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Neighbours Episode 2812 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2812
Australian airdate: 18/3/97
UK airdate: 28/8/97
UK Gold: 18/8/03
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Nick Bufalo
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Phil taking the hump at people knowing the ins and outs of his relationship with Ruth and wants them both to keep quiet.
Toadie and Lance trying to sort the table.
Tim kissing Susan.
No. 28
Tim is shocked and stunned at kissing Susan and bolts from the house despite Susan telling him to wait.
The table is still wobbly despite the boys sawing away and Toadie comes up with an idea – sticking bits of cardboard onto the bottom to even it up.
No. 26
A now calm Tim asks Helen for a chat – he's had a letter from his olds and is planning on leaving to go home because things are hectic on the farm. Helen is surprised at his sudden rush to go home and wants to call his parents but he stops her saying that will only make things worse. He thanks her for the hospitality and is planning on leaving tomorrow.
No. 30
Jo is pleased with the boys for their work in repairing the table. They try to butter her up for a financial reward for repairing it but she stuns them with their reward – chocolate cakes!
No. 26
Susan is round to give Tim the book he was after but he is out for a walk. Helen tells her about the letter from his parents but that it doesn't make sense. She asks Susan if she knows of anything but Susan plays dumb and leaves the book for him. Helen then tells her that he probably won't need it as he is going home tomorrow and this news stuns Susan. She wonders if talking to Tim would help but Helen doesn't hold out much hope.
Karl calls in to collect a brochure form Lou but finds Phil instead. He tries to extort more info from him about his relationship with Ruth and Phil just manages to avoid telling him what happened on the picnic. Phil changes topic by asking Karl about a rash on his arm but it only lasts for a few seconds before Karl is back wanting to know what happened at the picnic.
No. 26
Ruth is trying to suss Helen out for info for what Phil has said about her but Helen doesn't reveal much except to say that Phil remarked that she is extroverted. She thinks it is bad but Helen says it is the opposite and bringing Phil out of his shell and tells Ruth to invite Phil for dinner.
No. 28
Toadie is trying to get Lance to agree to his plan to get Jo to give them money for “repairing” the table. Karl arrives home and “hints” to Lance he may like to go to his own home and ropes Toadie into preparing supper.
Ruth invites Phil over for supper and he can't say yes quick enough and she tells him to dress casually before leaving. Phil is now in a quandary over what casual means and he asks Jo for advice and she suggests they go shopping.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is in looking for Tim but he isn't there and instead runs into Ruth, who asks her for advice on Phil when he described her as extrovert. Susan suggests it means he is old fashioned although that didn't really apply when he dated Jen. This leads Ruth to fret over whether she really is the right one for Phil.
No. 28
Karl is relieved to see Susan arrive home as he wondered where she was. She calms him down and heads to have a shower before supper but Karl is puzzled by her behaviour.
No. 26
Helen is stunned to see the awful shirt Phil is wearing (blue body, orange sleeves with flowers on them and wasps on the flowers! Groovy he ain't!) but gives him a compliment and tells him to relax and just be himself since he is starting to work himself up into a state about his date with Ruth.
No. 28
Toadie makes himself scarce on doctors orders so Karl can talk to Susan but Jo interrupts them looking for Toadie to do more jobs for her. Karl enquires how much she has been fleeced for and is stunned to hear that Toadie has been doing it FOC. Jo comes out and asks Toadie, who agrees he isn't in it for the money, so Karl sends him off to get the list started (dodgy front door light). Just before he leaves, she tells Toadie that he'll get another chocolate biscuit if he does this job well.
No. 32
Ruth too is fretting she is dressed appropriately for her date with Phil but Lance tells her to put on something better as he doesn't like the dress she has on…indeed suggesting a paper bag would be better!
No. 28
Karl is taunting Toadie about him being nice to the neighbours to get him to bite but he holds firm although is relived to get away when Lance arrives.
He takes Lance aside to tell him about falling into Karl's trap about doing the jobs out of the goodness of his heart and that Jo has lined up a heap of jobs for them, starting with some chairs that need sorting.
Ramsay Street
Susan finally catches up with Tim when she is putting out the rubbish. He confirms that he is heading home and she tries to get him to talk about the mistake. Tim says that he thought about the mistake all afternoon and that it wasn't a mistake – it happened because he wanted it to and confirms that the rumours going around school about them were true. Susan is aghast at what he has said.
TIM: Susan, I think I'm in love with you.
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