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Neighbours Episode 2813 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2813
Australian airdate: 19/3/97
UK airdate: 29/8/97
UK Gold: 19/8/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Nick Bufalo
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Phil asking Helen if his hideously coloured shirt looks okay and Helen telling him to relax because Ruth will be.
Ruth fretting in No. 32.
Tim telling Susan he is in love with her.
Ramsay Street
Susan is stunned at what Tim has said and tries to think of how to diffuse the situation. He asks if she feels anything for him but before she can answer they hear Billy arriving and Susan asks to talk to him about it later on.
No. 28
Susan comes in and Karl asks where she was over dinner. This puzzles Susan because she was there but Karl replies only physically. She then tells him that she has to sign something for Tim (her excuse to go and see him) and Karl isn't exactly happy, so much that he doesn't want her to go but Susan heads off regardless.
No. 32
Anne is complimenting her mum on the lovely smell the roast is making but agrees to disappear to allow them time together, which she does when Phil arrives. Things are still weird between them and when Phil takes off the jacket he thankfully wore to cross the road, Ruth doesn't exactly love it although she makes polite comments to him.
No. 26
Susan arrives with the book for Tim as ways of an excuse to meet. She hands it over and they agree to meet somewhere neutral (the library) so they can talk in peace.
No. 32
Ruth is puzzle when Phil suddenly bursts out laughing while carving the roast and he explains that now he knows what the dress she is wearing reminds him of the matron at his old local hospital. That doesn't exactly win compliment of the year! Ruth then retaliates by describing the hideous shirt Phil has on as something worn by a jockey! Both had a good laugh at each other when Phil comes clean on who helped buy it and Ruth explains why she has dressed conservatively.
Susan asks Tim why he said what he did and he admits that it surprised him too. He explains that he thinks about her all the time but adds that the schoolwork wasn't part of it, he genuinely needed the help. Susan starts to let him down gently by saying she isn't as great a person as he seems to think and the more they chat the more he seems to realise that nothing can come of it even though he does love her.
No. 28
Billy is showing Anne an essay he and assures her it will be safe to submit as hers with a few minor alterations because she is running late to do the essay herself.
Susan thanks Tim for being honest with her but she spells it out for him she is married to someone she loves, she has 3 kids, it's a no-no as far as the school goes and could get into trouble. Tim replies he doesn't care about that but Susan replies that she does and reminds him of the real reason he came to Erinsborough his studies. Tim again says he is going home to his parents and stomps out of the library.
No. 32
Phil and Ruth have had an enjoyable meal now they've relaxed and they round of the meal with a dance even if Ruth was hesitant at first.
No. 28
Karl makes sarcastic comments to Toadie when he arrives home and Billy turns down his invite to TCS in favour of helping Anne submit his altered essay.
The kids change their mind though when Susan comes home and starts arguing with Karl about how much of her time she is devoting to the students. Susan tells him that she has been trying to persuade Tim to remain in Erinsborough to continue his studies after he got spooked by the rumours going around (she doesn't tell him the real truth). Karl apologises but adds that he hopes her time is worth it.
The Coffee Shop
Anne is fretting about making the essay more her thing as they sit in TCS drinking milkshakes until Toadie tells her to relax and have fun because she will walk the essay.
No. 28
Karl isn't happy when the boys come home late from TCS and sends them immediately to their rooms. Susan tells Karl about Tim proclaiming his love for her but assures him it is only one-sided. Karl promises to keep quiet when Susan begs him not to say anything in the hope that Tim will stay and complete his studies. He is relieved that she told him and offers his assistance if she needs it.
No. 32
Ruth tells Anne about her and Phil coming clean last night and wishes that Anne had been honest with her about the dress she had on. Anne confirms that has finished her essay or she would have received zero marks for it.
Ramsay Street
Billy is surprised to receive another letter from Melissa and wishes she'd take the hint! Susan watches on as Tim joins the boys in walking off to school and Phil comes over to talk to Karl about a rash he has that is driving him crazy. Karl wants to see it but Phil explains that it has gone but tells him where it has been, so Karl asks Phil to see him when it comes back or go to a chemist for a cream.
Its interval and Tim stops and stares at Susan when she is taking to some students but when she meets his eye contact, he breaks it off and moves away.
Anne tells Billy that she has changed her mind about handing in his essay as her and will ask for an extension instead. Toadie says that the teacher won't give it and reassures her that the teacher won't guess it wasn't an original by her.
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