the library and Susan agrees to give him a lift as she has an overdue book to return.
No. 32
Toadie worms it out of Ruth about their visit from the police when they were having a picnic but they get the clean version of why the policeman was talking to them!
Ramsay Street
Hannah says bye to the boys when Jo comes out to ask them inside because of an emergency.
Susan and Tim hunt for a book while chatting about what he is planning on doing after finishing school (he wants to do an agriculture degree).
No. 30
The emergency Jo has is there is a huge spider in the house. Toadie averts her panic when he moves the spider outside.
No. 28
Toadie has come up with a money making scheme helping out damsels in distress that live in Ramsay Street but Karl comes home before that idea can progress.
Lance heads home to raid the picnic leftovers and Karl takes the opportunity to quiz Toadie about the rumours going round about Tim and Susan that he has been spreading. Toadie confesses he jumped to conclusions but there is nothing there and is stunned at Karl believing him until Karl admits that he was just checking that his story matched Susan's.
No. 26
Hannah worms it out of Phil about their encounter with the police although her story is rather embellished from what actually happened but enough so that Phil decides to go and see Ruth immediately. When he leaves, she bursts out laughing.
No. 28
Susan and Tim enter the house looking for the book he was searching at the library. She hunts high and low for her own copy to lend Tim while Toadie heads off to study at Lance's and Karl heads for a shower before going to the hospital.
No. 32
Phil and Ruth discuss what happened on the picnic being told to the kids she is happy for them to know but Phil wants them to guard their privacy. Ruth goes to hug him as way of making up but he pulls back because he is fed up being caught by the kids and heads off home in a hurry much to Ruth's bemusement.
No. 30
Lance and Toadie are back to make sure the spider hasn't returned but really it's a subtle ploy to instigate their new money making scheme. They discover the table is a bit loose and even though Jo is happy for it to remain wobbly, they insist on taking it away to repair.
No. 28
Susan seems to have hauled out every book she owns on the hunt for the one she is actually after. Eventually she finds it just as Karl heads off to the hospital. She also recommends Tim to read Shakespeare's A lover's complaint' and he goes all starry eyed when she reads an excerpt from it.
Ramsay Street
Karl runs into Ruth and tells her to send Toadie home if he annoys her and is puzzled when she says that neither of the boys are at her place. He then tries to find out what happened at the picnic but this time she keeps quiet.
Before Karl leaves, they spot the boys carrying the table off to be repaired and Jo confesses to Ruth that she is bemused at why the boys want to help out or what they are planning on doing.
No. 28 garage
Toadie attempts to fix the wobbly table by sawing a bit off of it but Lance isn't too sure that is the right way to proceed. Toadie assures him he marked everything before he started but when they turn the table up the right way, it is more wobblier than before, so Toadie suggests they saw more off the other legs.
No. 28
Tim is still starry eyed after Susan finishes reading him more Shakespeare. He asks her to read more and while she looks for an appropriate book, Tim leans over and kisses her!
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